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PM Lee: Singapore should have ‘no problem’ accommodating 6 million people

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

On the eve of the General Election last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong promised Singaporeans that he will ‘moderate’ the inflow of foreigners.

One year later, he is singing a different tune as he revealed his administration’s grandiose plan to continue to increase Singapore’s population via immigration to boost its GDP figures.

Former National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan once set a population target of 7 million people for Singapore.

Speaking at a forum hosted by state TV Channel News Asia, PM Lee said a figure of 6 million people is needed for Singapore to continue its economic progress:

“We’re gradually increasing our land area, and if we rebuild our older towns, then we can accommodate more people. Today our population is over 5 million. In the future, 6 million or so should not be a problem.”

Singapore granted some 16,000 citizenships to foreigners in 2011. Between 2008 and 2010, the figure was between 18,000 and 20,000.

The increasing number of foreigners in Singapore has changed its demographics beyond recognition. Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population. Of the remaining 60 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas.

Immigrants tend to vote for the government as illustrated in the British General Election last year where 80 percent of immigrants reportedly voted for the incumbent Labor Party.


37 Responses to “PM Lee: Singapore should have ‘no problem’ accommodating 6 million people”

  1. Singkaypoh said

    $2 mil HDB coming soon to a GRC near u!!!

    • Welovesingapore said

      No wonder the malaysian gov refuse to sell us water. Even Indonesian gov refuse to sell sand and call us a red little dot. Some thought this is something humorous. We do not have fuel and food production support less than 10% of our consumption. All are but imports. Ever thought of someday SARs is back, our economy sank to bottom, there are disasters everywhere. Even with national saving imports cost us dearly. After six months in crisis, you think the gov can stll ration food to maintain the six million people in Singapore. We would not know the pain until crisis happen and over densely populated island city would then know the pain is felt.. Regret would be too late. If the leaders are responsible they would have planned adequately for a worst case crisis before they increase the population. See what they have done during good times by importing so many FT/PR to make your live miserable overcrowding our transport and HDB flat sell at 2 million dollars.

  2. nsx said

    Human farming to grow GDP, so we can expect more than 6 millions eventually …

  3. Eric Lim said

    Hi, do try to cite sources so your readers can refer to.

  4. Singapore Cock said

    R U gonna rebuild your MRT?

  5. alamak said

    PM Lee not wrong. Five minnion go up to 6 or even 7 million not really much, we got so many icelands like Pulau Ubin where oso can stay and come work by bumboat every day. Our early imigrant fathers all got no place stay so live in dozehouse even outside becoz no have money. Same today. If cannot afford own house, simply take slow boat ride. Only scare if extend ERP for boat entry. Then die.

  6. Pink Panty Loong said

    Singapore will come to an end under this RETARDED SON son of that stupid over-stayed OLD FART…

  7. Jonny said

    Singapore had already lost it culture, i don’t know in another 5 to 10 years time what will Singapore become! maybe next generation youth will speak China style Chinese and English. Is there a need to have so much people in Singapore? when population increase more FT will be buying more cars, then government will complaint the traffic congestion, then they will increase the stupid COE again! build so much HDB but the price are so much expensive! how can the poor even buy a house next time? need to pay a hdb flat untill old and die? Even mediacorp is full of FT! and that make me dont really like to watch local drama! i really miss the 90s style Singapore where we are the true Singaporean…

  8. Stone said

    Sure you can increase amount of accommodations by upgrading the old housing estates, but does that solve all the problems? Transportation and rising inflation are other major factors that will have to come into the picture when considering increasing the number of foreigners. So the government is going to increase the width of road to accommodate more vehicles? Build more mode of transportion? Or increase COE and ERP taxes to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road? Rebuilding housing estates sure do ease the problem or rising property prices. How abt the other aspects of cost of living? Having more housing alone does not solve the problems of increasing number of foreigners in S’pore

  9. P Koh said

    Increasing the population to 6 or even 7 million is not a bad idea in order to general economic growth internally. However, at the present moment the problems re housing and transportation is so glaring and untenable and until and unless these issues are fixed, I do not believe it is a wise thing to do so. With only 40% true Blue Singaporeans, the existing unique Singapore Culture is hard to uphold and if this percentage is further eroded, I cannot imagine what will the new Culture be known as many FTs have not and will not adapt and adopt our culture so easily and it will take a few decades to do so and even then it will only be through their chldren who will slowly integrate into our society as they grow up and attend our local schools. Please think wisely and do not repeat the mistakes of the last few years.

