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Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong accept Dr Chee’s $30,000 settlement

Posted by temasektimes on September 11, 2012

Former Singapore Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong have accepted opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan’s offer of $30,000 settlement of his bankruptcy suit.

Dr Chee was sued for defamation by the two leaders in 2006 for $500,000 and was bankrupted as a result.

In an update posted on the official website of the Singapore Democratic Party, Dr Chee revealed that the Official Assignee has replied to him that Mr Lee and Mr Goh have both indicated that they “have no objection” to the offer of $30,000 as settlement of the matter.

Dr Chee wrote that he will be working to raise the sum to pay them through the sale of his books and that his plans to contest in the next General Election:

“I look forward to being formally cleared of my bankruptcy so that I am eligible to stand in the next general elections in 2016 and lead a party that would rival the PAP as the potential ruling party.”


36 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong accept Dr Chee’s $30,000 settlement”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Totally unexpected! Methinks they have finally realized their lesser evil would be to let him try to enter Parliament and let the voters decide.The thousands who have supported and joined SDP over the years since his bankruptcy must have significantly jolted them to do a rethink on Dr Chee!
    Well done, Dr Chee…..full steam ahead for you and your party now!

  2. Hopeful said

    Thank you Mr Lee and Mr Goh – a good move indeed for everyone.

    • Are U kidding? said

      You need to thank them?

      Are U kidding?

      We have not even talked about how they could compensate the unjustified sufferings they have caused CSJ, JBJ, CTP, LHS, etc.. throught the years.

      • Angry Bird said

        exactly, you should have to thank God for knocking sense into their heads . . . to be merciful on others!!!

      • SgGuy said

        Maybe someone is really dying soon and is now having flashback on all the evil he has done over the years. So he is slowly repenting and thus the acceptance of the settlement.

  3. Free Trolley said

    what is the motive behind LKY?

    • jf said

      Motive? Singapore needs real opposition not imitation PAP-type. People voted PAP-type thinking it is no difference. Bad for business for the original..

    • Ah Huey said

      He hopes to enter Heaven but the gross sins he has committed over and over he is condemned to rot in Hell ad infinitum

    • resident evil expiring soon said

      The old fart is hoping redemption for all his sins will not be taken out on his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren………………………………………………
      I tend to believe many sporeans will see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,
      simply step aside for justice to prevail.

  4. Singaporean said

    Singapore need you in the parliament. This time please do not use an egg to knock against the rock. Sg is controlled by them unfortunately and we cant do anything abt it. I will vote for u if u come to my consitutancy.

  5. Jack said

    Right move for both, it is time to let go as both are no longer office holder, and history will record this too, whatever the motivation behind this to accept the offer by Dr Chee.

  6. nabey said

    Be careful Dr chee, they will likely sue you for sodomy! Make sure if you use public toilet, use dettol to flush!

  7. Robox said

    Already, some WP Fanatics in other online venues cannot disguise their jealousy over this turn of events. They know instinctively that what this will also mean is that SDP will begin to assume an even higher profile than they do now, so high that the WP might be eclipsed in the process.

  8. fpc said

    I don’t think he would win. he is not ang san suki

  9. Singaporean said

    Maybe they trying to dilute the votes again just like what happen during Presidental Election 2011.

    • SgGuy said


      Over the years, I have learnt to be very skeptical whenever the ruling party seemingly does a good thing. It is almost always they give you one thing then take two or three back. Let’s open our eyes to see what is the game being played here.

  10. P Koh said

    Whatever the motive, this generous gesture speaks well of our leaders and will augur well for them as they go into their twillight years. I am deeply touched and hope that allowing Dr. CSJ to come back to part-take in politics can further improve the social and economic growth of the country through his contributions in whatever areas that are meaningful. This is a day to rejoice.

  11. Ben said

    I don’t believe the chee , what he work as before professor ? Don’t wayang lar …..opp party lmao. Why all opp party dabao run away still left him ? Must be a reason right , who know ? God know , he know and his PAP frez know

  12. Singkaypoh said

    TT blocks you if you make comments that disagree with them…. F-U TT!

