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Workers Party reject invitation by SDP to attend opposition roundtable on ‘National Conversation’

Posted by temasektimes on September 16, 2012

According to insider sources, the Workers Party has rejected an invitation by the Singapore Democratic Party to attend an opposition roundtable on the ‘National Conversation’ conducted by the government.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently announced the formation of a 26-member committee headed by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat to ‘engage’ Singaporeans which excluded the opposition. Even the Workers Party, widely regarded as the PAP’s subsidiary party was not invited.

In an official announcement posted on its website, the SDP said its forum entitled ‘National Conversation: An opposition Roundtable’ will “be an opportunity for opposition parties to respond collectively to the exclusion and to lay out the role of the opposition in Singapore’s future.”

It will be held on 29 September 2012, Saturday, at the Quality Hotel, Diamond Room from 2pm-5pm.

All the opposition parties are invited to attend the forum. As expected, the Workers Party will not be attending the event. It has turned down invitation by SDP to attend similar discussions in 2009 and 2010 as well.

Despite having 8 MPs in parliament, the Workers Party has persistently refused to speak up for Singaporeans, let alone further the opposition cause, preferring to engage in ‘bird talk’ and ask frivolous questions to divert public attention from other more pressing matters.

In the aftermath of last year’s General Election, WP MP Pritam Singh declared unashamedly that the Workers Party will form a coalition government with the PAP should the latter fails to win a majority in the next election rather than other opposition parties.

When asked by the state media, WP Chief Low Thia Kiang refused to denounce or refute Mr Singh’s shocking statement.


52 Responses to “Workers Party reject invitation by SDP to attend opposition roundtable on ‘National Conversation’”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    I attended the prev one also held at the Quality Hotel maybe 2009 and WP rep now NCMP Gerald Giam was there on behalf of WP. Be patient, wait for their official response first….likely GG will represent WP.

  2. Robin hood said

    Read in past postings that the WP is “Wayang Party”. Refusing to accept this invitation and ‘possibly forming a coalition, with the Pro Alien Party’ is very disappointing.

    All hope is still not lost though. I hope that the WP will not live up to it’s nickname.

    Mod’s note:

    WP is clearly a ‘Wayang Party’, a fake opposition whose sole purpose of existence is to maintain the status quo. This is what the Kremlin is doing to sideline the real opposition in Russia. Time to boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ and switch your support to the real opposition parties which can make a real difference now. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message around.

  3. Jack said

    TT is doing a great job, however, once they mention WP, you can just ignore what is being said by TT.

  4. R Usha said

    Dear Mr Low Thia Kiang,
    well done in rejecting the SDP’s invitation.
    I dont consider the SDP a credible opposition party at all in Singapore.
    And the SDP will learn a costly lesson if they allow their Messiah Chee Soon Juan to contest the next general election or any by election that may be called in Singapore before 2016! If at all the SDP did well percentage wise but did not win any seats in the 2011 GE is BECAUSE Chee Soon Juan was barred and was kept out of speaking at rallies and making a fool of himself and the SDP! The sooner the rest of the SDP leadership realises this and stops glorifying Chee, the better for the SDP!

  5. TTR is Crap said

    The only PAP ‘B’ Team Singaporeans witness past 20 years is SDP and Dr Chee. Dr Chee broke up a perfectly growing SDP under Chiam See Tong and lost all 3 seats at GE1997 that was won at GE1991 under Chiam See Tong’s SDP. This is because Chee’s SDP focus on making as much inaccurate noise in Parliament, exposed SDP to lawsuits and civil disobedience rather than running town councils and bonding with residents via grassroots.

    The loss caused Singaporeans to lose faith in Opposition for 20 years untl GE2011 when WP made breakthrough. PAP kept harping Opposition cannot run a SMC let alone a GRC.

    Civil disobedience, bankruptcy, arrests, lawsuits etc gave Opposition a bad image and reminded Singaporeans to fear PAP even more. Many good people wanted to join Opposition but seeing Dr Chee’s situation decided not to.

