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WP MPs to ask more frivolous ‘bird talk’ questions in today’s parliamentary sitting

Posted by temasektimes on September 10, 2012

Despite rising public concerns at the government’s immigration, labor and housing policies which appear to put native Singaporeans at a disadvantage, the elected ‘opposition’ in parliament continues to field more frivolous questions which few Singaporeans are interested in.

After wasting precious air time on completely irrelevant topics like PSLE textbooks, overseas voting and use of roads for parking by private land owners, the eight WP MPs in parliament including the two NCMPs are going to bore Singaporeans with more trivial issues.

According to a note on its official Facebook page, WP MPs will be asking questions about Integrated Day Facilities, NTUC First campus, tuition centers, tempered glass and among other things, BIRD NUISANCE in today’s parliamentary sitting.

Instead of asking the National Development Minister on the recent public outcry over the $1 million dollar resale flat purchased by a PRC new citizen, Sylvia Lim will be asking him on the use of tempered glass in panels used by condominium developers.

Meanwhile, newly elected MP for Hougang Png Eng Huat seems more interested in BIRDS than Singaporeans and will be asking the National Development Minister how AVA is tackling bird nuisance.

There are no questions fielded by Low Thia Kiang and Chen Show Mao. It is not known if they will be attending the session or if they are even in Singapore.

The Workers Party’s worsening performance in parliament is peeving off an increasingly number of Singaporeans who want their genuine concerns to be heard in parliament instead of such trivial matters of little importance, leading some to label the party as the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ which does nothing but ‘wayang’ in parliament.

Some comments by WP supporters expressing their disappointment at WP on Facebook:

“Seriously, I have read the questions asked by the WP, some of them are non-relevant, wouldn’t it be better for at least finding a bread-and-butter issues to ask instead. Expect for the bicycle saga, other questions are really non-relevant at all. Quite disappointed, please asked at least some hard questions.” – Wong Teng

“I agree with Wong Teng – lot of non-relevant questions and not enough hard questions. And don’t make lame excuses like no civil servant support etc.” – Jack Lam

“WP need help indeed. Only a handful of them are capable in raising questions that Singaporeans are concerned with. For one year that passed, I think CSM is one of the most disappointing with neither much grassroot nor parliamentary appearance. Hope he can do better…” – Adrian Khiat

In the aftermath of last year’s General Election, WP MP Pritam Singh publicly declared that the Workers Party prefer to work with the PAP than the other opposition parties:

“If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next election, the Workers Party will form a coalition government with it (to keep it in power)”

Given the limited resources faced by the opposition parties, Singaporeans should consider throwing their support to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference in parliament and not such dummies who are more interested in ‘bird talk’.


40 Responses to “WP MPs to ask more frivolous ‘bird talk’ questions in today’s parliamentary sitting”

  1. gary said

    During WP rallies, they promised to be voters voices and put a check on the Govt., But having been elected, they are not as aggressive as shown in the rallies. Instead of asking important questions on immigration, housing, health, education and transportation, they are askig non-relevant or unimportant things. Really very disappointed. Prefer to have Kenneth Jeyaratnam and Dr. Chee in parliament that these 6 elected WP mps.

    Mod’s note:

    Precisely. These WP clowns have been sleeping on their job for a long time. Do you expect the PAP’s ‘B’ team to go against the ‘A’ team? Even the NMPs and PAP backbenchers ask more difficult questions than them. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please wake up and switch your support to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference instead.

    • Francischuangli said

      Mmmmmh, Mr KJ is yet to be proven, but Dog C… Perhaps I will have to give a Ktime thinking. When a chap gotten his head damage, I cannot blame him but sympathiz him. He lost his senses means he lost it. No choice. It’s GOD’s will.

      • Robox said

        Chen Show Mao, Pritam Singh, Yaw Shin Leong, Faisal Manap, and Png Eng Huat were also not proven before they got elected.

        And neither was Low Thia Khiang.

        Oh, and I might add, also the 23 new PAP MPs like Tan Chuan Jin and Chan Chun Sing, who were elected at the last elections.

        What needs to be proven to you before any opposion politician gets elected?

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        Tan Jee Say should consider running as an independent in an SMC, or group with 3, 4 or 5 other independents in a GRC.

      • Ron said

        I fully endorse what Robox said…. Singaporeans wants 100% proof when it comes to elections…otherwise there is only one party they will vote on.

  2. skponggol said

    Compared to other Opposition Party which have issued strong rebuttals, the Vichy WP has ‘No Comment’ on the upcoming Singapore Conversation. Maybe they are only too happy to be excluded and need not parrot their master view.

    The Vichy WP also has no comment on the scandal by NP for mismanaging their tender process on the bicycle. This is no surprise as their tender for the management of Aljunied Town Council also has Only ONE party participating.

    The Vichy WP was incredibly silent over the sex scandals engulfing the top civil servants. Again, their MP has been engulfed by bigger sex scandal.

    While other opposition parties are running forums to highlight the problems of Malay issues, the Vichy WP, like their puppet master, was deafening quiet.

