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Singaporeans warm up to Dr Chee Soon Juan as he plots his political comeback

Posted by temasektimes on September 12, 2012

He was called a psychopath, a liar and a political gangster by his political opponents and had his reputation smeared and destroyed beyond recognition by the state media, and yet he trudged on without fear and is now on the brink of making a political comeback.

Singapore’s opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan is easily the most vilified man in the history of Singapore as his tumultuous political career stretching more than 20 years was mired in defamation lawsuits and smear campaigns orchestrated by the state media.

Though the older generation of Singaporeans may still have doubts about him, young IT-savvy Singaporeans are warming up to him, judging from the responses to the sale of his book ‘Democratically Speaking’.

Netizens have been publicizing his cause and buying Dr Chee’s books to help him discharge himself from bankruptcy following Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong’s acceptance of his settlement of $30,000.

Dr Chee was bankrupted by a series of defamation lawsuits amounting to $600,000 by the two leaders in 2006 and has remained in political oblivion then.

When Dr Chee was at Raffles Place during lunch-time to sell his books with his two children, a curious crowd gathered around him asking for his autograph including students.

Below are some comments by Hardwarezone forumers who bought his book:

“My little support to him, hope he raise his 30k soon. Got a hardcover, content inside look interesting.” – ibichen

“I bought a hardcopy today too, but left in office.There was a small queue when I was there.” – layman

“how much is it huh? moi wanna buy but is at school lei.. it’s a good read one lor confirm can any help me buy?” – fantasyrulyz


42 Responses to “Singaporeans warm up to Dr Chee Soon Juan as he plots his political comeback”

  1. P Koh said

    Despite what have been said about him by his political opponents, I must say that I admire his courage and resilience and he is indeed a fearless fighter.

    • distant drums said

      When Dr Chee obtained the dischareged bankruptcy.I am positively incline to believe that the majority of able bodied local born Singaporeans,the young,young adults and the elders,man and women of all multiracial origins wont hesitate to come as Volunteers with immense UNITY to hold a CONVENTION to help once and for all the “CHANGE AND RESTORATION OF STATE GOVERNANCE’ for the betterment of living conditions and livelihood of Singaporeans and for the Republic Of Singapore

      Singaporeans islandwide awaits that clarion call and will respond with vigour

      Mod’s note:

      Please rally around the real opposition leader and boycott the useless, shameless, worthless, hopeless and spineless fake opposition aka the ‘Wayang Party’.

  2. nabey said

    I read twice! Must read by all sporean!

  3. Tan Yan Ren said

    Very gracious indeed of the SM and MM. I really like to see democracy at its best without the bulshit…you know what i mean…not the western nor the eastern …JUST rationally constructive democracy ….i hope Chee soon juan capitalise on this opprtunity to show without the “BULSHIT”…Majulah Singapura!

  4. fpc said

    this picture demonstrates the proximity of TTR and Chee SJ. I seriously doubt the guy will get elected.

  5. happy said

    i saluted this guy for his loyalty to this nation despite the unkind, unfair, big bully tactics employed by the pig regime to kill

    him politically, honestly how many singaporeans will stay put despite the adversary, I would not for sure

    He is the only one currently in singapore who is willing to put singapore before himself

    no others would, I cant even say that of papigs or workers party

    There are brave souls who are all in exile forced into it by the pigs

    but then they all jumped

    but this poor chap did not

    he was a university professor who give up all these for his principles

    I felt sorry for his parents , wife, children and sister

    for that reason I have donated a little bit to his cause, I am not opposition or sdp supporters or pigs supporter

    the reason I call the regime pigs is because of it steadfast stubborness and stupidity in throwing our money

    to the britiish, american, malaysian,, china, indian and pinoy wolves

    from granting billions of scholarships, state subsidy, to wrong investments

    coming back to Dr Chee,

    just ask yourself is there any current active politician who have gone to jail countless time to fight for his cause

    none, shamefully none

    if this guy is not rewarded for his tenacity and his vision, then god help singapore,

    for the old hog is on his last lap

    • You post a fair comments on him. Whether he is guilty of defaming the power that be only history and the citizens will be the only judge to give him the justice he deserved. We have actually never seen him in action in Parliament and as such should keep our mind open in so far as his performance is concerned. Hope he get his chance to be in Parliament in the next GE 2016 for we the citizens will like to know whether he was as what he has been painted out to be by the miw and the lop sided media. I am waiting to see him performing his role as an MP and to learn the truth to compare with what we have been told in the past..

