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WP MP Sylvia Lim enjoying a ‘good time’ with her PAP colleagues in Indonesia

Posted by temasektimes on September 18, 2012

From WP’s Facebook:

“Ms Sylvia Lim with her  (PAP) colleagues from the Singapore Parliament waiting for the start of the 33rd ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly First Plenary Session in Lombok, Indonesia.”


71 Responses to “WP MP Sylvia Lim enjoying a ‘good time’ with her PAP colleagues in Indonesia”

  1. Dr.Arsch said

    You call that a ‘good time’? I was expecting to see pics of a mega drug party or a gangbang going on. You are seriously not expecting us to carry our political divide when we represent our country abroad are u?

  2. A red dot / Poor Management said

    All bunches of wasting Singapore funds monkey….

  3. Ms Sylvia’s presence at this Asean event wld lead 2 greater exposure and visibility for our opp ppl in the Asean sphere. What’s with TT picking fault with her on this transparent and wholesome presence as if she has something to hide? TT’s become trash 4 its relenteless and stupid bashing of WP to try to twist the truth as if we netizens r stupid 2 believe their spin.

    • Jaded said

      that’s because TT is the ‘B’ Team to the pro-pappie mouthpiece SPH ‘A’ Team

      • sweetbean said

        Oh bravo!

      • Jackie said

        Hahaha. Nice one.

        Indeed, TT does seem to appear as a ‘B’ team to the propaganda main stream media.

      • alexa said

        Wait i think TT is not pro PAP its the opposite maybe SDP RP etc. Its trying to make bad name for the WP n at the same time condemn PAP. If u follow TT sure u can see he support other oppositions especially SDP but not WP. I smell fish here from TT. People please be careful with TT.

      • ABC said

        I wonder how much is this ‘B’ Team being rewarded. TT, where to apply this ‘rewarding job’? Or you only employ FT?

  4. Jack said

    What is strong with that, I will more worried if WP not participating on international stage

    • P Koh said

      I think you mean what is “wrong” not “strong’ and you are right. Politicians from both camps should work for the common good of the country and need not be ‘enemies’ or at ‘loggerheads’ and a solidarified stand in the regional stage will auger well for Singapore. TT got to have their postings amended so as not to project a disunited Singapore when representing the government outside the country.

    • P Koh said

      When I said “you are right”, my intention is simply agreeing with the opinion expressed by Jack and why did you take offence to it. I have never ever in my life scolded anybody “stupid” it is only people of that category to do so. BTW thank you for the compliment which is much appreciated.

  5. Is like that said

    TT what u are trying to do ? incite disparity among singapore even we are oversea?

    she a opposition party when she is in Singapore arena but when Outside singapore we are one ppl. Singaporean ! for goodness sake dun try to split ok!

    it is theb garment job to allocate all polotical party voted in by the ppl to represent the country in any aspect be it PAP , WP or other qualified party.

  6. Norm said

    TT: I don’t understand why you make a big deal of this. So if WP is not included like in the National Conversation Committee, you criticise. Yet if WP is included like in this ASEAN thing, you also criticise. What do you want?

  7. mahbok tan said

    TT and its admin. , Y u all so like dat…!!!
    We agree to disagree rite. So people , TT is anti-WP , we have to respect their views.
    Exposure for sylvia is good so I disagree with TT on this but our objective is to ensure that more opposition will be in parliament.

  8. spotlessleopard said

    All Opposition Parties are good as long as they remain true to your manifesto and the moment they stray from it then it is time to drop support for them…

  9. Who AM I said

    Another ‘indirect attack’ on WP. What else is new from TT?

    • Edmund said

      Looks like TT is pro PAP. Have been singling out opposition’s faults and highlighting it.Come on give the opposition some credit lah.

  10. fpc said

    why ? you want sylvia lim to sell books?

  11. ProSingapore said

    TT, you have been doing a great job BUT your constant senseless bashing of WP is UNCALLED for. Such senseless attacks on WP make you look really idiotic. PLEASE STOP sowing discord among the opposition parties. I am glad to note that an opposition member is present at an international meeting such as this. As she is probably the only opposition member among the Singapore representatives, she will have the added responsibility to carry herself better than the rest. So what does TT expect her to do in such occasion? What sort of demeanour does TT expect her to put up here? If she cannot smile in the photo ….. you expect her to put up an angry face???? LOL.

