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ITE student jumps to her death after being allegedly molested by school counselor

Posted by temasektimes on September 11, 2012

A 16 year old ITE student Chiu Ka Ying jumped to her death after claiming she was molested by her school counselor.

She sought help from her Life Skills lecturer, Mr Michael Tay Jau Jen in dealing with her personal problems last year, but they ended up being sexually intimate.

Though she lodged a complaint to her school, no action was taken against Tay who told investigators that it was consensual.

The ITE’s investigation report said the allegations could not be confirmed, but it found that Tay had behaved unprofessionally.

However, the girl was so traumatized by the incident that she jumped to her death from the sixth storey of a building at ITE College East at Simei Avenue a month later.

These details were revealed in a coroner’s inquiry yesterday into Ka Ying’s death.

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48 Responses to “ITE student jumps to her death after being allegedly molested by school counselor”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    The girl will haunt Tay forever………………………

  2. Her counsellor Michael Tay – has any action bn taken against him by the Police and/or his school?

    • Mike Zeng said

      Isn’t the girl aged 16 at time of supposedly ‘consensual’ sex? That’s statutory rape just like the current ongoing cases. Why is he not investigated and tried for this serious crime? We demand a response from the Police!

      • yanmaman said

        16 is the legal age for consensual sex… however 18 is the legal age for paid sex…. that means if you pay for sex with a 17 yr old its statutory rape…. but if you have consensual sex with a 16 yr old its legal…

      • Singkaypoh said

        Probably on the grounds that “scholars/academics” are elites & they need more sex to spread their elite genes… watch for this guy to enter Parliament soon to help “manage our expectations” & “help us deal with our problems”.

      • Singkaypoh said

        CONsensual like our National CONversation & Pastor CON Hee?

    • WaSeriousbo said

      Her counsellor really is michael tay the fat guy with spects?

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Legal age for consensual sex is 16. For sex involving money transactions, i.e prostitution, legal age is 18. That’s why they can’t take action against this guy like what they did in that other case involving the young prostitute. But other things should come into play here in this case. Even if she was of legal age, the guy broke school regulations clearly and also took advantage of his appointment and the fact that the girl was having problems at that time. The school should fire the bastard first and proceed to take action against him for behaving in such an unprofessional manner. Has anything been done yet? His picture must be put up in the papers and he must be shamed publicly for what he did. Especially since he already admitted to having had sex with her.

  3. Zam said

    Stupid girl

  4. shiroiluke said

    Another incident of Educators in SG…

  5. P Koh said

    Life Skills lecturer becomes Life Kills leecher. He ought to be punished for taking advantage of a young girl who turned to him for help and instead he turned on her to help himself.

  6. The girl was a mere 16-yr old and emotionally immature and vulnerable. The Police and his school shd, as Sure Can Do abv said, take appropriate and firm action against the perpetrator of the offence to deter like-minded offenders for our daughters to be shielded from these perverted sex predators.

  7. Horrified said

    How can Tay took advantage of a young lady who trusted him!!! This is infuriating!

  8. Singapore going backwards said

    Stupid singapore becoming like 3rd world countries.

  9. wilson said

    When a girl shouts molest. Immediately, without a doubt, all people around will apprehend the man who is with the girl. The girl takes flight with the valuables of the man she just robbed.
    Why are people so dumb?

  10. Sauron said

    This is so long ago 😐

    • Gina said

      So? Does that mean that the tragic death of a young innocent girl at he hands of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, should be forgotten?
      Justice must be carried out!

  11. NrZL4 said

    But seriously if the girl didn’t do that , will the school do anything to side her? if this were true, you think the school want to lodge a report and destroy the reputation of ITE? Just think about it. They have to decide between this two , who are more needed. Please tell me which part am i wrong.Anyway , This is just an opinion . 🙂

  12. Liwejie said

    What consensus? She is under aged and even then she was taken advantage of. Why is she not protected by school and laws. This is very sad as a young girl has lost a life. Will the authority and school look into the matters otherwise it is injustice to her and a dangerous man is on the lose and can hurt more people.

  13. chuwa said


  14. passerby said

    if you all dk anything abt what happen please don’t talk big or anything here . thank you .

  15. RESPECT said

    its been a year alr for this incident . i hope you all can have some respect for her and stop commenting on this matter thank you .

  16. OMG! That’s a very shocking news! He also organised a secret Christian group to build non-believer into it. And keep telling them not to spread around. He did told them SEX and masturbation is A SIN!

    So, from my guessing throughout these few years, I was right. Luckily, I have graduated from ITE!

  17. JustanotherPasserBy said

    Damn wat is wrong with the teachers now adays?

    • P Koh said

      Not fair to generalize as there are thousands of teachers and a few bad hats does not mean that all teachers are bad. It is always the immorality of some that give the profession or any profession for that matter, a bad name.

  18. Sinkaypoh said

    Another day, Another sex scandal….. are S’porean scholars Xenophobic or Sexophilic???

  19. richard said

    what is justice in singapore,Look like slowly disappear in thin air.Still much room to learn about justice in our little island.

  20. kumantong said

    hey, why always this picture one???!!!!

    • Singkaypoh said

      It’s either this one or Minister Teo’s video with his sexy legs…. I take this one, still can eat my lunch after seeing it !

  21. Singkaypoh said

    This photo is turning out to be one of TT’s all time favourites!

  22. Ah Huey said

    One less Chinese in Singapore.

  23. mimi said

    sad case….

  24. @ Ah Huey: anyone who wishes ill of another wills it upon himself or herself. So, Ah Huey, careful of ur words as u may b willing it 4 urself!

  25. Fed up said

    Why the authorities are silent. They dun know hoe to handle anymore

  26. B. C. said

    Schools should provide BOTH male and Female counselors.
    If that is not possible, then one from ANOTHER school should be available – along with a provision of various counselling/ helplines available to all students who should seek such help.
    MOE itself should also have a helpline so that complaints could be escalated accordingly/ students who find local counselors unhelpful can seek more senior advice- rather than taking their own lives.

  27. anonymous said

    Michael tay was a former teacher in national junior college. There must be a reason why he left a junior college to ite to be a counsellor. Michael tay was a touchy teacher in national junior college. Perhaps he left because of similar cases?

  28. nocando said

    whip his penis in public

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