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Sim Ann should stop politicking and review policies prejudiced against native Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

I refer to an article “Of wrongful pride and prejudice” by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Sim Ann, on Sep 7, It was disappointing, for I had expected better from Ms Sim.

It was disappointing that because she mentioned in her letter that there are so many potential pitfalls whenever the subject of local-foreigner relations is raised, that few are motivated to talk about it and that she is exactly what she did, sidestep the issue to grossly misinterpret her political opponent.

Nowhere in his article has Mr Giam justified the online vitriol against anybody, he offer a reasoned attempt to explain and address the source of the online vitriol.

Interpreting such explanations, as Ms Sim does, as vile intention to justify hatred is deeply questionable, when Mr Giam stated specifically that making prejudiced remarks against foreigners is objectionable, un-Singaporean, and should stop. Ms Sim appears to have conveniently confused offering an explanation and making an excuse.

“Conveniently” because surely a President’s scholar and Senior Parliamentary Secretary know better than to confuse a positive statement with a normative statement.

It also strikes me as disingenuous, for Ms Sim to state that people have every right to express their view on the Government’s immigration policy, yet at the same time portray those who offer critical opinions in negative light through obfuscation and labels.

Mr Giam spoke frankly about the issue, dong something which Ms Sim pointed few are willing to do because of the potential pitfalls. At the same she opportunistically chooses to take advantage of these pitfalls to misrepresent his view for political mileage.

Her article serves only to reinforce self censorship among the netizens with the underlying message that the Government’s immigration policy is sacrosanct and its possible ill effects cannot be discuss in a manner that may remotely suggest aspersions at the government.

I may not agree fully with Mr Giam’s interpretation, but if we are not allowed freely to discuss all possible causes, how else can we hope to address the root of it?

Above all, it raises the question of choice and responsibility. The Prime Minister and then Director of the National Population Secretariat, Ms Sim chose to open the floodgate to the foreigners at a rate unprecedented in history of independent nations, therefore they are entitled to both credit and responsibility for the policy consequence of their social engineering project.

To try and cast it as a moral test of Singaporeans’ characters signify a shrinking of responsibility, an unwillingness of the Government to accept the negative consequence cause by their decision. Instead, the onus is now on Singaporeans to live up to the moral standards set fore by Ms Sim so that we can enable her population polices to work.

For the minority who are not morally strong enough to suppress their grouses, it goes therefore to imply that they do not have the moral fortitude enough to fathom the wisdom of Ms Sim’s population policies.

Social harmony and strong community relations in the country no longer depend upon a national consciousness and shared experience such as going through NS, instead it depend on the moral fibre of its citizenry to endure entire supplantation of natives.

It s therefore rather fortuitous that the immigrant issue have unite native Singaporeans who now share common concerns about national identity, job security and housing affordability, no doubt thanks to the polices implemented by Ms Sim, during her short stint at the National Population Secretariat

I sincerely urge Ms Sim to stop the politicking and please review unequal policies for locals and foreigners, polices such giving scholarship to foreign students when they are in secondary school or polytechnics, these foreign students do not serve NS even though they have enjoy the safety, free education in Singapore since young. There is no indication that talents can be identified at such young age or any guarantees that they will stay in Singapore to contribute.

Other policies inflammatory to Singaporeans includes dependant pass holder circumventing S Pass and Work permit quotas, cheap foreign labour depressing lower income wages, liberal giving away of citizenship to less qualified immigrants and PRs allowed to buy flats while singles citizen below 35 can’t.



17 Responses to “Sim Ann should stop politicking and review policies prejudiced against native Singaporeans”

  1. Singaporean said

    You nail it man!

  2. ali said

    This is another bull shit argument.
    The problem those bastards who throw abuses at FT, especially chinese & indians
    Why you idiots do that when you have the points?
    Simply lame brain

  3. wMulew said

    Please get your facts right about Sim Ann “opening the floodgates”. See this link. The numbers went down when Sim Ann was involved in National population

    • SashaQueenie said

      Well it is clear that Sim Ann is not responsible for the stemming of the floodgates at all.
      Drain water continues into our lush island.
      Instead of sifting through the large number of foreigners and choosing the best of the best, we are inundated with so many lousy workers!
      Sim Ann is a vermin, and a abuser of Singaporeans. Instead of admonishing the many foreigners who verbally abuse Singaporeans, she instead sides with them. She is truly a vile creature.

