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Netizens called for boycott of Sakae Sushi after $3,000 dishwasher fiasco

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

Singapore netizens have called for the boycott of home-grown local Japanese restaurant chain Sakae Sushi following the $3,000 dishwasher fiasco.

During an interview with state-controlled radio station UFM 100.3 last Friday, Sakae Sushi CEO Mr Douglas Foo complained that he was unable to find any dishwashers despite a salary offer of $3,000 a month.

According to him, they are required to work 9 hours daily on a five and a half day work week.

However, when job-seekers called up Sakae Sushi to inquire about the job opening, they were told that they are required to work 12 hours daily, six days a week.

Mr Foo later said that his statement made at UFM 100.3 has been ‘taken out of context’.

In a latest update on its Facebook page, Sakae Sushi admitted that they are indeed hiring dishwashers, but they will only disclose the specific terms and conditions to ‘serious applicants’:

“In terms of disclosing the exact details of the role, we would like to disclose only to serious applicants whom we engage in the interview itself. This is to respect the privacy of our future colleagues as some may not welcome the unwanted attention and on this, we seek your kind understanding.”

Angry netizens who felt ‘conned’ by Sakae Sushi have now called for a boycott of the restaurant chain.

Some comments from Hardwarezone forumers:

“What the boss of this restaurant did is so shameful. He went to say there are no Singaporean takers for a $3000 a month dishwasher job wiping dirt off dishes before putting it into the dishwasher. This gave the impression that lowly skilled Singaporeans are fussy workers demanding too much pay…..It turned out this is a 72 hours 6 days a week job. Given 44 hours a week is the MOM legal work week, it means the worker is suppose to perform a whopping 28 hours of OT with one day of rest per week. This is $10 per hour wage lower than the lowest minimum wage in Australia, USA, etc. It is hardship money. Even if I have money I’ll never eat at this SAKAE SUSHI.” – burrito

“I ate it once in my life and stopped. Its a pathetic sad excuse for food. OMG, i rather eat tree bark than sakae.” – tremor

“I’m already boycotting that ****ty restaurant damn long time ago. That piece of **** shouldn’t be called Japanese restaurant at all.” – kingsfall


91 Responses to “Netizens called for boycott of Sakae Sushi after $3,000 dishwasher fiasco”

  1. Wicked Brain said

    This is an advertising gimmick gone out of hand?
    72 hours work week is unreasonable, wonder if MOM will interfere and check on Sakae Sushi for ill treatment of employees.

    • Free Trolley said

      workers earning 2.5k and above are not subjected to maximum working hours

    • Ashok Deepak said

      Is he trying to insult the intelligence of Singaporeans?

      Yes, we understand that Singaporeans employers want to exploit cheap foreign workers but is there a need to insult our intelligence?

      If they were serious, they would have offered $1,500 for 6 hour shifts.

      Two housewives or other Singaporeans would surely apply for the job.

      How productive can a worker be if he is made to work 12 hours for 6 days a week?

      His productiving will surely fall at towards the end of his shift.

      I abhor Singaporean employers making stupid statements to justify their need to exploit cheap foreign workers.

      You can be sure I will never patronize his shops ever again.

      And I will tell all my family and friends to do the same.

    • FTs who dun like PAP said

      I will take up the job then later sue them for ill-tread me for over working!

      • Seth Chen said

        Sure, you can do that. But first, learn how to spell “ill-treat” correctly.

      • Populist said

        What sue. Sue your grandmother lah. There is a letter of employment for you to sign before you commence employment. It is based on a willing buyer and willing seller basis. After signing if you find that the job is tough, you then said people ill treat you. What logic are you talking lah

    • Jenny said

      MOM won’t care, Foo is a good friend of PM Lee.
      He will say his words is taken out of context again.

    • welovesingapore said

      Unscrupulous employer putting up a hypocrisy front. Capitalism at the greed level. Eating raw machine prepared japanese sushi is not cuisine Food. Japan culture and hyper inflation is copied to oversea restraurant. SS has expanded so fast because material/worker cost is cheap but they charge at hyper price. SS business model is to let people sit like animal to be fed along conveyor belt system. Real Japanese restaurant do not use conveyor belt system to serve their customer and prepare the food on the spot to ensure its real freshness. Don’t be con by SS short cuts.

    • Susee said

      A certain security company also requires its staff to work 12 hrs for 6 days per week. They work their daily 8-hr shift followed by 4 hrs compulsory OT.

  2. NaBey said

    Fark! Fark that stupid frog!

