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VIDEO: Drunk Korean ‘FT’ beat up Singaporean in the street

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2012

A drink Korean ‘FT’ was in a taxi and refused to wear the seat belt. After the taxi driver asked him to leave, he became violent.

A passerby tried to help out, but only agitated the Korean further who then threw a punch at him. The police later arrested him for disorderly behavior:


50 Responses to “VIDEO: Drunk Korean ‘FT’ beat up Singaporean in the street”

  1. NaBey said

    Hello TT, why your report always so many sporean kena whack by FT? Are we so weak?

  2. Silent Majority said

    Be fair, TT! Show videos of Singaporeans beating up foreigners!

  3. spotlessleopard said


  4. Uniquely Singapore said

    He must be a FT in taekwondo, Sg Inc need him to win Olympics gold medal in taekwondo or put him in Tekong to teach the recruits in hand to hand combat.

  5. Tortoise said

    And PM Lee wants to invite more foreign “talents” like this?

  6. Ah Piah said

    For his deeds the Korean will be rewarded with a Singapore citizenship.

  7. What Do You Think? said

    What happened after that? I think the Singaporean was haughty because he was accompanied by a friend. Conflicts like this happen on a larger scale. Just take a look at the Chinese vs Japanese vs Koreans now at the pacific.
    Also, the Japanese are haughty because they are instigated by the broke white trash in USA. What a chaotic world we are living in.

  8. Robin hood said

    That’s no disorderly behavior. That’s ASSAULT !

    • PCW said

      The REAL TRASH is you sissy Singaporeans! YOU ARE BORN losers and you keep the complaining again FTs, do you know why? cuz you know you cannot win them in anything even this jerk, keep provoking and wannabe sissy hero…beat him good man, and if me, i wack the fck out of his life he being the provoker!

  9. James said

    remember quote high price in front of magnistrate.

  10. Hate injustice said

    I would have stood up for my fellow country man, the taxi driver, if he used civilized language. And would the Korean punch him if he didn’t FIRST pushed the Korean? The taxi driver knew that the Korean was drunk and yet he challenged him? Why must he do that? What was the motive of this taxi driver? Getting people to film this and provoke a drunk guy to hit him, just to prove to the world that foreigners in Singapore are bad people?

  11. Zan Tan said

    The passerby actually provoke him. Should leave him alone till the police arrive. Not wise.

  12. True blue Singaporean said

    The Korean was wrong cos he broke the traffic rule of Singapore. But the taxi driver was also wrong by using those kind of language and if you watch the video carefully, the taxi driver pushed the drunk guy first! No wonder the Korean hit him lah! Moreover he’s drunk. This is what we Hokkien call, kiam pa. *tsk tsk*

  13. marine said

    eh cannot anyhow say he is FT. maybe tourist?

  14. Tool Man said

    Now his PR application will be approved.

  15. Singkaypoh said

    Sinkie instigate him first lah, cheh!

  16. chulling said


  17. Genghis khan said

    Korean fat pig!!

  18. hahaha said

    that’s the real gangnam style!

  19. Korean Trash said

    If this is China, people will be burning down the Korean Embassy tomorrow. But fortunately for the FT (but unfortunate for the SG victim), he is in FT-loving Singapore. So nothing will happen to him and he’ll be given a medal for providing jobs for people in SG.

  20. Ren said

    Coreans Balek kampung lah!!! Go fight with your own ppl north corea!!

  21. Realist said

    The way the Sporean talks, Korean would slap him even if not drunk.