  10. Naivety said

    Pinky is not taking our woes seriously & adding insult to injury!! Why???
    We, native Sinkaporeans need to stand united together to make history by voting out the Pro Alien Party come GE2016!!!

  11. Father Knows Best said

    This article which I saw in another website is interesting as it shows quite clearly that the Papa does not agree with his Pinky son. Read on :

    “”MM Lee ‘not sold’ on 6.5 million population

    Li Xueying
    Fri, Feb 01, 2008

    MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew ‘has not quite been sold’ on the idea of a 6.5 million population size in Singapore.

    Instead, he projects for Singapore an optimum population size of five to 5.5 million for Singapore.

    He said on Friday: ‘I have not quite been sold on the idea that we should have 6.5 million.’

    ‘I think there’s an optimum size for the land that we have, to preserve the open spaces and the sense of comfort.’
    MM Lee was speaking at think-tank Institute of Policy Studies’s conference ‘Scenerios for the Next Generation’, which seeks to gaze into the crystal ball and discuss what Singapore will look like come 2030.

    Speakers, including Cabinet ministers, academics and journalists, held forth on subjects such as how the economy should evolve, cultural trends, and the Singapore identity.

    Over an hour-long dialogue with some 900 participants, MM Lee touched on issues ranging from whether Singapore has the talent pool to sustain a two-party political system, to the widening income divide.

    One question, posed by the moderator, diplomat Tommy Koh, was whether Singapore is guilty of overbuilding.

    A year ago, the Government had announced that it is making plans to accommodate a population of 6.5 million people – up from the current 4.5 million – in the next 40 to 50 years.

    This sparked off worries about overcrowding.””

    Apparently, Papa knows best and is more realistic… than his dumb ass son..

  12. Singaporean said

    READ ALL THE COMMENTS HERE:–six-million–says-pm-lee.html

    There is no hope for SG.

  13. meesiam said

    oldfart sold our country to jap. pinky retard sold our country to ftrash.

  14. Robin hood said

    Currently 5.5 mil. So the ratio is 2.2 FTs to 3.3 citizens. When it increases to 6 mil I reckon many of the FTs will be granted citizenship. What a brilliant stretegy to ensure that power is not lost or severly weakened in 2016. Many local born citizens are aware of this, even among the 60.1 percent. So, relax and wait for 2016.

  15. Tan Yan Ren said

    The higher the figure the better IF MONEY and POWER is on the PAP’s mind. Let me explain.When the GOVT suddenly realised the danger of Singaporeans waking up to reality and vent their ANGER at the way the GOVT treats its BORN and BRED Singaporeans, they realise the END IS NEAR. SO, they de cide to hang on to POWER by increasing the citizenship numbers by the MILLIONS to DROWN all OUR voices.!!! with the help of the F….ng newspaper…because these NEW citizens will naturally vote for PAP because of loyalty …why not ? when you are poor and Begging in their own country , they are given 1st class treatment here …will they not be loyal? the law of probability says it WILL..Now, what shall we DO?Eiither ALL of you decide to make a difference or ALL OF US DROWN!by them.!!!!Why most of the new CITIZENS are of certain race? Chinese usually ?ASK them for statistics and they will squirm!!!the truth is they know …certain OTHER race can be influenced by our neighbours ….and moreover these certain race has a much higher capability of producing more babies viz a viz more citizens which can tilt the balance of power at an elections…
    To sum up;i hope some sense prevails for this PAP to start treating their citizens as 1st class …BORN and BRED..singaporeans especially because later on ALL the imports will also benefit.The way to do it is not to “KILL” the ANGER but to TREAT it and BRING out the BEST of LOYALTY amongst Singaporeans as a WHOLE…!!!What say you PM Lee Hsien Loong?

