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Burmese defends Singaporeans against attack by PAP MP Sim Ann

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

Singaporeans are not xenophobic.

They are unhappy and angry with the unrestricted and uncontrolled influx of foreigners into the country.

With only an area of 700 sq km, Singapore’s population has reached almost 6 million people and still increasing rapidly.

Singaporeans believe this is madness..

And the fact is, many genuine foreign talents agree with assessment.

Now, in a desperate attempt to silence critics of its failed policy, it is accusing ordinary Singaporeans of makin’g ‘hate specches’.

Not surprisingly, this heavy-handed move to stop the people from voicing their concerns is causing great distress to foreign talents as well.

Instead of lashing out at the people, these elites should come down from their ivory towers and observe closely what is happening on the ground.

Exploitation of foreign workers by unethical and greedy employers is rampant.

Many work permit holders in the construction and manufacturing sectors earn as little as $18 working up to 14 hours a day.

Hundreds of foreign construction workers have died on our worksites and this doesn’t look like it is about to stop soon.

Many foreign workers live in the most inhumane conditions that breeds diseases but nothing is done to improve their situation.

Which is worse?

Voicing concerns over the growing influx of foreigners or closing both eyes to the exploitation of migrant workers by cruel and immoral employers.



22 Responses to “Burmese defends Singaporeans against attack by PAP MP Sim Ann”

  1. Julie Ong said

    Hello and thanks Mr U Thant Myint.

    Foreign workers doing 14 hours day work in the manufacturing and construction sectors and earning $18 for it. Wah Piang! (oh, my goodness). What is the Ministry of Labour doing? Kooning? (sleeping). That’s an example of abuse and exploitation. Slave wage indeed.

    Just wonder if my fellow Singaporeans will concur with me that this is wrong. Wages should not blow out of proportion otherwise the consequences thereof will be dire. In this instance the opposite is the case. I believe that the authorities in charge should now look into the employers of these foreign workers and ensure that a viable/fair wage is paid in addition to reasonable working conditions. Whoever and wherever we’re from each/every individual has their hopes, fears and aspirations. Question is what if you are in these hapless workers’ shoes?

    Each and every day seem to bring out the warts or bad side of some of us. In our context the government is the body with the authority to ensure/enforce the employment rules and regulations. Therefore, wake up Government! Put things right! Or is $18 for a 14 hours work day the norm for work permit holders?

    We are certainly no first world citizens when we abuse/enslave foreign workers by paying them pittance.

    • jf said

      If we used your final paragraph as a standard, then there is no first-world-citizens at all in this world.
      If the authorities did what you suggest, then they will initiate a direction towards a “police state”.

      Are foreign workers having a great time in Malaysia or Thailand? We should then learn from them.

      Are FTs forced to come to Singapore? Are they free not to work? If there are FS(foreign slaves) in Singapore we should report to the authorities. Foreigners are free to go to their respective Embassies, get free lodging and food and free ticket home. Singapore got no right to keep them.

      U Thant Myint should report these slavery to the right Embassy and the Singapore authority, if not he is also guilty by his silence.

    • Barathan N said

      The Ministry of Labour or Manpower are ones doing the exploiting. Singapore has been regarded a first world country but we have not called ourselves that yet as we do not have a minimum wage law which is keeping us from being a first world country.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      Wah sai! 🙂 Gahmen treat WPs like slave labour, like Qinshihuang using slave labour to build the Great Wall, or Japs using POWs to build the Death Railway & that infamous Bridge over River Kwai…. only diff is, after the HDBs are built by these “slave labour”, they sell it to us at extortionate rates, eg. $1 million HDBs anyone??? BOTH SIDES exploitation! No wonder Monkeys in White make so much…haha

      I wonder what Karl Marx would say to the exploited WP holders & the Sheeporeans? 🙂 Let’s have a National Conversation? Or “Workers of the World Unite…..we have Nothing to lose but our Chains….”

