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PRC communist official who earns $583 monthly given Singapore PR in less than a year

Posted by temasektimes on September 12, 2012

A former PRC communist official who earns a measly $3000 yuan (S$583) monthly in China was given Singapore PR in less than a year!

50 year old Li Huabo was charged in court for embezzling S$18million in Chinese government funds. He was the section director at Poyang County Finance Bureau in Jiangxi Province from 2006 to 2011.

According to court documents, Li approached Edwin Shieh, the director of ADH Group Co Ltd. to facilitate the immigration process when he was still working in China.

Li quit his job in China and moved to Singapore with his family TWO MONTHS after he was granted Singapore PR though being a PRC official, he is NOT ALLOWED to apply for foreign PR.

Speaking in parliament on Monday, Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean said:

“The number of PRs and citizenships granted in any given year depends on a combination of factors, including the number of applications received as well as the calibre and profile of applicants, such as their economic contributions, age, family profile and length of stay in Singapore.”

It is not known what economic contributions Li has made to Singapore from China which led to him being granted a Singapore PR in less than a year.


29 Responses to “PRC communist official who earns $583 monthly given Singapore PR in less than a year”

  1. SgGuy said

    Teo Chee Hean is talking nonsense again!

    The cracks in the system is becoming bigger and bigger everyday, and with every excuses the obscenely-paid ministers make…. I’m sad to say but everyone can see that the golden age of Singapore is over and we are now on a slope downhill…

    • Bapok Sissy AssLoong said

      Agreed with your comment SgGuy.

      In this particular case, Ugly Teo got caught with his pants down when this PRC PR was charged in open court and the smelly PAP bones start falling out of the cupboard.

  2. Bernard Deng said

    Singapore ha become a haven for ill-gotten funds. Just look at the amount of money that crooked Indonesian officials parked here. Not to mention the Burmese. Nothing new.

    • Osman Lee said

      Indonesia, Philippines, India, the EU nations, international NGOs……………the whole lot of them have been accusing Singapore of being a centre for money laundering and a haven for dirty politicians to park their illicit funds, and somehow the evidence seem to prove them right.

  3. Zam said

    Singapore PR and Citizenship is equal to toilet paper

  4. mahbok tan said

    Wah lau eh….already 50yrs old oso can get PR KNNBCCB….wat sort of policy are our GOVT of the DAY talking about…!!!

    When their citizen make noise they will blame us ….now they are talking about National CONversation to listen and CON SGporeans again….KNN…make my blood pressure go north onli….!!!

    Listen here all those pap supporters u all are just opening up yourself to be phuck by them…..u all deserved it more than we deserve…KNNBCCB.

  5. hihihi said

    Commie also accept?

    • Osman Lee said

      It doesn’t matter whether you are a commie or the chief of an international crime syndicate.

      If you have money, they will welcome you with open arms.

    • Gabriel said

      It’s not about whether you are a commie or not. This man probably took the 18 million embezzled money and paid off a number of people within Singapore.

  6. Singapore Cock said

    1) 50 years old
    2) PRC official
    3) S$583 monthly income
    Please explain how come he can get PR? Oh wait…S$18million dirty money is counted as qualify criteria?

    • mahbok tan said

      That is only 1 of the many people being granted PR due to dirty money that were park in SGpore Bank.
      Need more….OMG…our GOVT do not care if its dirty money or money from drugs or whoring as long as its MONEY$$$$…!!!
      And stupid SGporeans deserved to be screwed till they go inside their grave.
      How many Indonesians are there in SGpore with dirty money from their corrupt practised in their country and park the money in SG….the GOVT knows about it but pretend to be blur sotong over it….coz its $$$$MONEY$$$$ that they are after.

      • Singkaypoh said

        Need $$$ mah for GIC & Temasek’s yearlong GSS shopping spree 🙂
        Invest $1 bil get 2 pandas for $8.6 mil maintenance only, wow!

      • Naivety said


        The $8.6 mil is only the cost of the enclosure/cage that was specially erected to house & shelter the 2 Pandas.

        God knows how much is the total loan or rental amount that we have to pay to China for renting the 2 pandas over a 10 year period as this is a separate rental fee altogether excluding meals & upkeeping as someone in the forum mentioned if I could recall vividly could be upto $8.6 Billions in dollars over a ten year loan period.

        Anyway, I believe Wild Reserves Singapore, a holding company of Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoological Gardens & Night Safari is sufficiently rich if not enough funds, they can always easily request, tap & obtain from their parent company which is Temasek Holdings who inturn receives their sources of funds from our National Reserve & CPF Monies Fund easily!

    • Arun Bhati said

      Cleaners, masseurs, prostitutes, coffeeshop assistants, construction workers, bus drivers, etc; they have all applied for citizens and been given quick approval.

      I wonder if any applicant from China has been rejected before?

    • nb la said

      there is only yusoff or mao ze tong, no dirty or clean yusoff or chairman mao. that’s what it matters. they can raid the china reserve and park here also ok. what’s impt is:

      u must bring Mao here!!! lots of him

  7. you get what you give said

    In Singapore, Wofflesian justice reigns supreme . The commie must have brought his ill-gotten gains for laundering here to obtain a quickie PR .

  8. ahboy said

    He eat China 18million, come SG give 50%, of cos less then a yr can get, if he give all, instant PR liao

    Applying PR for foriegners need deposit 500k SGD
    My auntie is one of them.

    My auntie asked, money i have, but why must i give you for deposit.. and then off she flies back to US …

  9. Tan Yan Ren said

    I Demand the sacking of the Minister in charge of giving this guy a PR …IF …IF this claim is true…will the relevant Ministry please clarify…sick !!! someone must take the RAP and dont pass the bug!!!

    • Angry Bird said

      agree. . . this time heads MUST roll . . . damn bloody shit, these useless minister!

    • Naivety said

      You mean accountability ka…sorry to say this word called “accountability” is not in the vocabulary of the MIWs!
      Since when have these white monkeys ever account to native Sinkaporeans before on any flawed & failed policy implemented?

      They don’t have such a word called accountability in their vocabulary lah as they are always right & correct for example, when GIC squandered $60 Billions Dollars of our National Reserve & CPF Monies Fund through reckless investments & failed speculations as reported by Bloomberg & during the time when Tony Tan was the Deputy Chairman of GIC, was there any accountability & explanation given? Not even a single word or whimper was offered & on the contrary, they even tried to cover up the whole thing altogether, right? These white monkeys treat themselves as almighty & superior human beings & there is no need & necessity to be accountable to peasants like us for any wrong doings & mistakes made!!!

  10. Invictus said

    What a bloody joke our politicians have become…

  11. Angry Bird said

    bloody idiots, because money is No. 1, both eyes closed!

  12. rajan said

    This guy is probably selling phone cards in Chinatown or in the heartlands. There are thousands of such Indian and Chinese FTs in Singapore. It is always a mystery to me how such characters are given permission to stay in Singapore. The ICA is indeed generous!!!!!!!!

  13. solaris8899 said

    where is our TCH?
    TCH please explain this?

  14. Safe Haven said

    Singapore is a clean and safe haven for foreigners…. anyone disagree?

  15. Rajah said

    Nothing good but all shits!!!

  16. Pai Sei said

    As long as u bring money to SGP….he/she will be welcome lor…..

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