  3. Vic said

    What is this Douglas Foo up to? I hear all the times small time bosses like him, crying and lamenting local singaporeans are choosy and fussy about jobs. They just want cheap labour, that’s all.
    I believe Iocal singaporeans are not wimpish when it comes to a choice of a decent earning job against unemployed and no income. But, don’t expect them to be foolish to take raw deals. I believe singaporeans shun certain jobs for their own reasons, such as first and foremost, low pays that target foreigners job-seekers, long distance from home, overly demanding overtime or non-paying overtime, unreasonable bosses.

    • Free Trolley said

      He also said the dishwashers like to take medical leave. Who doesn’t fall sick under this working condition?

    • Ooolaalaaa! said

      Ah haaa! There it is! You’ve just proven many right….local workers are choosy…

      Too far from home…don’t want! Company got provide transport or not? Don’t expect me to squeeze on the lousy MRT and bus! I’ll consider only if company sent transport to pick me up!

      Pay too low…hey I’m a university graduates leh, how can I draw such low pay? No face man! Furthermore I’ve got a high-class lifestyle to maintain, so if the company offers pay even slightly below my expectation, don’t expect me to put in my heart and soul! You pay peanuts, you get monkey, remember?

      AND…SORRY! I DON’T WORK OT…I’ve got MY life! Company short of man-power? Not my fucking problem! Company can’t get more staff? NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM!

      These are the kind of stuck-up locals I came across while employing! These locals are not only snobbish, they expect damn high from the company but did not bother to put in effort to prove that they are worthy of higher pay! Bad working attitude! HOPELESS!

      • Jenny said

        So u will work for a low pay and a place far from home? Most of the grads just want their pay to be in the market rate. U are just another fuck up boss who wants all the benefits and profits alone. Ppl like u should die seriously. Waste of oxygen.

      • Vic said

        Singaporean job-seekers are no different from other people, when it comes looking for jobs for a living. I believe singaporeans job-seekers are generally reasonable, discerning people, rather than choosy to their own detriment type. They can tell a decent job offers from a raw deal. But, eveything being equal, there are sometimes peculiar circumstance that makes one job unsuitable for one person, yet fit immensely well with one of his peers. For example, a mother of young children particularly appreciates a job at close proximity to her home, even at the expense of lower pay. A person who works in order to finance his ongoing part-time study naturally wants to avoid jobs of frequent overtime. Your caricatures of people citing frivolous excuses to refuse jobs are unreal. These are things for the slapsticks; non-existing in the practical world of the singaporean job-seekers.

  4. Peter chan said

    Even if it is the truth many of us are paid unjustly having to work over the justified hours. Somehow MOM turn a blind eyes on such happening? U think they care they just want to get cheap labours.

  5. Alex Tong said

    Dear tremor,

    (1) How do you know how tree bark tastes like? Is it woody, barky, fungus-y, or sappy?
    (2) Please eat tree bark, record it, and post it here. I would LOVE to see a video of this on The Temasek Times. Heck, I’ll even pay you $3k a month to eat it!

  6. redskevin said

    Umi sushi… very good and tasty sushi, affordable too. If you want to eat high class, go Ichiban, now a day Singapore got many choices.

  7. I guess Singaporeans really complain too much, compare those working in Big 4 Auditing what is 120 OT hours per month to them? Ask them does fresh graduate earn 3K? We suffer not just physical stress, we suffered numerous mental stress and think we could go insane any moment.

    Tell you what, I graduate from local uni with honors, I willing to work more than 84hrs per week and sometimes shift (coming back on public holidays), I even did job such as digging human faeces and rotten food waste with maggots growing on it for 6months just for my research and I am paid $2,600.

    Not only that, I am self-motivated, innovative, proposed idea for superior so that they can save or cut cost and not to mentioned never take MC for past 2 years except for 2 occasions which I am so sick that I can barely moved. I never complain about my job scope and I always try to work more than required. I have class 2 licence, knows how to troubleshoot computer (not to mention to dismantle all the parts and put them tgt), I also do know programming and advance excel and database user as I always use to analysis my data. I can do facilities management, show cleaners how to clean toilet and keep these facilities top conditions, I also carried heavy loads when my cleaners or caretakers are either too old or refuse to do these hard labour job. I can simply tell everyone, I willing to do anything, I don’t see any company willing to pay $4,000 for this kind of graduate.

