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No more pension for ministers and presidents

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

Existing and former ministers and presidents are no longer entitled to a lifelong pension, following the abolishment of teh Parliamentary Pensions Act today.

The move came after a review of ministerial salaries which recommended that the pension scheme be scrapped for office holders and Members of Parliament (MPs).

Under the Parliamentary Pensions Act, political office holders who have served at least eight years are eligible for a pension.

However, from now onward, office holders appointed on and after 21 May 2011, when the new government took office, will not receive any pension.

Those appointed before 21 May will have their pensions frozen and be eligible only for pensions accrued up to 20 May 2011.

Besides former ministers, former presidents can no longer receive pension with the passing of the Civil List Pension Amendment Bill, which paves the way for the pension scheme to be scrapped for former presidents.

The Constitution has provided for a pension to be given to a former president, at a sum to be decided by Parliament.



38 Responses to “No more pension for ministers and presidents”

  1. alamak said

    So by-by to Golden Rice-Bowl, long time to come. But what about ornery MPs? also got include or no?

  2. P Koh said

    When the CPF Scheme was first introduced all Pension Schemes (Private) became redundant in the 60’s and yet for Ministers and Civil Servants this has continued for almost 50 years. I think they finally realized that they are really getting too much and now become shy to continue to take while the poor are crying for help. It puzzles me to know why it really took them so long to do this.!!

  3. Mike Zeng said

    The last sentence is referring to the above Prataman? Coz he’s the only living former Prez. The rest are all dead. If so, why does he need a monthly pension when he already received 8x$4million =$32 million for presidenting (read cutting ribbons) for 8 years! And we are talking of Sing dollars not Indon rupiahs!
    $32,000,000 not enough? What is he thinking of buying? A 747 and mansions in India? Pl advise him he can’t take the millions to his graveyard when he goes HOME!

  4. kenny said

    Its good to be a traitor during japanese occupation, see what happen now and he is laughing all the way to the bank

    • Majoora pora said

      One radio DJ said during the last year national day celebration “he is the most popular president” Apple polisher!
      $32M..With such a huge amount,can name a road in India like Samy from neighbour country lah.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      Again with the traitor theory? Where did you get that? Why isn’t it on the history books?

  5. They used to receive multi million dollar pensions? said

    It’s lucky the PAP never mentioned MP pensions in the past, because that would have added more fuel to the fire. They all receive so much money as it is that they will not really miss any pension.

    eg A president’s term is 6 years. They get paid $5m a year. After 6 years, that’s $30m, tax free (I assume) with a luxury residence provided.

    Even a backbencher used to get about $1.5m, and elections were every 4 years, so there’s a minimum $6m in just 4 years.

    Contrast this to MP’s in any other city, state/province or national legislature. Most earn less than $150,000 to 200,000 a year. It would take them decades to earn $6m, so they do need pensions.

    No wonder Singapore is said to have so many millionaires. Even the PAP secretaries get hundreds of thousands a year.

  6. Fed up said

    @ P Koh

    They only realised after they lost 6 seats in Parliament and a by election. If sg ppl have vote in more opposition earlier they will also realised it earlier.

    Mod’s note:

    They did not lose any seats. The ‘Wayang Party’ is the PAP’s ‘B’ team.

  7. happy said

    we had been robbed for too long

    and the loots still remained with the robbers

    • Majoora pora said

      Everybody got a chance to be robbers…so nobody blame anybody…only those like us kena robbed knows what’s happening…Just wait n c lor

  8. solaris8899 said

    Don’t you know that – anyone in the Parliament house is already a millions dollars holder.

  9. singkey said

    this ah pui jialioabee has already collected so much over the years.

  10. Why not accepting Singaporeans view earlier? said

    Why not accepting Singaporeans view earlier?

  11. Robox said

    So we see once again: The PAP is going about projecting an image of themselves as the architects of change while the WP – with iits deafening silences and inaction – lulls Singaporeans to sleep by making them believe that everything is going to be alright, when there is a whole long list of other things that need correction – and I’m not only referring to the FT issue – that the PAP is reluctant to act on.

