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Singaporeans now feeling more stressed and overworked

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

Singaporeans are now feeling more stressed and overworked as compared to six months ago, according to a poll done by an online job portal JobsCentral.

Polling some 2,281 respondents, 83.3 percent said that their work stress has also increased in the last six months.

Two-thirds of Singapore workers said their workload has increased when compared with six months ago, according to a survey by online job portal JobsCentral.

Sixty per cent of the respondents reported that they stay in the office for at least an hour after work hours at least three days a week while one in three said they bring their work home to complete.

The second part of the survey reveals that one in four Singapore workers feel bullied at work.

Seventy-four per cent of the respondents who said they were bullied indicated that colleagues are the biggest bully. Sixty-two per cent of them said that they were bullied by their superiors and 21 per cent said they were bullied by their clients.

Common bullying behaviours reported by respondents include unfair and biased allocation of workload, verbal abuse and personal attacks, ostracising, wrongful accusation, abuse of seniority or power, and gossip.


9 Responses to “Singaporeans now feeling more stressed and overworked”

  1. mahbok tan said

    Dear all Sgporean ,

    WELCOME to the land of “Swi(ng)ssgapore” , the brain child of GOH C. Tong.
    He is a visionary and have manage to transform singapore to be just like the “SWISS STANDARD” of living. Unfortunately before he manage to achieve the “swiss standard” of living , another Lee have taken over and thus swinging away to another vision of tranformation….and in ten years time will be called CHINKAPODAH.

    Enjoy your stay and please do not be too stress …you just need to work till u die….!!!

  2. Singapuraboi said

    U’d think with more and cheaper FTs, people would work shorter hours. What happened? Employers all claimed that they can afford to hire 3 FTs on the salary of one local.

  3. Not Surprise said

    The reason for all these things happening is that the employment act DO NOT protect employee, period. Look at one employee being terminated, let assume that he/she make a mistake whether major or not. Once the employer is not satisfy, they could just terminated without giving the employee a chance to learn from mistake. Furthermore, no compensation in this area apart of the usual once month. It should be more balance play between employee and employer. Anyway, PAP will only think of growth, reason their bonuses depend on it. therefore, PAP will protect the rich and discriminate the poor as you can read a lot such story popping out in the new media. This is PAP mission. National Conversation is just wayang conversation to tame Singaporean for as long as possible. Mark my word, there is not going to be any significant change. Being seeing this for the last 30 years…..

  4. Zam said

    Singapore is good for FT’s only.

  5. Lim said

    How not to feel overworked when you don’t have good worklife balance? With people like Sakae Chief who works wash dishers to death with such long hours for his $3k how not ot feel stressed? He just wants to put down Sporeans as choosy refusing jobs despite high salaries he is willing to pay – while omitting to tell the MPs about the total hours a week he is demanding from them for that kind of money. Is it legal to overwork worker to death MOM?

  6. P Koh said

    With shrinking income due to competition for jobs by FTs and increasing cost of housing caused by influx of FTs, we can only expect stress, anxiety and frustrations and who is to be blamed?

  7. Exaggerated said

    While the ruling failed to create a balance labour policy, union is incline towards the ruling party. It is obvious people will be bullied. They cannot do anything because the whole system fails the citizens, at work, at home and in living. The cost of living are shooting up and salary depreciating, citizens cannot stop working and fear being taken off their jobs. This is akin to the new era of communism. Government sucking the peoples’ money in all ways possible. The government have indirectly control the people through brainwashing them with the education systems, buying the top people over to do their bidding with monetary rewards, putting citizens in a one direction, no alternatives path but constant slogging. How long are we to be pushed over?

    I have instances of staff working in a reputable bank who finishes her work on time and leave home on time but gets pick on the next day every time she leaves home on time. What is the rationale? Manager expects her to work overtime to show others their department is hardworking and committed? Total absurd reasoning and only reflects inefficient and unproductive working values. How long more are we to be bullied?

  8. CB said

    Singaporeans now feeling more stressed and overworked now ?? long time ago aready ?? You seow bo ? Should correct local born singaporeans now feeling more stressed and overworked !!

  9. Pai Sei said

    Stress the the source of unhealty life style. If u treasure ur body, find ways to de-stress. Else ur immune system will bearkdown soon or later.

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