    I basically think nowadays, we have been complaining too much and not willing to put down you degree to the ground and work. I am supporting with Douglas Foo, Sakae Sushi, because at least they mentioned the working hours, unlike some work place we work like dogs and OT everyday without getting OT pay because our basic is more than $2,500…

    Lastly, I like to ask my fellow Singaporeans, What do you want or see yourself in the future?

  8. Babuseng said

    Nice. Douglas Foo was caught with his pants down.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    This guy Douglas Foo is not only a LIAR but also a SLAVE MASTER disguised as a BOSS……Shame on him….I boycotted this Restaurant a long time ago and I continue to do so and encourage all I know to bycott this Restaurant……..The TV stn. has a responsibility to answer why its station aired untruths…Is the Staton in carhoots with Douglas Foo?

  10. Uniquely Singapore said

    We should boycott this restaurant! let it rot!

  11. Invictus said

    Maybe MOM should call this con man Foo for a chat on Sakae Sushi’s shady work policy. Shame on on Douglas Foo – painting Singaporeans poorly when you expect people to work slavishly for you.
    Boycott Sakae Sushi !!

  12. Kappo said

    Cannot boycott! Otherwise business bad, start retrench and more people out of job!

  13. Daniel said

    This is obviously part of the ruler’s plan, squeeze the foreign quota for low paying jobs which Singaporeans dont want, so create the environment that Singapore needs foreign workers, but for those good paying jobs which Singaporeans want, is there any quota squeeze ? Many many expats want to come here, good life, good money.

    • Populist said

      Salary of low paying job was depressed due to influx of foreign workers. Therefore, controlling the numbers of low paying jobs could actually help to boost productivity and increase the salary of people at the lower end. There is also a cap on number of S pass holders a company could able to employ. The salary scale of employment pass holders has being increasing steadily to ensure only good candidates from recognized university can be admitted into Singapore.

  14. Fed up said

    Boycott the restaurant and make the restaurant closed for good.

  15. Populist said

    Alamak Boycott public Transport also lah. There are so many bus drivers are foreigners. Singaporean should boycott public Transport. You can walk to work lah.

  16. Populist said

    Singapore Government should ban the influx of construction workers. Probably construction workers could able to climb to S$5000 a month Maybe we should impose national service to all Singaporean to work in the construction industry for 3 days in a month for male /females for age group from 21 to 70 years old

  17. Populist said

    Higher wages mean higher inflation. If you cut off foreign workers supply, I hope that inflation could shoot through the roof. It is good to see more Singaporean pay for higher cost of living by cutting the supply of foreign labor supply

    • Vic said

      I am no economist. so, I am not so sure what you postulate is necessarily true. Somehow, my thought is that cost increase is the result of demand exceeding supply wich came about from the influx of foreigners. So, If you cut off foreign workers supply and send them home, wouldn’t that reduce demand on our limited resources and thus, bring down costs and inflation?

      • Populist said

        Higher wages will lead to cost push inflation. Higher demand will lead to demand pull inflation. Are you aware that more than 70% to 80% of construction workers are foreigners. Singaporean simply will not join this 3D industry. (Dangerous, demanding and dirty.). The demand for construction workers are there, if you cut away the supply of foreigner labor, the salary costs will definitely shoot through the roof

      • Vic said

        I don’t think anyone is proposing cutting away foreign workers supply.

  18. richard said

    Feel shameful for a boss like him in singapore.Pls not singaporean don’t like to work or lazy.The main problem is they need cheap worker,cheap pay like foreign worker.They make tons of profit from cheap foreign worker now they feel the pain to intake singaporean.Ten years ago singaporean can do the job now cannot this is bull shit.Is the wages problem.Make minimum wages at $2,300 per month complusary see how employer make noise.In singapore cost of rental are very high,COE,ERP this force employer to find cheap foreign worker.

  19. Eddie said

    I guess a lot plates and dishes are use without washing!

  20. Ron said

    It is against labor laws to have to work 12 hours shift for six days every week. MOM should look into this matter. It is not about pay, it is about being a caring employeer. It amounts to 72 hours of work per week, far beyond the 44 hours under standard time.

    And overtime is paid at 1.5 times and holidays are 2x hourly rate

  21. Kkl said

    Boycott HDB flats as they are being constructed mainly by foreign workers

  22. Lucinda Goh said

    I have never eaten at Sakae Sushi before as I think it is rather pricey for something that is not even authentic at all.

  23. whitehorse said

    Wonder how come this farked up restaurant can hire so many pinoys

  24. Converse said

    If he did not mean to insult Singapore workers and support FTs, why did he GO ON RADIO to say he cannot find workers? THIS IS A PUBLICITY STUNT!

