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New Zealander given Singapore PR after being charged for assaulting Singaporeans in Suntec brawl

Posted by temasektimes on September 11, 2012

35 year old New Zealander Robert Stephen Dahlberg who fled Singapore last year while on court bail had surrendered himself to the police last Friday.

He was charged in 2010 for hitting Singaporean Mr Laurence Wong Seong in the head and slamming the head of Mr Paul Louis Liew Kai Ming against a pillar.

The case sparked a massive public outcry last year after Dahlberg and another of his accomplice Briton Robert James Spring skipped bail.

What is more shocking is the fact that Dahlberg was granted Singapore PR after he was charged for a criminal offence.

In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Dahlberg’s father Bill expressed his shock that his son was charged:

“Robert did the right thing by going to the police in the days after the incident and voluntarily giving a statement…..Robert stayed in Singapore, gaining permanent residency status, for 14 months after the incident. It was a shock to us all when charges were laid.” (read more here)

Dahlberg’s Singapore PR status was not reported by the Singapore media. It is not known if his PR will now be revoked or if he will be given Singapore citizenship soon.


54 Responses to “New Zealander given Singapore PR after being charged for assaulting Singaporeans in Suntec brawl”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    As a citizen….I demand that his PR. be revoked if He is found guilty in Court….His PR should not have been approved in the first place…it should have been put on hold until he is found not guilty…Our Ministers are sleeping on the job.

    • Piss said

      what the f….? Who ever issue it better wake up now and we want to know if his PR status still valid or revoke? Whoever approve his PR is blind and a idiot should not work there?

    • Singkaypoh said

      Relax lah! He probably gave business to Waffles Woo from the 2 victims, who most likely look like our 2 national treasure pandas after his treatment, therefore indirectly helped the Sinkapoh economy mah, furthermore look at his face, very soon may also need plastic surgery.

    • willy said

      Singapore is really not fair, why Singapore need so many foreigner? because of the foreigner Singaporean become jobless, FUCK OFF FOREIGNER

  2. Dr.Arsch said

    Dafuq?!!?? How much more desperate can we get!?!

    • Finally said

      How much have we Lost?is there still a reserve we can call upon?Sigh,the sign are everywhere except the shoot-bird 60% just can’t see.

  3. SuSu said

    These are the people stealing our jobs and at the same time breaking the laws. They should be sent to jail forever.

  4. Daft Peasant said





  5. B Chan said

    we take trash from New Zealand too. wow singapore is really a welcoming country. AND the trash collectors are also FTs too.

    • Piss said

      seems like everything is open? OMG, can’t imagine we can allow his application to go thru???? hey, stop wasting tax payer money.

  6. Anon said

    Hey, you people are too “xenophobic” lah!! Of course must give citizenship lah!! Must be big-hearted!! Its only a “vocal minority” who is so xenophobic!!

  7. alamak said

    alamak, ‘let’s move on’ or ‘ahead’ as fhe FT did.

    dontch forget, ‘we must be forward thinking’ lah.

  8. Dr.Arsch said

    We don’t need unruly, drunk white trash in our city! Throw them out!

    • Luis Lachica said

      uhuh…and what do you need in your garden city…just local drunks?
      man you guys sound like you have so much bottled up inside. and behave like you
      are perfect and have the answers for everything like it was all black and white.
      can we all please just calm down and think this over carefully and do it when we are cool headed and not heated up.
      Surely Singaporeans can think and be more big hearted and broad minded than what I have read here so far.
      Common guys…..let’s think this whole issue over carefully and with plenty of consideration.
      MIstakes are made…and we should all learn from it…so let’s look at things one more time………

      • Dr.Arsch said

        You are a foreigner I assume? Well, yes, we were a near perfect society little over a decade ago, before we threw open the floodgates and let every ‘Tan, Dick and Hari’ in. Our garden city was a paradise to live in back then, people got along with each other well, unruly behavior was a rarity and life was simple and happy. Getting drunk, hurling racial slurs and bashing people – well that’s something Aussies and Kiwis do. That kinda behavior should stay where it belongs, in those countries these white hordes originate from. If they wanna be here, toe the line and behave yourself else stay the fuck out. Simple as that. This is Asia mate, we have our values and our way of life and we’d like to stick to those. Last thing we need is for our garden city to turn into another one of those crime infested hellholes u see in Australia or NZ.

  9. Ah Gong said

    He needs to punch a few more Singaporeans before he can be granted Singapore Citizenship.

  10. tsk tsk tsk said

    ok now this is just getting ridiculous. given PR after being charged??!! and you can tell the kiwis show absolutely no remorse at all from the father’s words. just cos he surrendered himself on his own accord does not change the fact that he committed a crime! if that was so easy, then all mas selamat had to do was surrender himself after a few days on the run and he can escape the death penalty! and just cos he’s a PR doesn’t mean he can be pardoned! and finally so true to the ways of the white man, offering compensation to the victims will just magically erase his trespasses and sins.

    singapore has truly gone to the dogs.

