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Singaporeans should play a useful role to make ‘National Conversation’ a big success

Posted by temasektimes on September 14, 2012

Mr. Prime Minister,

I understand why we need to import foreign talents and new citizens. I also know we are facing competition not only within our country but from around the world. People are our only main resources we have and I know the government does make sure everyone receives the best education required to compete in this tough world.

Everyone is also given equal chance to excel and prosper in this small island state and to compete with the world outside. So far the country is doing very well and investments continue to flow in. The flats we owned are increasing in prices speaks well for itself how sound and stable our country is and how well our economy is doing.

At the same time people are assured that HDB prices remain affordable for all 1st time buyers. By using the social medias to encourage feedbacks and suggestions, and having face to face conversions itself shows that your government is serious and sincere in engaging Singaporeans.

I hope Singaporeans do make good use of this opportunity to play a useful and productive role in making OurSGConversation a big success. Lastly I don’t see any reason why would the government implements any policy or regulation that will harm our country.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


12 Responses to “Singaporeans should play a useful role to make ‘National Conversation’ a big success”

  1. P Koh said

    I only wish that going into this “National Conversation” is one that we and especially the Government must put aside all pre-conceived ideas on how to solve the problems and let the discussions open up on a clean slate. Ideas, however silly it may seem sometimes can turn into ideal solutions and nobody, not even the opposition should be excluded from this ‘conversation’ as their lives are equally affected by whatever decisions the government will be adopting to turn the present dire situation around. We all work for the common Happiness of the Nation and improve upon the Happiness Index.

  2. worksmart said

    Another talk cockeral sing song MIW agent……I urge everyone to continue doing your more important things in life…and not waste time with this PR exercise

  3. SgGuy said

    Dear Desmond,

    Are you a real person? If you are, good for you.

    I can see that you are still very much politically-inert, but that’s no real fault of yours. Like many others, you have probably been brain-washed over the years by our state-owned media. I was previously like you some years but till a few things opened my eyes and I started to find out more information outside our media. Try scouting around for real recorded events and history of Singapore outside sg media. You may not like what you find.

    In response to your last statement, I could only say that you have not tasted Wealth and Power. Most human who had this two behaved very very differently from humans who have not.

    In parting, I leave you with a quote,


  4. Naivety said

    And yet the 50 participants for this National Conversation exercise were specifically & carefully chosen, selected & fielded by the PAP themselves, how to make sure that all Sinkaporeans could participate actively & usefully in this NC in good faith then?

    Desmond, you’re talking rubbish & nonsense & bullshitting just the PAP unless they allowed every Sinkaporeans to participate in this ‘NC’ through the internet anonymously as well & response to our questions faithfully if not this whole exercise is just a wayang kulit act!

  5. Jaded said

    hope you are being sarcastic, if not, there is no hope for you…

  6. nb la said

    i look forward to the day u are deem obselete (wrong spelling?) by your employers, which should be PAP. then the high hdb prices, installment, cost of living start weighing on u. best wishes to u that u do not get sick for they will ask u to sell your hdb to pay for your bills.

    u might not get into such a situation but rest assured these problems are very real and visible to your children. perhaps u got enough to let your legacy continue but u never know what life holds for u.

    PS: i am not cursing u but even if the above scenario are happening to people around u, do show some empathy and not blindly praising how good things are nowadays, even better than before.

    Your masters are questioning the rationale of too many foreigners. Tan chuan jin is telling people how many Spass or Epass are rejected. if u feel they are so important and must be let in at all cost, there should not be any rejection in the first place.

    our contribution to national conversation? Keep quiet.

    Want to hear us? we are so loud online but considered as noise. what else u want us to do? storm to istana and say our piece, risking getting ISA? we very scared people u know, only keyboard heroes.

    nonetheless, if i love andy lau, i will profess my love for andy lau online, anonymous or not. conversely, i hate jackie wu, i scold him online as well. I do not turn split personality just because i am online, just more vocal and say what i really feel. if this is noise, then why act as though u want to listen to us?

    if u want to be a monarch, just say so. if u want to be like north korea or china government, just say so. don’t make us hallucinate as though we got rights when we do not have any in the first place.

  7. Larry said

    Desmond Chua should grow up and open his eyes. He obviously has been conned by PAP into believing its wayang. Desmond needs to be reminded that the PAP runs a police state in Singapore. Moreover, it has failed miserably since LHL became PM. Below is the proof.
    (1) low productivity of Singapore economy
    (2) low birth rate which started from LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy
    (3) depressed local wages
    (4) failing to plan for the many foreigners it allowed into Singapore
    (5) shortage, “shrinking” and high cost of public housing
    (6) shortage of public buses and MRT trains
    (7) shortage of hospitals, doctors and nursing homes
    (8) shortage of teachers and places in schools for Singaporeans
    (9) shortage of jobs for Singaporeans
    (10) foreigners taking jobs away from Singaporeans
    (11) frequent breakdowns of MRT trains
    (12) overcrowded public transport (buses and MRT trains)
    (13) bailout of public transport (failed privatisation)
    (14) frequent 50-year “ponding”
    (15) high inflation (Singapore more expensive than Hong Kong)
    (16) high cost of education and healthcare
    (17) high cost of electricity (failed privatisation)
    (18) high cost of private transport and fuel
    (19) poor air quality as per WHO Air Quality Guidelines
    (20) depleted CPF accounts after buying “affordable” HDB flats
    (21) many CPF accounts below CPF Minimum Sum
    (22) massive (billions) losses of taxpayers’ money by Temasek / GIC
    (23) wasteful purchases by Government agencies like NParks
    (24) made Singapore a “tuition nation”
    (25) real income likely to fall this year
    (26) failing to provide Singaporeans with Swiss Standard of Living

  8. patrick eng said

    if everything is going well, there is really no need for this national conversation. it is an
    indication that thing are not going well already and is deteriorating quickly. desmond, you
    can continue to stay in your well and i hope all will be well for your kids and grandkids.
    singapore is rapidly changing with the influx of new citizens and it is no longer the same
    singapore i know. please keep abreast of the rapid changing condition for your famiy’s sake

  9. singaporean said

    Desmond Chua,

    You are sure a good bootlicker.
    What a talent!

  10. Goh Tong Seng said

    It is easier to import a ready-made man than to spend 25 years raising one.

  11. Desmond the Fool said

    The stupidity of this Desmond Chua (if he is real) is beyond words. If all PAP supporter are as dumb and shallow in thinking as him, then I fear for the future of our Country. He said “Lastly I don’t see any reason why would the government implements any policy or regulation that will harm our country”. Of course the Government will not intentionally implement any policies that will the Country, but that doesn’t mean or guarantee that those policies will not cause any harm to the people!! Why so dumb??!!

    Hitler started WWII, did he do that with the intention to harm his Country? Mao Zedong started the ‘Great Leap Forward’ hoping that it will bring self sufficiency to his people, but it ended up killing tens of millions of people. Use ur brain to think lah Desmond Chua Aik Hong.

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