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PAP MP Sim Ann takes a dig at Singaporeans: Slay the ‘cow peh cow bu’

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

After giving Singaporeans a lecture on hate speech against foreigners, PAP MP Sim Ann now takes a dig at Singaporeans for ‘whining’ too much.

In a post on her Facebook, Ms Sim insinuated that Singaporeans should start doing something more useful by slaying the two ‘sacred cows’ – ‘cow-peh and cow-bu’ which is a Hokkien term for ‘crying father and crying mother’ (complaining).

Unfortunately, her warped sense of humor was not appreciated by many netizens who lampooned her for it:

“a! yeah! all Cow-peh Cow-bu shld be slayed. what’s there to converse anyway? just continue milking the cow which will not cow-peh or cow-bu lor” – Samson Chow

” I don’t think it is appropriate for a MP like Sim Ann to post this on her fb. As a MP, she need to sensitive and considerate for the feeling of certain group of subjects who might be involved. This may arise an unneccessary conflict again and split the nation further. Shouldn’t an MP suppose to play a part in promoting unity among people?” – Alexandra Lau

“Before the conversation even started, she has terminated the conversation. Totally ignorant of the gripping feeling. Sad” – Ace Kay

PAP leaders have always dismissed the legitimate complaints of Singaporeans as ‘noises’ with its Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew once describing Singaporeans as ‘champion grumblers’ in an interview with National Geographic magazine in 2009.



75 Responses to “PAP MP Sim Ann takes a dig at Singaporeans: Slay the ‘cow peh cow bu’”

  1. jf said

    Singapore champion grumblers. Cow-peh cow-bu. Singapore already split. PAP supporter and the rest. The rest also not happy to be called the rest. They want to split into different parties. Lucky to have PAP to cow-peh to. Now you cow-bu to Sim Ann, your life is exciting. I am waiting for the next cow, maybe bull.

    All this cow-peh cow-bu spoils the Wrong Party ‘s plan to be coalition partners and to be the first parliamentarians in the world.

    • mahbok tan said

      Didn’t u notice that they already have one Cow Bun 1 , spewing lies after lies……remember the $8.00 heart operation , next the Brompton bicycle and the latest the HDB 1million house with fantastic view of : swiss alps mountain” ….!!!

      I tot in malaysia , they have the Cow in condo issue of NFC scandal….didn’t realised that our own govt are having another multi million cow ministers in the making…..( thinking still…where’s the farm house arh…!!! )

    • SashaQueenie said

      First my arse!
      They are not the “First” Parliamentarians.
      The only thing they are First in is paying themselves so much money. Vermin!

      • Francischuanghli said

        Army style what ! All of them gone thru NSF training. “take 1st, complain later” U people forgotten meh !

    • distant drums said

      If this woman pap parliamentarian who seems to like to be called a shithole and if married and have children of her own,kindly tell her to stand infront of a big mirror with all of her family members,look carefully at them and thereon tell that she stinks

      • distant drums said

        Oh,please also dont forgt to tell your family members in front of that mirror to remember that its “TAKES ANOTHER BIGGER ONE TO KNOW ANOTHER”

        Birds of a feather flocks together/Set a thief to catch a thief

  2. Lim said

    reminds me of another `get out of my elite face’ sometime ago. Slaying c-p and c-b cows is intolerance of any views that differ from the official mouthpiece. You talk about National Conversation but before it even started you want to silence critics whom you label c-p and c-b – where is the sincerity? PM Lee should conscript all these elite MPs to one thousand dollars a month salaries, live in a one-room HDB flat for 2 years and give birth to 3 or more babies as part of their MPs’ national service first and then we’ll see who c-p and c-b first?

    • True sinkie said

      Well said mate

    • my mother say.... said

      thumbs up, Lim! PM started a good idea about national conversation but spoilt by this out-of-touch-with-people on-the-ground MP Sim. She oredi talk like that, how to engage us for a conversation????!!!! Really dunno what PM is doing asking MP Sim to be part of the committee….sama sama la…..gonna be a useless conversation as usual.

      • Francischuanghli said

        Already predefined . Just wayan for international image. U say, I hear but I fix U later. Old Pple I bopian, I just hold yo children responsible for UiCal lieu lo.

    • Francischuangli said

      Of cuz 1term MP seat will sum
      Up to 1Mil sing dollars. They’ll B able for family tour to Uni-studio everyday. Even if their parents were to destroy in another Farari crash, there is no need to cry for them cuz they had done their parts in given a good life for their parents !

  3. Victor said

    I do not think that this National Conversation will get Singapore anywhere. Firstly, the PAP had their answers all ready to counter anything and everything about their flawed policies. This is merely another wayang, scripted to reinforce their loose immigration policies.

