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Forum participants agree that Singaporeans are ‘accepting’ of foreigners

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

As expected, the ‘National Conversation’ wasn’t really exactly a real conversation, but a stage-managed ‘wayang’ for the government to propagate its official stance on certain issues in a subtle manner under the guise of ‘public opinion’ garnered from a minority of Singaporeans.

Some 30 carefully pre-screened participants were invited to a Mandarin forum during which they were ‘guided’ by the host to participate in a much controlled discussion with the Prime Minister.

The participants were also polled on some sensitive issues and the skewed results were widely publicized by the state media to create a false perception that they represent the ‘majority’ of Singaporeans while contrarian views were marginalized and sidelined as belonging to a ‘radical’ and ‘vocal’ minority.

For example, some 77 percent of the 30 participants poll think that Singaporeans are ‘accepting’ of foreigners while 67 percent agreed that Singapore should continue welcoming immigrants to boost the country’s low birth rate.

There was no real debate on the adverse effects of the government’s immigration policies on ordinary Singaporeans such as widening income gap, sky-rocketing property prices and a decline in the quality of life and neither was there a review of the mistakes made in the last few years.

Instead of a ‘National Conversation’, the government should consider calling for a ‘National Referendum’ to allow ALL Singaporeans to express their views on this matter.


15 Responses to “Forum participants agree that Singaporeans are ‘accepting’ of foreigners”

  1. sporeoboriginal said

    They should hold this in esplanade the next time around.. Lol

  2. Populist said

    OK If you don;t like foreigners, just chase them out of Singapore. If you cannot have enough health care professionals, simply just close down some of the hospitals. If you don;t have enough construction workers, simply just stop building HDB Flat. Singaporean should be given freedom to decide their own destiny. If you want to kill yourselves. Nobody should stop you.

  3. Pink Panty Loong said

    The Emperor’s New Clothes….

  4. Robin hood said

    Not to worry too much. We Singaporeans young and old are watching from outside the fence and are not conned. let them say what they like, listen to what they like. Facts are facts, there’ s no questions about them. We’ll just wait for 2016.

  5. accepting does not mean we want more as..... said

    For accepting foreigners, does not mean we want foreigners more. It depends on what type of foreigners government are getting in, what policies that governments are implementing.

    I do not mind to have beautiful girl as wife, but I know it is difficult to fulfill her requirements, unless I find out from her that she is the type of character that close to me.

  6. i5htar said

    “”IT”” just a show…why bother watching “”IT””

  7. Silent Majority said

    Yes, Singapore needs more foreigners as Singaporeans have become lazy, complaining for the sake of complaining. These foreigners will give Singaporeans the spurs into their hides. Those not happy should get lost from Singapore!

  8. Royston Loh said

    PAP continues to think that the public can be fooled again and again…I am actually happy that this trend continues from PAP also, as I am excited about 2016 GE…

  9. A G Young said

    The video clip at the above speaks for it self! No comment!

  10. New citizen voter said

    Great. We should have more foreigners taking up citizenship and vote PAP so as to overwhelm the votes of the whinning locals.

    • internal is better than external for this case said

      Internal (self) motivation is better than external motivation
      Growth by internal factor is better than growth by external factor

      I am sorry to say that: a nation has to “nurture” its talent (real and true talent) and not depend on foreigners.

      This apply to many countries include China, USA,….. Definitely that taking more foreigners will help the growth, but a healthy growth is not taking up more foreigners! It is to growth within your existing resources, your existing citizens, this applied to many countries as well!

  11. Jack said

    I am surprise that it did not achieve 100% in the poll, the selection committee failed in their audience selection.

  12. My Ss said

    700K new immigrants coming before election.
    Good luck to all locally born citizens.
    LHL is printing citizenship like Bernanke.
    US dollar will become worthless, same as Singapore citizenship.
    Serve NS, my S.

  13. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Future live forums with Lee Sian Loong should be held at coffee shops, hawker centres, open spaces, and away from the studios of Media Corpse. Participants are then free to throw questions and Sian Loong

  14. Cher said

    Another puppet show from the master. Handpick participants, gone through several discussions before presented to the media. What polls? It was meant to backup the wrong missteps of government policy? Another charade, and lots of fools………….

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