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Dr Chee Soon Juan stopped from selling his books at Raffles City

Posted by temasektimes on September 18, 2012

Prominent opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan has been stopped from selling his book ‘Democratically Speaking’ yesterday at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

He was stopped by security personnel because they said the area was private property belonging to CapitaLand, a government-linked company partially owned by Temasek Holdings which is headed by Ho Ching, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Dr Chee expressed surprise at the reason given as he, together with other SDP activists, was charged for assembly in a public place without a permit in 2006 at the same spot.

Meanwhile, Dr Chee has raised more than half the $30,000 required to discharge himself from bankruptcy so that he can contest in the 2016 General Election.



48 Responses to “Dr Chee Soon Juan stopped from selling his books at Raffles City”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    Wow….. Prominent sia……TT, you si beh gao use words for your idol leh…..

    Wish Dr Chee all the best then……

  2. P Koh said

    Why didn’t you find out where is his next ‘book-selling’ destination as I am sure many more people want to lay hand on a copy. Me, myself and I included.

  3. Three Blind Mice said

    He is prominent, regardless of whether your opinion of him is as MSM paints him or otherwise. The use of the adjective is correct.

  4. private property? fence off the building la CapitaFk

  5. fpc said

    TH owns everything in Singapore. this proves. sad.

  6. Tortoise said

    Yet another lame attempt by the PAP to fix the SDP!

  7. Steven Foo Si Ming said

    Better buy and read PAP books better.. like Lee Kuan Yew books ok… Hard Turth..
    in addition to this, u must also read Petir ok.. because PAP books make u understand singapore better so u more clever..
    we PAP supporters must also read Strait time as it report alot of the truth for u to know ok.

  8. R Usha said

    well dr chee deserves it, he will never learn his lesson to respect the law. and if dr chee thinks he is doing the Singapore Demoratic Party a BIIGG favour by redeeming himself and getting ready to contest the next general election in 2016, he is sadly wrong. Well the SDP didnt win any seats the last time but it did well percentage wise BECAUSE Dr Chee was totally out of the scene except for some if his silly statements during his press conferences. If DrChee had contested and addressed the rallies, mind you he would have dragged the SDP down in its performance.
    Dr Chee- face it- you are off the mark. Handover the party to more credible and responsible politicians in SDP. Your human rights “image” does not sell to Singapoore voters so dont give us that crap.

  9. Frances said

    Dr Chee should know better than to hawk his book on the premises of any commercial property.
    Even those who distribute flyers or conduct surveys are not allowed to do so on and around the premises of shopping centres. Imagine the unsightly mayhem if any Tom, Dick or Harry was allowed to do so.
    The reason he was not allowed to do so has nothing to do with whether Raffles City is a government-linked agency.

  10. Robin hood said

    Never mind, can always go to other places to sell the book.

  11. Ah Gong said

    ISD must have prevailed over the Landlords

  12. Chee can say Bye to his books… so bloody expensive and lots of rubbish inside. I really puked when I read the first paragraph and the rest of the book was used as a BBQ starter….. dammed bloody expensive S$34.99 charcoal starter…… Hope the police arrest him, charge him and lock him up again…Prosecute him for peddling….. (correction) begging…… hee hee hee…. we need some action at Raffles City……

  13. Hey TT, you stupid or what…… how can this beggar sell his rubbish in a privately owned area? If he so clever, he wont get into this shit hole….. any one his stupid SDP people doing it on his behalf too? Pastor Kong Hee or Sun Ho can do better ……….

  14. Elishaus said

    He sold books for a living? Anyway Dr Chee had achieved his goal… to become famous… How? By opposing the government in all sort of ways. Some may think is right, some may think is wrong. What do you think? For me, definitely wrong. Looks at Malaysia, how many of you go Malaysia? Why do you go there? What if Singapore is so call ‘Malaysia’ now, who are you in this world now? Great minds think alike 🙂

  15. Naivety said

    Probably, he needs to contribute rent & income tax from the sale of his books as well!

