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Dr Chee Soon Juan raises $30,000 to pay Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong

Posted by temasektimes on September 24, 2012

In a sign that the winds of change are blowing in Singapore, Singapore’s foremost opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan managed to raise $30,000 pay former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong in a record time of only 10 days.

Dr Chee was sued for defamation by the duo in 2006 and was bankrupted as a result after a Singapore judge awarded a shocking $600,000 in damages to the plaintiffs.

The campaign started in earnest on 11 September 2012 when it was announced that Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong would accept the $30,000 Dr Chee had offered to annul his bankruptcy order.

Since then, Dr Chee has been selling his books in public places and a Discharge CSJ Fund website was set up to raise funds for him online.

In a post on the official SDP website, Dr Chee thanked everybody for his support:

“I want to thank everyone who chipped in. It was a stunning success and it was the effort of the people who showed that they wanted to write the story of Singapore’s Democracy.”

Dr Chee will now make the necessary arrangements to remit the money to the Official Assignee this week. Mr Lee and Mr Goh will upon receiving the money take a formal vote to accept the amount whereupon the OA will then annul the bankruptcy order.

Given the dismal performance of the PAP’s approved ‘opposition’ in parliament so far, Singaporeans are clamoring for a towering political figure in the mould of Dr Chee who will dare to challenge the ruling party head-on.

The real opposition should unite and form a coalition like Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat against the PAP-WP alliance in 2016 and Dr Chee is likely to play a pivotal role if he is able to discharge himself successfully from bankruptcy.


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  1. Daft Peasant said

    恭喜 恭喜…………………..

  2. Goondu said

    All got conned. Was 30,000 for both of them together or is it 30,000 each of them?

  3. BK said

    Great ! I think Dr Chee was so maligned unfairly by the MSM. I dont agree with his previous tactics, but then he has matured. It takes alot of courage to persevere the way he did. He has a good group of people with him to carve a political niche. Amongst the opposition parties, I believe that SDP can provide the edge to reinvent politics in Singapore.

    SDP has the intellectual acumen and strength of character to galvanise the center left of politics. But they must realise that the typical Singaporean occupies slightly right of center. They must cater to this group like WP. But kudos.Good luck.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hi, BK.

      Good to know that you are the forgiving, ‘give the person another chance’ type. As long as Mr Chee Soon Juan is single minded in wanting to truly work for the advancement, peace and prosperity of Singapore, I believe that it is possible that he gets into parliament. Whether he is left wing, right wing or even chicken wing is immaterial. It’s an academic demarcation.

      Therefore, good luck Mr Chee.

      By the way, why are you the other young and bright sparks, both men and women not stepping forward? You will be the leaders of tomorrow: Singapore’s destiny.
      Do bear in mind that a political stint or even a political career is an excellent
      option now that the salaries have been substantially increased. However, please don’t get into it just because of $ . You must have the zeal to want to make a difference. Hopefully, to carry the nation to another higher level.
      Importantly, take it as an honour to serve Singapore and Singaporeans.

      I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing new faces on the political scene.

      • BK said

        I like the chicken wing. But the “in your face” tactics is scary to our “silent majority”. But I understand your essence. Yes, new faces, wet behind the ears, but dare to “sit on shooting sticks”.

    • Robox said

      @BK, you said, “SDP has the intellectual acumen and strength of character to galvanise the center left of politics. But they must realise that the typical Singaporean occupies slightly right of center. They must cater to this group like WP.”

      Actually, if you examine the statements of the majority of people who you – and even they themselves – might characterize as “right of centre”, you will realixe that despite their pious protestations to the contrary, they are actually on the left, even socialist.

      They are all just in the closet, or in denial beause of all the indoctrination at the PAP’s hands about the conservative Asian.

      Social conservatism or liberalism, and I agree that Asians tend to be socially conservative, is a very different matter from political conservatism or liberalism respectively.

      • BK said

        Closet socialists. I like that. So ,Singaporeans are gays made straight? Yes, perhaps you maybe right.

      • DIY said

        @ Julie Ong
        @ BK
        @ Robox

        Dr Chee has nothing to lose. It was only his undoing that he is now. If I remember well, the unhappiness started when his boss Dr Vasoo of NUS pointed to the discrepancies involving parcel dispatches to an overseas university.

