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Khaw Boon Wan: We considered ‘all input’ before investigating Brompton bikes saga

Posted by temasektimes on September 11, 2012

Though the irregularities in the Brompton bikes tender was first exposed by the New Media, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan insists that the investigations into NParks’ purchase of the bikes were launched only after ‘all inputs’ were considered.

Speaking in parliament on Monday, Mr Khaw said the input by netizens who shared information on the various types of foldable bikes and their price range online was not the ‘key factor’ in referring the case to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

“Audit Team working with NParks’ management had earlier examined the officer’s Facebook and had noted over 300 Facebook “friends”, among whom was not only the successful bidder but the other bike suppliers as well. What was material to our decision to refer the case to the CPIB investigation were some disclosures by certain parties interviewed by the Audit Team,” Mr Khaw said.

He also urged Singaporeans to observe the due process of the law to allow all facts of the case to be surfaced in due course before passing any judgement.


10 Responses to “Khaw Boon Wan: We considered ‘all input’ before investigating Brompton bikes saga”

  1. welovesingapore said

    If mr k has used 0.0000001 percent effort by coming out with policy to bring down the high cost of new public housing then ppl would cheer. By using the market force to regulate public housing and keep majority house owner in big asset debt does not work. The 1997 period of price increase already showed that only market force always skewed a high cost to the small supply of public housing in Singapore. By the time the supply side meets the demand the price of the asset has already risen up to a high level. He put so much effort for this no brainier case clearly shows that the purchaser has erred not only on the process, but has forgotten to be mindful that public tax payer money is to be use frugally. Pls do your due diligence to make public housing affordable to the mass and not for capital investment when in office. Taking care of the mother of all inflation is the core concern.

  2. 过路人 said

    If not for one very concern netizen to ‘examine’ the Facebook’s friends of the bidder and also research through print media, I wonder would the audit team even know where to start? The ‘linkage’ information was released online then Khaw’s ministry decided to bring in audit team. Please Lao Khaw, you should give credit to netizen that broke the news.

  3. hihihi said

    What are those brothers doing at the background?

  4. mahbok tan said

    ” He also urged Singaporeans to observe the due process of the law to allow all facts of the case to be surfaced in due course before passing any judgement.” – Khaw boon Wan

    As if our observation are not accurate…..its our PERCEPTION that matters dear Cow bun 1…..!!!

    tell me first how come u only pay $8.00 for your heart operation , even my grandmother go to polyclinic have to pay $20~$40 ??? Allo u want to barbeque SGporean with your words oso must give good reason la…..!!!

    KNNBCCB…..( means good day to you Cow bun 1 )

  5. Jaded said

    damn shameless sia… he was defending the purchase all the way until the online cries became too loud too ignore

  6. Jack said

    give credits when it is due, this is the system PAP government has been following, correct? thanks

  7. Anon said

    Right .. and we were all born yesterday!! After all, PAP cannot say “we got embarrased when details of the saga came out on-line and so we quickly formed a committee to look into it” right?

  8. Penn said

    considering inputs and conveniently ignore the facts is seperated by a very fine line

  9. cc chia said

    Wonder what input was there to consider when all that was required was common sense? Looks like this essential feature is lacking in the management of the civil service (perhaps our Perm Secs and ministers are all too busy playing golf, taking French cooking lessons and sleeping instead of working in our best interests).

    It was all a cover up in the PAP government/civil service that went wrong, and it was a good thing that alert internet users spotted the glaring case of corruption within the NEA in this instance. The civil service just wasn;t on the ball and failed to set up a frame work and procedures for purchasing and office/work place SOP, which all large organizations have in place.

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