    • P Koh said

      You are right. I too felt sorry for his family and had on one occasion spoken to his father. His father topld me that he had advised CSJ not to engage in a tussle with the ruling party but to no avail. CSJ is a very committed person and indeed very resolute and resillent with his philosophy in life and despite the great adversary he persisted and now the acceptance of S30,000 as a settlement from our past leaders is something we must accord appreciation. Thanks to LKY and GCT and CSJ for the changing the political landscape in Singapore.

  6. Ron said

    I will give him a chance and will buy his book too. It will show that Spore does have democracy.

    But I plead with CSJ to control his emotions, be absolutely honest and focus on issues. Be constructive and contribute to the betterment of Spore. The voters will decide whether they need him and his party in Parliament. CSJ is articulate and his English is beautiful. He just need to focus on the greater good.

    It is okay to give credit to the PAP where credit is due. And he can demonstrate why he and his party can be an additional vehlcle to help build a better Spore. No need to be antagonistic just because one is in the Opposition. In this way, he will win more support and even avoid the next bankruptcy or jail term. Finally, do not turn to the foreign media and NGOs for support. Gandhi, Mandela, Ang Sang Syu Ki, etc. did not depend on the foreign media. They suffered and triumphed.

  7. Merlion said

    A good enlightening book, must read.

  8. Singkaypoh said

    Never say die! Who can resist? kids & all? We need real opposition!

  9. SgGuy said

    Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the time being but keep up the donation n purchasing of Dr Chee’s books. It is known that the 2 Ex(pired) MM n SM still deserved the right to decide after receiving the $30k.

    All the best to Dr Chee, a Lion among Lambs, a champion who stood up for us all over the years!

  10. come here! said

    the younger netizens have not seen how he shouted at GCT like a hooligan from across the void deck in the 1997 elections. This guy has done more to damage the image of oppositions than all the inaction of WP combined.

  11. qwerty said

    it will be great if we have a schedule of where he will be appearing to sell his books.

  12. pworama said

    Good luck CSJ. May God bless you.

  13. keksim a sinkapo lang said

    Politician like Dr.Chee is hard to come by.Never say DIE even kena terok terok by oldman.Few lawyer politician beside JBJ, like him able to cross face-to-face with oldman.His dedications towards the well being of singapore is very much appreciated by us.His debate with George Yeo made the latter sound like schoolboy!.Dr.Chee, please come to Bt.Timah GRC,my family and I will support you. Must kick out the yog overspent millions $$$ minister now looking after flooding!Dr.Chee present in parliment will keep all pap mps on the toe!

  14. comon said

    My advice: Should made the book into PDF or other digital format and sell it online. After 1 year when sales has gone down or when it is no longer profitable, give away the digital format for free for every Singaporeans for increase awareness.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Excellent idea!

    • ronx said

      Fantastic idea. Easier to pay to CSJ too. Many are nervous or reluctant to approach him directly for fear of hidden, long-range cameras that record.

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello, Ronx.

        The all powerful PAP has certainly instilled fear in the citizens even for the
        fundamental right of association with a fellow citizen who is an aspirant to
        political leadership. This must stop. Certainly an abuse of power. The government had better be careful because they may one day be held accountable for this. There are consequences. How would they feel if their
        movements are monitored? Besides, why is the taxpayers’ money used for this vile purpose?