        It was discovered that CSJ had utilized the department’s postage cost for his personal use. It was also revealed that his wife’s thesis paper was also included. Further investigation could not be forthcoming. CSJ resigned and politicized his shortcomings.

        Every system has a sub-system. The sub-system is followed with norms, values, standards, etc., etc. For simplicity; the Government is a system and at NUS level is a sub-system followed by SOP, values and norms.

        Dr Chee’s vendetta is always on the system. His perceived anti-establishment strategy is to attack the system.

        The latest book “Democratically Speaking” is actually a “Devil’s Advocate”.

        I found Wikipedia definition is as follows:-
        “a devil’s advocate is someone who, given a certain argument takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with, for the sake of argument. In taking such position, the individual taking on the devil’s advocate role seeks to engage others in an argumentative discussion process. The purpose of such process is typically to test the quality of the original argument and identify weaknesses in its structure, and to use such information to either improve or abandon the original, opposing position. It can also refer to someone who takes a stance that is seen as unpopular or unconventional, but is actually another way of arguing a much more conventional stance.”

        If you follow Dr CSJ argument; you will remember only half of what he had argued before.

        After reading the book, the reader can be swayed from a centralist to a rightist or leftist position. Others can adopt an opinion that he is leftist off-centre or rightist off-centre.

        This is how the devil works.

      • BK said

        One can argue that Mr Tan See Jay’s vacillating between parliament and the Presidency is an attempt for power. You can say he is not consistent in his political objectives. But he is not alone.

        Even LKY had an eclectic political perspective, he supported his Boss; John Laycock’s Progressive Party in 1951. When in 1954 he helped formed PAP, he called himself a ” beer swilling bourgeois”, he had no mass base support then, so he collaborated with the communists, and PAP is supposed to be a socialist party. Here, you can argue, he was left, right and centre.

        Politics is about opportunity, and taking it. And although i understand your insinuations about Dr Chee, my opinion is that SDP caters to the left spectrum of the disaffected, and they should do more like WP to move a bit to the right to get more votes, this is just my way of understanding the positioning of the various parties.

        I believe in people, our people the Singaporeans, hence, I believe that diversity and openness will lead to a more meaningful Singapore.

        “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.” Abraham Lincoln.

      • disciple of LimPeh said

        The way you articulate leaves me no doubt your agenda on behalf of the devil, Lee Con You. I should know you are the devil’s advocate being a disciple myself.

      • DIY said

        @ BK

        Thanks for anticipating into my comments.

        We go for opportunist first, and I would say TJS is an opportunist. That reminds me about the Chinese classic ‘Romance of the 3 Kingdoms’.

        When the General of kingdom ‘A’ have ambitions to conquer kingdoms ‘B and C’, it was a big task. The easy way was to instigate kingdoms ‘B and C’ to war and when they were both weakened then conquer all.

        Maybe the situation will happen within the next 30 years. Before the erosion to change government take effect, the transition will have to undergo strategic steps.

        The dormant party will face a coalition government perhaps lasting another 20 years or longer. Witness the political wrangling in parliament around our Asean countries where parties will be vying for heavyweight posts. If any party with strong political will ever survived; then the X-factor Party can rule Singapore.

        Firstly wannabe politicians must produce an amicable standard. It is then followed by a consistent mass follower who believes in his political objectives.

        Then finally Singaporeans can gauge the standards of governance is excellent for a good leadership to play their part.

  4. afraid to use my name said

    Hearty congratulations!!!
    Please be extremely careful, backup with facts to debunk the PAP policies.
    Look forward to the day when SDP, NSP, RP can a strong voice in parliament.

    • U_SEE_ME_NO_UP_AH? said

      Remember! Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup! Problem Is Everyone Wants To Be The Indian Chief And Thinks He’s The Best Man For The Job. ONLY IF ALL The OPPOSITION PARTIES STAY UNITED IN STRENGTH AND COOPERATION WILL THEY STAND, DIVIDED THEY WILL ALL FALL ASUNDER.

    • U_SEE_ME_NO_UP_AH? said

      Remember! Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup! Problem Is Everyone Wants To Be The Indian Chief And Thinks He’s The Best Man For The Job. ONLY IF ALL The OPPOSITION PARTIES STAY UNITED IN STRENGTH AND COOPERATION WILL THEY STAND, DIVIDED THEY WILL ALL FALL ASUNDER.