  25. Homer Simpson said

    Sucky-sushi u mean, they do not even qualify as japanese, rather some fake hybrid of god knows what.

    Rubbish food, rubbish management, rubbish company in general. Go to sushi-tei instead.

  26. Victoria said

    I am boycotting sakae sushi. Shitty resturant, shitty morals

  27. Dishwasher said

    Douglas Fool was in the news in 2007.

    Another major Thai Village shareholder has changed his mind about selling shares to the sushi chain operator.

    ‘Popiah king’ Sam Goi yesterday said he will not sell his 4.8 per cent stake in Thai Village.

    He said his decision came after communication between Thai Village’s major shareholders and Apex-Pal chief executive (CEO) Douglas Foo had broken down in the six months since the deal was signed.

    Still, Apex-Pal appears to be going ahead anyway as it announced that it will hold a special shareholders’ meeting on July 23 to vote on its offer.

    ‘I have called him more than 20 times over the past few months but he has not returned any of my calls,’ said Mr Goi, referring to Mr Foo.

    ‘Mr Lee Tong Soon has called more than 100 times and he has not got any response either,’ added Mr Goi, referring to Thai Village’s managing director. ‘How do you do a deal with a person who never returns your calls?’

  28. Shuu said

    “I ate it once in my life and stopped. Its a pathetic sad excuse for food. OMG, i rather eat tree bark than sakae.” – tremor

    Totally agree. Even without this fiasco, I will never go to suckae. Their food is so bad I’ve always wondered why people still bother to go there. I’d rather eat fried rice at a hawker center.

  29. drtgergt said

    Sake already drop status no longer a jap food but a junk food… Food not on standards. Quality of Food i guess feed dogs also dont want to eat

  30. 过路人 said

    $3000 a month is a lot for dishwasher but look at the numbers of hours you have to work to make that kind of money!!!
    Sorry but I feel Sakae Sushi is a heartless company. Does it ever cross the boss’s mind the physical and mental demand of working 12 hours a day 6 day job?

    • Small time boss! said

      Has it occur to you that there must be a difference in pay according to the amount of responsibility you hold? How much responsibility are there washing dishes? It must be quite a heavy responsibility at least from Sakae’s perspective! Clean hygenic plates and bowl are utmost importance to a restaurant ESP in Singapore! The 3K pay must mean something! A boss can’t expect anything less for that kind of pay he offers right? As for the super long working hours, can somebody provide prove?

      • Respect our sg men and women said

        u, a blind mean boss. Pick up that bloody phone of yours and call that bloody company to hear it yourself. Many had done so. Need more concrete prove???

    • Vanda Loong said

      Exactly! He admits that the work is very physically demanding and yet he insists on 12 hours work a day? 6 days a week!

      It is obvious to decent Singaporeans that he doesn’t want a worker but a slave.

      Wouldn’t it be better to offer 2 Singaporeans a job for 6 hours a day?

      If he did offer Singaporeans $1,500 for 6 hours of work a day, I’m sure many Singaporeans would be happy to work there.

      Don’t tell me that a foreigner, although he is willing to accept a much lower salary and be exploited, will be just as productive at the end of his 12 hour shift as when he started.

      He will be very exhausted.

      We shouldn’t exploit others just because they are desperate for a job.

      Split the 12 hours work into 2 6 hours shifts and offer it to Singaporeans, I say.

      • Vic said

        @Vanda Loong. Your idea of splitting the 12 hours-work into 2 nos x 6 hours works at $1,500 each for Singaporeans is a good idea. The only problem is there isn’t this $3,000 dishwasher job to start with. It is just a publicity stunt.

      • ooooohlaaaalaaaa! said

        @过路人 & Vanda Loong High pay naturally comes with heavier responsibility and longer working hours…its only fair right?! You yourself said that $3000 for dishwasher is a lot…Yet you claim that Mr Foo’s Sakae Sushi is a heartless company…mind you…he didn’t force you people to joint right? He offered the high pay to attract people who can take hardship…not any soft sissy and lousy pussy! If I’m the boss of Sakae Sushi, YOU WILL NEVER EVEN MADE IT ON MY LIST FOR CONSIDERATION! You people are just a bunch of jealous good for nothing! Why don’t you set up a company and offer $3000 for someone to wash dishes or mop the floor…Let everyone see how long you can tahan! You people’s FUCKING EGO is super big…in fact bigger than those who are better achieve!