    • Why government encourage low wages? said

      Why government encourage low wages?

      that is why Singapore government “encourage” bosses in Singapore using foreigners to “stifle” Singaporeans to move higher to better quality and better wages!

    • Julie Ong said

      Hi Jf and thanks for your counter view.

      In most first world countries there are strict rules governing the pay rates for work permit holders. If the government in these said countries do not enforce these guidelines then the powerful unions will step in. In this way the locals are protected whilst at the same time the foreign workers get to earn a decent wage.

      Singapore is well ahead in economic development (although politically still lagging), but in comparison to Malaysia and Thailand our currency, for a start is appreciably far greater in value to theirs. Furthermore, we should not emulate their treatment of foreign workers. We are more civil, humane and progressive in this regard I would’ve thought.

      Certainly, foreigners don’t come into Singapore by force per se. More likely their financial circumstances drove them into the ‘lions’ den’ (Singapura). They can choose not to work, but then where’s the money coming from? Do bear in mind that they are not slaves, but only paid ‘slave’ wages. If they choose to go to their embassies with their complaints they’ll probably be sent back home. Very sad situation – every which way they lose!

      However, all said, I cannot be absolutely certain about the veracity of the pay and condition as mentioned by Mr or Ms U Thant Myint.

      Again, thanks for your reply.

      It’s our way of ‘The Singapore Conversation’ although the government would probably laugh us to scorn.

      P.S. I hope that someone with too heavy a load of money will off-load it and snap up your flat for the million or so that you are seeking. Please do not for a moment think that I’m anti-rich or against the elites. All I ever stand for and believe in is A Fair Chance For All. And for those struggling to keep up we should whenever/wherever possible give them a kick-a-long to reach the minimum standard as befitting an advanced nation.

    • Tan Kow Ku said


  2. Anon said

    Hey Mr/Ms. Burmese, thanks for the comments. But Singapore politics is for Singaporeans, OK? This is 家事, so let us sort this out internally. You’re a guest here, so you just enjoy your stay ok?

    • Tan Kow Ku said


  3. fpc said

    there is no secret. manpower ministry in singapore is lazy and ineffective

  4. nb la said

    as long as the foreign MNCs profit from it, it is fine. Foreigners is divided into 2 class. High and low class. Locals also, elites and “Rest of us”. exploit bangalas is fine because the samsung, hyundai, 3M etc are happy.

  5. U MYINT LWIN said

    How did TT manage to verify the real nationality of “U THANT MYINT”?

    Anyone may adopt any name in the wild wild web.

    Myanmarese nationals are very proud of their motherland and critical of Singaporeans and Singaporean society.

    Most of them share the same sentiment of this 23-year-old PR below :

    23-year-old Burmese permanent resident spoke out against xenophobic sentiments

    • jf said

      Please decide whether you are Myanmarese or Burmese. What are you U Thant Myint? The Burmese I know spoke very good English. They produced the most rice in SEAsia. They hosted the SEAP games in in 1961 when there was no Republic of Singapore.

      If present Myanmarese/ Burmese continued to speak English, there will be less misunderstanding. Hope your stay here educates you all to have a future great country which will be better than life here. The Myanmarese/Burmese people I met here indicates a better future for your country. Hope there is no more need for your people to break the law here to protest the political situation back home.

    • yamas said

      please bear in mind it is the Sin Govt that supports the Burmese Junta and the Sin Govt in turn supported by 60% pro PAP Sporeans.
      kindly relay this to all your countrymen, there may come a time 40% sporeans will settle with the 60% until last man standing, so stay out of the way.

  6. Penn said

    $18 a day is after deducting the loan these bangala took at home to work here in Singapore. Kek Leng Kia xiao…knn…dun talk rubbish here

  7. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Madness you say?


  8. teo cheap buy said

    Another malaysian woman

  9. Naivety said

    Well said & fully agreed with u…U Thant Myint

  10. Ordinary Citizen said

    such FTs are genuine FTs and certainly will be welcome anywhere in the world. U are honest and intelligent and brave.

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