    This lack of good people joining Opposition gave many Walkovers to PAP for 20 years in every elections. What choice, what democracy and what freedom did SDP gave Singaporeans past 20 years ? Nothing at all.

    I did not know SDP is Opposition Leader or something. Why WP cannot reject invitation ? Why must WP attend ? WP have done its own stuff without interfering with SDP. SDP doing their own stuff too.

    Everytime TTR reject wedding invitations or friend’s invitation means TTR wants to unfriend the person ?

    Whether WP is ‘B’ Team or SDP is ‘B’ Team do not matter. SDP still need to win seats on their own abilities first which means SDP must go pass PAP first.

    Instead of whining here, blaming the whole world, blaming WP for everything, blaming PAP, why not SDP start doing some solid ground work and knock every door every weekend at SDP contested areas until GE2016.

    WP knock on every door for 8 years before winning Aljunied GRC by slim margin.

    SDP should figure out why SDP lost voter’s confidence after GE1997. SDP lost all seats at GE1997 because SDP focus on civil disobedience, making inaccurate accusations at Government in Parliament, exposed themselves to PAP lawsuits, neglected Town Council, neglected grassroots etc.

    SDP almost destroyed Opposition Cause after GE1997 with all its antics and absenting from elections thus giving walkovers to PAP in many areas.

    WP took 20 years to regain back some faith in Opposition at GE2011 and TTR hopes to destroy it so that SDP can be top Opposition ?? You call this fighting for Opposition Cause ??
    TTR is obviously fighting for PAP.

    This is very clear, even if TTR brings down WP, SDP will still get zero seats. What then ?? TTR is destructive, divisive and is not for replacing for PAP.

    Why SDP so quiet for past few years ? Why Dr Chee and SDP never go and protest over 1.1 billion for SMRT, IMF Loan, flooding, trains breakdown, national conversation etc Please go and protest, get arrested, have some lawsuits or else Singaporeans will say SDP is just a wayang party.

    If nothing to do with SDP, means TTR is pro-PAP base on covering PAP Ministers and PAP stories all the time.

    It is like WP did not attend SDP’s functions means it against SDP and should be destroyed. What logic is this ??

    SDP is behaving like “Either you are with me, or against me”. SDP and PAP got what difference ?? So autocratic.

    So far WP never mention about any other Opposition parties and concentrate only at PAP but other Opposition parties seems more interested in bringing down WP rather than PAP. Who really is PAP’s ‘B’ Team ??

    Why dont other Opposition Parties just focus on doing their own stuff and not care what others are doing. Votes will come in.

    Mod’s note:

    The ‘Wayang Party’ is the SINGLE biggest threat to democracy in Singapore by pretending to be an ‘opposition’ party when it is on the SAME SIDE as the PAP. The ‘Wayang Party’ should stop deceiving Singaporeans and publicly declare its support for its ‘A’ team and see if it will win any votes in the next GE. The real opposition should contest in every ward against the PAP-WP alliance in 2016 and boot both wayang teams out.

  6. JG said

    Sometimes, its better to wait a while, before making your move. Originally, the PAP sounded sincere about the National Conversation. Many people were willing to give PAP the benefit of the doubt about “wayang”. Even younger Ministers were then saying “no sacred cows”. Even bloggers like Andrew Loh was persuaded that maybe they are open-minded, particularly after Andrew was invited to the dialogue with PM.

    Its only about 1 month later, that PM Lee seemed to have changed his mind. He probably realised he’d bite off more than he can chew. So he said, “no slaughtering of sacred cows”. And Heng SK said the same.

    And in the last 1 week, there’s another twist. Suddenly, the National Conversation seemed to become “lets show Singaporeans the silent majority think like the PAP”. So many wayang started happening. PM Lee dialogue with CNA was hosted with PAP folks. Lim Swee Say wanted the PA to represent the voices of the silent majority.