    Before we can effectively hold any conversation, PAP have to stop using ‘XENOPHOBIA’ to side step issues and stop telling us ‘OUR FOREFATHERS WERE FOREIGNERS’ and stop telling Singaporeans that these ‘FOREIGNERS CREATE JOBS FOR SINGAPOREANS’.

    Above it all, please, tackle the issues at hand before we even start this NATIONAL CONVERSATION.

    • True sinkie said

      My exact sentiments

    • mahbok tan said

      Our govt are having a chinese opera troupe in the PM’s Dept.

      They will out for show every now and then , to propagate their multi million dollars “IDEAS”….!!!

      Wad Da Fug….!!! The National CONversation are to CON more FT’s and PR’s and at the same time sideline SGporeans….but I think we do deserved it….coz SGporean are DAFT….didn’t they say that….????

    • Compatriot said

      You guys who will make that expected audience at the NC (wow what a coinage) participating or otherwise will find to have a wastage energy with disappointment

      The PAP government can be expected to be known as the “DISRESPECTFUL” government of the day,who,with ‘BETRAYAL” will never ever admit they are wrong with their ill practised policies of wrong doings that had adversely and willfully affected the livelihood of local born Singaporeans and their families and familiy members

      When dawn turns to dusk that standing panels will nevertheless used those of you as their baits and tools of ‘FOOLS FALL IN” to taylor fit the agenda of their deadly sins

    • Francischuangli said

      U said it right. Just like the setting up of Gaming dens in this little REDOT. It will be another “eye shadow” to cover the ugly face & to make it look good. However, we still have to register our dispressure just like saying outch when the nurse punch a needle into your butt. from your back.

    • Francischuanghli said

      Our Forefather was migrant but @different angle. They come here when there is nothing on this REDOT. They clear jungle to plant mango. These PAP ( Pick A Peanut) monkey come here with cherry placker when our mango tree are loaded with fruit. They help us to harvest, crag it & sent back home. Left behind the roten & ugly behind for us yet we have to assist them to clean up the farm !
      Please justify for this fact.

    • Francischuanghli said

      How to? Citizenship cert. & pink IC had already given. Foreigners occupation is already fixed. Unless this PAP (Pick A Peanut) monkey decide to quit. U cannot bomb them out off our holy soil.

  4. septeal said

    erm thats her friend’s comment. what u trying to stir again

    • Helena said

      But h should be discerning enough to know if it ought be posted at all.

    • just another wayang show said

      This is a terrible joke for a minister to post on her facebook page.

      Seems like she agrees with her friends.

      It gives the horrible impression that the national conversation is just another wayang and the elite politicians are sharing a crude joke at the expense of ordinary Singaporeans.

    • Independent said

      Totally agree here. Not only is TT blind to the fact that it’s her friend’s comment, not hers, other readers here are quite blind too. These ‘blind’ readers are simply so anti-pap/govt that they failed to read accurately and jump to conclusions. With their level of intelligence and reading abilities, it’s of little wonder they referred to as ‘sacred cows’.

      • Helena said

        I doubt your level of intelligence too. How can you be sure it’s her friend who really sad it? It could be a phantom friend. Just that she wanted to voice her opinion but was afraid that she might have to face opposition. The best thing to do is to say it cam from a friend.

      • mahbok tan said

        Cun’t she just delete it….!!!

        ooops theres no delete button on her pc…..????

        or delete is not in her dictionary…? Wat da Fug….????

      • Independent said

        Lol. So imaginative. U’ll do well as a writer or auntie who puts words into ppl’s mouth, auntie Helena.

      • Helena said

        Some people really can’t think far. Have to resort to name calling. I really don’t know what to say except that it’s been proven that one’s intelligence level is inherited from one’s mother. So if you want your kid to be intelligent, you should marry a smart woman. If you are a woman, there is nothing you can do, Independent.
        Pick your battles, smart Alec.

      • Francischuanghli said

        We are all molded by our edu-system for our nation in this stereotype manner. Ofcuz we all read with the same frequency mah !

    • NG said

      Well she posted it that means she supported that notion. And she should know very well that she is a MPui.

  5. hopeless said

    I can foreseen there will going to be raining stones and rocks in Singapore very soon…………

  6. Alvin said

    Singapore should really consider setting up an ethics committee to censure MPs such as insensitive comments and conducts. It is another case of current administrative members of parliament who can be absolutely callous with their words or their actions.
    Mind you, she did this not once but twice.

  7. CWS said

    This shows the quality of our MP!

  8. singkey said

    when a dynasty is a out to collapse, u will hear strange talks such as this.

  9. ganina utama said

    This chick turn me on. Let me make u cow beh cow bu, make u moan!

  10. Silent Majority said

    Sim Ann is right. Singaporeans are complaining too much.

  11. dog of the dogs said

    Why she wanted to divide the Nation ?

