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Will you participate in the ‘National Conversation’?

Posted by temasektimes on September 9, 2012


32 Responses to “Will you participate in the ‘National Conversation’?”

  1. Free Trolley said

    We pay good taxes for minister to ask us questions.

    • SgGuy said

      But we go all turn up and start shooting them REAL TOUGH QUESTIONS n make them think n work hard for the money we pay them, ya?

      Or simply to make a point that our elite can study but cant think or govern….

      • Francischuanghli said

        Good watch dog which can bark & keep the house safe still can save & keep. However,more dog handles should be around to make sure it do not shit all over again to mess up the beautiful garden.

    • gadogado said

      And what your point is?

  2. Robox said

    There are many reasons to boycott the national conversation (version PAP), however one aspect to this insidious exercise is a story yet to be told in this context.

    That is the story that all this is is another of those of the PAP’s practis…es that can be subsumed under the category of “el;ectoral fraud” if we use this as the definition of it, even if was stated in the context of Russian politics:

    ““Electoral fraud, however, must be recognised as a much broader concept. Obstructing the development of political parties and competitive candidates is as fraudulent as stuffing ballot boxes. Buying votes with state resources is as fraudulent as stealing them outright during the tally. Dominating the media or stacking the electoral commission with friends is as fraudulent as violating the secrecy of the vote.” – Dr Judith Kelley

    This leads me to answer the question, “How does the national conversation (version PAP) fit into this definition?”

    First, the very term “national conversation” was first used in the Singapore context by Dr Chee Soon Juan; it got duly ripped off, like so many others, by the PAP to make itself look sound grand.

    Nect, it is WE in the opposition who had initiated the true national conversation, and we began some years ago. (The true formative years of that took place between 2005 and 2007.) Now, it is being appropriated, even after they were being dismissed disparagingly as “noise”.

    Just think what impression those Singaporeans who don’t get their political information online will now form about the PAP as a result of it projecting itself as the architect of any change that might result from such as national conversation, and you will see how well this piece of fraud has worked – once again – for the PAP.

    The national conversation (version PAP) has also been touted by them as one which invites Singaporeans to think and articulate ‘what kind of people do we want to be’.

    Given how the same attitudes that the PAP’s practise of electoral fraud has bred certain truly undesirable character traits in them, but just as importantly, how those traits have permeated the entire society in many and manifests itself in a variety of situations, the only national conversation that I will participate with the PAP on is one that is centred on “electoral reform” and the eradication and criminalization of fraudulaent political behaviour.

    I don’t want to be a citizen of a country in which “fraud” is part of our national character.

  3. mahbok tan said

    Wat “National Farksession” ?

    Got miilion dollars allowance or not…???

    Just my regards to those involve in it….KNNBCCB….!!!!

  4. spotlessleopard said

    i would not……how can I with the same peolple who marginalise me and my family? I do not trust them

  5. I know it will be a waste of time but it concern our homeland which we had work so hard for in the last 47 years.
    Singapore belong to all of us TBS not PAP alone nor NEW CITIZEN OCCUPIER.

  6. SgGuy said

    I am saddened by the majority of people who voted NO.

    The gov has over the years embarked on a divide n conquer strategy and through the state-controlled media has painted everything as doing well n slowly got its citizens to focus more on making money than being politically aware n protecting its citizens’ basic right. The gov has achieved its goal when its citizen KBKB yet not openly n vocally challenge its policies and only to have them let out some steam every few years in GE.

    As yourself this question, are you one who believe in your birth rights n will sacrifice time n effort to make yourself heard n chart your future, or simply give away that right n “entrust” some powerless opposition parties to take your fight? Hong Kong is much more democratic than SG bcos of its PEOPLE POWER! Through its very vocal citizens, the HK gov has aborted plans to stop the signature HK Ferry as well as recently stop giving out “unlimited” visa to mainlander coming from Shenzheng. Are Singaporeans united and angry enough to come together to vocally put up a fight since the gov has organised a venue for it? We cannot (not-supposed-to) protest n take to the streets in sg, maybe not yet, but we can sure protest in voice n presence!

    Instead of simply letting the event run and saying it’s a waste of time n giving the gov ammo after the “wayang” Conversation to screw us further, why not have Singaporeans turn up in FULL FORCE n start demanding changes in areas of policies that the majority deemed wrong/inadequate?

    As in Animal Farm, the true power lies in the animals of the farm, but through manipulations the pig (elite minority) has suppressed the rights of the majority n enslaved them. What would have happened in the story if the majority of the animals became politically aware, bind together n challenge the Pigs?

    I hope that all Singaporeans would give some thoughts to what I have said n stay the course to FIGHT BACK WHAT ITS CITIZENS DESERVED! 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Francischuanghli said

      Out there are 2 mega successful club which our Proud And Prosper (PAP) had created.
      1, The “K” club which member are Kiasu, Kiasi, Kaypo, Kaykian. They were as the whole made Singapore Kanasye ( Like shit ). Let the PAP slave us by the nose.
      2. The “SBC” club which member are Simply Bo Chup. Their attitude are : “what can we do ! They control everything what ! Join oso like that nothing will b changed anyway. Why waste time & effort ? Everyday got so much thing to do, where to find time.
      Sight !
      Singapore, our Holy soil passed down to us from our forfather will be foiled up for sure .