  16. Overeseas Singaporean said

    Obvoiusly the labour gov has allowed the free flow of immigrants into UK.

  17. more problems are coming said

    Look at the fact on frequent failure on our tranportation (MRT), our anti-froeigners feeling, our high housing cost, etc……..

    Now we are facing the problem, and yet Mr Lee want more to come in to create more problems.

  18. why 6 million and not 5 millions? said

    How Mr Lee come out 6 millions, and not 5 millions or less?

  19. Silent Majority said

    Yes, Singapore needs more foreigners as Singaporeans have become lazy, complaining for the sake of complaining. These foreigners will give Singaporeans the spurs into their hides. Those not happy should get lost from Singapore!

    • Welovesingapore said

      How dare you call yourself silent majority and says we are lazy. you are but only represent one in TT. Dog shit.

    • Pink Panty Loong said

      @Silent, we are one of the economic dragon before the foreign trashes came in. Our GDP & Productivity actually dropped after all the foreign trashes came in. YOU GO FIGURE.

    • Majority of Singaporeans said

      Who the fuck are you trying to tell us majority of singaporeans what to do??!!
      You are just a fucking foreign thief here trying to steal our jobs & ricebowls, suggest u STFU & FO from our tiny island here!!!

    • Siapa Rajah said

      Hey you Silent Majority Asshole!!! shut up you ass!!! Don’t tell we s’poreans what to do!!! Not happy does not meant we have to leave!!!

  20. Duncan said

    His face looks shagged. This is the result of a person who does not have the calibers/abilities to handle an important job and the huge responsibilities or accountabilities required from the job. He just ain’t fit the bill as a PM.

  21. solaris8899 said

    6 millions not a problem? after 6m, target at 10m?
    design sg is a country of more foreigners than local native ppl.
    hdb will be built on Pulau Ubin?
    hdb will be built under ground?

  22. Ah Piah said

    Current population 5 million. Extra 1 million will come as toxic wastes from China. Welcome to uniquely Chingapore – a place only for the Chinese.

  23. Dead man pinkie said

    Dead man talking, I’ll say. he has the face of a dead man, don’t you see? Before he can open the floodgates further, it is time to call in the undertakers! Next pee m please – what do you think??!

  24. Ron said

    Yes, we can house 6 million or even 8 million but the public transport especially trains are not being run at the frequencies required. And with frequent breakdowns we are approaching a major crises. And what about eating places, entertainment places, work opportunities? There has to be a total system to make sure the entire population can be accomodated: jobs, transport, medical, recreation, etc.

  25. Kelvin Lim said

    As long as there is NOT enough houses, roads and places to accomodate extra humans, I will oppose it.
    Build more than enough flats BEFORE you let them in. This is the most logical fact before you get your countrymen angry AGAIN!

  26. Zam said

    Singapore is doomed.

    • new AUS PR from SGP said

      Better get out while you still can, this tiny little red dot has been sold out to cheap FTs.
      I will be out to AUS soon.

  27. P Koh said

    Have we asked if there is a hidden agenda for the push for such population growth in such a short space of time? As mentioned many many times in these exchanges, there are problems to be fixed with the current influx of new citizens and are we asking for more chaos to push the population figure higher at this present moment?

  28. Siapa Rajah said

    Very very simple, too smart and ignorant to listen. Don’t expect us to listen to you!!! Don’t detract us away from this CPF issue!!! Where is our CPF monies??? We want it back by the age of 55!!! No mandatory of RA account!!!

  29. born & bred sgp with aus pr said

    Why stop at 6m population? The more the merrier.
    By then I should have retired in AUS.
    Good luck to SGP and 39.9% from GE2011.

  30. new AUS PR from SGP said

    Why stop at 6m population? The more the merrier.
    I should be retiring in AUS by then.
    Good luck to SGP and 39.9% of GE2011.

  31. Confucius he says, man with no integrity talks nonsense. So Lee Hsien Tau promised last GE that FT inflow wld slow, now he says “no problem, can go up 6m”, so what u make of his integrity. Got or not, somebody shd ask him on his promise and integrity this national CON-versation.

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