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REACH poll: ‘Majority’ of Singaporeans show ‘support’ for PM Lee’s ‘National Conversation’

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

The ‘majority’ of Singaporeans are supportive of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s attempts to ‘engage’ them via the much publicized ‘National Conversation’, according to a telephone poll conducted by Singapore’s government feedback agency REACH.

REACH claimed that 98 percent of Singaporeans polled agree with PM Lee’s call for the Singapore of tomorrow to have a bigger heart.

97.9 per cent of respondents also agreed that it is important for Singapore to be our best home while some 90 per cent said they could relate to Prime Minister Lee’s vision of Singapore as a home with hope and heart.

86 per cent agreed that the Singapore conversation is an opportunity for Singaporeans to define the sort of Singapore they want and how it can be achieved.

The telephone poll, which involved 813 Singapore citizens aged 18 to 79, was conducted from August 29 to September 3.

Despite the statistics, there remain some Singaporeans who are skeptical about the ‘National Conversation’ which has drawn brickbats for the participants, many of whom are PAP members and supporters.


23 Responses to “REACH poll: ‘Majority’ of Singaporeans show ‘support’ for PM Lee’s ‘National Conversation’”

  1. Sashaqueenie said

    What exactly has the PM done differently this time? It’s always been the same. So if support was there all along, why was there a need for a conversation? I’ll tell you why there was a fake “conversation”and a faked poll. It’s a propaganda. All to drum up support for this useless, inept, yet greedy Prime Minister. He is completely incompetent and unable to master the art of empathy and humility. This is a guy born with a diamond-studded spoon in his mouth when he was born and he’s still living in his ivory tower. He is incapable of understanding how his stupid policies is affecting so many Singaporeans. Just like the maddening and complete fiasco policy introduced in the 70’s called the “2-is-enough” population control, this foreign trash avalanche will have far reaching consequences in the future. Just wait and see.

  2. Gerry said

    Of course, it supports National CONversation. REACH was organised by PAP. As a result its supported mainly by PAP ass-kissers.

  3. Bai Hu said

    A well-choreographed conversion by the MIW & MediaCork. What do we expected?

  4. Another ploy by PAP said

    If the numbers are true ie representatives of the majority, then I would like the mainstream to show evidence that how the number is derived. I bet to defer that they are representative. This is a ploy by PAP to ‘impress’ Singaporeans which I find it is underhand.

    • Vic said

      You can expect the numbers are true. Those are questions that draw predictable responses. No decent and rational thinking people will answer “no” to those questions.

  5. Singkaypoh said

    99.99% believe it’s you having oral sex with yourself on TV… but then there’s lies, white lies, and statistics 🙂

  6. david said

    By phone? How to know whether the survey is confidential proof, huh?

  7. The Old Fart Up The Lorry. said

    ‘REACH poll: ‘Majority’ of Singaporeans show ‘support’ for PM Lee’s ‘National Conversation’

    The porlumpars sure know how to massage his ballz.

    Let Pinky live in gagaland till 2016.

    When he comes to beg for your vote, crying and saying “sorry” like he did in 2011…. make sure you tell him to “fark off”.

  8. Merlion said

    2016, First time in my life, I am Voting against PAP. Totally let down by their hypocrite ways.

    Mod’s note:

    Remember to vote against the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ too – it is PART of the PAP.

    • Singkaypoh said

      Eh, where is the C Team??? if only 2 teams then vote for PAP ah?

      • Naivety said

        I am sure in every GRC & Constituencies come GE2016, there will be mostly only 2 political parties contesting in each ward, we have to vote for the lesser evil of the 2 parties then as this is no brainer (except for the Pro-Alien Party).

        Whatever it takes, we have to ensure that the person of such Prime Mediocrity calibre mustn’t be allowed to become PM again!

        Mod’s note:

        Do you know that the PAP’s approved opposition, the ‘Wayang Party’ is its ‘B’ team? So there is NO difference whether you vote for PAP or WP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please boycott the fake opposition party and switch your support to the real opposition parties which can make a real difference.

    • Zam said

      Hi Merlion, Just vote for any opposition in the GE 2016. We need more opposition in the parliament.

  9. LumParBuaySong said

    The PM should walk the streets of our various neighbourhood together with the camera crew and see for himself if there is any willing Singaporean who will wanna engage in a conversation with him. Why must his conversation with the people be arranged in an premises like the studio of Mediacorp?

  10. Naivety said

    My foot is it, 98% of Sinkaporeans polled show support for Pinky Lee’s ConTheNation session as conducted by REACH?

    Or should it be the other way round…please tell it the marines!

  11. Cynthia said

    It is interesting that PAPigs like to quote statistics to their advantages…but look at this very poll from SPH’s very own OMY Chinese website on what Singaporeans feels about the effectiveness of having such a national conversation, and you see a surprising majority (up to 66%) having reservations that it will have any or no effects at all in their life!

  12. Vic said

    This is a public relation stunt. Certain questions phrased a certain way will extract a preicted response. It is a simple trick.
    So, for the question: Are you in favour of Singapore of tomorrow to have a bigger heart? Of course, it is a unananimous “yes”. Even an ardent opposition, in his right frame of mind, must necessarily agree to this.
    Next: Is it important for Singapore to be our best home? Singapore as our home with hope and heart? Of course it is important to any Singaporean. How could these be otherwise?
    The poll results were expected. It means a great majority of Singaporeans are decent and rational people. They won’t disagree with these politically correct statements. But to imply from here that a great majority of Singaporeans supports PM Lee is far-fetched.

  13. Maximus said

    Even with the most respected first generation PAP leaders with its much more “believing” Singapore populace, such high poll would have been utopia !!!

  14. Silent Majority said

    TT and the lunatic fringes at work again. Singapore will be FINISHED if the likes of Chee Soon Juan, James Gomez and Vincent Wijeysingha enter Parliament.

  15. Raindrops99 said

    Don’t just critised, come forward with solutions. Help the govt to make spore a better place to live in.

    • Raindrops99 said


      • Poor analogy said

        I don’t understand. Are we criticizing or complaining?? We are making a point. If there is a point, this point has to be raised and discussed. If this seems to be complaining or criticizing, how would you expect Singapore to move forward.

      • Julie Ong said

        Hello and thanks, Raindrops99.

        Many contributors to this chat/opinion site have already generously given their views and suggested solutions or answers to make Singapore, our homeland, a better and fun place to live, work and play.

        Unfortunately, the government ain’t listening. I think they are still in conversation and thoroughly enjoying the sound of their own voices! They are know alls. The citizens are daft.

        One matter I still want to pursue is the poignant and premature death of
        one of our National Serviceman, namely, Cpl Fahrurrazi , whilst on a training stint in the jungles of Brunei. Solution? Closure? Until now I’ve not heard a single word from the Ministry of Defence as regards the compensation for the family for the demise of this 20 years old NS man.The greater imperative, however, is what steps are being taken to prevent such accidents from happening? Pray, tell me, how would it feel like to have lost a son? I’m a parent myself. Mindef can put out a policy statement. It’s not that hard or is it?? I’ll await that.

        I’m happy that in the wider community there are still fair minded and caring people. More than that I hope we can be egalitarian in our attitude, i.e. treating one another as equals irrespective of our socio-economic position.

        I’m just hoping against hope that this government will wake up to themselves and rule Singapore for the Good of the overwhelming majority instead of just for the privileged few.

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