  7. welovesingapore said

    They want to fine tune their 2016 strategy. They still want to bring in FT/PR. Majority Singaporean don’t bother to speak up, many are too busy at work, make end meet, take care of old parent and family. They just want to double confirm that the noise maker are the minority using the conversation. Wayang is their job. Reach website is there so long you think they did not receive enough feedback already. No need to waste time, the outcome is still the same. Just put in more non pap GRC then there is a chance your children will not suffer as badly.

    • Francischuanghli said

      U got it. 61% vote tickets is wrong strategy. Just give them 51% seats in the house is the right approach. When we R in NATION BUILDING , we needs undisturb focus so single party Gov’t work better. Now we R maintaining momentum of growth, we need checkers in the house & not one arm bandit. We cannot let them sell us for just 20pieces of silver.

  8. Angry Citizen said

    Recent FT sage already shows they are not listenering. The people want them to stop the mass import of immigrant, but instead they said the people are xenophobic.

    Better stop here, the more I said, the moment disappointment I feel for this country of mine.

    • Francischuanghli said

      生男生女两个就了.now U R not produce enough , I will bring in from outside. Which is which? I, 老了SOTONG lo !! Anyone can tell me what is going on?

  9. Lim said

    Suddenly there was panic among the ranks of MIW – the National Conversation has unleashed a tsunami of alternative ideas which threaten to get out of control. Everybody has their sacred cows they want slaughtered, prompting PM and Heng to hastily come out to warn that a conversation is a conversation and not a cow-sacrificing slaughtering ritual. Manage your expectations – in other words don’t expect too much just like Bt Brown saga. We pick up stones, look under it and if find them still nice so put them back in original positions – in other words -Is national conversations is a national PR exercise with no real intention designed not to radically change things for the better or take into consideration and action citizens’ ideas? Those things that make a lot of money – COE system, ERP, casinos, market-priced HDB flats, cheaper health care, giving back all our CPF at 55 – will not even be considered. So all this hot air about National Talk shop is designed with an eye towards 2016 – nothing will really changed.

    • Francischuanghli said

      What they really want is for U 2talk so They R listening. At the same time they will discuss, compile & think of the best way to FIX U . Last resort ISA. They had already standby with all the gigantic police stations in all estate for U WAKE Up TBS w/BC of Singapore.

      • IronMan said

        True. They only listen to what they wish to hear, not to solve any problems at all. End of the day, they will play us out by giving false statistics like >70% SG supported their policies.

  10. Crap... said

    Look.. no matter how they label this “conversation”, it will be the same nonsense and waste of time. PAP already made up their minds about things! This futile exercise is just a PR thingy to pacify weakminded Singaporeans dumb enuf to believe that their views are valued. Look at Ann Sim’s joke on her FB about Singaporeans’ “kow pei” “kow bu”. You can see their sincerity by such mockery.

    • Francischuanghli said

      Our young Pick A Peanut new citizen so proudly wave his pink IC & say “I M Singaporean ” U know? Not a foreigner. But, when asked : Do U have a Singapore BC? He keep quiet !!

  11. jf said

    If you don’t take part the “The conversation”, you might lose the plot. The you say ” nothing has changed, I am still blur leh”
    The new millionaire who just sold his public housing flat would laugh and enjoy the conversation. The car owners just pay COE , ERP and higher carpark fees would enjoy their drive. They can afford it. Cheaper healthcare. Why worry? Anyone live forever because of cheaper healthcare? If you eat too much rice, you will die eventually, so stop eating rice?

    Enjoy the moment enjoy the conversation, talk cock, dog, pussy, panda, etc

    • Francischuangli said

      All these mention surely is tongue & check probms . It significan but not oppermost.
      Most immediate problem now is systemic. Pricking here & there is not a soln. Closing the tap source is the only way.
      PREVENTION is better then cure. Now we R already in OCCUPATION stage, mext we will b oooosted out off our native land. Take position & mine our door step friends. Take the warning seriously: we R “FOLDING UP” .

  12. Victor said

    What is there to talk about for the future when the present is a mess? Settle the present mess first then talk about the future….

    • Francischuanghli said

      In the future our house will be filled with FT CEO & decendents as now like in South Africa dominated by the white African.

  13. P Zero said

    Whatever for participate in polls when basic problems are not addressed in the first place. Seriously, a zero sense of patriotism for this country.

  14. solaris8899 said

    SG future has been determined and mapped by our papa.
    What’s the point of organizing such awareness to waste $$ and ppl time.
    with this conversation, will our voices be heard?
    what do you think is the answer we’ll get if we ask tough questions.

  15. Ken Lee said

    they have already give you the answer, what do you think??

  16. Hopeless said

    It is far too late…
    My future generation won’t be able to afford housing in this country by then….
    We have been talking FOR YONKS! And the results are the same…
    Talk is CHEAP, We can only make the DIFFERENCE in 2016
    Hope the other 60% will WAKE UP.

  17. Naivety said

    TCSS session only, a wasting of people’s time!

  18. K said

    Wat better way to ask them to f themselves? Ans: National Conversation.

  19. chua said

    No need for National Conversation. You can cow-peh & cow-bu, but they won’t listen because that’s the way they are for so many donkey years. You expect them to change? They take you for granted. Just vote them out in 2016.

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