        My point is that we can All go about doing what we want to do provided it is not unlawful. Some of these bad laws must be removed. It is an imperative that we elect decent political leaders who understand their role which is to serve the people and improve their lot in life and not lord over them. I will not labour the point here except state emphatically that LeeKuanYewism is no longer permissible. You’ve already seen the damaged/destroyed lives.

        Let’s look forward.

        I understand the issues and difficulties imposed upon us by this know all government. It all remains for us to stick together, scream aloud and demand to be heard. This is our basic democratic right.

        Like I say they (the government) should not take liberties with the people.
        We have the power to remove them and if serious misconduct or criminal
        behaviour or dealings occurred on their watch they can still be charged and

        In short I’d like to urge/encourage all to do whatever you want to do with
        confidence and peace of mind. It has to be lawful. You need not be fearful!

        If anything the government should be wary coz I’m a ‘sticky beak’ and very
        interested in the details in the books!

        I simply don’t trust them. Not anymore!

      • jami said

        Well said indeed Julie Ong!
        sama sama juga, i don’t trust the PAP buggers at all….not in this life time.
        perhaps to earn my trust in the next life time, they have to commit hara-kiri !

  15. jf said

    Welcome back Dr Chee. There is no more real opposition party in town since JBJ. The common people are bored. Singapore politics could become like Japan, India, USA, which party wins no difference. Born, suck, swallow, slave then be barbeque at the end.

  16. @ Ron, Sept 12: Fully agree with u. Problem is, TT is firing its cannons at PAP anyhow in Dr Chee’s support, only to cause further damage 2 his badly dented past record.
    Dr Chee shd humble himself, join WP ranks like Chen SM as an ord WP member, and close SDP that he caused to split from his ‘sifu’ Chiam See Tong. This way, he will earn the strong support of all opp ppl 4 his true spirit of sacrifice 4 the ppl as against his present agenda of self-promotion. He ahd literally crawl up the political ladder, not frogleap his betters in the opp camp as he still does not hv the majority support of the rest of us. He must strive 4 a successful comeback, not 2 fall again from grace with his 2nd chance following his release from bankruptcy as he’s no longer young. But if he keeps pushing his luck and TT strongly backing him in his attempt, we can say ‘sayonara’ to him as a spent politian who is a spoiler, self-deluded opp strongman, and opp splitter worse than Tan KL at the last Pres election.

  17. Tony said

    Unfortunately, I do not see how a person who sinisterly and despicably orchestrated and plotted the ouster of his mentor and take over a party that Chiam had painfully built over the years can be trusted. Chee is also always colluding with outside NGOs and foreign pressure groups to paint the worst picture of Singapore in the international scene…I once watch his speech in HK and I can’t believe how a person who is loyal to Singapore can make that kind of speech. Chee is ruthless, unscrupulous and shameless politicians…that’s all. I will not vote of a person like him, though I am a opposition supporter. He should really step down and stop creating more bad impression of Singapore’s opposition forces with his erratic, eccentric and lunatic outburst…all done just for some personal show-off!

    • tim a said

      eh Tony, don’t praise Dr Chee if you have no idea what it takes to be a master in politics. Dr Chee cannot hold a candle to LKY in terms of being ruthless, unscrupulous and shameless. Take note that LKY can make anyone on this island become a lunatic. Kindly bear in mind only a grandmaster such as LKY can win elections after elections for decades without breaking a sweat.

      Are you really pro opposition ? You sound confused, I strongly recommend you stick with PAP and be a winner like me. LOL

      • P Koh said

        Perhaps some of you have missed a video on the proceedings in court where CSJ challenged LKY and the latter was lost for words. I was pleasantly surprised with that episode in court. Wow! was my reaction having seen that footage.

  18. Tony said

    BTW TT, please don’t paint the false picture of Singaporeans warming up to CSJ. For the crowd there that afternoon, many had chosen to ignore him totally and the small crowding of 5-6 people cannot be seen as Singaporeans warming up to him. Singaporeans maybe utterly tulang with PAPigs, but they are discerning enough to know they will need a more constructive opposition than having a lunatic in the parliament!

