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Singaporeans applaud PM Lee for ‘engaging’ them on ‘National Conversation’

Posted by temasektimes on September 17, 2012

The first show of the ‘Singapore Conversation’ with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong got off to a flying start with  many Singaporeans applauding him for his effort.

Together with fellow PAP leaders Heng Swee Keat, Indranee Rajah and Intan, PM Lee held a well-scripted conversation with an audience of about 50 Singaporeans, a number of whom are prominent PAP activists and members.

Despite his hectic schedule, PM Lee still takes time to talk to Singaporeans and engage them on social media which won plaudits from most Singaporeans.

Fortunately, there are no pesky, irritating and radical opposition members in the audience which makes the conversation smooth, constructive and non-confrontational.

Some comments from grateful Singaporeans on PM Lee’s Facebook:

“I really appreciate the effort of taking time to engage with Singaporeans. Truly, many Singaporeans need to be engaged into deeper thinking, understand the bigger picture and rationale of why certain things are so, also for the better and common good of the majority, and move away from selfish and critical posture. Thank you for caring for the Nation.” – Michael Koh

“Great PM who has a passion and vision to make Singapore a better place.” – Julian Wong

“Dear PM Lee, I really respect you for the way you have done to engage us and shows your resolve to word harder for Singaporeans. But I have zero respect for Singaporeans who think they are bolder than politicians and give no respect to fellow human beings, but being rude and not thinking before they post certain things. To me, these are Singaporeans that think stupidly and behave stupidly. Our years of education have been wasted on these people who are paralysed in the way they behave, as if they grow out of a hooligan society, and I feel sad for them, wonder who taught them to behave like that. But I think they deserve no pity. So PM Lee, continue to engage us Singaporeans who are constructive and want to genuine do better for the country. :)” – Darryl See Koo Leong


29 Responses to “Singaporeans applaud PM Lee for ‘engaging’ them on ‘National Conversation’”

  1. JG said

    Emperor, emperor .. your clothes are so BEAUTIFUL!!! Well-done !!!

    • Julie Ong said

      But the emperor ……has no clothes! Thanks, JG. Good comment.

      To the commentator and citizen, Mr Darryl See Koo Leong – I respect your views and certainly some of the comments on the Internet were definitely way over the top, offensive and as you’ve described it likened to people brought up in a ‘hooligan society’. However, that’s what life is. The good, bad and the ugly! As I’ve repeatedly said I’m not against the PAP government or for that matter any opposition party. What raise my ire is the
      callous attitude from our leaders. They claim they want more babies. Yet they do not look after the interests of the citizens who are in their best reproductive age, say from 18 to 37. Of course it’s going to cost heaps, but if we want/need it badly then that’s money we’ll spent. Instead of on speculative investments leading to massive losses of billions of dollars.
      Another matter regarding the recent death of our National serviceman in Brunei what’s the situation now? Conveniently forgotten? My point here is that Corporal Fahrurrazi (the deceased) family should be compensated fairly. Something in the order of $100,000 or more. An excellent opportunity for the government to show that they truly care and value our soldiers. They are after all the ones who’ll protect us from foreign invaders.

      Real things. Not pie in the sky stuff. Or nice, soothing words but in fact means nothing. Tangible, beneficial things for the people, that’s the point.

      We like to believe and trust Mr Lee Hsien Loong. National Conversation OK. Most important – National Action!!

      In the days ahead we can judge him by his deeds. Personally, I do not doubt him, but…….. I still want Delivery of the things needed! For us and to us, the citizens.

      Isn’t he the Prime Minister?

    • Arul Jain said

      I guess it does seem that it is easier to have a great conversation when the entire audience appears to be members from the same party.

      And what about the moderator Ms Sharon Tong?

      Is she related to any member of parliament from the party?

  2. spotlessleopard said

    “So what do you think” “I dont know what to say” “Were do they want to dine tonight?” “If Chicken is expensive buy fish” “You pay peanuts you get monkeys” “My Open Heart Surgery cost me only $8.00” “Housing is still affordable” “Singaporeans are not hungry enough” “I feel so rich everytime I look at my CPF Statement” “Nobody wll be left behind”

  3. 呆呆老星人 said

    新星民 ,不劳而获,沾沾自喜 ,呆呆老星人却暗然落淚. 下一代有好日子过吗? 果真有了好日子,又有新民來分享.