        You are the good example of the typical LOUSY SINGAPOREAN!

      • ooooohlaaaalaaaa! said

        Oh yessss I almost forgot…I hope none of the company in Singapore will ever employ people like you…You want high pay but short working hours, no responsibility preferably…You are no different from a leach, except…the leach might offer some therapeutic effect to certain ailments…you…on the other hand…had none to offer!

      • Seraphim said

        I agree with Vic, is there a 3k cleaner job in the first place? It does not make sense if they are paying that much to a cleaner when you do the math.

        Part timers are normally paid higher if not the same compared to full timers as they do not enjoy the benefits of full timers (No CPF, sick leave, bonus, etc and being called in irregularly). Their part timers are paid 6 dollars on weekdays and 7 dollars on weekends with 3 dollars for food allowance if working more than 8 hours. Unless Sakae Sushi can tell me they are paying their part timer lesser than their perm employees or they are saying TRS is making a false snapshot in the link provided.

        Here is a rough calculation
        3 000/ 4 weeks
        Meal allowance of 3 dollars for all 7 days = 21 dollars.
        Weekend of 12 working hours each = 168
        750 – 168 – 21 = 561.
        561 / 6 = 93 hours of working on weekdays.
        93/5 = 18 hours a days.

        So it is possible by working 18 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours on week ends to hit that quota. Of course, you can attack this calculation stating that it is based on a 28 days working month or maybe that person work a lot more on weekends. So do your own calculation on a 31 days working month or add more working hours during the weekends and you will notice it hardly make any differences. (Maybe 1 hour difference a day, which is still absurd)

        From what I see, it is just a marketing strategy with intention to justify the continuous import FT and putting down Singaporeans.

      • Seraphim said

        Mod, just wondering, why is the link deleted?

  31. jaded said

    hahaha egg on his face LOL

  32. Tichy said

    Sakae sushi is sucky sushi anyway

  33. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    ’12 hours daily, six days a week’ washing dishes – too unreasonable ! even a dishwashing machine will also breakdown easily !

  34. Singaporean said

    Do anyone here know which restaurant employs Singaporeans first? Would like to patrolise this kind of restaurant.

  35. Mark said

    Ah Foo have to eat his own shit now! I cannot respect him & his SS brand anymore. This is the result of our dear papaya govt feeding him with cheap heroin for so long that he can’t innovate anymore, and he has to blame locals for fussy on choosing jobs. Ah Foo, we are not one-eyed dragon nor stupid, please treat your own people with respect; we may be poor but don’t over-promise on one hand & under-deliver on the other.

    • Small time boss! said

      U R just jealous because he is a fellow Singaporean and a better one…he provide work for you locals. What did you provide? You only make noise! Fuck off loser!

  36. I Not Stupid said

    The CEO said he could’nt find S’porean dishwashers even at $3,000pm salary. He gave the impression that S’porean workers are choosy. But 300 people applied for the job as soon as it was reported in ST. It shows what he said was untrue.

    He said the job is 9hrs a day 6 days a week. But his Brands & Communications Manager said the work hrs are 10am to 10pm, 12hrs a day 6 days a week. It shows the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

    SS should be more transparent. State clearly the basic salary, allowance (if any), work hrs. How is this $3,000pm arrived at? Instead of hiding behind the excuse “disclose details to serious applicants only”. I guess the basic is low with high overtime work – something they feel ashame to disclose.

    I believe SS must be making tons of profit. There is no incentive to increase wages when foreign workers are so easy to come by. Employers are not doing enough to help local workers.

    In an earlier comment I wrote that I asked a waitress (Filipina) her pay. She said she was paid $1,200pm on an S-Pass. This is a violation of Employment of Foreign Workers Act.

    This is a clear case of a greedy employer and exploitation of workers.

    • Small time boss! said

      You are fucking stupid! Why dun u tell us, how much should you be paid for being a pinoy working on an S-pass as a waitress here in Sg? S$3000 ? Then we might as well relocate to the forest in Borneo Island and employ orang utans!

      • I Not Stupid said

        If I am fucking stupid, you must be a fucking idiot. You breath fire and talk through your dirty arse. You are fucking toxic. Why asked me how much I expect to be paid as a Pinoy waitress on an S-Pass? That’s a fucking idiotic question to ask.

        With effect from 1 July 2012, the minimum salary of an S-Pass holder is $2,000pm. You pay her $1,200pm.

