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Boy committed suicide after being questioned by police

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

A 18 year old boy committed suicide by jumping from 14th floor of his flat in Sengkang after being questioned by plain-clothe police officers.

The tragedy occurred yesterday afternoon at Blk 224A in Sengkang. The deceased is Huang Shao Heng (黄绍恒) who was implicated in an assault case two days earlier.

He was questioned together with his god-brother Fang Jun Jie by the police at the void deck. The police also took their photos and confiscated their handphones.

After the questioning, Huang went up to the 14th floor and jumped down. His distraught mother now wants to know what the police had told her son to cause him to take such a drastic action.

Unlike other First World countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, there are no defined guidelines in place for police to interrogate suspects.

The police is allowed to question anybody anywhere at anytime. In Hong Kong, the entire interrogation process is video-taped and lawyers are allowed to sit in to observe the process, thereby ensuring that no inducement or intimidation is used to extort a confession from the suspects.


47 Responses to “Boy committed suicide after being questioned by police”

  1. Walls have ears said


    this is very tragic…….
    Let pray for him.. what ever the reasons

    • Dalphne said

      I would suggest that police personel needs to touch knowledge on basic psychology to avoid consequences, in this case, self harm. These victims are not criminals, they are just ignorant people that needed a bit of coaching in life. Take into consideration the loss in the family, and the aftermath this family feeling guilty for the rest of their life. In order to help , early intervention in Counselling Could help victims understand the affecting effects in life. Looking into positive direction would certainly avoid further confrontation with the law…… Good luck.. xxx

  2. In addition to inducement, the poor process also allowed corruption to take place. a case was prosecuted awhile back where a policeman give freedom to a illegal worker in exchange for sex.

  3. Sashaqueenie said

    There is something very wrong about this entire event and I hope we get to the bottom of this.

  4. Tortoise said

    With more and more Singaporeans committing suicide like this and PAP importing so many FTs, Singaporeans will become a minority soon. These FTs will vote for PAP and PAP will be in power forever. No hope for Singaporeans. Maybe migration is the better answer.

  5. Poison Ivy said

    In Singapore, there are 4 sets of rules for different people. One for Lee family (only they can hold functions in Istana), another for PAP elites (TPL’s Denise He’s incident), a third law for foreigners (Singaporeans have to reflect when foreigners scold us), the worst of them all, applies to Singaporeans and anyone who disagrees with them.

  6. Robin hood said

    Let’s wait for the police statement.

  7. NaBey said

    Wah lau, FT beat sporean, then sporean kena police question and jump floor! If he do nothing wrong why jump down?

    • Daniel Teo said

      It’s definitely something that the police said to the boy that triggered him and caused him to be traumatize. It takes a great deal of courage to commit suicide, let alone jumping down from 14th storey.

  8. Ron said

    The social media broadcasts such events even before they are reported on main stream media. As such, I am sure the MP of that precinct will be taking an interest as it is important that the facts be made public as soon as practicable to avoid more gossips.

  9. Remembering SPF humiliating a taxpayer said

    I remember in 1988, a police from SPF humiliated me in front of my friends by shouting out loud that I was caught for shoplifting when I was a teen.

  10. chulling said


    • Commando Pants said

      I think you’ll find its the elderly folks from Singapore in the City and in HDB estates the Bangladesh workers who keep the streets clean by constantly roaming, sweeping etc.. as its very clear so many people here don’t give a blind fuck about litter .

      The Police keep the streets clean via localized intimidation and agression — which seems to vanish when the world look at Singapore. Example the F1.

      The fact this young man reacted so rapidly is a clear indicator the Police are at fault and probably threatened him. If anything they need to be investigated in a transparent manner. Remember Singapore is full of Westerners who everytime see events like look down more an more at ‘state’ as a whole..

  11. Casey said

    Your comments defeat your nick , Robin Hood… Hahahaha! I say the police will cover it up as always! Come on, would they be able to disclose the exact details of what happened when the only witness to his plight is now dead?!

  12. Melvin Emmanuel said

    Why would police confiscate their cell phones without any valid warrants?

  13. Patriot said

    Intimidation ? Are they allowed to confiscate someone’s handhone just like that? Will they try to cover up?

  14. Adam Tan Beng Phoon said

    With the Pappies as their backup…..the SPF is getting more and more out of hand….

  15. Wake up fools! said

    So sad. A life gone bcoz our SPF is so harsh on a young teenager and the real crooks got away with beating up SGs! Well done SPF. Well done incompetence govt who protects the foreigners and not SGs.

  16. 18? He’s hardly a boy.

  17. x said

    Singapore is a police state.

  18. Ren said

    But was he involved in the assault case?
    If he was, how come so ‘strawberry’ one? Kena questioning by plain cloth cops, after that jumped down??
    Did the cops tell him, you dared to do it, dont dare to admit>> Jump down better lah!!

  19. heart landers said

    Spf should follow HK practice.

  20. oldguard said

    plain clothes officer, yayapapaya, think they are high and mighty. when in group act tough, alone like mouse, must have treaten Huang. RIP Huang, go look for the officer who talked to you.

  21. GB said

    I’m a friend of his. He had a back problem since he was young and was told that he needed surgery a few days before his suicide. But there was a risk that he may be paralyzed, and he even told his mum ‘I’d rather die than be wheelchair bound for life.’ . Also, he had alot of relationship problems with his girlfriend. She broke up with him minutes before th time of his death. He, only left two suicide notes. One for his mum. And one for her. He, i’m sorry to say this but, he disregarded his brothers. His friends. The rest of his family. The only two in his heart was his girlfriend and his mother. It really hurts as his friend that this has to happen to jeremy, but what really disappoints me is he didn’t think for the ones that truly cares for and loves him. He was so foolish.

