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High Court rejects Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s application for open trial on Singapore’s loan to IMF

Posted by temasektimes on September 20, 2012

The Singapore High Court has rejected Reform Party Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s application for an open trial on the legality of Singapore’s US$4 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund.

Justice Tan Lee Meng who heard the trial in chambers today had said matters that were pure legal issues are usually heard in chambers.

Mr Jeyaretnam had asked Justice Tan to quash the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s decision to pledge the loan as it was unconstitutional, having argued that the Singapore government has no right to approve the loan without prior approval from Singaporeans.

A son of the late opposition scion Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, Kenneth contested in the General Election in West Coast GRC last year where he garnered a commendable 34 percent of the votes.

Though he is not a MP, he still takes an active interest in national issues, asking many critical questions on his blog.

In contrast, the elected ‘opposition’ in parliament has not asked any intelligent questions of late, preferring to indulge in ‘bird talk’ with the PAP by tickling them with absolutely frivolous questions on bird droppings, car parks and construction materials.



30 Responses to “High Court rejects Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s application for open trial on Singapore’s loan to IMF”

  1. Ron said

    If rejected, Philip can always escalate the appeal all the way to the Court of Appeal. Will that highest Court also sit in Chambers?

  2. sporeoboriginal said

    Well.. We all have to just wait for UNCLE to go.. Once he go all questions will be answered and truth unfold. And i think once he go all the so called “clean” in politics will be no more. Many politicians will fight for chair and jus like china history.. They will stab amongst them. : )

  3. NaBey said

    IMF is like the 7th month festival.
    Who is IMF chairman? During the 7th month festival, its chairman must lead by example and “bid” or “donate” a lot of $.
    Similarly, the IMF black botak must also take our backside and put on his face as skin!

  4. Poison Ivy said

    KJ’s GRC team was one of the bottom 3 worst performance by the opposition in the last election. Hardly commendable, if you asked me.

  5. Pink Panty Long said

    This is an insult to what Pinky has praised its party for 2 days ago only, “PM Lee praises PAP’s political system which emphasizes ‘integrity’ and ‘incorruptibility’”.

  6. Naivety said

    What about the $60 Billion dollars of our CPF Monies Fund & National Reserve lost by Tony Tan when he was at that time the Deputy Chairman of GIC thru GIC reckless investment & speculation, is KJ going to bring this matter to the High Court as well & to obtain some accountability & closure on it???

    • compatriot said

      I think Tony Tan for sure couldnt be the Elected President of Singapore.
      If the Singapore media did not censored the news reported from the Wall Street Journal that GIC suffered a loss of Singapore taxpayers monies around 59 billion Singapore diollars (US$41.6 billion) in January,2008

      Prior to he is Singapore’s president Tony Tan was the Deputy Chairman and also as one of the fund manager of GIC he spent to invest and suffered a loss of approximately US$42 billion of Singapore taxpayers monies

      Apparently so it seems,the WP is in deep slumberland,indulging in uncared-for with their obligations as the ELECTED OPPOSITION PARLIAMENTARIANS whom their respective constituents of Aljunied and Hougang voted them to be their representative in parliament.But alas,not even a word has been heard till today from these WP elected parliamentarians ‘IS THERE A BETRAYAL OF TRUST?’

      The PAP is questionably and undoubtedly an insidious political government knowing that without any of their political peers within the Constitution of Singapore to legally challenge them of their conceivable wrong doings,the PAP has taken the downright advantage to browbeating Singaporeans now and then besides GREEDILY to count how much pennies are in their pockets

      Thereby inevitably society has to fend itself to inaugurate a peer group of citizens and netizens to defend and attain their rights as citizens of Singapore

      The political system perceivable today in Singapore has three (3) key avenues

      (1) The Executives
      (2) The Judiciary
      (3) The Parliament

      Singaporeans believes in being a civic minded society and inorder to materialize the change and take over the government from the PAP it has to be with the blow of the ‘KO’ punch that is through the GE parliamentary election (para 3)

      Para 1 and 2 can be addressed with simplicity when there a change of government

  7. ProSingapore said

    The last paragraph DESTROYED an otherwise good article …..画蛇添足, 无聊. The more you propagate your nonsense against the elected opposition, the more you are seen as petty-and-narrow-minded. By the way, they represent their constituents and the concerns of their constituents (however small these concerns may seem to TT) should come first. If they do not even care about these daily concerns of their own constituents, what good are they if they are elected to form the next government? There should be a good balance in the mix of issues (both national and local) they bring up in parliament. Why does TT keep harping on those local issues brought up by the elected opposition? These issues may not be of concern to you, but they does affect the constituents under their charge ……. GOT IT???

    • afraid to use my name said

      You give me the impression that the constituents from Hougang & Aljunied GRC are not affected by the IMF loan.

  8. TeoH Chee Hong said

    whose money ?

  9. SgGuy said

    Though I can say I am a fan of his, I appreciate his effort in asking questions n in making people aware of things n keeping the ruling party ‘engaged’. Sometimes, it is easier to ask questions while you are not physically sitting in parliament and facing the pigs n getting brain-stoned.

    This exercise also enforced the fact that the courts are being controlled by you-know-who. Well done!

  10. happy said

    is it surprising

    even a former president who stood up to the regime was asked to leave the presidency

    who would dare to stand up would have his head on the chopping board

  11. legion said

    PAP 不说真话,不想面对实事,纸是包不住火 .最终将不得民心.

  12. oldguard said

    TT, I think you are trying to blemish the WP. WTF is going on with you. Don’t expect the WP fall into your trap, I think you are bought over.

    • mahbok tan said

      Oldguard ,

      Let TT / mod , do what they want.

      We know how to think for ourself , coz we know they have their own agenda to propagate. We have to agree and disagree gracefully.

      We make our stand notice and critized where needed. As for all opposition we need to unite as one united people and work for the betterment of SGporean and get rid of the break and rule regime of PAP.

    • Jaded said

      yup, if the bird shit falls on your car, according to TT, its the WP’s fault.

  13. Realist said

    Noticed whenever there is an article about Opposition parties, TT never fails to end it with a bashing at the WP members.
    Such caustic remarks only serve to infuriate their supporters but at a good cause because WP is a Wayang party, ha ha ha…..

    • Ron said

      TT has become the newest Opposition party…the Teh Tarik party. Maybe they think they have the same charisma as the Tea Party in USA.

      I enjoy my teh tarik, still affordable. However TT has to show it has more substance than just sling shots at WP and PAP. When the giants fling back a rock, TT will be crushed easily.

  14. Lim said

    I am not a legal person but isn’t using Sporean’s tax money to the tune of 4 billion dollars more than `pure legal issues’? I think it is of public interest as we have a stake in the money being lent to IMF.

  15. Pink Panty Loong said

    Just when that Pinky praises its ruling party’s political system that emphasizes ‘integrity’ and ‘incorruptibility’. What an irony. Hahahaaa…

  16. Ah Piah said

    It may well be that your CPF monies are being utilized.

  17. PAP plans backfired said

    how is using tax payer’s money for the loan not a legal issue?

  18. darkest day said

    Nothing new after the recent by-election case – both outcome the same.

  19. It wld b more appropriate 4 the opp 2 pursue this question in parl for public response being more a political than judicial issue. The answers given by the govt wld then b adjudged by the ppl come next GE.

  20. I love KJ said

    Only KJ is the real opposition!! Long Live KJ!! Lova live RP!!

  21. Fellow Singaporean said

    Seems that non MPs like Ravi, KJ and CSJ really speak up for Singaporeans.

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