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Singapore Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew celebrates 89th birthday

Posted by temasektimes on September 16, 2012

Singapore Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew celebrates his 89th birthday today as his shadow continues to tower over the island state even after he stepped down as a cabinet minister last year.

Born in 1923 to a Straits Chinese family, Lee was widely credited for founding modern Singapore in 1965 after it was booted out of Malaysia.

A Prime Minister for 25 years, he took a backseat in 1991 as Senior Minister and subsequently as Minister Mentor in 2003 when his son Lee Hsien Loong became the Prime Minister.

At 89 years of age, Lee is the oldest Member of Parliament in the world and he is still going strong, defying rumors of ill health to make a speech during National Day berating his subjects for not making enough babies.

In contrast, Chinese and North Korean dictators Mao Zedong and Kim IL-Sung ‘only’ managed to live till 82 years of age.

We wish Mr Lee a happy 89th birthday and many good years ahead so that Singapore can continue to prosper under his rule.



63 Responses to “Singapore Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew celebrates 89th birthday”

  1. Bapok Sissy AssLoong said

    Happy Birthday Old Fart.

    Hope you outlive your Pinky son.

  2. P Koh said

    Happy Birthday to our Leader but I would not use the adjective ‘Supreme’ which sounds very Communistic. He has been very Gracious and Compassionate for accepting the offer of $30,000 settlement from Dr. CSJ and to “Live and Let Live”. In the changing environment of survival and with the advent of internet technology, the swifting tide of human behaviour and thought processes are so different now and instilling fear is no longer the way to governing the populace. It is indeed a right move to forgo and forgive and move on with life. Afte all at 89, what more does a person want having done enough and also being recognised as the architect of Singapore’s success and being world reknown for this, he should also graciously let go and allow the new generation to lead the Nation to new heights. God Bless Him Always.

  3. studentinsg said

    For your info, LKY is not the world’s oldest MP, but currently the oldest living MP in the world. The oldest MP in the world should be held by Francis Knollys at 97 years old.

  4. Singkaypoh said

    “Born in 1923 to a Straits Chinese family, Lee was widely credited for founding modern Singapore in 1965 after it was booted out of Malaysia.”

    Wan sui wan sui wan wan sui !

    Perhaps our great leader will live to repeat history by founding modern Sentosa after Papayas get booted out of Singkahpoh in 2016? 😉

    • Singkaypoh said

      It will be a very exclusive club, which includes Chiang Kai Shek the founder of modern Taiwan, and Napoleon the founder of St Helena.

  5. Confessor said

    You still alive meh? |So sad,only the good die young.

  6. Ah Gong said

    May this be your last birthday Jackass

  7. dog of the dogs said

    Happy Birthday to our beloved Father of our proud nation.

  8. Show respect to a national leader you scumbag loser. Your mother should have aborted you Bapok

    • kenny senior said

      Kenny my son, you should direct your anger at me and not other men who used condom with your mommy. i am at fault for being your father.

  9. james goh said

    I wish lee kuan yew a happy n happy birthday!! May he be blessed with happiness in whatever he does and may strength be with him in his everyday chores. ALL THE BEST and THANK YOU for everything that you have done for Singapore. !!! U R The Greatest !

  10. James said

    Have a lonesome and miserable birthday! You have made so many lonesome and miserable. When are you leaving to face God’s judgment?

  11. Pink Panty Loong said

    Long Lived Old man. SIncerely wish & prayed that you live long enough to see the downfall of PAP.

  12. kim junior said

    Happy Birthday Dear Supreme Leader.

    Hope divine intervention ensures you outlive your children and grandhildren.

    Time for you to lead the way for the PAP National Conversation.

    Time for you to resurrect your service to the Japs.

    Time for you to proclaim to the PRC that Japan is justified to shoot 200 million Chinese to ensure 100 yrs of stability in the South China Sea.

  13. No Rule From The Grave said

    His rule? … lollol ….

  14. RIP said

    Happy? Birthday. May you live to 200 as your karma isn’t paid up yet. Active aging means collect millions doing nothing till you die. Evil people must live forever holding on to power and fame.

  15. Lawrence Lim said

    Happy Birthday to the Bapa of Singapore. Still admiring your accomplishments even though I left Singapore in 1977 and lives in Vancouver now. Proud of my fellow Paranakan.

  16. hihihi said

    Another 老布什 and 小`布什

  17. KGNTSTNY said

    Happy birthday sir! Stay strong always…

  18. Seak Teik Song said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Singapore will not be what it is today without the foundation you built immediately after the separation. Though at times, your tactics smack of harsh and dictatorial but without this, Singapore will still be lagging behind. However, you are still human, not god. The good that you have done for Singapore outweighs the bad. I salute you and I believe what you have done is done in good faith.

    • ah loong's uncle said

      thank you so much for your kind words to our famiLee.
      of course what LKY had done was done in good faith….always for the famiLee first. 🙂

  19. Yawnzzz said

    My neighbour’s cat gave birth to 5 kittens!!!

  20. koko koh said

    happy birthday to you~
    you are born in a zoo~
    you look like a lao gao
    hope you join ah meng soonsoon~

  21. welovesingapore said

    Leave out the politics aside on our father of the nation birthday. Wishing him a happy birthday. Who are we to judge. Only history would give him his fair dues and I believe he has done a fairly good job already.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      Done a good job enriching himself, his famiLEE and his cronies.

    • Babuseng said

      Everything considered, LKY has done a good job. The same cannot be said about the current batch of PAP leaders. Their open door immigration policy is a tragic mistake.

