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Kenneth Jeyaretnam ‘suans’ WP for fulfilling its ‘patriotic duty’ to the PAP whip

Posted by temasektimes on September 18, 2012

The Workers Party’s most pathetic and dismal performance in parliament is not only peeving off more and more Singaporeans, but is also getting on the nerves of fellow opposition leaders.

In his latest article on his blog on the discrepancies in the figures for Singapore reserves, Reform Party Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam expressed his disappointment at the Workers Party MPs for not bringing up the issue in parliament:

“There are certainly questions to answer but which will go unanswered as long as we have an Opposition in Parliament that regards it as its patriotic duty to follow the PAP whip.”

Instead of asking important questions as such in parliament, WP MPs have mostly indulged in ‘bird talk’ so far with the PAP, wasting precious air time by fielding completely irrelevant, frivolous and childish questions on bird droppings, construction materials and carpark parking spaces.

Though the Workers Party is supposedly an ‘opposition’ party, its MPs seem to follow the PAP whip and has been voting according to the wishes of the PAP, leading some to speculate that it has become the unofficial ‘subsidiary party’ of the PAP.

With such an useless ‘opposition’ in parliament, Singaporeans may have to wait for another hundred years or more to know the truth behind the reserves.

Read Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s entire article here.


19 Responses to “Kenneth Jeyaretnam ‘suans’ WP for fulfilling its ‘patriotic duty’ to the PAP whip”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Not rare nor unusual….has happened in other parliamentary nations before! MY is a prime example. Politicians tend to follow where the money and power are!
    That’s their first priority…who cares about the rakyat? It’s every man for himself!

  2. R Usha said

    I dont think the MPs from the Workers Party are fools to do what Mr KJ expects them to do in Parliament. And for sure Mr Low Thia Kiang has learnt from the silly and expensive mistakes made by his predecessor, the late JB Jeyaretnam, none other than KJ’s dad, both in and outside Parliament. JBJ ruined himself and his life with his libellous and defamatory remarks, getting sued lifet right and centre and losing all that he had hard earned to paying legal costs and damages. Does KJ want to slide down that road too? Well, thats for KJ to decide. If he goes on making stupid statements on issues which are properly dealt with by the government, he is going to slide down the road of his late dad, sooner than later.

    Mod’s note:

    What’s wrong with asking about our reserves? This is a question the wayang clowns should be asking, not bird droppings!

    • Mike Zeng said

      PAP’s suing days are over with the king suer’s one leg inside the grave-yard. Pinky is not sue-prone like his daddy-o, I believe.
      The open borderless world with the Internet and social media everywhere ensures that KJ will never be sued! The times they are a-changing!

    • afraid to use my name said

      Do you know the Law Lords of England said: JBJ suffered serious grievances through a series of misjudgement?
      What silly and expensive mistakes have the late JBJ done both in and outside Parliament?

  3. I agree with Kenneth Jeyaretnam. In parliament ‘ hard and pertinent questions must be asked and ansers must be pressed for…’. Other than Sylvia Lim asking about Dr Wu’s fines no other opposition MPs has question the house, though ‘ Sylvia backed off after some gruelling comments ans rebuttals by the Law Minister Shammugan’. Though MPs need to follow its code of conduct and ethics ‘ I still think that they need not follow the footsteps of JB Jeyaretnam but need to be more vocal and hyper-active’, rather than everything ‘ aye, aye’…..sigh…sigh…sigh

  4. jf said

    KJ s/o JBJ, Dr Chee, WP. Yeah the good old days of the Oppositions are here again. Why nobody invite Nicole Seah? Need some glam also.

  5. Poon said

    KJ is a mad dog who likes to bark and sometimes, do not even know what he is barking at! Just let the mad dog continue with his barking!

    • Submitter69 said

      I would rather have mad dogs barking at PAP than sissy puppies WPs.

      • JG said

        Sure, “mad dogs” must get elected first right? Convince 51% of a GRC first lah, then talk. Else, its only “wayang”.

      • Naivety said

        Then why don’t you all elect both KJ & Dr CSJ into Parliament ASAP so that we could see some trills & some legitimate questions being asked to the Papaya Party…don’t just talk leh, action on it straightaway & marked it as “Top Priority” on your ‘to do’ list??!!

        We need to learn from these 2 ‘old bird’ masters…c’mon!

      • Poon said

        Good for you, then go and serve under KJ, and let’s see how long you can tolerate a mad dog like him…common, go on!

