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Doubts arises over Sakae Sushi’s offer of $3,000 monthly salary for dishwashers

Posted by temasektimes on September 13, 2012

Doubts have arisen over Sakae Sushi’s reported offer of a monthly salary of S$3,000 to hire dishwashers.

During an interview with state-controlled radio station UFM 100.3 last Friday, Sakae Sushi CEO Mr Douglas Foo complained that he was unable to find any dishwashers despite a salary offer of $3,000 a month.

According to him, they are required to work 9 hours daily on a five and a half day work week.

However, when one netizen Ng Ho Eu called up Sakae Sushi to inquire about the job opening, he was told that he is required to work 12 hours daily, six days a week:

A quick check on all the major job portals online such as Jobstreet, Jobcentral and STjobs did not reveal any recent job ads posted by Sakae Sushi for the opening.


57 Responses to “Doubts arises over Sakae Sushi’s offer of $3,000 monthly salary for dishwashers”

  1. jf said

    I am at the door. Hope no one else belive it.

  2. Mike Zeng said

    The latest industrial dish-washing machine (dw gadgets have been around for decades) can’t do the job?

    • Free Trolley said

      They need someone to put the dish into the machine

    • Tool Man said

      Yeah, I can’t believe that they can’t invest in a machine. The one I have at home costs less than 1.2k and it has done great for the last 2 years without a breakdown. Plus dishes come out cleaner.

    • Daft Peasant said

      i tink sakae are using dish washing machines as well, but the machine also need human to operate……

      anyway, my wife say its bullshit for the 3k-9hrs-daily-5.5-days-work-week, bcos she was a supervisor before. She told me its a 12hrs job, 6 days week and full time washer’s salary is 1.8k max…… ( that is 810 years ago though )

    • WP 4eva! said

      You still need someone to remove the excess food before putting in the dishwasher.

  3. Babuseng said

    Their CEO trying to bring attention to their store by creating news story. Problem is, the food is so average – no amount of publicity can save you from that.

  4. Why labour law was not followed? said

    Why labour law was not followed?

    Is our labour law allow 48 hour a week as normal working hour, and additional should be overtime paid?

    It seem that now a day there is no “fixed” labour law, why is it so? Can some one enlighten me?

    • Free Trolley said

      Part IV of the Employment Act & Section 33 are applicable only to:
      *Workmen earning not more than $4,500 basic monthly salaries; and
      *Other employees earning not more than $2,000 basic monthly salaries (excluding, overtime, bonus, Annual Wage Supplement, productivity incentives and allowances).

  5. spotlessleopard said

    The age old ardage: If it sounds too good to be true….and it is too good to be true…
    I am surprised that The Main Stream Media is not responsible enough to do investigative work to publish all the facts instead of just allowing politicians and employers score Publicity Stunt points…Shame on all those involved in the Scam.

  6. Problem with many people wanting n queuing up said

    To suck up to powers up there by waiting outside Istana just to shake the hands without sincerity and pretending to be friends n good S’poreans

  7. Telling lies to look good said

    We caught him n there r many more out there in the grassroots – more ‘good’ years to Nicolle Highway collapsing again

  8. Free Trolley said

    12 hours a day, 6 days a week is too much. This is an example of a poorly designed job where any who take up the job will practically have no life.

  9. fpc said

    Playing with statistics is a forte of the pigs. this guy is of the pap club evidently.

    • unscrupulous Singaporeans bosses said

      Anecdotally speaking, there is no reason to doubt what you said. I won’t be surprised if all bosses in Singapore are members of the evil regime.

  10. mahbok tan said

    Bullshit …. !!!

    Have read in FB too and it looks ridiculous…..12/day for 6 days work???? 72hours work lei per week. our standard working hours only 44hours per week so balance 28hours is consider OT.
    Next for 4 weeks it will be 112hours OT per month…KNN MOM sleep ka with these kind of figures….NB…!!!
    U calculate la and see whether any laws being broken by sushi sakae…..and our Ministry of Manpower have been sleeping or SS have been bullshitting….KNNBCCB to both….!!!

    • I Not Stupid said

      I agree with you. Maximum OT allowed per month is 72hrs. Sakae Sushi is breaking labour law and MOM is sleeping.

      Secondly, can the boss stand 12hrs per day 6 days a week? If he can many of us also can.

