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State media pre-set agenda for ‘National Conversation’

Posted by temasektimes on September 12, 2012

It was supposed to be a two-way ‘National Conversation’ to listen to the concerns and aspirations of Singaporeans, but it appears that it is becoming a monologue for the government to impose its world view on the public yet again.

Even before the ‘National Conversation’ was officially convened, the state media is already pre-setting the agenda by subtly influencing and stream-lining public perception to be in sync with the government’s.

Instead of having a frank discussion on important national issues such as the relentless influx of foreigners, the state media is actively propagating the government’s propaganda:

The absence of opposition politicians on the committee spear-heading the ‘National Conversation’ also cast serious doubts on the government’s sincerity in engaging its critics.

In all likelihood, the ‘National Conversation’ is probably another massive PR exercise to show the public that the government is ‘listening’ and to manage public expectations as well as perceptions.

Singaporeans should not expect any real change from the ‘Conversation’, if any as the modus operandi of the current government remains the same.

To borrow a quote from Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew in 1987:

“We decide what is RIGHT. Never mind what the people think.”


31 Responses to “State media pre-set agenda for ‘National Conversation’”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Back to Square One…….this idiotic PAP Govt will never change, so we will have to change it come 2016!

    • mahbok tan said

      Agree with u fully….do have not repent…!!!

      National CONversation is not about SGporean its about THEM ( MIW/PAP )….!!!

      We too can DECIDE what we want . Never mind what they think.

    • Angry Bird said

      100% agree . . . change!

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello, Guys.

        Please count me in. I support/agree wholeheartedly.

        ‘Never mind what the people think’. Wow! What arrogance! From the servant to us citizens, the masters! Anyway, that silly old man is an irrelevance now and I honestly don’t give a damn what he thinks. In any case he’s not even thoughtful! In fact, mean spirited and vindictive.

        However, I’m thinking about the CPF issue. 55 years old and you still cannot take out YOUR money in full plus interest. Even our Malaysian neighbour can withdraw their contribution to their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) in full including interest on reaching 55 years old as promised/agreed with the Malaysian government. This PAP government is sneaky and deceptive! Why are they not returning the citizens’ money?? I’m beginning to fear that they do not have the money because they’ve lost it on their failed investments. It is not the citizens’ problem. Bad stewardship of money on the part of the PAP government. That’s what it is.

        We have the right to our hard earned money.

        Demand from the government till they return us back our money!
        Another thing: we cannot just believe/accept what they say anymore.

    • welovesingapore said

      For the next 4-8 years, good view HDB sold for 1 million would be selling 2.5 million. Transport fare would go up. GST would also increase to 15%. Hawker sold their lasksa min $8 from $3.50. Crime rate would increase. The birth rate will fall to less than 0.9% There will be less job for the local as all the high pay job go to FT and all the low pay job also FT take. Better take care for next 4-8 years than empty talk about the next 20 years. If the next 4-8 years you are 35 years old, better be holding an iron rice bowl job else you are next to be taken over by FT/PR or no job to hold when the next down turn comes. Then you will hear the same thing again when the 60% voters do not decide to change Singapore from those who ask you again to welcome FT as they would create job for citizen. The next 4-8 years your children may be old enough to work would hear the same thing. So it becomes a poverty trap vicious cycle policy by the gahman to make you worthless and begging for their welfare assitance. So better be big minded!? Woodbridge Mental should then need to expand because many would KeySeow

  2. Nelly Fong said

    “In all likelihood, the ‘National Conversation’ is probably another massive PR exercise to show the public that the government is ‘listening’ and to manage public expectations as well as perceptions.”

    Excellent point. The NC is just a desperate wayang on their part to fool the people that our opinion matters when for so many donkey years they considered our feedback as ‘noise’ and more recently as çow-peh, cow-bu”.

    How many Singaporeans honestly believe that after so many years of doing things their way that they would suddenly change their way and start listening to the public?

    After all, aren’t they still trying to silence their critics on the internet while keeping a tight rein on the main stream media.

    Is this a party that seriously wants to change?

    Will wolves stop preying on sheep?

    They may put on the appearance of sheep but it is foolhardy to think that they can emphatize with us or even beome like us.

    The fact is that we are fodder for their insatiable greed.

    Leopards cannot change their spots; neither can greedy politicians accustomed to exploiting others.

  3. Lim said

    We may be small but we cannot be small minded? The sublimal message is we have to be big-minded and to be big-minded means to we must welcome all kinds of foreign trash, give PRs like toilet paper to those who commit crimes in their own country like the PRC guy or this NZ guy who bashed up locals, jumped bail or Doctor who got their licence revoked in US. We must be big-minded to let our jobs be threatened by foreign PMETs, integrate with aliens cos we can’t multiply enough, etc The stupid mainstream media has confirmed our suspicion that this whole PR national propaganda has a set agenda and is partisan. So we better not cow-peh cow-bu or be slaughtered said a friend of Sim Ann.

    • talk about hypocrisy said

      “Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I’m going to spend all my time thinking what’s the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week’s problem and forget about next year’s challenges?”