  4. teo cheap buy said

    Ask her to go home(malaysia)

  5. kassim said

    Well said as Unlike Sim Ann who readies uses the state controlled main stream media to dish out propaganda versions of her “truth” ,whereas the right of reply and comment is denied to rest of Singaporeans both internet and normal users.That does not mean she should get away with such wilful “politicking” and silence Singaporeans fustrations on her government’s careless immigration policy for which she was co author and participant earlier as part of her Policy Office.This Immigration mess has caused so much negative impact on people and country.Sweeping use of silencing tactics like using “xenophobic” and Hate labelling on all who question her stand, government’s failed immigration policy with help of government controlled MSM clearly shows her inability and refusal to deal with Singaporeans’ feedback and replies.As a mother, she has brought her new born child to be part of the future generation of Singaporeans who would be deeply affected and penalised by the social problems and other impacts of a massive uncontrolled immigration population on our country,institutions and people .Just like our children and next generation Singaporeans furture we are concerned with and her child too is part of from education to housing and living.Unless she claims previlege and part of an Ivory tower elite club unlike rest of Singaporeans.

  6. It seems like a government in damage-control mode. As usual for this government, they’re completely unwilling to recognise that they’ve miscalculated the reaction of Singaporeans to the influx of immigrants into the country.

    So they’ve resorted to their usual tactics; threats (the old man’s favourite) and their ‘put up and shut up’ approach (we know better).

    The wife and I were talking about it the other day, and we think the problem is two fold. One, the indiscriminate influx of immigrants and two, the frequency the government is handing out residency and citizenship.

    Let me be clear, I’m not against migration. Good, controlled migration brings significant economic benefits to a country. The problem is uncontrolled migration. For the last 10 years, the government in the UK encouraged migration to stimulate the economy and to drive up GDP. This, coupled with the unrestricted working rights of some EU citizens created a population boom in the metropolitan areas. This overwhelmed public services (health, social housing, schools) and completely drove up the cost of living (rent, property, etc). Singapore is experiencing the same thing. The current government tightened up the immigration requirements, making it very difficult (and expensive) for non EU citizens to come to the UK to live and work.

    And getting residency and/or citizenship in the UK is like negotiating a minefield. The process in intentionally made complex, forms and guidelines are intentionally confusing and their websites are intentionally made to be as unhelpful as possible. Plus, it’s cripplingly expensive. And it can take at least 6 months to process an application, with no guarantees that it will be granted. The whole process is designed to let migrants in to work, but for only the best to stay on to get citizenship and/or residency. It’s not perfect but it seems to do an adequate job.

    The USA and Australia has a similarly complex policy to residency and citizenship.

    But this means that you’d have to want it badly enough to apply. This also means that it’s worth something to you.

    I get the impression that it’s very easy to get residency and citizenship in Singapore. Somehow it doesn’t seem to mean as much to someone if something can be obtained so easily.

  7. Silent Majority said

    Sim Ann is right.

    Gerald Giam and the WP should stop politicking like in the ministerial salaries review.

    • Playfair said

      Workers Party is right to say what they want,they dont have the support of newspapers, radio and television.Sim Ann is a young punk trying to score points. Recently alot of these PAP guys suddenly have alot to say after the PM speech.

      • welovesingapore said

        Now mr h is the blue eye boy in charge of the pap conversation. The other peer do not want to be left out so they try to put up a front that work in line with their boss policy to show that they are wagging tail. Don’t dismiss the young smart elite. They are not simple already climbed to the peak of their career. Now waiting for more to Makan like directorship/chairman to be dish out to them. Out of their current salary, these part time job can sit down do nothing job are also earning them fastest buck. Ex president Bill will say: “it is the money , stupid”

    • SashaQueenie said

      No, Sim Ann is wrong! She is beyond wrong. She is hopeless!

  8. zephyr said

    Excellent piece by TH.

    It is actually amazing how all these up and comers put their foot in their mouth – every time they open it!

    I put it down to meritocracy, which requires all these A students to be hothoused. Their mistakes are swept under the carpet, so they never learn from them. They face no consequences of their actions. The become arrogant.

    Their views are listened to reverentially, so they have no idea they could be making no sense, or the premises on which they base their arguments are weak or wrong.

    Scholars need to receive the same rough treatment the rest of us get. Only by going thru the mill, the fire, can they be strengthened. Otherwise, they are soft, just a repository of academic knowledge whose true abilities – if any – are not allowed to be sharpened by experience and real life.

    Otherwise, it’s like saying, if you’ve got big boobs, you’ve got it all.

    Should such untested, inexperienced fumblers be allowed to lead? Do spoilt kids, mama’s boys and girls, really have what it takes? If they do, let them prove it, let them fight to do so, like the rest of us have to. Otherwise, they should shut up and sit down.

  9. Ken said

    Now on this pages so man PAP and Other party support, jus hope all of u that leave a comment here. I jus hope that no matter what no to those that think singapore won’t change alot if there is too much FT. Ya now won’t change but think off ur kids.

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