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Singapore Conversation: 70 percent of audience believe the next generation will have a ‘better future’

Posted by temasektimes on September 15, 2012

About 70 percent of the audience attending the first session of the ‘Singapore Conversation’ with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong believes that the next generation will have a ‘better future’ which made Education Minister Heng Swee Keat who was at the show very pleased.

Mr Heng, who heads the committee that is facilitating the national conversation about Singapore’s future, felt it was an encouraging sign:

“I’m actually quite optimistic when I hear from all of you. When you talk about values, many of you have expressed aspirations about the Singapore that you want,” he said.

PM Lee has earlier said at the show that it is important to define what the country is aiming for over the next two to three decades:

“There will be many dreams and many aspirations among Singaporeans, there has to be a certain shared purpose and identity. We’re all Singaporeans, that is something which distinguishes us, so we recognise one another, we feel together.”

Among the participants are entrepreneurs, students, housewives and even new citizens. It is not known how they are selected.


39 Responses to “Singapore Conversation: 70 percent of audience believe the next generation will have a ‘better future’”

  1. Lim said

    It is indeed a `show’. No hard questions like why PR approved when foreigner facing criminal charges. Or why CPF is even worse than bonds which at least have a legal maturity date unlike CPF where rules keep changing to avoid paying back your money – defaulting? Or the inequity of only the super-rich able to drive on our streets with 100k COE or million dollar HDB flats? The show has a chairperson to deflect hard questions.

    • P Koh said

      You are right, it is indeed a ‘show’. I was somewhat disappointed as I had expected more hard tackling of the many “Core” issues on FTs, highly inflated cost of housing and education dynamics for locals. They should call it “Nationalized Controlversation” instead. The programme organisers did not believe that we can listenicate what the underlying problems are and perhaps there is still too much at stake if the crux of unhappiness is released onto this mass media.

    • mahbok tan said

      Allo Lim ,

      The teochew opera have been their trade mark when it comes to meeting the people.

      Do we think that they got the guts to be fielded with tough tackling question….???? Just look at Teo chee *B*hean , how the student being call upon after the tough question….????

      So thats why we know that they only want to here the good things not the negative part of SGpore life….!!! But please do not tell him that he is naked during the conversation or you will be called upon as well by ISD….hiii hiii hiii….!!!

      The only way we can field all the tough question is during their election walk about , be prepared with video camera in hand , this is will be the only time we can see them answering our question with stuttering answer…..!!! I would like to suggest to all Sgporean to do just that during the election walk about session and see their reaction…..not bad idea eh…!!!

    • Me said

      If they are capable of queenstown wayang, this is another side show… Get real, singapore …

  2. Singapuraboi said

    I m skeptical of that figure.

    • Vanda Loong said

      I very much doubt that figure as well.

      If Singaporeans are so optimistic about the future of this country, why are so many leaving this country every year?

  3. bs said

    If you watch the show, u know that they picked those who think otherwise.
    It path the way for ppl who spoke against the system.
    Anyway, I turn off the TV after cing all their BS.

  4. Maximus said

    Was there a poll conducted to arrive at this 70% figure? What was the composition of the audience?

  5. Ooolaalaaa! said

    Typical propaganda base on some made-up hope! Lousy PAP expect us all to believe? Gosh! We’re not only slave to the PAP, but bloody stupid one too!

  6. alamak said

    ’70 percent of audience believe the next generation will have a ‘better future’’ – so mean now not much good, can improve what?

    ‘Among the participants are entrepreneurs, students, housewives and even new citizens. It is not known how they are selected’. meybe ‘selected yessmen’ for show
    we all support, like Lim awreddy say. Go to near kopi tiam and get really grass
    feeling, or meybe a cabbie also can.

  7. OrdinaryMan said

    yes !!! this is a good number and is growing !!! Now 70% felt that we have a better future when this regime will be voted out in 2016… when we are nearer to 2016, the number will grow to 80 to 85 % !!! keep it up Singapore !!!

  8. Jack said

    Another “presentation” by PAP government

  9. Respect our sg men and women said

    One of the 70% is that uncle who did tai chi at Queenstown at 3pm during the visit of the prince. Period.

  10. NaBey said

    Believe in you is believing in noose, believing queenstown playground pack with old folks doing tai-chi at 345pm.
    Lee, if u dare, why not u conduct General Election now? See if u can get 70% of votes?

  11. Stan said

    The (PAP) “fix” is in. As expected, the PAP makes sure the “results” of the National Conversation are favorable to PAP.