      – On why Singaporeans cannot vote in too many Opposition candidates. Channel NewsAsia, May 3, 2006

      • ghost of GohKS said

        6 opposition MPs who hardly bother him and the useless PM has already shown he cannot solve any problem.
        in truth, this useless PM is the cause of all the bloody problems!

      • Angry Bird said

        not useless, he is USELESS TO THE CORE! Rotten PM!

      • This people are comparable to working watch dog needed to be leashed as they the perform. They should not be left alone else they shit all over and messed around all-over.

      • P Koh said

        An opposition is there as a check and balance to prevent abuse of power. There is nothing sinister about their involvement in the government nor are there any proof that they are unless and messing around. They were just not given the chance to prove themselves as they are overwhelmed and out-numbered and are invariably shot down each time they take issues with the government. Everyone deserves a chance and only when they can carry their voice through meaningfully that things will improve for the overall good of the country.

      • Daft Peasant said


  4. mahbok tan said

    Our GOVT do not bother to listen to its CITIZEN , because their mindset are , its not worth listening to the “lower rank” people. They are smarter and thats why people vote for them…..further more to enhance their majority in this country they will act above board without telling its people.
    Stupid of those who would believe that the GOVT of the DAY ( PAP ) , will need our views or opinion its just communication wayang at its best.
    I personally do believe that we SGporean deserved to be screwed as we do not have the tenacity to fight for what is our right.

  5. hihihi said

    Just ignore it lah. You’ve got better things to do.

  6. Daft Peasant said

    This si mi national condomsation is absolutely rubbish, nonsense and waste of time…..

  7. spotlessleopard said

    The people must decide in 2016…the next GE…

  8. P Koh said

    “We decide what is RIGHT. Never mind what the people think” (LKY 1987) Have you been wrong? Why the “National Conversaton” if you have decided what is RIGHT? What is the right, the right to dictate, the right to demand respect, the right to ruin the lives of the people who built this CityState or the Right to be WRONG again.? Please make it Right this time around.

  9. Jack Sparrow said

    simi national conversation? more like a wayang session where they try to brainwash daft singaporeans. this 60% will then believe than the gvt is doing a great job.

    20yrs from now, when your small boy or girl becomes an adult, most likely he/she will not have a job!

    oh wait, will ‘singapore’ even exist 20yrs from now? of course not.

    it will be 0.1% indian, 0.9% malay, 5% sg chinese, 94% foreign thrash!

  10. JG said

    Yawn …..

  11. Henry said

    so sad ..

  12. Angry Bird said

    don’t waste time, no more talk, come 2016 . . . vote for a change. period.

  13. Tan Yan Ren said

    DONT pre judge good intentions guys…at least the PM is taking a big leep and initiative..only later will we know the sincerity…so lets be constructive and watch…participate if least we are doing it …BUT where are you OPPOSITION? are you WP …opposition leaders not “INCLUSIVE” in this initiative..c’mon say something …i am angry with your acting DUMB and MUTE!!!!Low thia Kiang, time to speak up…i am losing faith in you…i had before….confidence until lately you held the horses back…why?????

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Mr Tan Yen Ren.

      I’m counting on you and others of similar calibre/courage to step up to the plate and take on the leadership of the nation. As I’ve mentioned before in an earlier post here I’m already in my sixties and it’s a little too late for me.

      Please start your preparation now.

      To other Singaporeans who aspire to lead and guide the nation: do not be afraid. You may falter/make mistakes, but you’ll learn and make good.
      A tip for you: the PAP is getting increasingly unpopular. Seize the moment and the opportunity.

      I hope to live to see the day that Singapore is reclaimed and governed by a
      collection of wise, tough and kind hearted men and women.

    • WATCANISAY said


    • Jack Sparrow said

      of course wp are quiet. miw warned them if they talk too much, they will sue them till bankrupt like how they did to dr chee.

      Mod’s note:

      Or because WP needs to seek approval from the PAP HQ before opening their golden mouths or pussies?

    • mahbok tan said

      Wah lau eiii , friend , u organised your birthday party arh I can kaypoh-kaypoh and kay kiang- kay kiang askt to be invted mei…..KNN…!!!
      Think first or talk first….????
      PM lee are not into anything that does not bring any big benefit to them….!!!

    • jf said

      Some people are busy creating imitation-PAP. This is bad business for the real PAP brand because the imitations are stealing the customers. It is time to bring back in real opposition. So welcome Dr Chee. Ravi alone cannot create buzz.

  14. Tichy said

    Its not a national conversation, it is a brain washing exercise.

  15. jf said

    Let’s have a dictator. Talk for what? Then any one who want to have a comfortable life can suck/lick up to this dictator. Now you can suck and suck, lick and lick, still no result. Because it is corruption to receive sucking and licking service. Now very confusing. don’t know when or who to suck or lick.
    That is why the mouth is so free, talking cock, licking lips,to talk cock again- talk talk talk. Not productive. Long live dictatorship. Long live TT.

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