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NUS lecturer in political science proposes two-man GRC team

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

A few days after the ruling party hosted a forum to discuss Malay affairs in Singapore, the Singapore Democratic Party held a four-hour long public forum “The future of Singapore: Do Malays have a part?” at Bras Basah on Saturday afternoon.

One of the speakers to grace the event is Walid Jumblatt, lecturer at the National University’s political science department who proposed changing the current Group Representation Constituency (GRC) system that has between three to six political leaders to a two-member GRC team.

Without stating names, Jumblatt said that there is “disrespect” among some Malays for their leaders because they did not personally chose that minority leader to lead them.

He argued that by providing a bigger role a minority candidate would play in determining the success of winning the elections with a two member team, political parties would also be forced to screen their candidates more carefully and field only the best candidate.

Besides Jumblatt, other speakers who speak at the event included Maarof Salleh, also former senior visiting research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS); Abdul Halim bin Kader, a former senior civil servant at theImmigration Department of Singapore, and a People’s Action Party campaign manager for five past elections; and SDP’s chairman Jufrie Mahmood.



14 Responses to “NUS lecturer in political science proposes two-man GRC team”

  1. SgGuy said

    Agreed!! Or even scrap the GRC altogether! Make everything a SMC n may the best individual men wins!
    (cos GRC is rigged anyway…. look at TPL n other parasites clinging on for the ride)

  2. Mike Zeng said

    I believe Walid Jumblatt is just a tutor and not yet a lecturer as he is still doing his PHd in the PS faculty. No doubt he will he get his doctorate and likely join the faculty as a lecturer now called Asst Prof.

  3. Auditor General said

    Also all MPs should and must be full-time. Not like these part-timers we have now.

  4. jf said

    So what is new Mr Jumblatt? They pay you just to lecture this kind of no-brainer. Many ethnic Chinese did not choose Lee Hsien Loong for PM or the PAP. They also hurled abuses not just disrespect. So what is your advice for the Chinese majority?
    Form a Chinese only party? A Chinese-Muslim Party? A Chinese Christian/Buddhist/Dialect Party? An Indian only Party? The rest(others) got no say?

    It is possible that one day, the PM of SG will not be from the Chinese majority. Which ethnic do you think he/she will be from?

  5. Yharyah said

    We should have scrap the GRC altogether. This is a highly bias system.

  6. Muslim said

    SDP, another hypocrite party, just like the WP. If you are really interested to voice out for Malays, stop all your S377A nonsense. Malays don’t want gays to poke them in the backside.

  7. Ordinary Citizen said

    Scrap I say

  8. Goondu said

    This is a ludicrous suggestion. I cannot believe he is a tutor with the Political Science Department. I feel sorry for the students. Having a two-member GRC team defeats the purpose of having a GRC system. Rather than have two-member teams, you might as well have all SMCs. What is possible is to do away with the five-/six-member GRCs and replace them with smaller three-/four-member GRCs if the GRC system is to remain in place.

  9. native sg said

    Should abolish GRC and ISA altogether.

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