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Single Singaporean frustrated at repeated rejection for his application for higher HDB housing loan

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

I’m a single Singaporean age 37,serving my 2 yrs NS in the 6th Singapore Infantry Regiment and 10 yrs high key reservist in 595 SIR in the 9 Div under 10 SIB. I am protecting my country SINGAPORE with my life.

I’m a good Singapore citizen.Everyday same like you all working and just lead a simple life.But now i just want a shelter over my head but the way i see that HDB is unwilling to help me.

I’m a first timer to get a Resale flat from Open market. I don’t have any credit cards debt, every month contribute my CPF. I’m also doing some part time to boost up my income in order to get a higher HDB loan from HDB.

Recently I want to buy a resale flat and re-appeal for a higher loan from HDB, but when I reappeal for a higher HDB housing loan,the result is a still the same.The HDB still cannot approve me to have a higher housing from the HDB. Why?


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


23 Responses to “Single Singaporean frustrated at repeated rejection for his application for higher HDB housing loan”

  1. Angry Citizen said

    PAP priority are placed on FT, not true blue Singaporean. Things are truely wrong with their policies, education, cost of livings, transportation.

    How? Are we, true blue Singaporean, sitting around waiting for them to admit things are wrong?
    Or are we going to wait till 2016?
    Or someone going to voice up during the next National Conversation with PAP?

    Really, we are waiting, since NS time, we being waiting, waiting and waiting…
    Haiiii…. Sad and frustrated, yet I can do nothing to help.

  2. Singkaypoh said

    Hmm, perhaps it would help if you convert to FT, make more babies, or give somebody oral sex 🙂

  3. spotlessleopard said

    Tan, We do not know all the facts…..however who did you vote before? Singapore is going to the Dogs…consider emigration. Many countries will want you. If you do not want to emigrate then vote for the Opposition in the next GE.

  4. amransan said

    Dear TAN KOK HOU,

    i feel for u my friend when i was 21 years old i can affort to buy a 3 room hbd flat but i was single. i went to see the mps for help and they wrote a letter to hdb but everytime hdb rejected my application due i not married 😦

    i rented room or i rent the whole house and paid a very high rate every year when my contrat is up i need to find another house in different location part of sg 😦
    everytime i change house i see the mps of that location for help and they too sent letter to hdb and same answer i got 😦 until i totally gave up after 10 years later and got married.

    what i trying to say is talking to hdb is no use they a very stiff like a rock not flexible!

    i really hope u can buy a house Tan.


  5. Ys said

    when our population is reaching 6+ million, i doubt HDB could or able to bulid enough houses for everyone… for every family, Yes..but for single who want to have his or her own house….sadly, i doubt so…PAP policy is family oriented and discriminate to Single…

    If you really need a house, i think the only two ways is to buy private or get marriage first..

  6. fpc said

    it is to deprive singles. all bullshit. don’t trust the pigs

  7. National said

    Take out your SAR and fight. I had enough.

  8. Webbie said

    1. I want to borrow $1 million from HDB to buy Bishan maisonette but only earn $2k a month. Do you think HDB should lend me the money?

    2. If I default on my loan payments, forcing HDB to force sell my flat, then I will kpkb about how heartless HDB is.

    • layla said

      haha.. right.. this idiot is master kpkb material, and apparently not very smart.

      served NS…. contributed CPF… “good” citizen.. blah blah.. none of which is really relevant to applying for a hdb loan.

  9. singaporeson said

    pap and hdb are fuckers.

  10. LeeFugYew said

    Ah Tan, before you complain, whom did you vote for last GE?

    Many people don’t wake up until they’re hit themselves.

  11. Bernard Deng said

    The poor and marginalized will not have the attention of the puppies. Sorry To say that you are just a digit in this little red dot. So what you had served you NS?

  12. i5htar said

    Hello Ah Tan….go make one baby 1st then i think you will get a house….you still don’t get what the goverment want meh!!!

  13. What does anyone expect? This is an anti-single country.

  14. Wong said

    I thought HDB have special scheme such as : low income group , live near parents and etc , did you check with them on that ? Or try private bank loan ? Don’t married for the sake of married , if is a right spous ,good for you , but if is not , hell for you . Good luck !

  15. Robin hood said

    This is a punishment for not procreating. LKY has repented for not allowing us to have more than two. So now he has proven himself wrong and want you to marry and make as many babies as you like and be rewarded for it. This is what happen if you don’t listen and remain single. What is inferred is – don’t waste away your sperm. They are precious. Who knows one of them may well be a future leader.

  16. Kelvin Lim said

    Singaporean singles are no different from PRs!

    There is this strange discrimination that if you are single you are well off and cho-boh-lan (CBL). This is the general perspective singles get even from your own family members, not to mention our goverment.

    These people have failed badly to recognise singles’ contribution. Like my case, I stay with my parents to see them thru’ their old age (dementia included!!!). Well my fellow Singaporeans sees me as ‘sticking’ with parents for everything (free lodgings, maid, food, etc.). As with my MARRIED siblings some of them “abuse” the fact that they are MARRIED and give excuses not to ‘take care’ or to maintain my parents, and push “responsibilities” to poor unmarried single like myself including citing “their spouse as the cause”. I am sure this is happening in many families just that not everyone is willing to speak out.

    One of my siblings even benefited from getting a HDB flat close to my parents to get a HDB grant of 30K and YET without reproducing a baby for decades. So what is the difference it make to our baby-making machine? It is also a thumbs down when comes to parents’ maintenances.

    Our goverment does not know this fact? I am sure there are thousands of MARRIED couple without children and have benefited from grants here and there including the heavenly right to buy straight from HDB.

    My message to our goverment: Treat singles fairly; they are SINGAPOREANS who are contributing a great deal to our health care system SILENTLY unlike married couples!

  17. why not loan to own citizens? said

    Why government can “loan 40 billions” to foreign country
    and cannot give loan to its citizen?

  18. new AUS PR from SGP said

    If you are still single why dun you consider migrating?
    Why must you buy resale HDB flat which is not affordable?
    House with land (not 99 yrs HDB flat) and car (no COE) are so much cheaper in AUS.

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