    The situation is still evolving. Fundamentally, PM Lee is not sure what he really wants. He’s fumbling his way through. I cannot imagine fumbling for 1-2 years.

    If I were WP, I’d also wait until PAP make up its own mind about what the Conversation is all about. To me, an opposition needs to be a responsible opposition. You can’t just say “oppose for sake of opposing”. If WP, from Day One, had said “I’m open minded to the Conversation”, it would be screwed by now given the way PAP changed the rules of the game. But if WP, from Day One, had said “I believe it must be wayang, so won’t participate”, it comes across too partisan and not willing to work together. So in this case, I think keeping quiet is the best strategy. Low TK has shown himself to be politically very shrewd and I’m confident he’s holding his cards right. Other opposition parties not in Parliament can bang the table and oppose day in day out, but PAP will just ignore. Its OK, but doesn’t mean that’s WP’s role.

    And contrary to what TT frequently published, I applaud the WP for bringing up recent important issues in Parliament. Slyvia for raising the Woffles Wu issue, Gerald Giam for reprimanding PM for saying Singaporeans are “xenophobic” (and then got rebuted by Ann Sim – these were also featured in TT), Yee JJ for talking about how the Govt is unfairly subsidizing PAP kindergaten & NTUC. And even Pritam turned out to be right, on hindsight, for telling the bloggers who attended the PM tea session that they are mistaken if they think the National Conversation is for real.

  7. And what is with the bird? It has nothing to do with this post.

  8. happy said

    let us ;boycott workers party a fake party who do nothing for the workers but the papigs

    papigs is setting workers party as a trojan horse to siphon the opposition votes

    we are cheated again, first by the pigs and now by the wayang party

    Mod’s note:

    Please spread the message around to BOYCOTT the ‘Wayang Party’ by switching your support to the real opposition parties so that they can challenge the PAP-WP alliance in 2016.

  9. hihihi said

    no use one.

  10. Poon said

    I’m glad Workers Party stayed their level-headed way of getting things done, as opposed to the eccentric SDP who are making lots of noise just to show-off but it really turned-off many who are so sick of their wayang mentality. SDP is the true wayang party and all their members are good at putting up shows after shows but with no substance. SDP also tend to sway whenever the wind is, just like they now stood low to even support and promote homosexuality!

    Workers Party the way to go in creating the alternative government for Singapore!

    Mod’s note:

    Alternative govt by forming a coalition govt with the PAP?

  11. Why should there be a compulsion to go, when one is invited? Surely one can decline isn’t it? Is SDP behaving like an authoritarian? Come On Temasek Times, you are blowing things out of proportion……. Would you invite North Korea to come to your party too? Stupid fellas = Moderator of Temasek Times

  12. hihihi said

    That means muo lan yong.

  13. skponggol said

    The Vichy OppositiobWP has to apply permit from their puppet master for approval for anything regarding actitivities with the real Opposition parties.

    Apparently, PAP daddy say no to their WP doggy.

  14. gentleaura said

    Sometimes , I’m glad sites like TT exists. The more they try to slam WP, the more WP will do the opposite. Thanks for uniting the opposition cause.

    Mod’s note:

    Please wake up – the ‘Wayang Party’ does not belong to the opposition. It is on the SAME side as the PAP.

  15. Don said

    From a neutral point of view, this is not an objectively written article.

  16. oh really said

    Are these roundtable useful when its only the opposition at the table? When will be the media coverage?

  17. Moon said

    TT is so cute, always mention them as “The Wayang Party”.
    Whether Wayang or not, personally I do not know, but one thing is true: their Conservency Services in Aljunied & Hougang are turning from bad to worst!
    Hope TT could include this as well, thanks a million!

    Mod’s note:

    Care to tell us more about it? Did the raise the charges? How’s the service in Aljunied and Hougang, are they getting from bad to worse?

    • Hairy Lee said

      Pls buck up on ur English before posting..fancy calling urself mod when ur English is so improper..y are u so eager to put down other parties? What difference are u from the shitty times?

