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Problem lies not with foreigners but with the policies of the government

Posted by temasektimes on September 17, 2012

I think foreigners would appreciate that in their own country, the priorities rest with their own citizens. I dont think people would call that xenophobic. The problem is not with foreigners but with the policies of the PAP government.

As you may have read, the policies for more FTs is a way to boost GDP, and that is obviously erroneous on many fronts. It has lowered productivity, leading to depress wages, open further the income gap, and the share of profits between business and labor widen further. No democracy can accept these social damaging effects for long.

In a way, it is also about our sovereign rights, our rights as Singaporeans. You would not have given your sovereign rights to other countries would you? Philippines is in a tussle with China over the South China Sea, Indians had fought 2 wars with China over their borders. Even Hong Kongers are asking for restraint from the influx of immigrants coming from Mainland China. But in Singapore’s context, it is about wrestling these sovereign rights back from the PAP government.

A majority of us travel abroad frequently. Unlike the more homogenous Thais, Filipinos, Vietnamese, we are a real mix of Indians, Malays and other races, being a small country this has a greater bearing on our tolerance and empathy. And in most parts we are congenial.

So within the context as painted, Singaporeans are not xenophobic, never was, never will. But Singaporeans are more politically aware, and this may come across as aggressive relative to our more sedated and naive stage of citizenry. Our demands are far ranging, and not just about FTs.

It is not that we are unsympathetic toward a better future for everyone. But if we dont fight for our own rights who will? If your country is not giving you the same opportunities as Singapore why not fight for that right in your country?

Empires had given way to Nation States, now perhaps we may move toward a more free-flow Asean, but as European Union has shown, the paths for greater integrated union for a better and larger community is pebbled with many dangers. For Asean to succeed, it needs a framework that retain the identity of individual Nation State while unleashing the economic energy of a bigger community. Until then, within our small country, we must make Singaporeans sovereign rights as citizens paramount, and this is not about just FTs, but about the dictation of Singapore’s future.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


28 Responses to “Problem lies not with foreigners but with the policies of the government”

  1. P Koh said

    Cannot agree more. The latest news is that the price of a HUDC in Bishan has sky-rocketed to S$1,28million. What is the cause? When prices of property started its upward trend in China, the Chinese government took appropriate action, one of which was to restrict property ownership to one piece of property per family and that caused a huge drop in prices of up to one-third in value. This affected basically the rich while the poor cannot see daylight in buying property since the disparity in wealth is so wide. The proceeds of sales of excess properties have to be placed elsewhere and as a result properties in HongKong and Singapore started to rise with the swinging tide of rich Chinese Nationals invading our homeland and place of abode. What can the Government do to curb this invasion? Perhaps a three to five years window before FTs can begin to buy or maybe a restriction to the number of units they could purchase.??? What do you think.?

  2. Heed said

    You must be kidding me. Problem does lie with the foreigner. Why of all the country they must come here. Why dun they go to Iraq, N Korea or even Somali. Why must they come here?? Can you explain??

    • MaxRock said

      My boss just hired 4 foreign IT consultants and given permanent positions immediately upon joining.

      For me, a citizen is given a contract role, salary much lower than foreigners.

      As for productivity, everyone is aware the effect of foreigners on productivity has dropped. But as employers and managers, their directive is to hire foreigners.

      They are using citizens as reasons for poor productivity.

      My bosses are all citizens. 1 is a PR.

      • P Koh said

        There must be some logical reasons for this to be happening. Bosses are supposed to know what to do and their bottom line has always been “Profit” without which the company will have to close down sooner or later.

      • MaxRock said

        Hey P Koh,

        U will be very surprised & flabbergasted if I were to tell u that my company is one of the GLCs related to the IT Industry and this is something got to do with the CECA (Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement) that our Dear PM LHL has signed off & agreed with the Indian govt in its renewal in 2010 to employ more Indian IT Professionals in Sinkapor as well as to open up more job sectors as well as the hiring of more Indian Professionals in sectors such as IT, Healthcare, Accountants, Engineers, etc etc.