  12. skponggol said

    Have time to participate ‘international conversation’ with her PAP masters, byt no time to spend a single second with her fellow Opposition comrades in a more urgent National Conversation.

  13. angsan soonkueh said

    with TT’s help angsan soon chee’s turn to represent sg as an across-the-aisle elected parliamentarian on a oversea working trip will have to wait long long. lelong lelong sell book in the cdb also no use la!

    own-goal-scoring antics from tt yet again more to come yes we know they and sdp are predictable when it comes to rubbish…laughable!

  14. A Volunteer said

    Yes one family—– one Singapore.
    to the world we must be seen as such.

  15. richard said

    Good put more efford into the job and let singaporean see WP also human can do the job.

  16. Val said

    honestly, i wasted my time reading this.

  17. well done Sylvia! let the world know singapore also has opposition that can represent singapreans!

    • Lenny Fang said

      Yes, well done Ms Sylvia Lim and Workers’ Party in general.

      They have proven that they have the interest of Singaporeans at heart and are willing to work with anyone, even with forces from the dark side, if it will help to improve the life of Singaporeans.

  18. Disappointed Reader said

    This is getting boring…..

    Another senseless, illogical, crude, biased reporting against WP.

    Wasting my time coming here really.

  19. Lucinda said

    Come on, TT, this isn’t ‘you-friend-me-I-friend-you childish’ play. Oppositions still need to work diplomatically with their counterparts in parliament.

  20. Yeb said

    What everyone said here is precise, I see this as a good thing. I do not have to explain anymore as the above have done a good job. TT, it’s time you review your nonsensical publications. You regard emabrassment as public fame? Coz it’s obvious you are. Slap yourself a couple more times if it means that you get knocked out. Worker’s Party might be unagreeable sometimes, but c’mon.. Sometimes you gotta be sly and pretend you’re the bad guys just to infiltrate to the other party’s affairs, understand how it works, and destroy them when the iron’s hot. You get what I mean? I bet you don’t.

  21. Sk16 said

    TT is giving us rubbish nowadays.

  22. JG said

    Well done, Sylvia!! All our MPs must love the country, more than partisan bickering. This is why I voted for WP!! Keep it up!!

  23. jfcyl said

    Pictures may tell a thousand words but it cannot tell the truth. Truth can be twisted by the captions.

    the truth is never interpreted right with different people with different values, beliefs and upbringing

  24. R Usha said

    this is called the true singapore spirit- flying the singapore flag together when you are in an overseas delegation for the good of the singapore brand name. well done PAP and WP parliamentarians!

  25. Sylvia is doing Singapore proud…. thanks for doing a great job for real Singaporeans. We believe in you whom are open and transparent in your dealings……dear Singaporeans, please do not vote for SDP or RP (RIP?)

    • P Koh said

      @Pastor Kong Hee
      So are you ordering or preaching? If neither, then you should ‘SDP’ (So Don’t Preach) or ‘RP’ (Respect People). We all should always look up to any politician who can make Singapore better irrespective of which party that person belongs to. Now we have ‘real’ Singaporeans and I wonder who are the unreal Singaporeans.

  26. Daniel said

    There could be a good reason why WP said they would form a coalition govt if PAP fail to win a majority. That would ease the minds of those voters who fear a hung parliament, where nobody wins enough votes to form a majority in parliament.

  27. happy said

    betrayal of singaporean

  28. afraid to use my name said

    Give credit where is due.
    We shall wait & see how Ms Sylvia Lim perform at the 33rd ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly First Plenary Session in Lombok, Indonesia.

    After all it will be ONE Asean by 2015.

  29. AY said

    Something is seriously wrong with TT, all i get is just people bashing. Is it even news and views from an unique perspective. They bash PAP, they bash WP, they bash just about anything and everything. It used to have great news read, now it seems they put news just to get response from people. Seriously WP Sylvia Lim is in parliament, so what would you expect ? If they go to Asean forum. Even in other countries, Opposition members are invited to attend important international event. Why not get a photo of Sylvia walking to Parliament house, the put a title ” Sylvia from WP enjoying a ‘good time’ in Parliament House. For goodness sake, whoever is the controller of this site, put up more useful and thought provoking piece. Don’t become like a New Paper. Tabloid news.

