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PHOTO: Pinoys flew to Singapore to catch a sight of royal couple

Posted by temasektimes on September 12, 2012

The visit of Prince William and his wife Catherine to Singapore has given Singapore’s tourism an unlikely boost as visitors from the region flocked to Singapore to catch a sight of the royal couple:

[Source: Hardwarzone forum]



35 Responses to “PHOTO: Pinoys flew to Singapore to catch a sight of royal couple”

  1. Anon said

    They probably won’t visit the Philippines because it wasn’t a British colony…not part of the Commonwealth.

    • It says much about those cows’ intelligence. Or lack of. But then, they are correct that it’s MORE FUN in the Philippines. Where all their females are prostitutes in one way or other.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      The girls in the photos came to Singapore to look for work. They are no working as “entertainers” in some of the pubs along Duxton Road or Changi Village.

  2. Looking Glass said

    Nothing quite says “Cocks!!” more than that!

  3. teo cheap buy said

    The UK prince come Spore more often

  4. teo cheap buy said

    PR should offer to the Royal couple?

  5. hihihi said

    Can earn back the money easily lah. Maybe double or even triple.

  6. U Like Pinoy Slums?! said

    huh! You want the royals to visit SLUMS! Gosh! How offending! Buzz off!

  7. Singkaypoh said

    The Prince’s naked (& single) brother might be more interesting???

  8. Goh Tong Seng said

    Why is this here?
    These are just tourists. NOT immigrants.

  9. Ren said

    More fun in the philippines? Wat kinda fun?? Hmmm…

  10. Alfred said

    Visiting to see the Royals, good excuse.
    Have they applied for an S-pass yet?

  11. OHWHAT said

    Ha! Ha! And the USA & Spain ditched Pinoy land in the gutters. Philippines is NOT part of any USA federation or Spanish federation ties despite both being colonial masters. There is no economic, military, educational or social connections today. USA ditched all its military bases way back in the 1980s to 1990s when Pinoys chased them out.
    And now they young Pinoys want a bigger power to sayang them when they have no historical connection with them! How ludicrous & ironic can it get, dumb Pinoy gals.

    • George Ng said

      Pinays have always dreamt of marrying angmohs. Big big ticket. Go to HK and you can see so many pinay maids chasing out their angmoh mistresses and then marry their angmo masters. They become the new wife! Legall married, mind you.

      • jack neo said

        Quite some years ago, a friend had to rush home during office hrs because a bangla was apprehended on several counts of trespassing into various apartments in the same residential building. Apparently the culprit confessed to bonking 6 pinay maids living in the same building for the past few months and on certain occasions, helped himself to some items that belonged to those unfortunate and clueless employers. lololol
        So good luck to those ang mohs if they don’t do a good job or start to slack. lol

  12. George Ng said

    Of course it’s more fun in the Philippines. Pinays are really fun! Come to Wanchai in HK and they can have fun with you till before noon.

    • Submitter69 said

      Don’t have to go to HK. Cuppage road also got many Pinays scrambling to offer their services,but it appears they prefer Ang Mohs !

      • steven kh said

        the truth is they prefer Ang Mohs that are easier to fleece,
        stroking the ang mohs until their small heads become the brain. LOL

  13. taric el tuerto said

    Asked King and Queen of Spain when they are coming to Philippines.Once upon a time they ventured there.

  14. Observer said

    Its definitely more fun in the Phillipines, can get yourself shot just like the Hong Tai HK tourists. Police using finger as pistol, President laughing while apologizing. Hahaha.. welcome to our islands.

  15. tsk tsk tsk said

    notice the word ‘fun’ is written in italics. i’m sure its more ‘fun’ to go to pinnie land and get high on some illegal substance readily available on the streets and if that’s not enough for the prince, he can get some pinnie prostitutes to ‘clean’ his room with him. don’t forget the after party of a great display of skills from their police force in capturing a lesser skilled lone gunman taking a group of hk tourists as hostages!

  16. banwashere said

    LOL. so many racist comments on here.

  17. Kenshin said

    It’s saddening how you make fun of people while they are not doing any harm to you. Who the F cares if they come here to see the royal couple? Mind you, we got Singaporean’s living/visiting abroad as well. And lucky enough, most of them aren’t treated the way our locals do to foreigners.

    With what you are doing, you are slowly inviting the hatred of the world to Singaporeans. You obviously haven’t seen the world yet, that’s why your mindset is like that.

    You might be born here, but remember, that most of our roots came from somewhere else.

    Respect begets respect.

  18. F off you racist pigs. Just because we filipinos get the jobs that you are incapable or unqualified to do, you whine like the pigs you are. I am a manager because I am qualified with experience and you singaporeans want to get hired right away and be managers just because you’re singapore. haha.
    I came here this year and less than 2 months I got hired. Jealousy is a bad thing lah.

    • jilla said

      pumatol ka pang gunggong ka, kaya tayo napapaginitan eh

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Most Filipinos working in Singapore hold fake degrees and padded CVs which are bought from Pedro St., Manila, for as low as US 17.00. These degrees look “genuine” and using the same paper materials smuggled out from the Universities and printed with your name in the back lanes of Pedro Street. Just wait till MOM look into this matter and get a few scapegoats and give them a jail and fine. Suddenly, we will see an exodus of Filipinos in management & supervisory positions for no reasons. What i admire about Filipinos is their ability to pad their CVs with fantastic professional and work experiences. I had interviewed a number of filipinos for vacancies in my company before and I am really amused. A Filipino degree is not even equivalent to the Local Polytechnic Diploma from Singapore.

  19. For 400 years, Philippines was ruled by the Spaniards Thereafter the Americans ruled Philipines for a another hundred years or more. During the American rule, Philippines was living in a brothel, Why would the prince want to visit Philippines when they can easily visit the near Geylang, keong Siak Street or Desker Road????

  20. True BLUE Sinkie said

    In Philippines, you don’t need to study or pass exams to be awarded a genuine degree from the University. Yes, it is real genuine degree. What I was told by a Pinoy friend is that you need to pay money upfront, and on the day of the exam, you must attend and sit in the exams. That is the only criteria to assure you will be awarded the Degree. That degree is the passport to employment and faking their ways into the market.

  21. True BLUE Sinkie – you must be one of the many singaporean jobless bums who are too lazy to work hard and just want to be hired right away just because you’re singaporean. Dropped out of school? Didn’t even step on college level? Blue sinks and stinks.
    If you think we’re holding fake credentials then I dare you to protest to MOM and investigate. Start at the airport to check “fake” credentials, “fake” company id’s, when Filipinos are entering singapore. Do it this week I dare you if you have any power or any influence at all.
    If your country didn’t need us then the immigration wouldn’t have allowed so many FTs to come here.

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