    • Francischuanghli said

      Our NATION? Bo lieu. U Pple do NS with the foreigner together, U don’t know meh?
      We had already Infiltracted & occupied. Only thing I know is we had fragmentated to 3 group of PAP : 1) Proud And Prosperous,
      2) Pick A Peanut monkey, 3)the Poor And Pitiful common CiTIZEN with Sg-BC.

  12. Exaggerated said

    if Singaporeans are champion grumblers, then the people of the world who protest and stand on the grounds to fight for their rights in the world ace in the field. Being a public servant, the Singapore ruling party has no sense of serving attitude and tact while dealing with matters happening in Singapore. They have not only antagonise the Singaporeans but insulted people around the world.

    If they still live in the past thinking that such antics will stop the true blue Singapore from speaking up, they should opt for tackling the situation the Singaporeans are concern about instead of taking the easy way out. They are just not solving the problem but wasting time on arguing like little kids arguing which can never come to a conclusion.

  13. Jeremy Fitzroy said

    If anyone are champions in the grumbling race, we Americans are. When the price of gas goes up by just 10 cents a gallon, we kick up a big fuss, but then again, 5 years ago before Obama, it was $2 lesser! I may not be working just yet, but even then that doesn’t stop college kids from griping about the hopeless situation. You know before ugly Singaporeans was identified, we already had the ugly loud bolsterous rude American! God Bless America, and Singapore too!

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Mr Jeremy Fitzroy.

      That’s the way I like it….. Ah ha, Ah ha….. that’s the way. Nice and straight.
      Honest. Our government has caught the American disease, the one that pays their top dog obscenely at the expense of the toiling workers and also
      all sense of justice, humanity and fairness is consequently sacrificed. From memory this trend of greed started from about 40 or so years ago. I am never one who will pay low wages, but tell me who is worth $20 million per annum plus bonuses? In some cases even more! No wonder the United States of America is in the economic doldrums now. Greed and over indulgence.

      Politics is about people. The enhancement of the people. If anyone has an ulterior motive then he/she should do something else. Yes, politics can be dirty. Our current government is well known for ‘hitting below the belt’ when
      suppressing their political opponents. If I were the referee I would surely disqualify them and put them on report for bringing the sport of Boxing into disrepute. But alas…. the Tyrant has ruled through the decades using his spin and scare mongering on the masses. Having abused his power he wanted even more of it , and now the time for it to stop has come….the peasants are in revolt!

      We are even labelled as ‘champion grumblers’.
      Would you grumble if you’re hungry? When things keep going wrong? Or as you’ve said when gas goes up by 10 cents a gallon?

      Again, thanks for your contribution, pal.

      Unless you complain when something is really wrong how else would those who are in charge know? They should in fact thank us for informing them.

      But the problem is that they have become too arrogant and out of touch and therefore shoo/dismiss us off as ‘noise’. The Noise is only going to get louder. What next? The Scream??

      are in revolt!

  14. Playfair said

    A young punk trying to show her boss that she is smart. You have short changed Singaporean’s with your half baked policies so we have the right to grumble and make noise. Look at the mess that they have created by opening the gates for foreigners, nobody said no foreigners but do it in a controlled manner. Highly educated but not street smart.Now want to attack Singaporean’s do it closer to 2016 and dont say sorry this time.

  15. loo said

    Its probably an approach to divert attention away from some matter to a person. So focus will be diverted to her and not the issue. I sense that she is fustrated at Singaporeans complaining about the matter from her use of words. It reflects pretty much how she sees the matter, as unimpoartant that does not need addressing and can be pushed aside. But i personally think,… she is being used to divert attention away from certain topic.

  16. when the govt announced a pay cut for ministers, didn’t one female minister or MP Cow-peh cow-bu? We learn from the best, mah! At least, I must say i don’t mind the people cow peh cow bu instead of taking action, then we’d have more problems, headaches and bloodshed. So if you ask me who is cow-pehing and cow-buing? If u want the people to stop wailing to the sacred cows then you should stop chanting, “We need more FTs,”or “Singaporeans are lousy/” No parent of even a child with special need would condemn him or her as useless.

  17. Tan Kow Ku said

    We should not join in the National Conversation. Otherwise, they will say we “cow peh cow bu” if they don’t like our view. I will not join becayse I got a lot of “cow peh cow bu” complains.

  18. nocando said

    no surprise, they are like that, never really want to listen. they just like to hear good thing and u better give them a face that looks very honorable having to meet them.

