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PRC national jumped to her death with six-month old baby in her arms in Sengkang

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

A tragic suicide took place in Sengkang yesterday when a 33 year old Chinese woman jumped to her death together with her baby from twenty five floors high.

Their bodies were found on the roof of the central rubbish chute. Paramedics pronounced them dead at the scene.

The woman came from China and was married to a Singapore man last year March. She gave birth to the baby in March this year.

Neighbors who know the couple claimed that they were very loving and never heard them quarrel. It is not known what driven her to take such a desperate act.




56 Responses to “PRC national jumped to her death with six-month old baby in her arms in Sengkang”

  1. Ah Gong said

    Pity she did not commit suicide in Bedok Reservoir. That could have added on to the current tally.

  2. Wong said

    I really feel for the family 😪 Is it likely to be suffering from postnatal depression ? Rest in peace ! 安息 !

  3. Zam said

    I guess its becoz of the torture by her husband

  4. Mikey said

    One less Pig Relocated from Cheena to fuck the country up.

  5. NaBey said

    Sorry PAP, 1 baby less !!!

  6. Steven Foo Si Ming said

    My wife is from China so this is no good news ok.. please take this news down TTR.

  7. P Koh said

    Speculations do nothing good to such news. It is always sad to see or hear the death of a human being let alone an innocent baby. Nobody knows what goes in the mind of the suicide victim before she took the plunge and we can only pray that she is well rested in wherever her spirit has taken her to. God Bless her soul and that of her unfortunate child.

  8. Veera said

    While I am not a pro foreign talent or PAP supporter… It is absolutely heartless to see many crude comments on this unfortunate incident… where the baby was in her hands…. While the mothers decision to end her life may be her choice… THE BABY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG TO DESERVE THIS CRUEL ENDING… My sincere heartfelt prayers to the Baby… As soon as you came onto this earth… Your mother failed to keep you safely in her arms and now may you return to the Almighty Lord, to be safer in His Arms…

  9. RIP said

    May she rest in peace. Post natal depression is real. Please do not post insensitive comments. Not all things are political. Not all foreigners are bad. Plz

  10. legion said

    something is inside the house ..

  11. B Chan said

    Have some decency people!! Do not make fun of peoples’ misfortune.

  12. Wolfglare said

    Good news one less PRC trash in Singapore

    • junior said

      good news. one more singapore local trash.

    • hotelguest said

      Hey Wolfglare arse….we may make fun of PRC in other ways or situation but don’t you dare cross the line over such issues….By say this, your own wife and child in future will do the same thing…

      Its people like you who cause Sillypore to regress…..anyway…why do we care…your own family will jump the block next time….and I already have made North America my home….and hmmm PRC seems to make a good second home

      Sillypore sucks because of people like you…small things pleases small brains

      • Mikey said

        And who are you to tell people what they can or cannot do?

        I want to cross the line leh.. how? Song bo?

        Also, try to come up with better come backs, rather than just cut and paste.. lol.

      • B Chan said

        YOU are inciting racial hatred Mikey with your comments. This is against the LAW. You think your comments are “funny”. Just wait and see how the law deals with you.

  13. Sam Gunner said

    Moral of the story…

    don’t build tall buildings.

    • P Koh said

      You mean go to Bedok Reservoir instead. Too over- crowded already. You also mean – for one dead person, the country should not build tall buildings. Which moral of the story are you importing from.?

  14. We need healthy immigrant policy! said

    We need healthy immigrant policy!
    Sad to hear this type of news.

    But why this happened?

    We need to look indept into our immigration policy, and the impact had to for both foreigners and Singaporeans. What ever party suffered, either foreigners or local Singaporeans, this could be avoided if we have sound, healthy immigrant policy.
    Not bring problem to Singapore, to Singaporeans, to foreigners as well.

  15. hipomushroom said

    feel so shame for those heartless Singaporean making all those comments, you are no different from those heartless PRC.. You are throwing the face of the Singaporean …

  16. B Chan said

    Temasek Times – SHAME ON YOU!!!!! I thought you should be moderating comments on this blog. With such despicable comments on such a tragedy, you still allow such post!! You can voice opinions against government polcies etc. but not being racist or unsympathetic to tragedies happening to a family. It is really a slap on the face for the majority of Singaporeans who are compassionate. The vicious comments by this small group of people have tarnish Singapore.

    If this blog wants to have greater credibility PLEASE post relevent debates or issues by readers.

  17. It’s a pity my poor bangala rubbish cleaner friend had to clean up the bloody mess. We should take the lesson from the casino operators, RWS and MBS. They are built near or beside the sea. Gamblers can afford to loose all their money, including the return taxi fares, then jump into the nearby sea to commit suicide. No bloody mess and my bangala friend will not be inconvenienced. Eco friendly too.

  18. Mikey clearly was badly brought up and his callous and wicked comments spring from a small heart and a big mouth. He shd wise up reading this little storey below.
    An undertaker lamenting his poor business knocked on one of his coffins and cried, “Please, please, more business, please…”. A passerby, hearing his lamentations, responded, “Yes, more business, made up by your family members, no one else.” And one by one, the ‘prophesy’ was fulfilled as the ‘black plague’ swept the village and killed every member of the undertaker’s family.
    So never ever wish ill of anyone as it may rebound on urself. As the saying goes, evil begets evil. Or, beware ‘karma’.

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