  18. Pink Panty Loong said

    WP’s decision is right. Don’t have a good impression of SDP.

  19. Realist said

    SDP has shown to be a real Opp party unlike WP who has once again disappointed their voters by abstaining from discussing any pertinent national issues.
    As the WP party members get richer, their thoughts, directions and philosophies are no different from the PAP.

    Come 2016 and then you shall see WP coming out from their shell.

  20. Crazy Horse said

    //Despite having 8 MPs in parliament, the Workers Party has persistently refused to speak up for Singaporeans, let alone further the opposition cause, preferring to engage in ‘bird talk’ and ask frivolous questions to divert public attention from other more pressing matters.//

    What kind of shit sentence is that?? “persistently refused to speak up for singaporean”????

  21. Heed said

    How can you compare WP with other opposition party?? WP got 8 seats inside parliament?? The rest of opposition party add together got how many seats?? WP is the 龙头大哥 of opposition party, why must they follow SDP?? SDP should hand over the event to WP.. They are in a better position to do this, not SDP.

  22. Zam said

    Last GE, I wasted my vote on this Wayang Party….sigh. Very useless party….Never heard their voice at all in the Parliament or anywhere. I guess they are very co-operative with PAP.

    Mod’s note:

    Please boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ and switch your support to real opposition parties which can make a real difference. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Spread the message to everybody you know.

    • Realist said

      Come 2016 and then you’ll see WP coming out from their shells.
      Wait until then if you wish to see their faces or hear from them.

  23. @ Jack said: agree with u. TT is SDP’s mouthpiece and a ‘no brainer’ on political tactics.
    SDP’s opp roundtable talk only supports PAP’s national conversation being hot air and no action. Opp ppl want action, not talk, talk and empty talk. So SDP is stupid to organise this more talk bullshit to copycat PAP’s wayang national conversation.
    It’s better Dr Hee SJ goes back into hibernation than wake up to divide opp camp.

  24. dont put out rubbish lah.. said


    your forum is losing credibility by the day. but still people who are bored will still come in and read it (dont get carried away) and get a laugh from the rubbish you are putting out. i once was on the side of all opposition parties but not anymore. damage done already even if you change i will NOT go for your party anymore ok.

    it is clear that your site is to raise the profile of SDP and to put down the Workers Party, while the PAP is laughing on the sideline at the stupidity of the oppositions…get it? really stupid and moronic and childish like that want to govern singapore ah?

    Sore loser. go win some seats in parliament instead of this. you end up hurting your own self and doing pap a favour. i wonder chee soon chuan read this forum to get his feel.

    dont ever think that if you succeed in putting down WP people will choose SDP. the answer is no ok.

    • layla said

      > your forum is losing credibility by the day. but still people who are bored will still come in and read it (dont get carried away) and get a laugh from the rubbish you are putting out.


      • pot stirrer said

        this is bad indeed, if true sdp are the one behind all this rubbish being put out.
        this is real childish and oppositions sdp included do not gain anything.
        only the pap come out winners in this website!

    • pot stirrer said

      the whiteys can also be the actual pot stirrer and the site belong to them!
      this site is bad, i am treating it as comedy and boredom relief therapy la!
      last time primary school got learn this…killing two birds with one stone!


    PAP is certainly counting on the split in the opposition. That’s why they can afford to be so arrogant. Come 2016, a split in opposition will result in three-corner fights to the utter destruction of all opposition parties. It is therefore key to ensure that there will be on split in the opposition at the next GE. For this reason, WP should at least send one representative or even an observer to the proposed meeting in order to try to understand the stand of other opposition parties.

  26. Crazy Horse said

    It seems like TT only want to display content that smooth their eye…..
    Such a disappoinment after viewing your website for so long…

  27. Fake WP Supporter? said

    Everyone must be careful of the WP party member “Russell Teo Chin Yee” who goes by the fake online name “Fred Tan Chun Wai” and fake CV as VP of Bank of America.