      I spoke to a waitress (Filipina) at a SS outlet. She said she was on S-Pass. I said so your pay must be S$2,000. Her reply: “No $1,200pm” Employer definately breaking a few laws!

      • unscrupulous Singaporeans bosses said

        Is it true about the Filipina waitress?

        If it is, then I strongly suggest that you get the Filipina to make a complain to MOM or maybe you can get MOM to investigate this company.

        I heard many F & B companies are doing this.

        I have also heard of foreigners doing delivery jobs for catering companies but yet holding S-Pass saying that they are managers.

        Too many fishy things going on in this country over foreign worker quotas.

        I wonder if MOM is aware of all these.

      • mahbok tan said

        Yes its true that most of this foreign rubbish standard workers are being paid according to the MOM S-pass requirement and it is also true that they will rec’d only half of that amount. As for the remaining $$$ were taken back by the employer.This is the standard industrial and retail practises all along and our MOM like kay kay and blur blur sotong only…..!!!!

        And the worst part is , SGporean have been left out DRY….!!! Isn’t this what they want …. to earn profits at all cost . They will cry baby to the GOVT that Sgporean are not willing to work due to this and that and blah blah blah….!!!
        In actual case scenario , they earned the money from these rubbish standard workers from 3rd world country.

        To out GOVT and all those that practised this ….KNNBCCB to you…..meaning good luck.

      • haha said

        why not. they would put 800 as housing grants. which is always fake -_-“

      • SUPREME LEEDER said

        U should try to blow whistle on the MOM’s site;)) Leave an anonymous note. Let’s see if action will be taken. GDP very important to PAP understand…..hehe

    • Respect our sg men and women said

      Yes, they have been sleeping…. with one another…

  11. patriot said

    Maybe, they will get Phd Applicants as well.

  12. Arun Nair said

    I don’t believe it. Never have.

    And I never patronise that place.

    I prefer places that employ Singaporeans.

    The truth is I prefer to do my shopping and dinning in JB, just live many other Singaporeans.

    If more Singaporeans follow suit, companies in Singapore that discriminates against Singaporeans would go bust.

  13. bullshit said

    wow….great company…they must be paying their manager 8000

  14. Singapuraboi said

    Washing dishes for 12 hrs? Bad for skin and even health as detergents and chemical. Unless he is talking about dish washing machines. Hey, I’d take the job if they r using machines. Not cos I m lazy but I value my health. But when I get promoted, would I get pay increase or decrease?

  15. Merlion said

    We have to think what is the whole PLOT about!!!! The PAP know that Singaporeans whom are at the low or middle class (in term of salary) are facing hard living due to the influx of foreigner and we were told during the recent Natiional Day rally that “we are rude to the foreigners”.
    If you read today Straits Time, you will see a whole page saying why business needs foreigners as they could not find local to work!!!!

    Do you see the timing of this articles being put up after the National Day Rally? The Straits Time work hand in hand with PAP!!!!!! All along, we all knew about it. The PAP will turn around and reprimand us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us stand firm against PAP.

  16. Zam said

    May be $3000 per year

  17. mani said

    I just called them. Not only dishwashing. Have to do Other misc duties such as cleaning

  18. speechless said

    [video src="" /]

    he say it is using dishwasher machine, just wash dish only. now the 3k sounded so multi tasking…

  19. Ace said

    If the $3,000 includes 112 hrs of OT per month, then the actual salary is less than $1,800/month. Stating it is $3,000/month is telling half truth and totally unacceptable. SS needs to state the exact salary and what they are paying for OT as the employee has the right not to work OT every night.

  20. Ah Huey said

    Maybe the pay includes doing Blow Job as well

  21. Goh Tong Seng said

    What does anyone expect? There’s always a catch.

  22. richard said

    If SS pay $3k per months for dishwasher,than in singapore all the sweeper or cleaner
    like town council can $2k per month for the worker lor.And the manager at SS collecting more maybe $10k per month if not the manager is not worth then a dishwasher.

  23. Alex Tong said

    This is why LKY says Singaporeans are choosy and complain kings. People offer you $3k a month, you kao peh kao bu. Gift horse staring you in the face, reject it, find ways to nitpick. No surprise why we have foreign talent – driven, hardworking and most of all: THEY DO NOT COMPLAIN.

    • mahbok tan said

      Ok say what is the different of saying something that we do not agree with complaining….!!! Its just a matter of words , just like LKY say that the glass is half full and the CPCB citizen say it is half empty….!!!