    Singapore can expect only some minor tweaking (i.e., “calibration”) of policies accompanied by lots of PAP “spin” like “need to be prudent”. There will be no major policy changes especially if it involves any policy “U-turns”. PAP’s is so arrogant it will never admit or take any action that proves it made a mistake.

  12. dog of the dogs said

    Waste time, Another big wayang.

  13. Daft Peasant said

    70% only??!!!

    That’s very low and discouraging figures!!!

    Show say 98% better…..

    HA HA HA HA HA……….

  14. JG said

    Like Indranee Rajah said, this is an “exhibition”. It is to “showcase” what “could be”. When you’re having a conversation with yourself, you can wayang anyway you want!

  15. hotelguest said

    Rubbish 70%…about 60% voted for MIW last year…so that figure cannot be less than 60% right? So they chose 70% to say to you and me that things have improve….

    This is absolute trash

  16. richard said

    All wangyang,If they just drop by any estate like redhill,serangoon,clementi etc have a good talk see the result.I am sure this is hard topic for him.Not a pre-selected yesmen audience,70% Better Future and no hard question very disappionted.How about high cost of living,FT,HDB and minimum wages all disappear in the air.

  17. NoBrain said

    This National Conversation looks to be a wayang for PAP to buy time while it take in 20k to 30k new citizens each year. By 2016 , there will be enough new citizens in each constituency to ensure PAP dominance in parliament. For eg. Hougang needs only 1k+ new voters to vote for PAP in order for it to fall into PAP’s hand.

  18. Duncan said


    ’70 percent of audience believe the next generation will have a ‘better future’

  19. Dreamer said

    Seriously who dare to talk or question the truth.. We r breeded not to ask questions.. Remember the JC student who speak the truth abt the student confrance and ka na invited to the principle n MP office for kopi?? Better hv action in the coming election.. Than just talk cock to mainstream media..!!

  20. Toa Tao Sien said

    This claim is no different from the grand but failed ‘wayang kulit’ put up by the PAP at Queenstown to welcome Prince William.

  21. Poison Ivy said

    The real hard truth is here:

    • mahbok tan said

      IF I were the producer , I would wear a mask to work immediately or PM Lee must be fuming mad with the TV station for their STUPIDITY….!!!

      If there’s no sincerity in whatever u are doing …. the result will be an embarassment to whoever doing it and for what ever reason they have.

      Teochew opera in progress……LOL….!!!

  22. Singkaypoh said

    Yeah, the same old folks & kids “tai chi”ing & playing at Queenstown for Prince William are probably doing an “encore” as the 70%
    Hell, I wonder what they get paid?

  23. National Conversation not managing expectations said

    We know the outcome. Reasonable Singaporeans understand why PAP wants the National Conversation. It is another show. Unless the poll is representative, we would not believe the mainstream media who knows how to make up. In any case, it is their job as they are paid by the government i.e. Temasek. Can they do otherwise? They can if they are willing to be a sacrifical goat n lamb.

  24. WATCANISAY said


  25. Copycat Chen said

    it’s pretty apparent that all those idiots who commented didnt watch the live conversation. It wasn’t a political talk, it wasn’t about defending or discussing current policies. It was a conversation about how pple felt and how the population wants to move forward. On hindsight it was a brilliant move not to include the opposition as this has little to do with politics and more to do with the future of the country

    • mahbok tan said

      Allo ccc ,

      isn’t our daily live is about politics….? If not then do not grumble this and grumble that. no need newspaper or tv show or national CONversation mah….!!!! No need news at nine , or eight or ten….!!!???

    • P Koh said

      If politics is not an issue does it mean that as opposition members they cannot discuss current policies or make contributions on how to move the country forward. Are they not Singaporeans too.? We need a diversified pool of opinions and contributions and is orchestrating such a discussion the way a democratic society is supposed to be run?

  26. Sinkaporean said

    Good moves here.. We need the PRECIOUS VOTES from our next generation.. PAP ALL THE WAY! LOL

  27. viking said

    They can even say 90% think the next generation’s future is going to be better!
    So who are we to say, no, no, only 10%??
    If the future is going to be that good as they said, why are so many cow-pehs and cow-bues in all the forums??
    Why are good and highly educated citizens want to get-the-hell outa here in double quick time in droves!!??

  28. Melvin Tan said

    Base on what i read from the comments here,the gov appears to be blind and worse is…self deceiving.

    Why hold a conversation with people who only speaks what u wish to hear?

    Its up to the Gov then,becos every time i hear of such propaganda,i really feel sick!

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