    The Vichy WP was quiet over the million dollar pay package for Ministers as their own proposals was remarkbly similar.

    The only times the Vichy WP speak up on immgration issues is when they question their puppet master for not allowing more foreign workers to come in.

    WP – the Vichy Opposition.

    Mod’s note:

    Agree. The ‘Wayang Party’ has been successfully made used of by the PAP to serve two purposes:

    1. Domestic: To showcase to naive Singaporeans how a ‘credible’ opposition should behave, that is to keep quiet or ask stupid questions in parliament.

    2. International: To portray Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the global community to deflect public criticisms of its autocratic rule.

    A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message to BOYCOTT the useless fake opposition ‘Wayang Party’ and switch your support to REAL opposition parties which can make a REAL difference in parliament.

  3. welovesingapore said

    They maybe serving the resident as their top priority. The foundation is not even strong how to build tall house. Going into debate with the majority in power only waste precious time in parliament. LTK has never been argumentative. After another 2-3 GRC won then there is some vocal bullet to fire. Take care of resident needs is better strategy then emulate the parliament of other country shouting and debating non stop. You would grow tired following on the debate. Don’t forget, their win in this GRC is not superb. A lot of resident there are die hard pap. Be patient, the national conversation show will be more interesting to follow now than parliament sitting.

    • Robox said

      “After another 2-3 GRC won then there is some vocal bullet to fire.”

      While you support the WP’s inaction and deafening silences, and while the PAP is appearing to make the only political noises – I am thinking about the perspective of the majority of ingaporeans who don’t get their political information online – the electorate is being conned into believing that real change is occurring, when the only changes that have actually occurred are cosmetic ones.

      At this rate, there is a distinct possibility that not only no more GRCs will be won, there is also a real possibility of losing Aljunied because they electorate is being conned into believing that since change is occurring, no more opposition MPs need be elected.

      The WP also connives against other opposition parties before every elections so that ONLY it can contest in the PAP’s weakholds, and they do this with the support of WP Psychopaths online.

      That only means that other opposition politicians continue to have a lower chance of getting elected.

      Good luck to your dreams of more opposition in Parliament.

      But don’t forget to thank yourself for it.

      • welovesingapore said

        Even in their ward if the team wayang also don’t support. Walkover so many time no wayang WORST. Anyone qualify pls contest. Watch the parliamentary report yesterday, no wp stand up to voice anything. No noise also need to make opinion known. Staying too quiet would only alienate ppl not from their ward who are longing for their pent up frustrations to be aired via them in parliament. The double spy and internal leak really hurt them deep. Most of them very new to parliament except SL who has asked questions on Dr W light sentence. Surprise that the resident in their own ward did not gave them anything to voice up in parliament.

        Mod’s note:

        Hougang and Aljunied residents have aired their concerns several times to their MPs during MPS, but it appears that they have been sleeping all along. Maybe they did not get permission from the PAP HQ to open their mouths. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message.

  4. xiaofam said

    WP is right, it is politics!

    Just like PAP will give “great offer” when election is near, WP is taking the same approached, and not asking serious question for PAP to improve. WP is right, this is politics!

  5. Temasek Times Is Anti-WP said

    It’s called testing the waters, stupid.

  6. Realist said

    WP cannot confront PAP on national issues because they don’t have any solutions. It’s better to keep out of contentious issues and better to let netizens make the noise since they will not be easily sued. WP will only come out of their shell and start to talk wayang when election is months away. They know Spore Opp voters are basically daft and will vote for them anyway.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you expect the PAP’s ‘B’ team to confront its ‘A’ team? It is just a ‘wayang’ to give an impression of a ‘democracy’ when there is none. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message.

  7. anti-birdie said

    I beg to differ, bird problem is one of the most irritating issue I am facing now everyday. My PAP MP have not done anything after the feedback. Anything that is an issue is an issue, it may be trivial to you but it may not be to others. Issues like parking can be an everyday nuisance to people. Try having a day nap during weekend while the birds are beside you chirping the whole day.

  8. Sooner said

    Erm those in aljunied can only choose WP or PAP.
    Same for all other areas except the 3 cornered fight.
    So MOD what u want from us ?
    Anti WP and vote PAP back in Aljunied again ?
    Or GE2016 See 3 cornered WP vs NSP vs PAP , Opposition to split votes again and PAP win ? just like PE what happened to TJS and TCB ?
    MOD Please advice..
    1st thing u not united to Opposition or Wayang Party opposition. So u actually a PAP right ??

  9. Striking Angel said

    A vote for WP is actually a protest vote against the ruling party. WP has not produced nor shown any substance with their current standings. Now they are in their hibernation mood after going though the congratulatory mood of their electoral victories. When comes GE2016, they will again spring back to life trying to “choop” all the electoral territories and give the other opposition parties a hard time with their tough bargains. Mutated Harban Singh and party?

    Mod’s note:

    You are wrong. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP. Why? Because if the PAP fails to win a majority, WP will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power instead of with other opposition parties to boot out the PAP.