      Tell LKY la then if his salary is 2000sing dollar can support his family or not today ….???? KNN talk is easy la…when u have the authority and power in your hand…??? Now he is going to move house to condo No 6 ….tell him lah when SGpore are facing problem he can get out of hos condo No 6 or not….NB….!!!

      • Alex Tong said

        I cannot even begin to make sense of this column. The language proficiency (or lack thereof) astounds me, and there are several logical leaps in this response.

  24. Mave said

    actually should get all this FT out of singapore …now more and more Filipino in singapore some already become PR…should get them out of singapore they are no better then those PRC which is they know english then PRC…..

  25. Ken Lee said

    didn’t mention need to work like cow !
    just like fair price, told you 44 hour 6 day week but need to do ot cause no much man power! and the best thing is they call themselves worker union, but can’t even protect their own employees, how to fight for others?

  26. Mark said

    Why can’t SS shorten the working hours to attract locals to join? Many locals who are free to work do not like to work a long stretch of 10hrs/day. Anyway if we wanted to rely less on FW it’s time we have to pay higher price for most things. Compare to Japan & Nordic countries, we have been under paying yet sympathise with our low-wage workers, don’t you find we are practising hypocrisy.

  27. animal farm said

    Integrity is the issue here. Obviously it is to mislead the public and to give a false impression. Is the ceo part of the regime to drive an agenda? Think thrice before patronizing such a shop, for you will never know if the food is adulterated to cut cost.

  28. ihomes said

    how much of the $3000 is paid by way of Sakai Vouchers?

  29. prata man said

    Sakae sushi says on tv – work from noon to 9pm. I don’t go SS, but last orders most likely to be at 9.30pm. Base on that alone I can see he is talking out of his bottom. So do the dishwashers leave the dirty plates there for vermins to feast on and come and wash them only at noon the next day? Not possible.

    To have a moment of fame on television, he tried to make an impression by saying something that has impact but badly backfired and reflected bad on his integrity.

    1. $3000 includes OT, allowances and other compensation which is not mentioned
    2. It is not 9 hours 5.5 days but 12 hours 6 days work week.
    3. It is not just a dishwasher job but includes other responsibilities.
    4 If the job really starts at noon, and based on 12 hours cycle. The job ends at midnight or even later, it is an odd shift hour job.

  30. My view said

    Sometimes the employers should try out the long working days and hours themselves continuously for few weeks or a month, to see if they themselves can accept this kind of long working pattern first before deciding on the kind of work pattern. 1 day off will be too tiring, think should be resting at home, if single, will they have time for partner? if married, even they can take it, how about their family, will they have time for their spouse or children?

    Service industries should look at their work patterns first before complaining why there no Singaporeans are willing to take up those poorly designed jobs or pay. Think foreigners should also deserve a decent working hours.

  31. f&b guy said

    If manager paid 2 plus only maybe he can consider been a dishwasher for a 30% pay rise

  32. johntan said

    is it real or urban myth? ha ha , 9hours change to 12 hours , very common with this man , he like to change his words , ha ha fXXking liar. i have deal with this man and his company ,always change terms and conditions to shortchange people. Design a very heavy job workload for 4 people.

  33. Danny said

    Responses here shows how ignorant Singaporeans can be with regards to an industry that is so vital to the economy. I have been in the F&B line for 16 years and it seems that Singaporeans seems to forget that they do not want to work in this line anyway, and even when we have shatec and polys churning out graduates in the hospitality displine, only a handful of them choose hospitality as career. I have interviewed plenty of fresh grads from these institutes, and they demanded to start as supervisor even when they have no experience. I myself has asked for quotation for contractor to wash dishes for 9 hrs a day and 6 days a week. They quotations I got were between $2.7k and $3.0k for month.

    With regarding to hours, working 12-16 hours per day for 6 days a week has been very common. And if you are in a management position? You are expected to secrafice your day off if the restaurant is short of staff. Our new restaurant almost had to postpone opening because we could not find singaporeans or pr. We had many qualified Malaysian and philipine candidates, but we were forced to hire Singaporeans who are unwilling to work long hours, complain when they are displined for doing something wrong, and may simply no show the next day if they don’t want to come to work.

    In hong kong, stewarding aunties earning more than university grads are getting common.

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