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PM Lee to ‘engage’ Singaporeans from ‘all walks of life’ on TV forum

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

As part of the government’s ‘National Conversation’, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be holding a TV forum called “A Conversation With PM Lee” on Friday to meet Singaporeans from ‘all walks of life’ to discuss the future of Singapore.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat and Members of Parliament Indranee Rajah and Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar are the other panellists at the forum hosted by Channel NewsAsia.

Among the participants are business leaders, professionals, tertiary students and new citizens. It is not known how they are selected.

At the recent National Day Rally, Mr Lee had said that the government aims to engage as many Singaporeans as possible to discuss the nation’s future.

However, it appears that opposition politicians are not included in the conversation including MPs from the PAP’s subsidiary party, the Workers Party though they are Singaporeans who pay taxes as well.

Channel NewsAsia is a broadcast station under MediaCorp which is owned by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings headed by PM Lee’s wife Ho Ching.


20 Responses to “PM Lee to ‘engage’ Singaporeans from ‘all walks of life’ on TV forum”

  1. mahbok tan said

    That’s is the main problem with our current political system , even though we inherited from the British (westminister style) , but we are not practising it accordingly instead it was modified to suit their own polictical agenda…that is opposition political party are pariah in their own country.
    Hopefully the day will come when they are demoted to be an opposition party and the pariah stigma will stick to them and their following generation.

    • glenda said

      if workers party is subsidiary party. what do you call dr chee’s achievement. he only made sdp disappear from having 3 mps to 0 mps once he became the chief. this is his greatest achievement. dr chee should pass the leadership of the party to a young leader so that sdp will be recognized by the people. i hail the achievement of mr low from 1 seat to 6+2. TT should focus more on praising sdp rather than belittling wp. it is irritating and not constructive.

      • Goh Tong Seng said

        One of the MPs ’disappeared’ because Chiam defected to a party founded by loyalists. He continued to be in parliament until his retirement just last year.

  2. Angry Citizen said

    Again he’s going to talk behind the BOX.

  3. P Koh said

    Never mind who they want to exclude if what is being done to change the course of our destiny can be acheived, this would be a great day for all Singaporeans. Claiming not sharing credit as well as the burden, is the ruling party’s perogative and who are we to question it.

  4. Poon said

    If WP is the subsidiary party of PAPigs, then I think SDP is the indisputable subsidiary party of many foreign countries political parties, since they always collude and align themselves with foreign political parties, pressure groups and NGOs. Nevertheless, can’t expect TTT as a SDP stooge to say anything nice about any other party except the freaky SDP!

  5. Naivety said

    This is obviously a wayang kulit act put inplace by the Pro Alien Party to appease native citizens’ anger & unhappiness given the recent events and those failed & flawed policies implemented especially the Pro Foreigner Immigration Policy which the PAP had never admitted in the 1st place!

    And the NC with 50 participants from all walks of life whom are specifically & carefully chosen & fielded by the PAP themselves would tell you how sincere this PR exercise will be…a completely waste of time & tax payer monies for everyone!

  6. spotlessleopard said

    OK understood , it would seemed to mean that “All Walks of Life” will exclude Politicians from the Opposition Parties…….hmmmm

  7. Jaded said

    wayang kulit!!!

  8. Daft Peasant said


    They will conquer all the bloody singapore channels on the tv……

    anyway, i don’t watch singapore channel long long time ago….

  9. alamak said

    Now everytime hear gahmen wan engage engage’.’I not sure meaning of ‘engage’, so look up dittonairy. seem not only going steddy and future marry produce babies, also got other meanings like ‘

    ‘to betroth – They were engaged last week.’
    s); enter into conflict with: Our army engaged the enemy.

    So whch one which one ah?

  10. Wong said


  11. ngpy said

    Another wayang show coming on TV with kaki-nang

  12. Dulan Pee-A-Pee said

    Tonight again?
    Oh! Then I better watch PP Stream or PPTV, since all TV programs will be conquered again as the ND rally staring at the 皮笑肉不笑 face.

  13. Scaramouche said

    First, will the organisers, the PAP (even if it’s CNA, it’s still govt), be inviting the opposition party?
    Second, why are they always using the same stable and the same stableboys? Why don’t they bring in some others not affiliated to their stableboys to join in and make it less partisan? Even the moderator SHOULD NOT BE from CNA but from a neutral party, a PR agency, perhaps. Then, it will be more audience-friendly. More democratic.

  14. Singkaypoh said

    See how they “engaged” Prince William at Queenstown I oso know liao….

  15. Goh Tong Seng said

    *sarcastically* Is he going to propose to all of us?

  16. legion said

    To no one’s surprise, PM Lee has emphasised that the National Conversation is NOT about slaughtering sacred cows. He said this at the end of the APEC leaders’ summit in Russia.

    As I’ve stressed many times before, the core value of the ruling regime is one of repression. Many things like the law against peaceful assembly and association as guaranteed in our Constitution, gerrymandering, GRC, control of the unions and newspapers and so on emanate from this core value of repression.

    PM Lee did not specify which sacred cows he was referring to but Singaporeans and the world knows so there wasnt any need to be coy about it

    For instance, the whole world knows of the lack of press freedom in Singapore. This is one very sacred cow that the regime will never let go.

    Faced with waning popularity and massive public dissatisfaction in any other democratic country a challenger from within the party would arise to challenge the incumbent PM. But not in a repressive party.

    So if we are not going to talk about fundamental issues what will we be talking about? How to prevent vice spreading from Geylang to Orchard Road? Road safety for cyclists? Kindness and graciousness?

    National Conversation, as the grand-sounding term implies, should be about fundamental issues like press freedom, political reform etc.

    The National Conversation was the name given to the Scottish Government’s public consultation exercise regarding possible future changes in the power of the devolved Scottish Parliament and the possibility of Scottish independence, a policy objective of the Scottish National Party, who at the time were the minority government with power over devolved affairs in Scotland, as the Scottish Government. It culminated in a multi-option white paper for a proposed Referendum (Scotland) Bill, 2010 (Wikipedia)

    Increasingly, ours is beginning to take on the appearance of a National CON-versation.

  17. Confucius said

    Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.
    Variant Someone who is a clever speaker and maintains a ‘too-smiley’ face is seldom considered a humane person.

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