  13. wMulew said

    Loser Chee teach the whole world how to get out of bankruptcy. Refuse to get a job while bankrupt and keep begging until they give up

  14. Seb said

    To me Dr Chee has come out the winner….After losing the case, Dr Chee remained steadfast in his assertions and in his political committment…he never left SDP, eventhough the pressure was mounting and people were saying that he was the reason that SDP cannot get into Parliament. Many inclduing me were spetical of Dr Chee based on what transpired between him and Mr Chiam. Yet during this time, he was there during every election supporting the rest of the candidates. He waged a “underground war” that made him the victim and LKY and GCT as the villians…..generally people love underdogs and hate bullies.

    Dr Chee managed to turn the tides over the years where you see now that SDP has gained in popularity especially with the growing dissent with the PAP and its foreigner loving policies. I believe that the move by LKY and GCT is a calculated move to make the PAP “seem” forgiving, inclusive and “soft”, as they are trying to engage the public with “National Conversations” ….it should read as “National Whitewash” to me. I believe that LKY and GCT were caught between a rock and a hard place….damned if we do and damned if we don’t. If they give in to Dr Chee, then they look like angels but in reality they claim they lost…LKY and GCT ( have very thick faces….esp the old bull), it means that Dr Chee is going to be in their faces from now till 2016. If they don’t give in they and the PAP really look bad and it gives the impression that nothing has changed.

    Wow, the drama unfolds….

  15. Curang said

    Dr Chee’s patience & perserverence has finally paid off. Willing to sacrifice all that he has just to speak out what’s right & good for S’pore. Only a handful are have such stamina & resilience. His name will go down in the nation’s history as truely the son of S’pore (along with JBJ & a few others ….). Just last week he & his party became a Malay hero by organizing the truely free discussion on the community & its role in nation building. I hope he remains true to his purpose & continue to speak for what is right.

  16. LKY is an old fox and GCT is, of course, his ‘woody’ seat-warmer. When they act in concert, u know the motives can’t b genuine or good 4 the opp camp.
    So what’s the game?
    Simple. Dr Chee was infamous 4 splitting SDP. He’s equally infamous 4 trying 2 split sinkieland. Now with his release from bankruptcy and free 2 stand 4 the next GE, he’ll emerge as the PAPie frontrunner 2 split opp camp as TT is trying in futility. But unlike stupid TT with its open and relentless bashing of WP, Dr Chee is more insidious as he s popularly regarded as a victim of PAPie brutality and injustice. He’s therefore the best card LKY can use against the opp, namely, an opp person against the opp people. An analogy wld be the Chinese US Ambassador in China, whom the China politicians rightly described as ‘using a Chinese 2 bash the Chinese ppl’.
    If Dr Chee is genuine 2 return 2 help sinkie commoners, he shd courageously close down SDP and join WP as an ordinary party member 2 move up the ranks, like Chen SM. Otherwise, he’ll be only working for the PAP agenda 2 split the opp ppl.. Sad.

    • not agree said

      Beg to differ.
      Chee can be like Anwar to form an alliance similar to PKR to take on BN head on.

      • DIY said

        You cannot compare Dr Chee to be like Anwar. The latter was a victim of Dr MM, who in sincerity does not know how to apply the law against Anwar. He ever said, “I am a doctor and if I had seen a rotten leg I just chopped them off”.

        The turning point of Malaysian politics was in 1997, when Dr MM used the ISA against his DPM. It was a wrong move to arrest Anwar as a communist and sacked him like a common criminal. There was no Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate Anwar wrong doing. Anwar was elected into government and there was no basis to rule him out without
        consultation. The people demonstrated for ‘Reformasi’ and the mass dynamism was the order of the day.

        Bad events began to evolve during Anwar detention by the police. IGP Rahim Noor who is recognised as staunch anti-communist officer let hell broke loose. Fate was on Anwar side when the ground swell forced Dr MM to review the detainee to the public. Anwar suffered a black eye punch by the IGP. In his testimony Dr MM said Anwar injury was self-inflicted, but Anwar rebuked that during the hooded interrogation he remembered the ‘Ahem’ coughed by the IGP.

        Pro-Anwar supporters lead by the wife Wan Azzizah formed Party Keadilan with a flagship logo of a black eye.

        Back then was a hate campaign to discredit Anwar. The book “50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become A Prime Minister” written by Khalid Jafri was published and selling like hotcakes. The incident was followed by a Penang writer Shahnon Ahmad entitled “Shit” to deface Dr MM.