    Singaporeans will then no longer feel the pressing need for the lection of more opposition MPs.

    And we have only the WP and its fanatical supporters to thank for that.

    Good luck to those who continue to have faith in the WP, believing that they WILL start speaking out and taking action after the more GRCs fall to opposition parties.

    At this rate, even Aljunied can fall back to the PAP.

  12. Tan Kow Ku said

    They Scrapped it because they know next govt will be opposition.

    • P Koh said

      I think you are right, just like the Estates Duty Act which was scrapped at the most appropriate time. We must be thankful that the government is now listening and seen to be taking action.

  13. Invictus said

    The PAP demand market-rate salaries. On top of that, they want pensions !! .. Bloody good life for too long. About time the change this.

  14. nocando said

    nathan, lu jia pa buay?

  15. Ron said

    It is clear the PAP is seriously worried about its future unless it reverses its monetary reward schemes for its Elites. The growing unrest amongst the electorate has sent a clear message.

    It a belated but very good move. Just throwing money at the Elites serves to backfire when the ordinary folks are driving taxis, doing cleaning jobs and being thrown out of jobs with an influx of FTs. Other policies that are backfiring need to be looked at too.

    • welovesingapore said

      The fact is that they are not worry about the consequence from the disapproval from citizen. 1st, they deem their policy as not popular but necessary to give job to citizen. 2nd, they have a vote base support from all who work in direct civil service and indirect GIC link company. Not to mention the whole core of the national defence team. They would vote them in after all their salary has increase 8% for teachers alone. Do you know what is the salary for a teacher after 5 years. Before the GE all base voters salary would have raised comfortably and they are kept happy. Yet they totally rejected the wage shock therapy for the mass by ex NWC chair. O So who do you think the base voter are more inclined to? Only the ordinary folks have to carry the burden which became a political trap long ago. They are unable to vote for their rights. And this rights has been lost through too trusting to the current in power which has trapped them deeply. They are not going to be pro people with no socialist policy to change the current situation.

  16. Realist said

    Good move by the PAP.
    They know in future the Opp will take over so it’s time to cut all benefits for them.

  17. pokemon said

    clap clap

  18. GaanMaro said

    Have a strange feeling that fat cats’ salary would be an election issue again in 2016. if they don’t start doing something now, it would be too late in 2016 and more GRCs would fall to the opposition. With a freak election result, they might even lose majority in parliament.

  19. Frankie said

    Now that the Pension is discontinued, the next thing Pappies should do is to tackle the $1,000,000 dollar HDB flat. This is a time bomb for the GE in 2016 because many ordinary Singaporeans are damned fed up with rich Chinese new citizens buying up subsidized government flats. Pushing the price beyond our reach. One day, Singaporeans will have to rent flats/rooms from the rich PRs and new citizens. Act now!!!

  20. nb la said

    ex-president get highest pay and yet need a pension. flour increase in price nowadays?

  21. Without A Doubt said

    Next up. After setting an example, CPF Life is scrapped, and you go buy your own “pension” from AXA/AIG.. Joke is on you.

  22. cc chia said

    It was a gross anomaly that has been finally corrected. Only in Singapore were some PAP ministers and others in the world’s highest paid PAP government receiving life time pension payments as soon as they reached age 55 years of age, and even while they were still employed by us and also receiving million dollar salaries.

    Some of these people were too greedy and could not even wait to be retired before receiving their pensions, like everybody else in the world.

  23. Ren said

    I wonder what’s the point of everyone whining in this “temasektimes” If we hate it here so much, then leave singapore! I read so much comments complaining, but i wonder does it work? ASK THOSE SO CALL “HIGH OFFICIALS” to read the comments here in temasektimes! Ask them to reflect and share tell us what they feel after reading so much from commoners!

  24. hamid said

    We Simgaporean voted 4 them into Parliment and they created constitution for their pension.{self interest} Tks to Aljunied/Hougang residents for the immediate changes

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