      • compatriot said

        Seeen the movie “Mad Max” paradoxical dogmatic and objective minded and with assailable gusto he eliminated tyranny and deceitful perpetrators and established betterment within the society of that establishment

    • compatriot said

      Hey Poon
      When a healthy and selfless mad dog is objective minded with quality to target and defend its rights from danger of exploitation and manipulation thereon,to safe guard the well being of society of healthy living this inevitably shall be the insurance for you and your family

      But sad to say you chose to barking and yelping,like a disease pariah dog who stinks that deserve to be eliminated from becoming the contaminant to society

      Dont barked and yelped like a pariah dog.Come out,if you will and then serve society

  6. @ Poon abv: Sadly, there’s much truth in ur harsh assessment of KJ.
    But he’s a good man at heart striving 2 uphold his late dad’s legacy of working 4 the best 4 the ppl even if misdirected as both father and son shoot from their hips from emotions than studied consideration of the issues. It’s tactics without a broader strategy, a flawed political stance.
    KJ shd work with the WP 4 a United Front of opp leaders to advance the commoners’ interest against the elitism of the PAP. He is a dismal party leader and shd accept this, distatsteful as it is. But he wld make a good Finance Minister under WP’s banner, as Sylvia, Low TK and Chen SM hv so far shown outstanding leadership 2 keep mum as appropriate, to shout out loud in good time, to play smart by PAPies’ rules of the political game till next GE, and so conserve strength and party consolidation and unity for the looming battle 4 the ppl’s minds and hearts.
    KJ wld b helping himself and commoners 2 know his below par leadership qualities to join WP which anyway is also his late dad’s legacy.

  7. iqbaldinho said

    I think Mike is right, after you get a seat in Parliament – the stakes change – its a matter of survival and vote voter appeal. WP’s strategy may be to play the populist and ask the popular questions to gain some traction and try to wrest a few more seats from PAP in the next couple of decades and gain more power to increase their clout in issues debated in Parliament. – and that i suppose the critical point would be when PAP’s seats are reduced to less than 75% and are deprived of the ability to make constituional changes and then WP can try to deliver the some strategic blows from there on. Its all a numbers game. Its a political strategy. Kenneth’s view is very narrow and grossly direct – for a politician and economist – such 2 bit rationalisation is indeed surprising. I mean it’s not like I don’t like him but I’m just being objective

    With such an attutude, if ever Kenneth gets elected into parliament (- and I WILL vote for him in any case if he stands in my ward – ) his fate will be sealed along the line of his father – the much respected and loved JBJ. Keneth should drop all ideas of any fancy notions he may have of fighting for the right or good thing or for such politically unrealistic aims such as justice, equality, fairness etc etc and winning or even survivng a direct confrontation with the ruling party. Its not gonna happen.

    So Kenneth, please wake up, you have all the benefit of your fathers lessons and skills – use it and avoid the pitfalls – come down from your high horse and don’t let political bias cloud your judgment.

  8. Pang Sai said

    Hey, TT…. why twist and turn? If KJ is credible enough, he should ask these questions in Parliament by himself…… he is not Parliament material and therefore not elected by the voters…… why ask someone to clean your backside after you have shitted? Smelly correct?

  9. afraid to use my name said

    The “whip”: It up to the holder of the respective party to lift the whip for the members to vote as per conscience. Clearly, Mr Low Thia Khiang was trying to misled when he commented on the party whip after the Hougang by-election.

    **other instance from the WP 2011 manifesto: //(Chapter 1, section C, clause #2)
    Ministers’ remuneration should be benchmark internationally against the
    political office of developed countries. Their remuneration should also take into account all associated benefits (e.g. benefits-in-kind) under the total remuneration or total employment costs.
    When they argued on the Ministerial salary debate, they used medium salary of top earners in Singapore.
    //from Mas Selamat case:
    PM Lee asked Mr. Low Thia Kiang: should Mr. Wong Kan resign during the debate.
    LTK was unable to reply. (IMO he should said “yes, must resign immediately)

    I find that WP level of accountability to the citizens is pathetically low.

    Mod’s note:

    Unfortunately, there are still many Singaporeans who remained hoodwinked by the ‘Wayang Party’. Please spread the message around to wake them up from their slumber. Let’s unite behind the real opposition against the PAP-WP alliance in 2016.

  10. KJ and TT are jokes said

    KJ is going the way of the dodo. Just an empty barrel.
    WP has to balance national vs local issues. Remember – they were voted in by their constituents who will expect them to address their issues first. They do not have unlimited slots to ask questions.
    TT is a laughing stock – always getting at WP. Its entertaining at best.

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