    • Respect our sg men and women said

      is there a possibility of him having depression? If family and friends like u have realised it sooner and seek help from psychologist or psychiatrist, he might still be alive today. Do not blame him for such drastic acts. He is a victim! Try to understand what he had been through.

    • diner en blanc said

      It shows how gangsters behave so bold and garang when in groups but yet so cowardly and hamchee when alone. I pity the huang guy but his family and back problems is no excuse for trying to kill somebody else.

      The saying goes: there will be retribution for all evils committed.

    • Lim Peh Kong said

      Thanks for sharing it with us. It is really unfortunate that he had chosen to end his life this way. Also good to expose the blatant lie and constant bullshit that TT has been dishing out here.

  22. skyeyap said

    Where is the human rights. are police allow to do what they want? Take ppl’s pic? Confiscate ppl’s hp? What’s the different between this and day light robbery?

  23. skyeyap said

    Where is the human right? Are police allure to do anything they want, including taking ppl’s pic, confiscating ppl’s hp? What’s the different this and daylight robbery?

  24. Julie Ong said

    Hello, Mr Robin Hood.

    Yes, we should wait for the factual police statement/report.

    I do know that we do apply rough justice on suspects such as beatings in the lock up, denial of privileges or even basic needs in so far as the police force is concerned. This is obsolete and should never be the norm for any advanced nation. We need professionalism. Better training in how to manage and prevent crime. Singapore is merciless. Once a criminal, even a petty one and you may be condemned for life. Shunned. Difficult to get back to mainstream society by getting a job. Whilst I’d never give the wrongdoers an easy ride I believe it’s high time we overhaul our system and even thinking and just be mindful that sometimes in one’s life we behave indiscreetly and do the wrong thing. Therefore, I’d suggest that first and minor offenders be treated less harshly, but be firmly warned and encouraged to do the right thing. This allowance should not be given to criminals who commit heinous crimes, such as rape, murders, malicious assaults, etc.

    It’s heartbreaking for the family and friends of this young man.

    I’m sorry.

  25. Joan R said

    In the New Paper front page today, another 18 year old girl tried to commit suicide over 10 times in 1 year. Small things tend to trigger them off and they think of suicide. How to make our young tougher mentally?

  26. no proper investigation procedure was followed? said

    Why investigation was carried out without the presence of parents or guardians?

    Proper investigation procedure should be strictly followed!

    • chulling said

      Parents?!! when you want to be gangsters? O i see, Singapore wannabe gangsters are sissy and need parents for interview arrrr….lol, more should go jump and die, the more the merrier cuz we dot need gangsters around and worst, sissys gangsters in Singapore…what we need are clever and investing FTs here…another Singapore breed die, is ok la!

  27. Rubbish Chee said

    why police need to take photos? dun add pepper and salt to such report hor

  28. Fallen said

    Being a teen of the 90s myself, I feel there wasn’t much the police could have done at the void deck. Its too open, the the police nowadays have more rules to follow. Perhaps threats and intimidation tactics were used, perhaps not. We won’t know exactly. However, I feel the boy already had issues, not related to the police. At most, the policemen could have added on to his problems. Facing the music, or having his phone taken, doesn’t warrant ending a life. It’s sad when a teenager chooses to end his life. For Watever reasons might be, it just a very sad thing.

  29. Here, many people grew up fearing cops, and it has something to do with what their parent(s) told them when they were young, trying to discipline them.
    My cousin would literally dive for cover when he sees a uniform (read: uniformed officer), sometimes right in front of me. And because of that, I would feel uncomfortable when I see a cop.

  30. Spring said

    Sounds very similar to the Arab Spring

  31. jerms said

    Well down PAP. U wipe another local off and intro new FT. I once went home at 2 AM after playing games at a friend’s place and i was question what i was doing and why i was out so late. OMG i was alone walking home. I am small in size no colored hair no tatoo or smell of alcohol in my mouth. Still they took down my IC. What happen to the phrase “TO SERVE AND PROTECT”

  32. Commando Pants said

    Very, very sad… RIP….

  33. Lai Yinghan said

    Very sad to see this. But I will pray that the boy has found a better place. Life is too precious and beautiful to throw away.

  34. N00b said

    TT don’t try to stir every thing leh..
    This have nothing to do with PAP. Actually, see this guy/girl face confirm is a scum of society, the kind that hangout at HDB void deck and cause trouble. Less one is a good thing don’t waste rice.
    *oh is guy leh look like girl sia..

    @Jerms – the police might have just been on the lookout for someone else who has just committed a crime in the nearby areas.

  35. bluey said

    ‘questioned’ and ‘interrogation’ aint the same. Seems like ur trying to confuse the readers. Well done….

  36. Ding said

    Really wish to see the person that he had assaulted as well..
    you guys are just crying and whinning whenever something happen to anyone without knowing any details and to me? i am so sorry to say this but this guy had not been brave enough to face his mistake and decide to run away from it and deciding that was the best solution. Altho he was brave enough to assault someone but dare not face his punishment .
    Stop trying to cry everything and blame our government because there are worst cases out of Singapore that was not even manage well with cops molesting, assaulting, dis-respectful and not responsible.

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