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PRC scholars and students promised jobs at NTU forum

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

Despite the recent promises made by the government to limit the inflow of foreign workers, PRC scholars currently studying in Singapore at the expense of taxpayers need not be worried about not being able to find jobs in Singapore.

A forum ‘Immigration policy and career development’ (移民政策与职业发展) was organized by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to reassure its PRC scholars and students that they will not be discriminated in the local job market.

According to a Chinese paper, the forum attracted over 700 participants, most of whom are PRC students who will be graduating next year.

One of the speakers, managing director of a headhunter company Ye Huilian (叶慧莲) said she understand the worries and concerns of the PRC students, but stressed that their anxieties are ‘unfounded’.

Another speaker reassured the PRC students that there are plenty of jobs available for them and they need not be worried about not having one.

The PRC scholars need not pay a SINGLE CENT to study in Singapore and are bonded to work here for a period ranging from three to six years upon graduation while native Singaporeans have to take up study loans to study in their own universities.



25 Responses to “PRC scholars and students promised jobs at NTU forum”

  1. david low said

    How would Singaporean graduates feel if they are being squeezed out of the job market because of the keen coompetition they are going to face with such an influx of foreign talents?

    • Francischuangli said

      They not only squeeze the true Born Singaporean for jobs competition. They will also entitle for 35% more +all kind of allowances where local candidate did not get.

  2. Ken Lee said

    we got many job!! like wash dishs, mcdonald, JFC ,,,,,, NTUC fair price and many more sell tissue also have!

  3. Finally said

    Hosay liao,This time WP sure champion Sinkie’s injustice.Just read that “Pensions for office-holders, MPs scrapped”.Wp, nothing to cling on,nothing to lose.What are you all waiting for?If still quiet quiet,will vote Jia jia or kia kia!

    Mod’s note:

    WP will not say anything because this is a sensitive issue and they are afraid of offending the PAP.

  4. Mikey said

    Yippie kay yi mother fuckers!

  5. ganina utama said

    Alot of job along lor 10 to 12, geylang. Otherwise, joo chiat, chinatown, selegie also have alot vacancies.

  6. Silent Majority said

    PRCs are cheaper, better and faster than Singaporeans.

    Give more jobs to PRCs instead than to these lazy Singaporeans.

    Singaporeans should learn to work more for less money.

    • Playfair said

      Sorry they are lazy and only keep to themselves.We should kick the PAP out in 2016 and drive all the PRC’S back so the they can work hard for their own country. Why come to Singapore?

      • Francischuangli said

        They should be send home to better up their own country & the Gov’t should attract our own Local Talents in oversea to come home with incentives offer to them.

    • skagen said

      Well said Silent Majority! You must be a dumbass or born idiot.

      So far prc gave been performing better than lazy singaporeans is at geylang lor. Since we are the customers. Other than that….hardly impressive and waste of time.

      • Francischuangli said

        I get suggestion from foreign employers that our TBS R also waiting for the silver spoon from our Gov’t too. How do some of our KIDs know the services level in those
        Questionable outlet unless they themselves R MONKEYING in this places.

  7. Lucinda Goh said

    ‘F’ you! Silent Majority I notice you have been spewing nonsense for a while.

  8. Fed up said

    Provided pappy is still the gov

  9. what type of job will be assured to Singaporeans? said

    What type of job will be assured to Singaporeans? Can the university be more specific?

  10. Curang said

    700 PRC students attended??? There are more PRC students than Singaporean Malay students at NTU? ….. meritrocracy amongst citizens, yes (although must have humanity touch in it) …. but aliens & foreigners? this is ethnic subtle cleansing…. all the sacrifices & compromises the Malay forefathers made & this is what they get !!!! SHAME, SHAME !!

    • Jack Sparrow said

      sory bro, lky dont want us malays to be educated. he is afraid of us. so he rather educate more prcs to create his dream country.

  11. GaanMaro said

    Has something gone wrong with our education system again? We put our children through a tough education regime with stress and expectations thrown in. When our graduates leave universities, they find themselves fighting for jobs against foreigners.Our system now acknowleges that these foreigners are better educated and equipped with job skills that we Singaporeans cannot match. So what went wrong with our education system?

    • welovesingapore said

      They purposely make it very difficult for local so many cannot make it. They claimed that FT children are more hardworking, more hungry for knowledge and everything. How badly our children has been demoralized by our own gahman. Look at our youngster who are taught by follow the motion teacher. Reading from the textbook. Marking with prescribed answers. Many teacher earn more from teaching tuition as side income. Turn the classified ads and you would see required NIE certificate teacher only. The certificate as if never expire and used even those who has left the vocation. Teacher tired after tuition whole night, where got energy to teach in daytime. So no wonder we are called tuition nation. Then parents are gullible to pay bogus teacher to teach their children how to score their way to gifted program. In short, our young must have squander their time with not passionate teacher who don’t teach well. Else how do you explain that the gahman is oblivious to our potential children and give opportunity to so many outsider. If gahman put effort to groom our young they would have the chance to realise their potential and be successful. Now they must still spent time in NS and fall behind their foreign peers further. At work they become junior to their foreign peers and pass on for promotion. Double whammy for citizen children.

  12. cc chia said

    Nothing has changed has it? It has always been jobs and PRs for foreigners and Singaporeans are only good for NS.

    We die or in trouble it is our problem; do not expect any help from the PAP government (who is paid for by us, but does not look after our interests or work for us), who are more interested in their own agenda and in looking after their foreigner pets at the expense of local Singaporeans.

    • Naivety said

      Our Pro Alien Party govt are the kindest people in the whole world as they always provide free loafers from all over the world especially PRCs an opportunity to study @university in Sinkapor on FOC basis as well as good jobs for them (FT) at the expense of poor native Sinkaporeans!

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