    Russell Teo has been going around harassing non-WP politicians and activists on Facebook using his fake online name “Fred Tan”. I am beginning to wonder why WP did not rein in their party members but allow them to run amok?

    WP must issue a statement of Russell Teo’s behaviour.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you have any proof?

  28. I Love Wayang Party said

    Wayang Party? Sounds familiar.

    Anyway, why would WP want to waste time participate in this? Any issue they can voice up in the Parliament, unlike the rest….

    Mod’s note:

    And what have the ‘Wayang Party’ clowns said in parliament so far? Bird droppings? LOL….

  29. layla said

    There are two sides to every propaganda wayang….

    Smart people should just ignore both.

  30. Lim Peh Kong said

    Propaganda against the only opposition party capable of toppling the PAP sure is one good way to dilute WP’s support and thereby ensuring that PAP stays in power.

    Well done TT.

    Mod’s note:

    You are deluded – WP never has the intention of toppling the PAP. In fact, it is DESPERATE to jump into the same bed as the PAP:

    ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

    – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Lim Peh Kong said

      You are deluded and desperately trying to save PAP’s arse.

      Can’t you see that this is strategy that WP has adopted and has been serving them well? Singaporeans are not in favour or drastic changes and that’s why the moderate approach of WP has won the hearts of majority of Singaporeans who want an alternative. It is the WP who is capturing the hearts now, not the like of SDP, RP or NSP.

      What’s wrong to for a coalition government with PAP if both of them could not get the required 2/3 seats to form the government? Would Singapore be in better state to have a WP/PAP coalition than a WP/Rest of Oppo coalition? Think about it.

      If WP continues to gain popularity and win the 2/3 majority in the future elections, they will kick the PAP one side. That is how they will topple PAP.

      Continue to your work TT. Do a good job for your master and you might be awarded the National Day Medal one day.

      Mod’s note:

      Their strategy is to continue the ‘wayang’ to enable PAP to masquerade Singapore as a ‘democracy’ to the outside world and to sideline the real opposition so as to maintain the status quo. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Boycott the ‘Wayang Party’ now!

      • Lim Peh Kong said

        Work harder TT. You need to prevent East Coast GRC and Joo Chiat SMC to fall into WP’s hand in 2016. Failing which, your master will not be happy. ;p

        Mod’s note:

        So what if they fall to WP in 2016? Will a dozen more WP clowns make any difference in parliament? It’s still the same old story, keep quiet, wayang and collect $15,000 end of the mouth. What an easy job!

  31. Steven Foo Si Ming said

    PAP & Worker Party same same lah… hahaha.. 2016 form coalition government together confirm plus chop LOL!!!

    Mod’s reply:

    That’s why we should spread the message around to boycott the PAP’s ‘B’ team. Switch your support to the real opposition parties instead. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

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  33. Dr Cheebye should remain bankrupted said

    Well done, WP, I support you as always in our strong hold area, if I have a choice, I rather the guy called what name, cheebye or something to remain bankrupted, so that our nation won’t be destroyed, can you imagine such Cheebye guy and followers inside our Parliament? I don’t want to see something like what has happened to Taiwan’s parliament.

    • houseofspartacus said

      you mean the brawl in Taiwan parliament ? no big deal lah !
      but that is real passion comparing to SinCity’s parliament which is one sided, with PAPies consistently bullying WP MPs.
      don’t you think there should be a level playing field where bullies can be challenged in a arena, one on one, team vs team, settle differences like gladiators with only one standing or none at all ?

  34. Jojo said

    WP is truly a subsidiary party to PAP. No doubt about it. Don’t we the opposition supporters felt so good when Aljunied taken by Wayang Party? PAP let us the opposition supporters into thinking that democracy is at work. But the truth of the matter WP LTK has all along been on PAP side. But never mind all that as along as many assholes believed WP has done a tremendous job in parliament. WP has brought up many issues like CPF,Immigration,HDB ETC….??

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