        Not sure whether is this a “Win-Lose” or “Win-Win” situation agreement for Sinkapor!

        Please understand that as the terms & conditions of the CECA with India are rather confidential in nature to the extent of being classified ‘secret’, I can’t be reviewing too much details on this incase, they might impose the Internal Security Act on me!

      • Naivety said

        No wonder lah as some Indian Nationals (from India) had managed to hack into my Linkedln’s account & since then my email had been flooded with requests daily from these people from India asking me for job opportunities in Sinkapor as they wish to work as engineers in Sinkapor especially in the Oil & Gas Sector & Industries & some of them are fresh graduates even just graduated from some Indian Universities as if I owed them a living!!

        WTF as India is the 2nd most populous country in the world after China, do you think a small country like Sinkapor can meet & accommodate all their requests & job demands to work in a small island here???

        WTF and as if I’m the one who had signed off & sealed the CECA agreement with the Indian Govt in 2005 & its subsequent renewal in 2010, why don’t these India’s Indians (from India) post their requests & job demands in Pinky Lee HL’s facebook a/c instead since this problem had been duly created & caused by him???

      • Hwee said

        Is your company a private company??
        You want the govt to teach your management who to employ, who not to employ?
        If you really expect the govt to do that, then your company is not private anymore..
        From what i see, is your management sucks and this also become the govt problem..

      • P Koh said

        Oh! there is more than meets the eyes.? Thanks for the update. Is there anything that you can do about it or it is a hopeless situation?

  3. alamak said

    BK talk very correct, think we all can agree, Chinese or Malay, Indian also Jaudi Eurasian, we not see much different each other one, coz we grow up together. Not same with sinkehs, who talk differnent, act different, also not mix much, more so the FT earns big bucks.

    U know I know but do gahmen know, or feel? They EPL we kuching kerap S-League.

  4. Creating a stage of ‘FOREIGNERS OCCUPATION” is a big Social & Political problem. It build up stressful relationship among peoples. It destroy NATIONAL UNITY.
    Attcach included my encounter and email communication with the Stomp Team of SG:
    Cabby get assaulted At Colman Street.
    On 16 Sep, 2012, at 16:07, STOMP Team wrote:
    Dear Francis, Could we have more information please?> 1. Who inflicted the injuries on the cabby? When did the incident occur?
    Group of dark skin gang of 3 assaulted me (cabby) when my wife & me went to Penisula area intending to look for lunch after church from Wesley Church @ about 1pm 16/09/2012
    > 2. How are you involved in the case?
    When we come near to Grant Park Cityhall Hotel this group of 3 J-walk across Colman Street. 2 had made it to the middle of 1st lane as I slow down when I saw them, not notice that one of their group was left behind blocked by my moving car. This member beside my car get frustrated, bang on my side door mirror causing it to flipped forward. I winded down my glass to pull back the mirror at the same shouted @him what he is up to ? He responded with F language which I ignore him, continue to drive forward. At this same time I saw 1 of the 2 in the middle of the rd putting up his middle finger at me. I put forward my palm gestures to him what did he want & he shouted challenging me for fight. He then cross back the road following my car from the back started kicking my car as I turned rt. behind P. Plaza. I pull to my right near Cathay Foto shop. Before fully stop, 1 of them pulled open my driver door, stretched his hand into my car trying to remove my safety belt. I pushed his hand away and shouted @him that we will call the police but he unrespectedly replied “what the F…. Police can do?”. He then start to punch onto my left eye several time. His another gang member also join in to punch my on my right temple until they see blood flowing down my face then they stop & leave. My wife @ my left seat worried, open her door, get out to ask for help but no body come forward. There were so much people around but all are “simply Bochup” member including the Hotel door man. (? Kind of Singapore so call the safest city of the world )
    > Are you a friend or relative?
    > 3. Has a police report been made?
    After this gang of 3 walk away far, a well dress man from the hotel came to me offer me tissue to clean the blood on my face while I was calling for the Police. He claimed that he is in charge of the hotel security !!
    > Any other details or pictures you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Finally Ambulance came follow with blue ven Police car came later. I was taken by Ambulance to SGH for treatment.
    After Leaving hospital, we were asked by phone to go Cantoment Police Cte to see Inp. Ang for police statement. In by-pass conversation with Isp. Ang, I was told that my case is classified under CIVIL dispute , It may not be under the area of crime. Authorities may or may not intervene cus there is no weapon involve !!!!
    However, he will get me inform if anything should have comes up

