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Part of Geylang cordoned off after war relic was discovered there

Posted by temasektimes on September 17, 2012

Parts of Singapore’s famous red light district Geylang will be out of bounds to the public after a war relic was discovered was found at about 12.40pm on Monday at the junction of Lorong 22 Geylang and Guillemard Road.

According to reports from the state media, police have cordoned the affected area and a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive team (CBRE) is at the site.

During this period, Lorong 22 Geylang and Guillemard Road, between Mountbatten Road and Cassia Crescent, will be closed to traffic.

Traffic Police officers have been deployed to divert and regulate traffic at the affected areas.

Netizens driving to Geylang to have ‘fun’ should take note of the closure of the above roads.


11 Responses to “Part of Geylang cordoned off after war relic was discovered there”

  1. P Koh said

    Is there a need to add the last para to say “to have fun” as I do drive past that road daily to go to work.? The photograph is also inappropriate as obviously there is normally hardly any soul around that area at that time of the day. More information on how the war relic was discovered and what happened after that would be more news worthy.

  2. And why is this post here?

  3. NaBey said

    Fake one lah! Some ministers got caught having fun there! In order not to let public know. They ask police to block the roads!

  4. Singkaypoh said

    Could it be Old Fart having a private birthday bash? 🙂

    • edwin said

      hahahahahahahaha! that’s a good one. war relic. hehehehheeh! u made my day singkaypoh. sometimes the witty gems are found here. another example, mahbok tan’s comment, no.15 about undercover pap agents in national conversation

  5. divideandconquer said

    War relic. George Bush senior is a War Relic.

  6. Ren said

    They must discovered some rare metals!!! Our garmen wants it all for themselves as usual…

  7. ngpy said

    Say anything that is found there, nobody cares. Come watch another Wayang Show. This is to arouse and divert interest, they can bring anything and claim to be the largest relic found, but later apologize, to say sorry its mistaken identity. As is known they are the most expert in saying “sorry”. Maybe this is also to divert attention on bombardment of the national conversation issues. Futher more, what is so serious. so as to cordon off the roads. They just need to cordon off the location where items are found and if neccessary extend required areas. Another Wayang Show.

  8. Frank said

    There is another “war relic” (living) along Oxley Road. It is presently guarded by Gurkha soldiers. It has outlived its usefulness and should be “removed” asap (in GE2016) for “disposal”.

  9. Steven Foo Si Ming said

    wah lau eh… nvm, I go desker road… orchard towers..

  10. Robin Hood said

    Big mountain out of a molehill. What to do guys, have to do business elsewhere for the time being. No one knows how many more ‘war relics’ are lying around waiting to explode. Heheheh.

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