  30. gcch said

    What’s up with Temasek Times. Seriously. What’s wrong with this group photo? Is she supposed to be sitting alone by herself holding the Worker’s Party hammer?

  31. Cekn said

    Well done, Sylvia.
    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
    Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)  

  32. Poon said

    TTT, you stood so low, trying to even sow discord among oppositions with such photo? Who you think we are…really daft as LKY puts it? Gosh…and you expect we to support SDP through a lowly SDP official media like you?

    Chee Soon Juan back stab Chiam See Tong just to become SG of SDP…now we see the same history repeating itself…SDP and it cronies can never and should ever be trusted!

  33. Realist said

    Just shot yourself in the arm, TT…….

  34. Lim Peh Kong said

    Another great post from TT!! Your PAP master must be damn happy with your work so far.

  35. david said

    I don’t what to say about TT liao.

  36. Saint said

    In war or in crisis, MPs from all parties should stand united. TR seem ignorant of it. Representing Singapore as a parliament, who else but have to seat with PAP majority right?

  37. ModSucksMyCock said

    I hope the guy called what, Cheebye something to stay as what he has now, rather than him to destory our hard-built nation!

  38. Marquis said

    Sour grapes I guess.

  39. Jojo said

    Birds of the same feather flock together. Their wayang has become too obvious in recent years.
    They like PAP still think that Singaporean are stupid. How come their fucking mouth kena glue inside parliament. Always bring insignificant issues.

    • P Koh said

      Slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes silence can speak volumes.

      Mod’s note:

      Did you vote for the ‘Wayang Party’ to remain SILENT in parliament? Then why not put dummies in their place instead? They are more effective and cost much less.

      • P Koh said

        People who open their mouth too wide always get caught and unfortunately last election I did not vote. Anyway, voting is secret and you have no right to ask who I have voted for, even if I did. Respnsible politicians in parliament should not object for the sake of objecting. They must be objective to ensure that the objections, if any are valid and for the common good of the populace. They then become effective and cost saving in the process.

      • yes…. P Koh was the idiot that sounded deprived in voting…… come on…. open your legs and bend… can?

      • P Koh said

        Vulgarity has no place in society. It contaminates the very existence of good nature and people like that are best left where they are.

      • Washing Machine said

        You are dumb to think that voting is secret.

      • afraid to use my name said

        only in FABLES slow and steady wins the race.
        in real live it doesn’t happen at all, be it in sport, commerce, military, politics, education. wake up from your deep slumber & get real

      • P Koh said

        @Afraid To Use My Name
        Yes! I agree and in real life there is such a thing as “marry in haste, repent at leisure”. Also “more haste, less speed” and it is also never my nature to chide others as one who does so, knows not what one does not know since opening your mouth will remove all doubts. Again many exchanges here are personal opinions and nobody is any wiser to tell or prove that he is correct and the other is wrong. Do not forget that when you point your finger at others, three fingers are pointing back at you. If a person do not know or is unclear, it is always better to seek clarification than to speculate, assume and judge. Life will be so much better and fun to live in. Be Happy my friend.

  40. The Wise Observer said

    With such ridiculous articles, TT has proven itself to be as inept as the other opposition parties. WP is the type of level-headed opposition Singaporeans have pined for. But if they do get lured by money and power along the way, they’ll get kicked out of parliament quickly.

  41. alibaba said

    why are you still keeping quiet TT? Seems your recent started posts seems no difference from STOMP.

  42. laughing balls said

    Hello, I cannot understand after 50 years u want an opposition. To count the dead bodies? We already know how many that is. Opposition has nothing to pick. By now even the bones are picked clean by vultures.

    The 80 year old died working, like allmost all other oldies HAD THEIR VOTE and now have to work to death or wait to die because they were stubbornly stupid or stupidly stubborn hard core cadres of one party system.

  43. Ben said

    Mod always says WP is team B of PAP ! lol means TT are team B of SPH . WTH ………

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