  16. Ron said

    Dr. Chee could have sold his book on Internet. Maybe TT can also offer free Ad space.

    And there are plenty of public locations such as exit of MRT stations, bus stops, etc. Just move around. No big deal if he is asked to leave someone’s premises. Just move on.

  17. I remember some 20+ yrs ago, Dr.Chee standing on a chair in Bt.Batok coffee shop trying to tell ppl that minister’s pay were way too high….his speech did not travel far bcos there was no internet back then….if he have the means to reach out to more audience, maybe the minister’s pay will not snowed ball to what it is today.
    Back then many news were controlled, and I once thought that he was a “crazy guy”. Now, I think he is just being brave. Who else in Sing dare to challenge the gov the way he did?
    None – not u, not me, not even the WP.
    He is probably now the only one who is willing to stand up and fight his belief….
    …..something unreasonable happens to me in my workplace…..nobody dare make noise….just accept their fate…..just like what all singaprean did all these while.

    • welovesingapore said

      But that still does not make sense about the infighting to bring down Chiam. Anyway he should have use his strength to fight for correct cause. His action has put the political landscape back to stone age. You can see that he would be counter productive if he were to take part in 2016 GE.

      • talk is cheap said

        Go read up his latest book on the “infighting” before you talk here.

      • I reckon that PAP was happy to have Chiam around as he does not post any real threat. But Chee was young and ambitious back then, and therefore there must have been a clash of directions. Everybody applaud the PM for a good Nday speech, which I think was so-so. But Dr.Chee sum it up with just one sentence – THE PM JUST DID NOT GET IT!. Choosing to focus on the things that he knows most Singaporean will agree, but neglecting the KEY ISSUEs that makes many of us unhappy, example like many of us losing our job to foreigners and using low wage foreigner to weight down our pay, while using HIGH WAGE foreigners to push up their own salary. There must be some reason for the infighting to bring down Chiam, which most of us were not clear. I would like to give Dr.Chee a benefit of doubt. We need a real fighter, not someone who is just willing to go with the flow.

      • house of spartacus said

        I agree many years ago Dr Chee was inexperienced and over enthusiatic, but I never doubt his sincerity and courage to speak up for Sporeans.
        Over the years Dr Chee has mellowed in his approach and he has shown that he is far better than ChiamST on the big stage and with greater potential.

        Common sense tells me it is people like Dr Chee, Francis Seow, JBJ, TangLH that LKY fears, and it’s the reason why they have been persecuted and maligned using all the state institutions one cares to name.

  18. Fox said

    Wow, that’s low.
    It’s like, ok, I’ll accept your 30k, but you won’t reach that 30k..

  19. Lim Peh Kong said

    He is prominent what. The only person I know who goes on hunger strike with glucose water.

  20. nb la said

    private property owned by government is public property. actually can use different definition at diff scenario la what can u do?

    • Jaded said

      just like how you can be in a building but yet you are not within the vicinity of the building?

      • Victor said

        Only someone as learned as the ex-chief justice can come out with such interpretation and he is always right, as he represents the law in Singapore.

  21. P Koh said

    What cause is Dr. CSJ fighting for? He risked his livlihood, his future, at the brink of bankruptcy, puts his family’s interest at stake if he should be imprisoned when he challenged the ruling party while few dared to. Do you think a person is prepared for all these if he is not concerned with how the country is being run and to ensure democratic governance is in place? There is no glory to gain when he loses his fight for true democracy. As I said before, I admire his courage but what is now left to be seen is whether he can perform when he is released from the bondage of bankruptcy that has plagued him for so long. I do hope that in his anxiety to fight the ruling party, he does not get carried overboard but will fight on principles like a true gentleman. Best of luck to him for this new lease of life.