        I guess you make her sign a salary voucher acknowledging she received $2,000pm when in reality she received only $1,200pm? I bet you’ve warn all your S-Pass employee never to admit their salaries are $1,200pm but say $2,000pm if asked.

        And do you withhold your foreign workers’ passport?

        MOM would like to drink coffee with you. Don’t be fucking rude and cocky, you fucking idiot!

  37. nb la said

    boycott it long ago liao, still wonder why got Q nowadays. the young punks if cannot afford higher-class sushi, consider takeaway like Edo Sushi, taste much better.

    I still remember back then, their red plate is 4.95 for 4 pieces of whatever sushi. then they say red plate offer at 3.95 but became 3 piece. anyone who know maths know u are undercharged liao. it is not offer when u reduce price AND quantity at same time. in fact, it got more expensive.

    screw the frog… listed company as apex or something. What’s the owner’s full name? Douglas Foo Ling You?

    • Small time boss! said

      You still need to wonder why SS still got Q nowadays?! Let me tell you…BECAUSE NOT ALL SINGAPOREANS ARE AS NARROW-MINDED AND JEALOUS LIKE YOU! Many are still willing to support local business! We’re all Singaporeans man! Shouldn’t you be supporting your own fellow Singaporeans? Or you would rather support one that’s owned by the Bloody Japanese?

      • Seraphim said

        Small Time Boss!, it seems you are either affiliated with Sakae Sushi or you are a crazy fan of it. I noticed the comments you made are filled with emotion rather than reasoning. and don’t try to play the nationalism card when the country is not taking care of their own countrymen.

        Isn’t it normal to go to go for the store that gives a better offer? Blame the store itself if it cannot produce better offers than the other store. If Edo Sushi can do it, why can’t Sakae Sushi?

    • hotelguest said

      Its Apex Pal

  38. ed said

    i agree witb almost everything you say until “long distance from home” what? come on how big is Sg?

  39. Singapuraboi said

    Yes stop supporting sakae sushi. There u go about unreasonable employers who twist the facts around and blame locals for being fussy. These rogue employers come up with truly unreasonable terms and conditions and expect people to take the bull. Hope the boycott will be a success. Let’s stand united as a nation and send the message to them that they can’t treat us with such indignity and also send a message to MOM to wake up.

  40. SakeSushiGoodForDogFood said

    I’ve stopped eating Sakae Sushi many many years ago. It is crap food that is only good to feed my dog. Give me a McDonalds burger anytime, and I will eat it but not Sakae Sushi.

    • u r a piece of junk! said

      So you like American junk food huh! Obviously you think with your nuts…not your brain! Shall we see how many days can you continue eating those lousy junk food! Good Luck!

  41. TheSushiGourmet said

    Try real sushi from Japan, or even the better sushi restaurants in Singapore.
    Then, you will ask yourself the question.
    Why have you been eating crap from Sakae Sushi for these years?

  42. chua said

    This is a big Con-Job publicity to aid the current CON-versation propoganda campaign. There will be more Mr Fool helping out N.C. Watch out…people.

  43. Ren said

    Sake Sushi is already serving crap to boot…So no nid to boycott…

  44. Local said

    Isn’t slavery against the law??

    • A G Young said

      A $3,000 salary for a post of Dish washer? He is talking COCK! Can not afford to pay an Singaporean kitchen helper more than $1,500 pm unless you are prepared to work 12hrs x 6 is just $1,800 only!

  45. Notthissushi said

    Tried once, and never step in again

  46. Cht said

    This is just a disgusting plot to give the govt wrong impression I am not going to this shop anymore

    • Vic said

      It’s all done to support the establishment’s perpetual claims that Singapore needs the “hard driving” and “hard striving” foreigners to come save our economy.

    • Vic said

      I am saying Douglas Foo is very probably ‘ka ki nang’, doing this act to curry PAP’s favour. Note that Douglas Foo appeared in the National Conversation with PM on CNA.

      • unedited hard truth said

        Douglas Foo is hoping for PM to endorse Sakae Sushi as the caterer for istana functions and PAP get-together tea sessions.

        Having said that, Douglas Foo has to first convince LKY that his Sakae Sushi is at least edible or the old man won’t choke on it.
        > sushi is supposedly part of LKY’s diet <

  47. Singaporean said

    yes!! we are taking it out of context…. Douglas didn’t explain that it should be in the context of a joke ?

  48. Singaporean said


  49. Douglas Foo was only seriously joking! But we singaporeans are not amused by his joke. I am keen to apply for that $3,000.00 per month job if not for the 12-hour work week and 6 days per week.

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