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Record sales for Dr Chee Soon Juan’s new book ‘Democratically Speaking’

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

Singapore’s much maligned opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan used to be shunned by fellow Singaporeans in public, but now they are mobbing him for his autographs and to lay their hands on his latest book ‘Democratically Speaking.’

Dr Chee has been selling his books at Raffles Place for the past three days and managed to sell all of them.

In an update on his Facebook, Dr Chee wrote:

“We made another record breaking sales today – all thanks to you! After paying off the production costs for the book, we still have $8,000 to date in the kitty to pay LKY and GCT. But we can’t ease up now, we have to press on.”

Dr Chee was bankrupted by a series of defamation suits filed by former Prime Ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong in 2006. The duo has since accepted his offer of $30,000 settlement which Dr Chee is raising through the sales of his book.



35 Responses to “Record sales for Dr Chee Soon Juan’s new book ‘Democratically Speaking’”

  1. Angry Citizen said

    Wait for 4, I coming down on 24Sep2012.

  2. Angry Citizen said

    Wait for me, I coming down on 24Sep2012.

  3. teo cheap buy said

    Nice to heard that

  4. Jerry Beguia said

    Dr Chee, please print more copies of your book.

    They have been selling like hotcakes and I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on an autographed copy yet.

    I am sure that an autographed copy of your book will be worth a small fortune in a few years time when you become Prime Minister of Singapore.

    Many thanks for your unselfish and tireless work to make Singapore a more democratic country.

    May Almighty God bless you.

  5. Poon said

    OK, now the Inland Revenue Department should do something about the earnings…CSJ, will you pay tax for the income derived from your sales?

    • nb la said

      since he is in negative equity, how to tax him? if income from sales is liable for taxes, then his owed amount during bankruptcy can it be used to offset future income?

      Just donated $10 via paypal. my small effort but hope every little bit goes a long way. go people, speak up like never before. this sends a strong message to the government that we are no keyboard heroes or online noises but people on the streets are unhappy with how things are now.

      on the other hand, if the government is doing a good job and fair to all, support for Dr Chee will not be at an all time high. This is not saying he is not doing anything useful or a bad job. Alternatively, if they are good, Dr Chee will be supportive of them as well for he is not a power hungry person. I have been a PAP supporter all my life, taught since young nothing but PAP can bring us forward, which i strongly believed in. Dr Chee is a jackass creating trouble in singapore. This could be true when things are rosy. Time has proven Dr Chee has seen into the future much earlier than us and not creating trouble.

      I hereby apologise to Dr Chee via this platform for such bias views towards him, though i must admit your previous style of running election is dangerous and not widely accepted by Singaporeans. It seems to me you have matured over the years and proven yourself to be worthy of my support. Thanks for your undying passion, thanks to your wife for her unwavering support, for you would not have come to current stage without her rallying behind you. The Junior Chees have gone through much despite their young age, ridiculed by classmates over the years, still they believe in you.

      I appeal to all to support this worthy cause, be it support for Dr Chee or show of unhappiness towards the present government. As the saying goes, “enemy of enemy is a friend”. By supporting Dr Chee, you are directly telling the current government we are not happy with how things goes, despite what the press or CNA is saying “70% of people who met with PM Lee feel the future generation has a good future in singapore”.

      I love Singapore, Majulah Singapura

  6. Wong said

    Keep it up ! 加油。

  7. Zam said

    Good Luck CSJ. I will buy a book too.

  8. P Koh said

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. How long is he going to be selling his book at Raffles Place? Would like to buy a copy to read too. Stay politically relevant for the good of the country and contribute meaningfully and he should be in good stead.

  9. well done said

    Dr Chee, I just finished reading your book, it was a good read.
    I will pass it on to my fellow S’porean friends and colleagues.

    • Goh Tong Seng said

      Why don’t you get them to buy a copy each?
      The Doctor needs the money.

    • oldguard said

      Friend, keep it for memory, get your friend to buy one unless he cannot afford or but one for him/her, that will help CSJ to reach his target.

    • Well done said

      Some may not buy but if it is free, they may read it. Not many people like us will buy and read his book.

      • compatriot said

        Well Done my fellow feeling friend,the Book,if you like when its for free,dont you realize that there will be unsound political implications

        I would suggest to Dr Chee I would pay in advance including the postage cost of the Book and have it delivered to my mailing address in this way Singaporeans can raise that available funds to necessitate the (administration)

  10. Poor Man said

    which record? Bookworm Books record or the True Singapore Ghost Stories record?

  11. Ron said

    Sell it on Amazon. Even if it means a bit more for postage, he can reach out to thousands more. It will cost time and money anyway to travel down to Raffles Place just buy his book.

  12. Lim Chye said

    CSJ has the potential to be our Mandela.

  13. jaded said

    dear dr chee, thanks for speaking up for us singaporeans and pls press on

  14. Cher said

    Don’t be too happy yet! Ah Lee and Ah Goh have accepted your offer. But both are going through your book, and soon you will receive another defamation suit from Ah Singh asking for more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    • P Koh said

      Let us not create and stir up unnecessary trouble. Things are doing fine and you need not stir up muddy water but stay congruent to the cause of making Singapore a really democratic society for all Singaporeans to enjoy. The ruling party is not bad but could be better and have recently stumbled on the way due to haste to improve on economic situation and authorative governorship but they are surely and slowly changing for the better. With Dr. CSJ’s progressive intrusion for better governance, things should improve further and we all should support this call for improvement.

    • Edmund said

      Yah Ah Lee and Ah Goh will read it very carefully and then will find faults in the book and asked Dr Chee to furnish proof and if Dr Chee is unable to show the evidence,then time for Lee and Goh to sue him again and it will come back to square one again – masuk jail – just before 2016 election – so no chance to contest again

      • compatriot said

        I say let us stay out of being negativism.Think positive and Change will come

      • DIY said

        If Ah Lee and Ah Goh secretaries found unsubstantiated comments in the book then Dr CSJ will deny the outcome. His only recourse would be to blame the publisher. Finally the publisher would swear he has nothing to do with the content. He would just blame it on the Devil’s Workshop.

        You get my point.

  15. boh tong said

    Wa Dr. Chee your book must be interesting since they are all sold out. I will get a copy if you republish it.

  16. Confessor said

    Will his book outsell LKY’s hard truth ? only time will tell.

    • amazon salesman said

      LKY’s ‘Hard Truths’ will be repackaged as low cost toilet rolls, promoted as multi purpose and at very affordable price. Hence can any author including Dr Chee outsell LKY ? What do u think?

  17. Duncan said

    I, myself bought one too.

  18. jw2827 said

    I will never buy this guy’s book. Not a credible politician.

  19. Sinkaporean said

    Hi DR CHEE
    Where else can I find your book sir? I’d love to read it! Please advice. Thank you.

  20. I believe the Income Tax Department is keeping a finger at Chee Soon Juan and trying to fix him up for whatever reasons they can find. Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong will be absolved of their crimes and all focus will be on IRAS. Smart idiots LKY and GCT

  21. Ray said

    Dr. Chee was at Raffles City shopping centre (near the City Hall MRT entrance) during lunch time selling his book. The security came and tried to chase him away. But he was still there selling his book while waiting for the police. I bought and got his signature. Go, Dr. Chee!

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