    • DIY said

      It is all about ego status. I remember attending a course on “Confrontational Analysis”. The lecturer explained how human evolved with ego status. The phrase goes this way “There’s a child in you”. There are scenarios and roll plays to emphasized his presentation.

      For a start, our ego status begins as a Child; move on to Adult and finally stabilized into a Parent ego status.

      As a Child, the ego is either in Rebellious or Compliant status. The tactic an innocent child behaves as a rebellion is to go into a tantrum; until the wants is satisfied.

      At a Compliant status the child will pose a submissive outlook. Sulking; crying and pleading to gain attention. When consultation and bargaining is achieved then the wants is satisfied.

      Thus at Adult stage the ego status plays a motivational encouragement to placate the outcome.

      The difficult part to achieve the goal is at the Parent stage. Psychologically if the innocent child had grown up with a ‘child in him’ then the ego status is embedded during the early development.

      For Dr CSJ disciplined in neuro-psychologist is an advantage to him.

      With due respect to Dr CSJ, P Koh concern are as follows: –

      Rebellious Child – “He risked his livelihood, his future, at the brink of bankruptcy, puts his family’s interest at stake if he should be imprisoned when he challenged the ruling party while few dared to.”

      Compliant Child – “Do you think a person is prepared for all these if he is not concerned with how the country is being run and to ensure democratic governance is in place?”

      Adult Ego Status – “I do hope that in his anxiety to fight the ruling party, he does not get carried overboard but will fight on principles like a true gentleman.”

      Parent Ego Status – I think we’ll have to wait democratically speaking if Dr CSJ can ever be elected into parliament. The situation does exist as a government yet and how he would perform as an X-factor party to run Singapore.

    • DIY said

      “Oh Blimey, typo error. Should have been posted as ‘The situation does not exist as a government yet….’ and a thousand apologies”. I really have to mind my train of thought.

    • DIY said

      @ P Koh

      I welcome your gratitude.

      Now I am engaging with ‘Help for Amnesia’ with a posting dated 24 Sep 2012 on “Dr Chee Soon Juan raises $30,000 to pay Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong”.

  22. Ron said

    The bridge linking Clementi MRT and the Mall has tens of thousands of commuters. Not sure if that is private or public property. Why go to Raffles City with so many tourists who may not buy his book? Even the hawker selling his curry puff is making a living at the entrance to the station. And many are distributing flyers at the bottom of the stairs.

    Come on Dr. Chee, your team needs to use their brains too.

    • Daft Peasant said

      Talking about Clementi MRT station……maybe Dr Chee can choose Jurong East station? AMK station? TPY station and many many more…… one day one station enough liao………

      • P Koh said

        My friends too many stations may be good but the genuine buyers may have to guess where he will be and they may miss the boat not the trains.

  23. Interesting comment by TT quoting (?) Dr Chee that he was charged 4 “public assembly at the same spot in 2006”, wherewas he’s now told to ‘vamoose’ ss it’s now “private property”.
    Netizens and TT shd start a campaign to test this case in court whether there was undue pressure on Dr Chee to stop his return to politics with this high-handed re-interpretation of a formerly public place to private property. 😦 . Was his human right infringed in any way and is Dr Chee entitled to any compensation from Capitaland as the private owners for the harassment? Is Dr Chee entitled to compensation from the Police and Govt for his earlier court case in 2006 when the same place was deemed a “public” place?
    It is the sacred duty of govt and the ruling party to safeguard the rights of citizens in free speech and action to ensure that they are not trespassed upon by the authorities in a democracy.

  24. Claim back the charges from the court! said

    So the court had made the wrong decision! Claim back the charges from the court!

  25. ArkHoles said

    Let him off and he still so “kay gow”……. send him back to the gulag ……. CSJ please grow up and dun fight for the sake of fighting…….. engaging Temasek Times and TRE to help you is a liability………. they are giving you ropes to hang you and the SDP…….. please lah……. want to act also must have style lah……… hollywood again?

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