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Two PRC ‘FTs’ arrested for spate of break-ins

Posted by temasektimes on September 20, 2012

Two PRC ‘FTs’ were arrested for a series of break-in in various private estates in Simei, Siglap Frankel, Simpang Bedok and Pasir Panjang.

According to the police, the culprits would gain entry into the units by climbing in through unsecured kitchen and toilet windows at night.

They would then search for items lying around, and remove them without the occupants’ notice. They have admitted to six cases

The two PRCs have been charged in court for Housebreaking & Theft by Night with common intention. If convicted, each faces between two to 14 years’ jail.


21 Responses to “Two PRC ‘FTs’ arrested for spate of break-ins”

  1. Daft Peasant said

    don jail them please……don waste tax payer’s money to feed them…..

    just send them back and let them rot in their kampong……

  2. Gar said

    Did our immigration check for black listed criminals coming in?

  3. teo cheap buy said

    Singapore another new jb

  4. Chen Guang Fei said

    5 Chinese nationals arrested for theft onboard Jetstar and Silkair
    AsiaOne | Tue, Sep 11 2012

    Can’t help feeling that here are an equal number of China nationals inside our prisons as there are outside it.

  5. Ah Huey said

    Since they are PRC, they should be pardoned and given Singapore citizenship. After all its the PAP governments’ avowed intention to make Singapore a purely Chinese nation, with Indians and Malays relegated to nondescript citizens with no voting rights. Majullah Chingapore.

  6. patrick eng said

    here comes the reported problems as expected. some goes unreported.

  7. Singaporean said

    Social problems caused by PRCs!!

  8. Robin hood said

    You mean Foreign Thieves? What if they can give good excuses. They’ll be given a slap on the wrist and advice not to do it again. Remember thr FM -Foreign Molester? They paid their way out.

  9. The 2 PRCs should be given Singapore citizenship and their crimes pardoned.

  10. bongkinchen said

    Their work permits/passes were not renewed, hence this criminal act of survival in this little red dot.

  11. Tortoise said

    Will these PRCs be let off lightly because of their hard driving, hard striving talents

  12. NaBey said

    Hey TT, FT is foreign talent or foreign thieve?

    • Pink Panty Long said

      Hahahaha..this is funny! You gave “FT” a new meaning! Hahahahaaa…

    • bongkinchen said

      Same, same. No diffference. They steal your jobs with deceit. They depress your wages with roll-back to the self-serving employers. The incumbents love them even more than their own Singaporeans. Why?? They help the incumbents to boost the GDP figures even more by competing for us faster, cheaper and better at our Citizens’ expense. MAJULAH SINGAPURA.

  13. Naivety said

    The Pro Alien Party will pardon them eventually & convert their 2 beloved PRC FT to new Sinkapor Citizens so that ultimately,
    Pro Alien Party could secure additional 2 more new votes for themselves from these new citizens!

  14. Fred said

    Foreign “talent” for crime. Blame PAP for allowing PRC criminals into Singapore.

  15. The 2 PRCs should be given Faculty positions at Changi Prison University as Adjunct Professor for Housebreaking/Robbery/Theft

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