    • GaanMaro said

      Father of the nation? No. Father of the Prime Minister, yes. This nation was built on ideals of many brilliant minds, not just one. Lest you may have forgotten the contributions of Dr Goh Keng Swee, Dr Toh Chin Chye, Mr Lim Kim San and many others whose valuable ideas and input gave LKY the fodder for nation building. Without these men, Singapore would not have come this far.


    Woah…hopefully next year no 90th birthday.

  23. Aminurasyid said

    Born in 1923 from a strait chinese family. Which country was LKY been born? May I know from Which strait chinese family province?

  24. happy said

    show your repentance before it is too late

  25. R Usha said

    happy birthday and long live mr lee kuan tew.
    thanks for all the good things you and yr team has given us for singapore and singaporeans.
    but perhaps agreeing to chee soon juan’s request to accept $30,000 as a final payment was a wrong decision. he should never be allowed to contest elections in singapore ever again!!

  26. Jack Sparrow said

    This guy will live forever. God only loves good men. That is why only good men die young.

  27. Melvin said

    Happy Birthday Mr Lee ,u r the greatest man in singapore n I wish u best of health n happiness

  28. Chee Kok Wing said

    Lee Kuan Yew is the type of leaders that many 3rd world countries need but will never get. For those who wish him ill just see if your lives will take a turn for the better if he is gone.

    • kissmyass said

      are you implying that with LKY gone, PM Lee and his stooges will fuck things up even more badly for sporeans ?

      • Chee Kok Wing said

        Obviously you have a very poor grasp of the English language. The second sentence is crystal clear and not ambiguous at all and you dove straight into implications?

      • kissmyass said

        hello cockhead, who is running the country that will affect ordinary sporeans’ lives ? read your own comment, last sentence, one more time cockhead!

      • Chee Kok Wing said

        Sure with LKY gone you will be propelled to the upper crust of society because he is holding you back with his policies, AH BENG! Carry on whining AH BENG!

  29. Yharyah said

    Congratulations of being promoted to Grand Supreme Leader!

  30. Happy birthday Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew. Your fellow colleagues are are hosting to celebrate your 90 birthday with you > Ong Teng Cheong, Wee Kim Wee, Yusoff Ishak, EW Barker, Toh Chin Chye, etc. Happy 90 birthday to you in advance.

  31. icefire said

    happy bday SIR
    wish u long life so u can see how ur son destory the nation.

  32. Daft Peasant said

    wish you ” 年年有今日 “

  33. Naivety said

    Wow, hope that Dracula Lee will live to a ripe old age to over a century at least so that he may witness the demise of the Pro Alien Party personally!

  34. Helen said

    LKY is still calling the shots. PAP’s pro-alien policies most likely came from him. His aim was to use it to fix the big problem (low birth rate) he started with PAP’s “Stop At 2” policy. Unfortunately, he left the details to his (incompetent) son LHL. As a result, Singaporeans lost their jobs in Singapore to foreigners. Local wages were depressed. Demand from the hundreds of thousand of foreigners brought in by PAP resulted in high inflation, a sharp rise in the cost of public, housing, education and healthcare, shortages and over-crowding in public transport, worsening traffic air air pollution.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hello, Helen.

      Good of you to say it as it is. Everyone make mistakes. So if Prime Minister Lee realises this serious error and make amends by putting in amendments or changes to his pro-alien policies then we still will be alright.

      Hopefully, with this National Conversation there will be a concerted National Action to rectify the wrongs of the said policy.

      • jami said

        Hello Julie,
        sad to say only a weak and clueless leader will initiate the so called
        “national conversation” with orchestrated participants in attendance.

        If only PM Lee had been just a fraction of the talent that LKY bragged about, he would have anticipated the problems that go along with his policies and would not have implemented them in haste.

        But being the pathetic leader that he is, I don’t see how ordinary sporeans can expect him and his stooges to solve problems when they continue to be in denial mode.

  35. Julie Ong said

    Hello, Jami.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to reply.

    I may have been overly optimistic. Our leaders apparently do not know or simply do not care about the well being of the citizens. This, in fact, is the core duty of any civilised and advanced nation. We have not even moved to the second stage,
    namely, our citizens with mental and physical disabilities. Wow, the Leadership can’t even look after the able so how are we to expect them to look after the weak and those with disabilities? Believe me, I’m definitely not a soft touch. In fact I’m a hard person with a heart. One who believes that unceasing effort is the price of success, but simultaneously advocating for a sensible and healthy work/life balance. It is somewhat difficult in our situation but not impossible to achieve. This is unfortunately one of the factors that has led to our younger citizens not committing to having more children as there are simply too much pressure heaped upon them to bear. The government can act by implementing sound labour laws, but I’ll have to agree with you, albeit sadly, that they are simply ‘not up to it’ and even in denial of the numerous problems confronting us.

    Unless we step up and demand/fight for change I can’t see any way for the local born and bred citizens to have a great future. Thus far it’s only all talk and no delivery of what’s necessary to improve or even just to rectify their serious mistakes. Hopefully, we’ll not go down the drain before good and effective change takes hold. Rebuilding will then be an arduous task. There is then the likely possibility that Singapore’s glory days are well and truly over.

    There is Hope though. We can take action against the government through our incessant complaints and also badger our MPs into action. Longer term we’ll also need good, honest, hardworking and enthusiastic leaders to take over the government. Never mind the political party as long as their representatives are highly capable and devoted to the advancement, progress and prosperity of Singapore.

    We certainly face huge challenges in the days ahead in an ever troubling and
    unpredictable world.

    Still, we will make it!

    • P Koh said

      Well said and fully agree. Let us see some credible opposition members and some honest ruling party members combine their resources to bring about a Change to garnish the Hope that is so often spoken about.

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