    Mod’s note:

    You have been brainwashed by the state media to think that ‘constructive’ = ‘wayang’ opposition.

    • Tony said

      @Mod, similarly, I think you are also being poisoned by SDP and CSJ to think that he can be a worthy opposition. I’m glad CSJ will be contesting in the next election…time for him to received the brutal truth that many Singaporeans despise and disagree with his eccentric and lunatic disposition! He will remain as a clown in Singapore political history!

      • P Koh said

        I think it is unfair for anyone to speak on behalf of many Singaporeans. No mandate has been given to do so.

      • welovesingapore said

        Why Singapore always get the extreme wrong type of people to be in opposition. How sad Mr Chiam is out of the scene. Do not trust these traitor who will sell Sg for their personal gain. These are the people that betray a good master. Chiam speak up for Singaporean in parliament alone and big gun attacked him. Any news from him? Hope he has recovered well and can contest again in 2016.

      • Tony said

        No mandate…I think you are conveniently ignoring the fact that for all the opportunity that CSJ had in contesting the past General Elections, he was never voted in despite his fiery, provocative and instigating speeches in rallies! Now, tell me, can the majority who don’t vote for him and had outright rejected him be called “many Singaporeans”? Or, would the minority that vote for him be called “many Singaporeans” in your perspective as fair? Don’t try to twist any logic here, will you!

        I speak for the majority that had denied him a place in parliament…that is very fair!

      • P Koh said

        Again, this is only your personal opinion and nothing more. Can you define ‘many’ and now ‘majority’? The landscape has changed and what is fair is not for you or me to decide.

      • P Koh said

        Please go and line up in Raffles Place to buy CSJ’s book just to read and understand him better. Do it fast because the ‘majority’ of the people who did not vote for him seem to be turning up to get his autograph now, or you will miss the chance to lay hand on one. I do not think you will want his autograph but there is perfectly alright. Please give this man a break.

  19. Francischuanghli said

    Yes, we sure to remain doubtful of him cuz we were raised with teaching of being ROYAL to our master. How can we trust someone biting his master. LKY& GCT sago is never in our thinking. We can forgive him ofcoz unless he can be humble enough to stage his apology & explain his cause. He is also human too, we understand . When one is young they learn thru mistake but they have to learn to say “SORRY” with sincerity. Not like that old regime who never admit mistake & now ended up with today messiness within this beautiful home we had builded together hand in hand.
    PM LHL mentioned in his NDR of :
    1) Hope, We work so hard for this 47 years, transforming a simply Singapore to today GLoBAL City. We HOPE to break the porberty chain for our next & future generations not for non related FOREIGNERs.
    2) Heart, now our heart BROKE when the Gov’t brought in so FT to compete with our children for every resources. We are in the stage of “OCCUPATION” by the foreigners.
    3) Home,dream home for our children had gotten shattered due to the cause of foreigners with ready cash in hand, soaring up our housing cost. 20 years down the road this litter new SHINNING REDOT will have another set of owner, not out children anymore.
    OLDMAN well said : we get fold up.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Mr Francischuanghli.

      OLDMAN well said : we get fold up.

      I think OLDMAN a little bit confused. You see we FOLD up with our husband or wives and as we get into the habit of folding we then will have many children and need to MOVE up to bigger HDB flat! How’s that?

      I think the future looks good! All we need now is to continue folding and then we can reproduce ourselves manifold! Also, be confident.

      So, Francis, please cheer up as you sound gloomy about the future.

      Having said that we must be vigilant. This government may wreck the place even more. I still believe that somehow we’ll all pull through if we keep believing, work hard and fight in unison for our rights and needs.

      • Francischuanghli said

        I M not gloomy friends, with this two big group of “K” (KANASye eg:kapo.kakian…) & “SBC”(SimplyBoChap) club , IM doubtful even all OLDMANs cleanup their little bag, we can turn it over !!

  20. Zam said

    Good luck CSJ. May God bless you.

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