  11. BuaySong said

    Will this NZ face the same fate as Ryan Goh?
    If he is not, this is DOUBLE STANDARD.

    Mar 2004 : The Government revoked the permanent residency of SIA pilot Captain Ryan Goh after the ministry deemed him an “undesirable” immigrant.

    • Daft Peasant said

      This AH Goh si mi case huh?

      Aiyah… dig out the past, Ah Soon pr also remains…..after he hit & run and drink drive…..

      Kua gar kui lah……sin law always douuble standard de mah……

      • 60+ Singaporean said

        Ah goh is a malaysian got pr. He tekan lau lee then kena tekan back by lau lee. Egg against rock. Lau lee dnt like him so kena strip off pr lor.

      • Daft Peasant said

        OIC……. aiyah, this Ah Goh also bodoh lah……go and tekan Ah Lee…… Ah Lee how can be tekan-ed??

        Ah Chee also want to tekan Ah Lee…..also kena terok terok……

      • Jambo said

        He was the instigator during the Alpa S labour dispute between the SIA pilots and the SIA management. The dispute was resolved when THE old man himself stepped in. Read more, kao peh less and u’ll find a whole new world of knowledge out there

    • Piss said

      Ryan Goh is not white la. Wa lau, what is the use of application standard? need police report from their origin country to prove they don’t have bad records? now the fact is happen in singapore yet he got the PR so lightly? really blind

    • welovesingapore said

      Ryan Goh the union rep from SIA Pilot negotiated wage issue with then PM. He may have shown disrespect during the discussion and pissed them off. He as a PR may have talk like he is in charge. Same goes for local citizen with PR/FT working in among us. They are always deem more hardworking. Ex president Bill would say: ” It’s the exchange rate, stupid. “. They bring home good income after they change to their country’s currency. Can they not be more motivated in their work. Like work 1 year with 3 year salary in their own country. SG employer prefer FT because they no need to contribute CPF. Everyday you see in your so working environment FT/PR are taking advantage of local working policy to increase their numbers here. There are now an increase number of PR in the mist of our work place after the FT issue surface.

  12. rilojacob said

    better not cau pek cau bo. or else we will be charged too

  13. animal farm said

    All cheaters, crooks and lawbreakers welcomed!!

    • Naivety said

      Why not as Int’l & Global Prostitutes, Professional Street Walkers as well as FLs, Masseurs, Bus Drivers, Waitress & Waiter have all be given & granted Singapore PR status before which was inadvertently reported by & leaked out by our MSM (namely, ST) previously!!

      It just simply tells you how cheap our S’pore PR & Citizenship is & how extremely desperate is our Pro Alien Party in beefing up the Sinkapor’s population…what a big disgrace!!!

  14. botak said

    As true blue singaporean, we will not accept what govt & ICA has done…
    We citizens demands an explanation from the govt..
    He committed a crime, yet was granted PR & absconded while on bail..

  15. CY said

    Wait a minute, Temasek Times, how do you know he was given PR? Please cite your source!

  16. Jaded said

    all a bunch of jiak liao bee!

  17. teo cheap buy said

    Ccb,Ang mo hooligans also ft,giving Pr

  18. Md said

    You talk about nice in Raw Raw speeches about the image, yet given PR to hardcores as long they have money and some other basis quota sake. Yet to tarnish further Singapore image and We Singaporean are blamed for not accommodating. Most Singapore HDBians accommodating foreigners at their home already due to their financial, yet more worst to face

  19. Playfair said

    We are so desperate to give out PR’S. Any Tom Dick and Harry will do.
    What can we say or do,really sad that the goverment is so desperate.

    • welovesingapore said

      The gahman is not desperate, they are after big money. Indonesia/Malaysia big wealthy family all got PR and invested in private properties here. Next country they already target is china. Must see the oversea countries got big bully gov that they feel their asset not safe and park their money in SG, best in our properties. But these policy slipped through those not so wealthy ones and started open floodgates to bus drivers initially because to attract Malaysian bus driver to sg, they use the PR route. The pathetic salary to citizen to a bus driver is worth a Malaysian fresh grad pay when they exchange across the causeway then. Sg is also a tax haven for wealthy American, european, japanese to park their money here. The low tax rate here is not gahman pro people policy. Follow the money trail, you will know why the gahman work on their task.

  20. fpc said

    grace foo has been proven once again that she doesn’t know she was talking about.

  21. patin said

    在他们國家一向來都看不起及排斥..亞洲人…那他為何又到本國来 ???? 那不是..更被我們看不起 ! 這些來自..排外的國家的人…来我們這…不排外的國家…做什麼…啊…來跟我们…搶食..掠奪福利…工作
    可恥…应該…滚回去 !!!!!

  22. Eugene Lim said

    I don’t like to write comments thru the internet. But this time the PAPies have shown me that they are really incompetent. I promise that I will not vote for them in 2016…enough is enough.! Crap

    Mod’s note:

    Please take note that the ‘Wayang Party’ is the PAP’s ‘B’ team, don’t be deceived.

