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PM Lee: Discussions on ‘Our Singapore’ are off to a ‘good start’

Posted by temasektimes on September 13, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has lavished generous praises on the government-led ‘National Conversation’, saying that the discussions have kicked off to a ‘good start’.

In a comment posted on his Facebook, PM Lee urged Singaporeans to participate in the exercise:

“Do take part, and share your views on the Singapore you would like to see, a Singapore which we can all be proud of.”

The committee was led by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat who outlined the approach of the committee that will spearhead the large-scale effort to involve citizens in charting the basis of future policies, programmes and action plans.

However, no opposition politicians were invited to sit on the committee including the tame and timid Workers Party MPs who are widely regarded as belonging to the PAP’s ‘B team’.

Despite the state media going on a massive propaganda overdrive to publicize it, responses from netizens have been lukewarm so far with many dismissing it as another PR gimmick to manage public expectations and perceptions.


6 Responses to “PM Lee: Discussions on ‘Our Singapore’ are off to a ‘good start’”

  1. mahbok tan said

    We will not consider to take part in view of your GOVT attitude towards your citizen , by importing foreign talents of rubbish bin standards and also for making use of our CPF money as if it was your ancestor or dirty money that were parked in the CPF.

    Stop playing all your teochew opera / wayang-ing to your citizen as we are more open-minded than wat u tink and can understand your every move.

    KNNBCCB to you Lee…..( means good morning to you )

    • distant drums said

      I share with you my fellow feeling.Indeed Singaporeans must ask to laud the compensation and returns of around S$59 billion dollars of taxpayers monies that Tony Tan the PAP cabinet minister had lost when he was the deputy chairman and also,one of the fund manager of GIC before he was elected as the “president

      Tony Tan,spent billions of dollars of Singapore’s taxpayers monies to invest in Citigroup and UBS in January 2008 and lost this gigantic amounts of taxpayers monies without the public’s knowledge.Ironically the news were censored by the Singapore media (A monopolistic media that must be repeal)

      In my opinion,Tony Tan couldnt be elected as the ‘president’ should the mediia meet up its responsibilities to print and acknowledge the Republic,It was a “DISASTER”

  2. JG said

    Yes, of course its off to a good start. The Govt is hearing what it wants to hear!! That’s why it is off to a good start!! Suddenly, no more talk about “sacred cows” lah, dismantling GRCs lah, reducing immigration lah, etc etc. Everyone knows these are the stones we will not touch.

    BTW, the conversation in North Korea has had a good start too!! Kim Jong Il’s son is always hearing the things he wanted to hear!!

    Three cheers to our Dear Leader !!!

    • welovesingapore said

      Agree. Hit right to the note. They want to hear things that has been working for them. They are not interested to change just because the C-P C-B that they say we make. We want our rights, do it at the ballot box. That`s where the real people power is. Now all talk only,He also did one conversation after he became PM, look what happened! The floodgate was opened with no control which has affected our livelihood, potential. They make us ordinary folks worry about our rice bowl daily and compete with FT for job. Most likely they can drag on for another 5 years because there are many ignorant/gullible people around for them to con.

  3. P Koh said

    Last year the ticket to the USA Presidency was “Change” this year it is “Forward”. We are a step behind the USA as it is only now that we are talking about “Change” and should have been “Foremost” not just “Forward”. I pray that Change can come Forward in the most Foremost way.

  4. Quitus Singus Emeritus said

    Q: What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    A: A good start.

    So, perhaps a good start for the people of Singapore is work towards the goal of getting the pap mob at the bottom of the unemployment heap.

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