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VIDEO: Hot babe in school uniform french kissed boyfriend on MRT train

Posted by temasektimes on September 21, 2012

A young girl in school uniform was caught french-kissing her boyfriend non-stop for half an hour on a MRT train to Jurong three days ago:

Watch the shocking video below:


29 Responses to “VIDEO: Hot babe in school uniform french kissed boyfriend on MRT train”

  1. Deloren said

    Errr should really take the “hot babe” outta Title

  2. Lawrence Lim said

    Wonderful to watch such public display of affection. Singaporeans should feel privileged to witness such affection. Can you imagine if all couples are so loving, Singapore would be known as the romantic city of Asia. We were on vacation in Paris and such display is common place. That is why Paris has the feel of a romantic city.
    I also think that the video taping of such affection without their prior permission is an invasion of privacy. Not that there is anything wrong, but TT should respect the privacy of individuals and not to broadcast without their permission. Please respect a person’s right to privacy, even if it is in a public place.

  3. You must be joking ... said

    Hot? Babe?
    Such poor taste!

  4. singaporean said

    all i can say is, she doesn’t even know how to french kiss. it’s called sticking her tongue out in a gross/awkward manner

  5. Chloe said

    give the youngsters some space, for Christ sake!

  6. James Tan said

    Hot babe??? Where?

  7. ocean said

    you call that a hot babe?

  8. WTF said

    Hot babe?? Your eye got stamps stuck on them?

  9. Anon said

    She’s not so hot

  10. Ben said

    i dun see anything wrong with acts of passion. but have to admit they are abit more daring than the other couples

  11. Benson said

    looks fat .

  12. Singkaypoh said

    Whats with this censorship??? When our bigwigs are getting blowjobs & free sex in exchange for favours? Damn double standards!

  13. NaBey said

    Wah lau TT, ur eye got problem leh! Like that u call hot? I think u need hide inside ur house too long aldy.

  14. Chee.Y said

    Haiyo, my school, dunman sec…

  15. DaJingXiaoGuai said

    Well…this is what you get for instigating American style democracy and freedom! What’s there to complain? We already have female teacher fucking young boy, this shouldn’t be any surprise RIGHT? This is part of the freedom Singaporeans wanted isn’t it?

    • lu said

      what does american have to do with anything? ahh live in a box…let others tell you what to do…no expression…be a robot…if thats living have at it…

  16. Why is this posted here? It’s no one’s business.

  17. derpface said

    kena remove liao the video lol

  18. gene said

    video has been removed.

  19. Sad to be Singaporean said

    She too desperate lah… too horny..

  20. jilla said

    typical singaporean chick… ugly and slutty.

  21. A G Young said

    Ministry of Education, please comment in the video clip! Where is our CULTURE?

  22. You Must Be Joikng ... said

    The message says removed due to ‘nudity’ or ‘sexual content’. LOL
    Don’t worry guys, you didn’t miss anything. Save you from puking.
    Google You Tube and you will find real hot babes french kissing.

  23. haha said

    any of your business Ttimes? full of bullcrap

  24. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Both are heeding Lee Sian Loong’s National Day rally to make more babies

  25. singaporean deserved said

    give me a break pls! u call this girl a hot babe??? obviously,u have not seen better! its just another SPG in action!

  26. Nice Person said

    A kiss for expressing Hello or Good Bye is OK. Not french kiss in the MRT for half an hour.

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