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Lim Swee Say: People’s Association must speak up for ‘silent majority’

Posted by temasektimes on September 15, 2012

The People’s Association (PA) must speak up for the ‘silent majority’ as part of the ‘National Conversation’ in the days ahead, said its Deputy Chairman Lim Swee Say.

Speaking at the PA’s annual grassroots seminar today, Mr Lim, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, said grassroots leaders have to speak up more and do so more visibly.

“The silent majority, not that they don’t have any views, but… they’re less pro-active, less visible in expressing their views. That’s why we feel it’s very important… for our conversation to be truly inclusive. It should not just be a voice for the vocal minority, but it must also reflect the views of the silent majority,” he said, referring to the conversation on Singapore’s future.

Though the PA is supposedly a ‘non-partisan’ statutory board funded by taxpayers, its board members are ALL PAP ministers, MPs and members and is headed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself.

PAP Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew once boasted to a group of visiting Chinese delegates in 2009 that all ‘CCCs, CCs and RCs are part of the PAP.’

The ‘National Conversation’ is regarded with skepticism by some as another PR gimmick by the government to control and manage public discourse.


21 Responses to “Lim Swee Say: People’s Association must speak up for ‘silent majority’”

  1. Poison Ivy said

    Lim Sia Suay wants more “moderate” sites like Fabrications About The PAP to “counter” the “many half truths and misinformation” online being spread by “lunatic fringes” like us.

  2. Singapore Cock said

    If get PA to represent majority, no need to talk liao… just another wayang show!

    • welovesingapore said

      He is very precise. He meant the silent majority is the 60% voted for gahman. Not supporting the wage shock proposal already killed your salary. Need him to do more. Hope he would not take over PM. Else the floodgate open 200% with scholarship and no control. SG population go up to 10million and increase his pay to 5 million back dated with interest.

  3. JG said

    Yes, sir!!! You want us to jump?? OK sir, how high??

    OK, we will get busloads of people (like the way we welcome Feng Tian Wen or put up the “exhibition” for Prince William) to go and “speak up”.

    What time, sir? 3:45pm under the hot sun? No problem sir!! We will do so visibly, sir!!

    PS : can we claim OT for his or not, ah??

  4. Desmond the Fool said

    What if the ‘silent majority’ remains silent because they agree with what the ‘noisy minority’ is already saying? Have this Zorro Minister without Portfolio thought about this??

    • distant drums said

      Eventually with Divinity the silent majority will reinforce to become the vocal majority,less those unprincipled beholders who are beholden for their greed and selfish needs

  5. richard said

    Ai yo! another wayang show again.Ask more to wayang wayang

  6. Kiwi said

    I always thought PA and NTUC were PAP’s real team ‘B’ and team ‘C’.

  7. Utter Rubbish said

    Shut up LSS! You’re a disgrace

  8. Elbert Einstein said

    Speaking for the ‘silent majority’ is like speaking for pikachu. All you hear is ‘pika pika’ but you can make it mean anything you want.

  9. Tichy said

    Please take your pension and leave

  10. Wolfglare said

    Go fuck yourself PAP pigs

  11. Singkaypoh said

    With your Storm Troopers ready to shoot dissenters, Darth Vader, will any Jedi show up to give their 2 cents?
    What do you think, Dark Lord?
    I think more likely they will show up to destroy your Death Star in 2016, maybe… 😉

  12. chua said

    I heard Lim Swee Say is deaf……

  13. Pink Panty Loong said

    He can’t even speak up “pro-actively” for the workers he represent….those PAP piggy ministers are just dying to outdo each other on the capability to TCSS…

  14. Sinkaporean said

    He makes me wanna puke.. Last time a NTUC chairman and a minister.. ROFLMAO..
    Its like getting your company boss to be your union reps..
    Welcome to our Singapore!

  15. viking said

    This frog said he is ‘deaf’ to all criticism.
    So, a one sided CONversation is a con job and not what is made out to achieve!

  16. Ah Gong said

    When the majority is silenced and marginalised, how do you expect the minority to speak up – Singapore Con-versation is nothing but a humbug

  17. animal farm said

    Utterly useless lackey

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