  4. P Koh said

    If only the Nat. Conversation is more Open and not orchestrated,frank and uninhibited opinions or suggestions are brought forward, the participation would have been more meaningful. Has this Conversation yield results that the vast majority is looking forwward to?

  5. Puzzled? said

    Really? I thought that the whole conversation was a complete failure – each person says what he/she wanted to say; and PM Lee and his panel responded with whatever they had in mind, often without replying to the questions that were posed; there was actually no conversation at all….

    • P Koh said

      Yes, I agree it is no conversation but merely a discussion where the answers are already written all over the wall. I had really expected to see more and indeed am disappointed.

  6. Naivety said

    Yeah Lor…Wayang Kulit act of the century & deserving of the best actor & actress Grammy Awards!

    Which country in the world has such “National ConTheNation” session & initiative with fielded questions & model answers in advance & beforehand as well as with the specially selected & chosen audience from their own Pro-Alien Party supporters & members in attendance…LOL

    • mahbok tan said

      Aramak….they use the ten year series model mah….for this national CONversation …. Allo prease la mr PM …. There’s no sincerity in your effort and only cows will moo with you.

  7. alamak said

    Wah. Mister DSKL. so no agree PAPPY all stupido what? Aso we all hooligan society. You only one clever hor? Ony now know Singapoh got few million fool and samsseng. No need pity them they no deserve you pity. Save some maybe sometime ownself want. All also got same teacher like you, so same bot lah.

  8. teo cheap buy said


  9. Jenny said

    Singapore is doomed with ppl like dskl…almost all of them are pro pap with no real ordinary struggling Singaporeans. And its not even live, the show is edited and the questions were screened. Wat a conversation.

    And please change the title, it should be pro pap applaud PM Lee.

  10. The Emperor is naked but everyone says he is clothed. And all those who says he is naked are idiots. A great “charade” 🙂 “As such, we have no respect for fellow human beings”

  11. ngpy said

    It is no difference with this bootlicker idiot whose comment is as hooligan as he refers to on comments posted. What is the use of his highly supposed to be qualified education which have damaged his brain for not to able to differentiate between the right from wrong and white with black. Go get your dirty brain cleared and cleaned off all the dirt inside before you start to bootlicking again.

  12. Sycophant said

    Oh PM Lee, you are so wise and big and strong! Save us from those horrible xenophobes!

  13. Sunny said

    Moderator, why is Temasek Times putting up stories of Pro Pap Propaganda?If I wanted to read Pap propaganda I might as well read the straights times. The only reason I’m here is to read the truth of what’s happening to ordinary sporeans and not some mass brainwashing attempt by PAP!

  14. richard said

    During director meeting my father always replace ( own family members ) into thier
    meeting,he said this will make meeting smooth, constructive and non-confrontational.

  15. rover2sg said

    It is a national CONversation!

  16. Lim said

    Khaw :- “there would be many millionaires at the Pinnacle@Duxton, when home owners there can sell their flats in about two years’ time.” My national conversation is you are so out of touche with the frustrations of those who can’t get a basic affordable flat. For all the millionaires at Pinnacle – which should be public housing in the first place, millions of future generations will pay the price of being unable to afford their own roofs because we have such people in charge who can boast shamelessly that his public housing policies are creating millionaires.

  17. Lim said

    We want affordable flats for Sporeans and not millionaires from public housing. Are you deaf while conducting National Conversation? We want to abolish profiteering from `market-price’ subsidy which means crudely – we are like private developers but willing to profit a little less cos we are HDB using `market-subsidy’ but nevertheless we will also join the shark pool to take a foot or arm from poor Sporeans.

    • seah said

      you are right,i am very worry how my children going to get a roof over their head with this type of pricing,they said they cannot afford that means they will not get married,that come back to square one,HDB new flat will take into the new resale flat into consideration

  18. Hairy Lee Con You said

    Self glory and self gratification are the vain things he seek, and he will have these to the full. But mee siam mai hum will go down in history as a leeder who betrays the trust and the vote of the people whom he was supposed to account to but never did. Therefore, mee siam mai hum – may your armpit hair and your pubic hair be plagued with the fleas of a thousand camels long before you die!

  19. Jaded said

    looks like the National CONversation is a success… managed to hoodwink the stupid and gullible

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