  19. Tofu said

    Something wrong with opposition supporters….seriously she was not the one who make this comment…it is her FRIEND…MORONS…

    • Sinkaypoh said

      She is “suaning” u S’poreans but not taking direct hit by quoting “a friend”.
      This is called “Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree”… from the 36 Stratagems
      If this oso u cannot see, then too bad for Spore, we’re doomed

    • Lim said

      @#18 this moron will tell you – why did she post this anecdote on her facebook? Does she condone her friend labelling people who disagree as c-p and c-b? Otherwise why doesn’t she end her little story with Me:- I scolded my friend. It is not nice calling people who disagree while conversing with you as c-p and c-b like their parents died and they are wailing at ther funeral? Perhaps like Aesop this little te-te conversation with anonymous friend has a moral for us. I am too moronic to understand.

      • welovesingapore said

        This lady cannot be trusted. She tells a whole nation to refrain from hate speech, but she and her friend use such low class wording. Worst than hate speech. She should stop wayang, can’t even censor her friend for insulting the mass and wants to be leader in her ward. If she do not respect her electorate by not censoring her friend, it will only show that she condone the words said.

      • my mother say.... said

        nice,Lim…. well said again….like the suggested ending story MP Sim should have written. 🙂

    • nb la said

      she endorses it and feel it is funny, hence she put on facebook. she did not say anything about disagreeing right?

    • Helena said

      You believe her when she said it’s her friend?
      My friend says you are a moron. I didn’t say it. It was my friend.

      • my mother say.... said

        my mother say you’re useless better meet PM. Come to you, you say we “cow peh cow mu”, what for?
        Mother say ask PM to sack you la! Replace with someone who can be a better MP, so that he does not need to worry until his hair turn white, face so wrinkled…get better candidate who can be an effective MP, not someone who see singaporeans to be “cow peh cow bu” one…….all these my mother say one.

    • Independent said

      The opposition supporters are a highly imaginative lot who jumps at every tiny opportunity to put words into ppl’s mouths. If we ever catch their friends making racist remarks on their facebk status before they could delete them, we will charge them for being racists too.

      • Helena said

        Why says we support opposition? If I’m not with you, it doesn’t make me support your enemies. Why is the imaginative one here? Why likes to put words into mouths of others?
        Listen to yourself. Do you think you sound ridiculous? Still no? Say whatever you want then.

      • Helena said

        Racism issue? How did you connect?

      • Helena said

        You use the word “charge”. So you are from the government? I understand the whole picture now. No need to say more.
        I always thought the government is made up of intelligent INDEPENDENT individuals. I’m wrong.

      • willy said

        Everybody in this world is racist, because i believe that all the Singaporean is FUCKING HATE FOREIGNER, are you all going to charge all the Singaporean? So what if i post FUCK OFF FOREIGNER, are you going to charge me…

  20. Babuseng said

    The reason disenchanted voices are called cowpeh cowbu is because we don’t expect them to be able to change a thing despite their unhappiness. And why is that? We have to go back to the political system in Singapore, where the odds are stacked against opposition parties, with legal threats to having to field entire teams to contest a GRC.

    The GRC system is something I take a stand against – too many unqualifed MPs have taken a free ride on it, both PAP and opposition. We need every voice in parliament to count, and every elected MP has to make his/her own case. The official reason/excuse for GRC is to have minority representation, and while that sounds like a worthwhile goal, I think in this day and age, many voters are willing to vote for a minority candidate if they are the best. Obviously we are not totally in a post-racial society yet, but the critical piggybacking flaw in the GRC design is clearly becoming more disruptive to democracy that racial underrepresentation. Large teams in GRC favors the incumbent party (PAP), promotes stagnation and introduces a very high barrier to entry for smaller political parties. The GRC has to go.

  21. Ms Ong said

    Idiot, if you think these are cow beh cow bu, don’t sit in the conversation committee, you are just wasting your time and everybody’s time, unless this conversation is just a ‘wayang’ by PAP.

    • Piss said

      Bingo. not only idiot, is brainless. MP but don’t know how to defence singaporean. want her for what?

    • Independent said

      Cb cb and having national conversations are totally different in nature. Don’t tell me ur price negotiation at work is the same as ur price bargaining at the wet market? Or maybe u can’t even tell the difference? Lol

  22. nb la said

    so many cows roaming the parliament and none of them are slayed yet. some goes pehhhhhhhhhhhh another bunch go buuuuuuuuuuu

  23. Helena said

    I never thought this Ms Sim could be so crude to use cow peh cow bu. Lee Bee Wah has found a match.

  24. Singkaypoh said

    Sim Ann, Tin PL & Grace F***…. PINKY’S ANGELS !!!!

    This weeks mission : slaying sacred COWS to make KATE SPADE handbags

    An exciting (I mean ENGAGING) new series brought to you by Mediacock!!!

  25. At least good beef cost some value unlike MONKEYs & WILD BOAR. According to AVA info, this \Monkeys & Wild Boar from the forest carry with them sickness and diseases. They only deserve to be destroy or trap and return to wherever they come from, the jungle, LOL .

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