    In my impression, when we are under the stage of “foreigners Occupation ” no one really know who is who. This kind of incident is inevitable.
    Really, 1) What the can the authority do when there are so many peoples in such a small area.?
    2) How to integrate and call for national UNITY?
    3) How to care for one who stand next to U ?
    4) Where are the Senior stand over here? Where the young take advantage over the weakly aged ?

    Just to be sorry & regret as a True Born Singaporan aging group !

    • Suppliment to my mentioned about :

      1) We all outcry for CHANGES, where are the action and sincerity from the PAP Gov’t ?

      2) Where are the voices of the opposition who soliciting for the peoples support and they promises to present our VOICES TO THE HOUSE ?

      3) PM Lee H.L was talking about 3H, Hope but our hope being shattered, our heart had been broken and our home being “OCCUPIED”.

      ANYONE OUT THERE BORDER TO CARE, THE RULING PAP party, OPPOSITIONs and OPPOSITION MP, NMP, THE GENERAL PUBLIC, “BELOVED DOLLY TPL who have direct access to yo LHL, or M/S Nicol Seah who had cried so loud in your GE campaign ? This may seem to be my personal agenda, but happen if it repeat on your own love one at home ? Are we going to see NICOL SEAH cry again or TPL to stamp her feet ??

      Wait up fellow TBS especially the SENIORS, we may not have evident of corruption but very certain they are IN DEEP WINTER SLEEP, cold blooded species.

  5. Good piece of reading….. I think Temasek Times must make an effort to emulate your great ways of looking at problems objectively….. Temasek Times is detrimental to loyal and patriotic Singaporeans. They only work for Dr Chee (Bye) SJ who would be whacked once he stands for erection……

  6. sillyguy said

    Haha… u must be dreaming… unless u strike toto 1st price with 8 digit and no need to share… just keep quiet and work la.. talk n talk will not get you anywhere…

  7. Ah Gong said

    Eject all the Chinese toxic wastes from Singapore

    • Hwee said

      Majority of the Singaporean is chinese.
      you also want to eject them as well??

      • Francischuanghli said

        Not all Chinese in Singapore are FOREIGN trash. They R decent of our forefather who build up TODAY Singapore. They R entitle to joy the fruits of our forefather hard work. FT difference, they come with modern technology for quick harvest. Crag it & send home. Leave the scum & rotten behind for us to clean up.

  8. thinking said

    problem lies not with the policies of the government, but the KPI that is tied to the bonus of the government.
    It is the right policies of the government if the objectives is just to increase the GDP, but how about the welfare of the people?

  9. keksim a sinkapo lang said

    Yes InDeed!..Well Said. It is the garhment ‘s policies that gives problems….not the foreigners!Sad to say, they won’t admit that their policies is wrong.Turning around they said we singaporean are xenophobic!. What load of rubbish our highly paid minister were spewing!

  10. Naivety said

    I am in IT sector. Singapore productivity is dropping due to huge influx of foreign professionals especially in IT sector which suffers the worst productivity (this data was released by Singapore government).

