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Female teacher charged with having sex with and giving oral sex to male student

Posted by temasektimes on September 13, 2012

A former school teacher from a prominent boys’ school in Singapore has been slapped with an additional eight charges after being charged with one count of having sex with a minor under the age of 16 some time in January this year.

She is now accused of having sex with the same student on three other occasions in January this year and giving oral sex twice in December 2011.

The petite woman also faces three counts of digital penetration with the teen in December last year.

The sexual encounters reportedly took place with the blessings of the student.

Both the woman and teenager cannot be named due to a court order. Earlier in court, the woman’s defence lawyer said his client intends to plead guilty.

If convicted, the woman faces the maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail and a fine, on each count.

*Illustrated pic


41 Responses to “Female teacher charged with having sex with and giving oral sex to male student”

  1. alamak said

    “January this year and giving oral sex twice in December 2001”

    after 11 yrs? if mistake better change quick, pplnow very sharp 2 c

    • Singka_Poor said

      ALAMAK ….. Your eyes needs sharpening …. it has been reported as …………….. ” She is now accused of having sex with the same student on three other occasions in January this year and giving oral sex twice in December 2011 ”

      Pls remain calm when you read the postings/blog ……………. after all , it’s the affected student who should be ” sexited “

  2. Daft Peasant said

    Nah beh cheebye!!!!

    Why last time when i at secondary school, don’t have such horny female teachers around…… my school all lau auntie……


  3. Jack said

    so many incidents in the schools, Minister Heng is spending too much time change the system, but not looking at the quality of the educators, other than the pay rise for all.

    • Idamayang said

      There are numerous other caring and selfless teachers who inspire and give so much. However, looking at the kind of simplistic, rude, nasty, shallow, superficial and insensitive remarks that are made here in the Temasek Times, maybe there is something lacking in the education system which gives birth to such a thoughtless and ungracious group of people.

  4. P Koh said

    A moment of weakness, a lifetime of regret. Sex has its ecstasy but punishment has its lasting effects. One is awesome while the other awful.

  5. Ryan Leow said


  6. Mark said

    Ok there we go ……this teacher is singapore for foreigner ? or the students are singaporeans and foreigner?.. “based on that rest of the story need to change”..

  7. She was trying to increase the population. Why punish her

  8. She should have ventured out of school mah, bodoh!
    Can also work part-time in massage parlours and get extra income.
    1 stone kills 2 birds, siah.

  9. Alvin said

    What the heck is a digital Penetration?? lol

    • Mike Zeng said

      Think the teach guided the boy to use his index finger to penetrate her vagina to feel inside it. Isn’t intercourse and fellatio sufficient? Why the need to charge her for this lurid act as well? No mercy for this lady who’s
      Obviously a nympho who can’t control her sexual desires.
      Might as well stone her! For goodness sake, she needs medical help.

    • mahbok tan said

      Is it having sex in the digital world….LOL…..!!!

  10. Ren said

    Lucky bayi!!! Even your dad also didnt have such luck in school…

  11. tony said

    Looks like she likes to swallow the vitamin of the teenager in order to prolong her youth.

  12. Lew Sin Hoe said

    I feel that this is very abnormal behavior and the teacher involved require help.

  13. Justina Tan said

    We already know which school it is. In Bishan. The boys wear white.

  14. Danny said

    Digital signal has only two levels – 0 and 1.

    So digital penetration is like 101010101010100110010101001………….. do until the 0 splits into 2, or the 1 becomes 1/2.

    Good night.

  15. NativeSingaporean said

    Isnt there an episode in criminal minds thats similar? Coo

  16. HoHee said

    Digital penetration? Someone please enlighten us. So many new techniques for hanky panky nowadays.

  17. worksmart said

    Hmmm….I wonder what school….is it some Institution with the name of the largest flower in the world and found only in Malaysia and can be smelly….

    Now I know what kind of leaders we have

  18. leyla said

    Distasteful and sick illustrated photos as always.

  19. Poor Man said

    I’m guessing the writers and editors of Temasek Times are all single and not getting laid too often. That’s why they like to live vicariously by writing about other people.

  20. Babuseng said

    The female teacher should be named. First of all, it is ridiculous that we are prosecuting her when her “victim” totally lucked out to have such a teacher. Who got harmed? And even more ridiculous, is that the court is withholding her name. If you want to prosecute sex crimes equally for both genders, then uphold the same process and don’t be sexist and release all male client’s name with the underage hooker while protecting the teacher.

  21. legion said

    Why can’t the press still want to hide the name of the school, in the name of protecting the identity of the student?
    It isn’t as if no one know about it. Raffles Institution is the name. The more that the authority is trying to hide, the more will be left for your imagination. Do you know who the boy is? Of course, no.
    But, do the people in RI know about the teacher, of course, they do. But they may still not know which boy in the soccer team was involved.

  22. dany said

    the teacher is so horny!

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