        There was no letup to destroy Anwar. The next tactic was to charge him under sodomy. The kangaroo court went into frenzy. The judiciary’s mechanism went into high gear. Court justice Augustine Paul brushed aside as ‘not relevant’ for evidence brought up by the defence lawyer. But the circumstantial evidence that a purported mattress smeared with semen was admitted to court. Truly the ruling was one-sided and Anwar was sentenced with imprisonment.

        Things took a new turn. There was a political tsunami affecting Malaysia. The opposition party lead by Anwar PKR won four states in the 2008 GE. The rest is history.

        If you read the latest Malaysiakini portal (20Sep2012) Dr MM is being accused of abetting with AG and IGP during Anwar saga.

    • leo p said

      Dr Chee join WP ? what have you been smoking or drinking ? LOL
      don’t you think It is like getting a leopard to fornicate with a hyena ?
      i don’t see how LTK, SL and company can embrace Dr Chee, kiss and make up, and invite him into WP. It is more realistic to hope they avoid a 3 corner fight in 2016.

      Mod’s note:

      How can the fake opposition aka the PAP’s ‘B’ team embrace the real opposition leader who is a threat to their rice-bowls? SDP should contest in all the seats contested by the ‘Wayang Party’ to destroy it once and for all.

      • Jack Sparrow said

        hi mod, it is more likely that MPs of the wayang party are tongue tied. after all, the one in power are the miw. the miw may have done something to make them silent. blackmailed, threatened etc etc

        dr chee’s life was destroyed because he spoke up.

        morale of the story, just keep voting more opposition in, till the day miw are no longer in power.

    • DIY said

      @ Leopards Unchanged
      It will be interesting to see whether Dr CSJ will the apply the same tactic when CST accepted him into SDP. He ousted the incumbent Sec Gen of SDP. Democratically speaking CSJ can demoralize the WP when the time is ripe. Come GE2016 and CSJ will garner support to remove Sec Gen of WP. LTK will be in a limbo on how to answer question on Yaw’s scandal.

      Just wait and see.

  17. Jack Sparrow said

    dr chee was made to suffer for voicing his concerns. next will be mr Maidin for his open letter. God bless mr maidin.

  18. This is real good news. Can’t wait for Dr.Chee to get back to what he was made for.

    And for the $30,000 settlement, that should not have been. Dr.Chee should not be paying at all for voicing his opinion.

  19. rajan said

    A magnanimous move by LKY and GCT. Perhaps they had calculated that with CSJ in the opposition pool he will stir up mud.

  20. Babuseng said

    What I like about Dr Chee is that he has nothing to lose, since his image has been dragged through the mud by PAP. I have no doubt he will dare to speak up, even if I don’t agree with all his ideas, it is good to have a check and balance on the ruling party. Btw, I am pretty sure that TT is affiliated with SDP seeing how they sing CSJ’s praises so readily.

    • DIY said

      Dr Chee has nothing to lose. It was only his undoing that he is now. If I remember well, the unhappiness started when his boss Dr Vasoo of NUS pointed to the discrepancies involving parcel dispatches to an overseas university. It was discovered that CSJ had utilized the department’s postage cost for his personal use. It was also revealed that his wife’s thesis paper was also included.

      Further investigation could not be forthcoming. CSJ resigned and politicized his shortcomings. His vendetta is always on the system. His perceived anti-establishment strategy is to attack the system.

      The latest book “Democratically Speaking” is actually a “Devil’s Advocate”.

      I googled at Wikipedia and the definition says “a devil’s advocate is someone who, given a certain argument takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with, for the sake of argument. In taking such position, the individual taking on the devil’s advocate role seeks to engage others in an argumentative discussion process. The purpose of such process is typically to test the quality of the original argument and identify weaknesses in its structure, and to use such information to either improve or abandon the original, opposing position. It can also refer to someone who takes a stance that is seen as unpopular or unconventional, but is actually another way of arguing a much more conventional stance.”

      If you follow Dr CSJ argument; he remembers only half of what he had said before.

      Happy reading on the book.

  21. Ah Huey said

    No charity wants LKY , GCT’s sin money, obtained thru compliant judiciary

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