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Foreigner fined $10,000 only for molesting three SIA air stewardess

Posted by temasektimes on September 13, 2012

Ahmad Abdullah Saleh Alyasi, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates was fined a total of S$10,000 for molesting three Singapore Airlines stewardesses on August 19 this year.

He touched the buttocks of the three victims as he was walking past them and was arrested when the flight touched down in Singapore.

The prosecution proceeded with two out of three charges and Ahmad was fined $5,000 for each.


16 Responses to “Foreigner fined $10,000 only for molesting three SIA air stewardess”

  1. chiong king said

    $10000 is ONLY? That is expensive!!! Market rate is ONLY $20 tip! Can squeeze somemore

  2. JoJo said

    And none of the victims received a cent in compensation.. all proceeds go to you know who’s salaries!!

  3. P Koh said

    Very expenses touches. For S$10,000 he can obviously get more than that. This guy’s arithmetic has gone hay-wired.!!

  4. RL said

    Canning is the solution to prevent him from committing further molesting….

  5. x said

    Bulk discount. It would be $7000 had he molested only one.

  6. Ron said

    Pretty absurd. In UAE, if you commit a crime, they throw you in jail and let you rot for years before they even file charges. Search the Internet and you will find cases of wrong imprisonment of Singaporeans, one of them a woman wrongly accused of kidnapping children when she was the chaperon taking someone’s kid to UK and was transiting through Dubai. For those who issued bounced checks, each check warrants 3 years jail and there are now some in jail for up to 27 years.

    This UAE passenger was damn lucky the flight was en-route to Spore.

  7. happy said

    money talks

    with money one can get away with murder rape and crime in singapore

    this regime only sees money in their eyes

    they are blind to all others except money

    not surprising when they pay themselves millions of our tax payer money

  8. SgGuy said

    No cane or jail term?!?!??!?!?! Oh I see, cos the man is not a sinkie, thus he gets preferential treatment….. imagine if this guy is a sinkie, sure BIG BIG punishment to “deter others from committing the same crime”


  9. Fox said

    No canning?
    They do the beheading there, no?
    Is canning more violent?

  10. nb la said

    didn’t know SIA stewardess so cheap nowadays. means whoever is rich can just squeeze and grope as u want. very profitable job, especially at business class.

    i wonder if a local at economy class touch her butt, maybe get walloped by stewards and nearby passengers, ratan and fined then jailed. same 5 fingers, different treatment

  11. Zam said

    With $10,000 – He can bed with 100 of pretty and sexy chicks in Orchard towers

  12. Homer Simpson said

    I lived in Dubai for 4 years and shit like this will get you thrown in jail, beaten up and possibly butt-f**ked, where as here we allow them to get away with a mere 10,000 dollar fine.

    It is really really sad to see the country I have loved so much become a soulless void with no morals that only worships the dollar. We really need CHANGE!

    • P Koh said

      Don’t worry bro, change is coming but the National Conversation to pave the way for Change is far from what I had expected and I am also really really sad to see the country that I do loved so much still remain in the clutch of those who wanted change but are not ready for it yet.

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