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Woman who gives oral sex to ex-SCDF chief to testify in court

Posted by temasektimes on September 21, 2012

A woman who allegedly gave oral sex to former Singapore Civil Defence Force chief Peter Lim Sin Pang will appear as a prosecution witness in court to testify against him.

Of the 10 corruption charges originally slapped on Peter Lim, the prosecution will only proceed with one – the charge relates to Lim obtaining oral sex from Ms Pang Chor Mui in May 2010 in exchange for advancing her company’s business interests with the SCDF.

Ms Pang is the General Manager of Nimrod Engineering and the firm was one of SCDF’s vendors. She was reportedly married with one son and still looks ‘hot’ for her age.

Peter Lim allegedly enjoyed oral sex from her in the comforts of his car parked in a public carpark.

Besides Ms Pang, there are 10 other prosecution witnesses including SCDF officers previously working under Peter Lim.


22 Responses to “Woman who gives oral sex to ex-SCDF chief to testify in court”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Ah Yah, what an obscene pic only an online news blog can get away with!
    Our MSM, even newpaper, will never dare to use such a pic…
    I guess some people will say ” what’s so obscene about a female eating a banana? Most natural thing to do!

  2. NaBey said

    Wah! Din know his banana so long !!

  3. what is the main cause behind? said

    person who cause another person to do crime should be liable as well

    It may due to government “high tension”, “to be no 1 in the world”, “pay and pay”, “poor also pay”, etc……policies, that make Singaporeans have to “release high tension” by sex!

    So who is the source of the problem. Do not just put blame on the person who do it, the person who cause another person to commit crime should be liable as well.

  4. Ron said

    I feel sorry for those involved. To testify in open court on the intimacies and be grilled by the defence lawyer and maybe have other revelations of her personal conduct must be traumatic. It is a fight to the finish and no-holds barred when stakes are so high.

  5. Action speaks louder than words said

    Will she be re-enacting the ‘scene’?

  6. ngpy said

    Why waste public fund, might as tell the PUBLIC he is found.not guilty, allow to home and sleep peacefully , keep screwing

  7. Ren said

    Her son asked her: mummy mummy my friends say you CLJ for another man…Why did you do that?
    Is CLJ good for women? I noe I wud enjoy it though…

  8. NaBey said

    1. Is oral sex legal in singapore?
    2. Is sex in public area legal in singapore?
    Why he only kena 1 charge?
    Because he is scholar?
    Because he got some relative in GOVT?

    • Singkaypoh said

      Oh because he is setting example by “testing his fire hose” frequently so that in case of emergency, it will shoot properly.

  9. Daft Peasant said

    will the judge ask the hot mum to perform her skills in the court?? 😛

    10 charge become one charge…… this is wat we call: JUSTICE !!

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Peter should refute the charge of oral sex in court. Better still ask this lady to demo infront of the judge to clear his good name.

  10. Lim said

    First they say 10 charges then back down to only 1 charge. How strange!

  11. Dave said

    In 2004, a former policeman, Mr. Annis bin Abdullah was found guilty of receiving oral sex from a 16 years old girl. His 2 years jail sentence was reduced to 12 months by the then CJ Yong PUNG HOW.Then the governemnt is considering decriminalising consensual oral sex between adults.
    What’s the status now?

    Also to quote: “” CJ Yong said “You drive her out into the ulu-ulu (remote areas). You ask for sex, she gracefully declines and then you ask for fellatio. She’s not going to decline,” he said.
    source :

    So pathetic..all for some financial cause. Should we feel pity for this lady who’s probably trying to meet some sales quota ? Or should we pass judgement & call her stupid instead because a part time prost definitely can earn more. I personally think the man should bear more blame for this case, if not for abusing his authoruty then for this utter disregard for this woman’s feelings & dignity. Mind you, if both of them are in this for affairs of the hearts, then its altogether a different story. From what I’ve read so far, the news paper seems to paint a picture of a predator & a prey.
    “”In what could be read as a defence of Section 377, CJ Yong said: “This is Asia you know … There are certain countries where certain offences cause real offence …”””
    What a difference 6 years can do to moral standards . Oral sex…its so common now……Hmmmmmm to think that our ancestors have missed out discovering this form of entertainment centuries ago in the dark caves. 🙂

  12. Naivety said

    Why only proceed with the lesser fellatio charge with Pang Chor Mui, General Mgr of Nimrod Engineering only when there are more serious charges with the other 2 women concerned as follows:

    -Lee Wei Hoon, Director of Singapore Radiation Centre (2 occasions, had sex with her at a hotel in France b/w 18 to 21 Oct & had oral sex with Lee at a carpark in Big Splash in East Coast Park on 23 Nov last year)

    -Esther Goh Tok Mui, Business Devt Director at NCS Pte Ltd (This chief culprit had sex with Peter Lim on seven (7) separate occasions b/w April & September last year)

    Seems like Peter Lim had made a good deal with the devil to stood down the other 9 more serious charges just because they refuse to be the prosecution witness!!!

  13. NoFuture said

    I wonder what they want to ‘testify’ her for. The taste of ‘Singapore sling’ from one holding top post!?

  14. Ron said

    This is not the first sex for favor prosecution in Spore. It often involves low-level immigration officials and the women were illegal sex workers or overstayers, etc. However, this is a high profile case and the ST has reported that both were friends for some years. It will be interesting to see what is revealed about their relationship prior to said incident. At what point does warm friendship cross that invisible line where intimacy occurs?

    If the woman was a total stranger and sex was offered for explicit favors, the case is probably very different.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Aren’t they picking the weakest case? Friends with benefits, maybe? In any case, he’s gonna be “Singapore’s Bill Clinton” lor 🙂

  15. Chin Han said

    Out of the three victims, only one (Pang) agreed to be prosecution witness. The prosecutor cannot proceed with the rest of the charges considering the other two ladies unless they agreed to be prosecution witnesses. That said, proceeding with one charge does not mean that the remain 8’s will not be pursued. The prosecutor could seek for a higher sentence and seek the judge to take into considering the remaining 8’s.

  16. Henry said

    hmmmm …..

  17. Blow jobbers said

    The bitcx everything say NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO , the next day this ASS*CDF Chief will be discharged amounting to an acquttal. No waste everybody time la. The most time wasters departments in Spore must be CPIB + CNB. These two departments are seriously deprived attention-seeking creatures.

  18. Yharyah said

    ” still looks ‘hot’ for her age”

    any photos?

  19. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Looks like the way things are going on, the SCDF chief will return to his former post after acquittal. Maybe he will be transferred to the cookhouse to over see the cooks

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