  23. P Koh said

    WoW! I think the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I cannot imagine on what grounds was he granted PR status especially with the offences that he had committed. Assualting two Singaporeans and juming bail is no mild offences and his father Bill was “shocked” that he was charged becauses he surrendered himself and gave a statement to the police. I am more shock to know that he was not given a severe jail sentence but had been granted a passport to stay in Singapore. An offence is still an offence (criminal) even though a person voluntarily surrenders himself to the police.

  24. Blue bird said

    To ask this is better than to ask bird question in parliament lah….

  25. JG said

    Hey, another case of a PR with dubious background here :

    Looks like the Govt is quite chin-chye in giving PR .. as long as you got money ..

    A Chinese government official who went on the lam after allegedly embezzling 94 million yuan (S$18.4 million) in Chinese government funds, had been arrested here in 2011 after the police received a tip-off about him.

    The information was revealed in court here when Li Huabo went on trial on Tuesday over about $180,000 of stolen funds he is alleged to have received while in Singapore.

    Li was nabbed in Mar 4, 2011 after the police Commercial Affairs Department received a tip off about his purported crime. He had been wanted by the Interpol then over money he is said to have siphoned from off from Poyang County, where he was a junior government official.

    The Singapore permanent resident had been on the run since February 2011, after he allegedly confessed to stealing the money along with some accomplices

  26. Blah88 said

    Dafugg!!!!!!! Seems to me, those with cash can be stomping people’s head. Literally.

  27. Ah Gong said

    Singapore is always a safe haven for people on the run – Look at Indonesians , Cambodians, Myanmars and PRC Chinese wanted worldwide for money laundering and cheating. Welcome to Uniquely Singapore

    • Someone I know works in a bank somewhere in South East Asia. One of his clients is someone who deals in cash only. Nothing illegal, but quite unsavoury. He reckons that Singapore is the top choice for money launderers. LOL. Imagine that. Can just about see the PAP frothing at the mouth at that thought.

  28. Sarong party girl said

    Oh no don’t let anything bad happen to my white princes! What will happen to us if they are not here?

  29. chris said

    ICA blind lah. As long as Ang Moh, apply sure can get!

  30. cc chia said

    Wow, the PAP govt is really desperate to increase the numbers of foreigners in our midst in their attempt to dilute the numbers of local true blue Singaporeans!

    Looks like anyone can easily become a Singapore PR and citizen, including criminals, hooligans, drug dealers, money launderers and prostitutes.

    It is no wonder the number of killings and the crime rate here is steadily increasing with this massive influx of new Singaporeans (which the PAP government has chosen to classify together was us as “residents” in order to conceal the true figures from us).

    However, when we walk in our busy sidewalks, take the overcrowded buses and trains, and even make a quick observation in any of our shops and malls, it is obvious that more than 60-70% of the population is composed of foreigners, perhaps many newly converted to Singaporean PR or citizenship. As far as I am aware, the official figure of foreigners versus residents used to be 33% recently, but now it is 40%, so apparently our quick observations are not too far wrong.

  31. Lim Peh Kong said

    PR only, what is the big deal? It is not that he was given Citizenship when his case is being investigated. PR can be revoke easily. He is still an innocent man until he is being convicted in the court of law. So I do not see why we can’t give him the PR first. If eventually, he is proven guilty, we can then revoke the PR.

    Simple thing like this no need to blow till so big lah.

  32. Jin_sg said

    Ang Moh come to Singapore to beat up singaporean guys and then sleep with Singaporean ladies. What are we doing against it??

  33. nb la said

    his father thought once given PR, his charges are revoked. well, that’s common sense, even the ang moh lao bei thought must be free of charges then can be given PR. obviously common sense do not really prevails here.

    ang moh fighter is a talent, must give citizenship and housing grants

  34. Looks like its a case of incompetent Sg staff at work said

    who do u think are behind the desk of the department approving the PR?

    The FT? the PM? The ministers? no. Face the facts, Most likely another incompetent Sg staff too contented in public sector who couldn’t be bothered to read the news and raise alarm or be remotely aware on this peculiarity? Application form no photo? Or all ang mo look the same?

    Before we start throwing hissy fits over FT stealing Sg jobs or ministers useless attitsude, it’s about time our own people ESP in public sector should start re examining their attitude towards their work. everyone points at minister for wasting taxpayer money, but hey, who’s the arsehole who suggested buying branded stuff or process the paperwork like a robot? The minister or some Sg imbecile staff whose cushy job is allowing him or her to take things and resource for granted? all the ministry staff who process this application SHOULD be held accountable for stamping that approved PR stamp. They are the ones indirectly involved.

    I have seen arsehole FT, but also hardworking integrating Ft. I have read and heard views about poor Sgporean deprived of jobs but lets face it, there are plenty of arseholic Singaporean to go round the island as well. In this case, isn’t it a perfect example of someone in the low level office sleeping on their job?

  35. James said

    no wonder he came back…..he receievd the letter of PR approval. ICA n Police WTF u doing?

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