    By now we should know most of these foreign professionals come due to the FTA/ CECA. In fact, someone exposed on the Internet that CECA was signed between Singapore and India in 2005 and our PM just visited India few weeks ago to renew it. In the CECA, there is a clause which states that both countries are to allow free movement of professionals in IT, Healthcare, accountants, engineers, etc.

    According to an Indian website, India government pressurized Singapore to open more job sectors for the CECA renewal in 2010. The Singapore IT sector employs huge number from India, followed by Filipino professionals and I am not surprised that the IT sector has the worst productivity drop based on the work ethics I have observed. Sadly, some of these professionals get PRs and bring their family and parents over to Singapore.

    As DBS expands its business in India, Singapore will have to take in more Indian professionals.

    • Marshal Chintulan said

      There is only 1 way which is unlikely to happen: Vote PAP out latest by 2016.
      By then, they could have allowed unimaginable number of foreigners into Singapore which will cause irreparable damage already.

      The 60% daft Singaporeans empower the people behind the policies that is causing a lot of damage to fellow citizens.

      Singaporeans sabotaging fellow Singaporeans.

      If there is war, it is all man for himself.

      It is all about self preservation.

      We do not stand a chance in a war.

      Everyone only cares for himself.

      Foreigners are more united. At least they know that in the face of other nationalities, they unite to defend each other.

      Singaporeans in the face of foreigners behave as islands. Loose sands. Totally disunited.

      Mod’s note:

      Don’t you get it? It is IMPOSSIBLE to vote out the PAP so long its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party is not destroyed first:

      ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it (to keep it in power)’

      – PAP’s ‘B’ team MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      There was this local MNC that hired one of those Indian Ah Neh as their head of IT drawing some 12K salary per month practically doing nothing except that he is seen on the phone chatting away like nobody business…worst still within 6 months on the job, he started firing most of the local IT support executives and started replacing them with some Filipinos and more of his country men…this is the type of “snake” which we called foreign talents created by the wicked & evil regime to destroy its own citizens’ rice bowls…totally farked up government we have today!

    • Francischuanghli said

      It make my to recall China CHIN dynation where they were suffer from the same pressurizing from the FOREIGN POWER. That’s the reasons why we are born here as TBS. Is PAP a duplica of CHIN ?

    • Francischuanghli said

      It make my to recall China CHIN dynation where they were suffer from the same pressurizing from the FOREIGN POWER. That’s the reasons why we are born here as TBS. Is PAP a duplica of CHIN ?

  11. Could be due to some special reasons..ssss, my earlier post had gone missing from this page. To summarize up contents of my earlier post gone missing, I commented as follow :
    1) It is really a big problem with the Gov’t migration situation. With the ratio of 4 foreigners to 6 TBS we have a great problem in term of integration, Competition of facilities and amenities is a big big problems.
    2) Due to the high competitive environment, People become heavily stressful. By the basic law of physic in pressure : “GREATER THE PRESSURE CREATE GREATER REPULSION” When the contents get out of control. It will get explode and the cost to this explosion is hell bloody.
    3 I, a senior Cabby get assaulted @Peninsula on16/09/2012 by 3 young dark skin male gang is one of the typical example. These young laid may have been under heavy stress best known to them self, Such a behavior of 3 able young guy basting up a helpless, bound by safety belt old driver is not a normal “ANIMAL INSTINCT”. It could be an accumulative build-up stress and frustrations. Hundreds of by-stander watching but no one come forward to stop the assault is also not a manilfestation of HUMAN BEHAVIOR. ( follow to my FB up post )
    4. Inexperience implementation of migrants policies is the root, Social turmoil is the consequence for course.
    5. CONCLUSION : FOREIGNER SETTLED IN THIS LIMITED SMALL LAND SPACE IS A BIG BIG PROBLEM TO THE TBS. This FT, if they have the gut, go Puapa New Gegnease of South Africa for their explorative venture like our fortfather who came to Singapore when it is not yet develope as like today SINGAPORE.

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