  22. nb la said

    1 only dare point finger, the other dare to squeeze his face without retaliation. punch liao open arms big big so sia lan. he got balls, so what did the local and his friends do? stand around (at least 3 in total. 1 crossing arm, the white shirt guy and youtube guy/gal).

    very similar to local police la, show of power. get 1 batallion crowd around 1 suspect but don’t dare to do anything 1 on 1 (even 3 on 1)

  23. you get what you give said

    To be fair, the passerby was not exactly helping matters air-jabbing at the drunk and speaking in a hostile tone peppered with Fff and sss words (international lingua franca). The drunk mght have been trying to pacify him by extending an arm over his shoulder which was shoved off reflexively by the local triggering the fisticuffs (or smacks in the face). There does not appear to have any hard punches thrown or exchanged. Can TT try some objectivity once in a while in its reportage.

  24. Taxi-driver asks passeenger 2 wear safety-belt, passenger refused, then was asked to leave and became violent. clearly, the onus is with the taxi-driver that passengers wear seat-belts.
    Note sequence in taxi: 1. Sound system always reminds passengers to belt up. 2. Taxi-driver repeats request 2 belt up. 3. Passenger(s) may be drunk or plain hooligan. 4. Retirement age 4 taxi driving is 73 (or is it 75 now?) so quite a few are senior citizens.
    Yet the onus is with the taxi-driver to ensure that their passengers belt up! Logical or no cow sense?? 😦

  25. Naivety said

    Welcome to Sinkapor, the tiny island with massive Foreign Thieves!

  26. Crazy Horse said

    This was a very old piece of news…. had been posted in stomp before leh…

  27. henry said

    the guy was drunk, and the local was provoking him that usually happen when someone nagging on you

  28. Yharyah said

    Should be send to Jail and Cane for good!

  29. jilla said

    the guy was dead drunk, if any of them has a tiny bit of brain they should’ve walk away instead of agitating the drunk korean some more.

  30. jilla said

    Singaporeans act as if they were tough, someone punch them in the face… WE WILL SUE YOU!! EVERYTHING WAS CAUGHT ON THE VIDEO!!!


  31. SNSD said

    Why are Korean FTs always getting drunk and becoming caught in fights?

  32. see see look look said

    i thought local prefers these kpop and jpop and angmohs people instead of thirld world economic migrants who just want to work and earned.

  33. sg boy said

    damm lame the guy keep f here f there point finger everywhere. i also would have bitchslapped him.

    this wasnt a case of wanting to help, it was a want to act hero situation.

    if he really wanted to help he would have been more civil and less rude. clearly his parents never teach him properly. shame on him and his parents

  34. mochi said

    never seen yellow uniform in mrt before, who are they???

  35. Casey said

    Ermmmm actually for such cases, police will only stop but not handle… no charges will be taken against anyone, Korean or Aliens….
    Singaporeans should not be so pussy! Every other matters they leave it to the wimpy police force… Just slap the Korean dog in the face and make his teeth grind the road ways for 5m so that he can freshen up

  36. Styrenex said

    Seriously the passerby kiam pah..,,, ! pushing the drunk! siao boh..

  37. divideandconquer said

    My friends, the Korean didn’t mean any harm. All he was saying, translates loosely to this : “I’m drunk……you, just go home.” That wasn’t even hitting. I think the guys including the one doing the filming, is trying to escalate the situation. That is not avoiding a confrontation. Avoiding a confrontation involves IGNORING the drunk individual and leaving the scene. In this instant, I want to highlight the behaviour of the local group; it looks as though they were trying to illicit a physical response from the Korean, by using a highly provocative gesture of finger-pointing to his chest, for the purpose of capturing a physical response on video. That is uncalled for. That is called LOOKING FOR TROUBLE.

  38. Ren said

    Coreans generally not garang also lah…Putting up a bold front only, they r also weak…Deliberately get a tattoo on their bodies so as to be exempted from national service…Weak sial…

  39. layla said

    passerby tried to exert his native power on a half conscious drunk… and got a bleeding nose for his effort…

    funny shit… more please.

  40. Reality is perception said

    The funny thing is both are speaking to each other in a language which they don’t even know the other understands or not. Trying to rationalize with a drunk = waste of time and energy.

  41. mrbencai said

    I don’t think our own people behaved very well either.

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