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

    – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Striking Angel said

      In the last GE and by-election, voters voted for the WP because they were angry with the govt. It was actually protest votes registered against the ruling party. Not because WP has shown substance as a credible opposition. Just compare the two candidates in the last Hougang by-election, the choice for the better one is obvious!

  10. fpc said

    sdp couldn’t get its people elected. yeah blame it on WP. but were they contesting the same wards?

  11. Right to no censor said

    Why did TT censor my reply? If you got guts and believe in democracy, show it!

    • Annoymous said

      TT aka STOMP II dare not post. They know that the rest of the oppositions can’t win PAP so their target is WP.
      Demote them = PAP overall champions in next GE.

      Mod’s note:

      An opposition which does not oppose is better off dead. Once the fake opposition is destroyed, Singaporeans will have no choice but to rally behind the real opposition which can make a real difference.

    • keksim a lang said

      TT is not reliable! Same as pap, cannot be trusted!

  12. uyegyewg said

    TT why not you lead all activities ,we on with you ,if you think it wont work than stfu! you expect WP to be like previous Dr Chee so what in the end he suffered in debts and missed one fighter and you fucker hiding behind and pushing stupid ideas with no plans and worst part you are not the one at their position ,TT u mother fucker if you not happy i meet u one by one anytime fu always!

    Mod’s note:

    Typical WP supporter who behaves like a hooligan. Nobody is asking WP to be like Dr Chee or JBJ. Not only us, but even some WP voters are asking WP to behave like an opposition party – which is to ask hard, relevant and pertinent questions to hold the PAP accountable, not just ‘wayang’ like wussies in parliament and collect $15,000 monthly.

    • Annoymous said

      Why bother about this useless “STOMP II” website. Their posts were highly edited to create views, especially issues about WP which they highly edited to create that WP is useless.

      Mod’s note:

      Please do not promote the impostor site here. Thank you.

    • nabey said

      Mod, don’t waste time talking to Blue bird face people, talk bird words, blue bird man!

  13. Silent Majority said

    As a Aljunied resident, I have been repenting for those who voted for theses useless party.

    I have told my neighbours to vote WP out in the next elections.


  14. Playfair said

    Another PAP site.

  15. Robox said

    “…WP MPs will be asking questions about Integrated Day Facilities, NTUC First campus, tuition centers, tempered glass and among other things, BIRD NUISANCE in today’s parliamentary sitting.”

    Doesn’t this prove, yet again, that the WP can at best, only be a municipal party and not a national one?

  16. nabey said

    Blue bird men!

  17. WP is beginning to stand for Worthless People. Sigh! They were so promising. Guess they were just a flash in the pan. Oh, Nicole, where r u?

  18. Tan Kow Ku said


    • gary said

      I am not saying their performance is lousy. What citizens want them to ask is more important and relevant issues, ie. cost of living, health, education, transportation, immigration and not non bread and butter issues.

  19. parks&rec said

    What is wrong with asking questions that some segments of their constituents are genuinely interested in? For many of the issues that we are concerned with, transport, FT, etc…, PAP already has a ready answer, i.e. National Conversation. PAP can easily shoot back to say they would rather incorporate views from the common man than debate about politicians.

    When Zhuge Liang was defending Red Cliff, he was biding for time to counter-strike at the opportune moment. Not many understood what he was trying to achieve but yet his plans prevailed. All these issues are extremely important to Singaporeans and precisely because of their importance, we cannot expect them to be resolved in a single Parliament seating or with a simplistic housing policy that SDP was proposing. Good policies need time and **information**. The latter is still strictly under the control of PAP and so the Opposition needs to slowly chip down the formidable PAP defense that it has build over the past 4 decades before they can go on the offensive. Many brave men had tried to attack without a solid plan and look how far it has gotten them.

    Patience my friends. Patience.

  20. solaris8899 said

    WP has disappointed us – our trust we vote them into the parliament house.
    WP has also disappointed us on promised to be our voices to be heard in parliament.

    Mod’s note:

    Show your unhappiness with the ‘Wayang Party’ by boycotting it in the next GE!

    • gary said

      No, I would still continue to support WP or any opposition party coz the ruling party has neglected our citizens. They are instead looking after the interests of the foreigners.

      Mod’s note:

      Your support for the PAP’s ‘B’ team is tantamount to support for the PAP itself because a vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Boycott the fake opposition ‘Wayang Party’ now!

      • Francischuanghli said

        It’s ok they can talk bird I don’t mind as long as they would wack the DOG that shit Round. Anyway they R not ready to form new alternative Gov’t. don’t border they talk BIRD.

  21. Francischuanghli said

    When the dog shit & mess up, this dog handler will b answerable as well bcoz they also draw that big fat MP pay.

  22. Ashwin said

    The picture made me lol

  23. WP 4eva! said

    I guess TT won’t cover how Gerald Giam the hero made the govt divulge how much it wasted for National Day Parades.
    Biased much?

    Mod’s note:

    And this is very important to Singaporeans right now?

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