  5. Vote WP Out said

    Having the likes of Chee Soon Juan in Parliament would eventually ruin SINGAPORE. BETTER vote for PAP!!!

    • If not STFU said

      Please elaborate.

    • True BLUE Sinkie said

      Chee Soon Juan is here to make sure we vote the PAP out. We are waiting.

      Mod’s note:

      Not only PAP, but its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ must be voted out as well. Enough of fake opposition MPs wasting taxpayers’ monies asking about ‘bird droppings’ in parliament.

    • Naivety said

      How does 1 man such as CSJ obtaining 1 seat in Parliament against 87 seats of Pro-Alien Party’s MPs would eventually ruin Sinkapor??!!

      Would ur “Genius” brain/mind care to illuminate & enlighten further besides talking rubbish & nonsense over here???

  6. “Given the dismal performance of the PAP’s approved ‘opposition’ in parliament so far, Singaporeans are clamoring for a towering political figure in the mould of Dr Chee who will dare to challenge the ruling party head-on.
    The real opposition should unite and form a coalition like Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat against the PAP-WP alliance in 2016 and Dr Chee is likely to play a pivotal role if he is able to discharge himself successfully from bankruptcy.”

    Wait a minute. Am I to understand that the WP has gone over to the Dark Side of the Moon?

  7. sazali said

    “The real opposition should unite and form a coalition like Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat” …dont ever think of doing that…Msia’s pakatan rakyat is a loose coalition….its like sleeping on the same bed with different dreams…. ^_^

    • DIY said

      You cannot compare Dr Chee to be like Anwar. The latter was a victim of Dr MM, who in all sincerity does not know how to apply the law against Anwar. He ever said, “I am a doctor and if I had seen a rotten leg I just chopped them off”. Dr MM was in cahoot with MB (Malacca) Rahim Tamby Chik and other cronies.

      The turning point of Malaysian politics was in 1997, when Dr MM used the ISA against his DPM. It was a wrong move to arrest Anwar as a communist and sacked him like a common criminal. There was no Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate Anwar’s wrong doing. Anwar was elected into government and there was no basis to rule him out without
      consultation. The people demonstrated for ‘Reformasi’ and the mass dynamism was the order of the day.

      Bad events began to evolve during Anwar detention by the police. IGP Rahim Noor who is recognised as staunch anti-communist officer let hell broke loose. Fate was on Anwar side when the ground swell forced Dr MM to review the detainee to the public. Anwar suffered a black eye punch by the IGP. In his testimony Dr MM said Anwar injury was self-inflicted, but Anwar rebuked that during the hooded interrogation he remembered the ‘Ahem’ coughed by the IGP.

      Pro-Anwar supporters lead by the wife Wan Azzizah formed Party Keadilan with a flagship logo of a black eye.

      Back then was a hate campaign to discredit Anwar. The book “50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become A Prime Minister” written by Khalid Jafri was published and selling like hotcakes. Overseas observer was quoted as saying 1 reason is enough to implicate for wrong doing, but 50 reasons are an overkill. The incident was followed by a Penang writer Shahnon Ahmad entitled “Shit” to deface Dr MM.

      There was no letup to destroy Anwar. The next tactic was to charge him under sodomy. The kangaroo court went into frenzy. The judiciary’s mechanism went into high gear. Court justice Augustine Paul brushed aside as ‘not relevant’ for evidence brought up by the defence lawyer. But the circumstantial evidence that a purported mattress smeared with semen was admitted to court. Truly the ruling was one-sided and Anwar was sentenced with imprisonment.

      Things took a new turn. There was a political tsunami affecting Malaysia. The opposition party lead by Anwar PKR won four states in the 2008 GE. The rest is history.

      If you read the latest Malaysiakini portal (19Sep2012) Dr MM is being accused of abetting with AG and IGP who were suspected of fabricating evidence during the Anwar saga.

      • DIY said

        “Oh, Blimey,… sorry, typo error. Should have been CM (Malacca) Rahim Tamby Chik and other cronies …. and a thousand apologies.”

  8. well done said

    well done

  9. Dear Temasek Review

    If you persist in repeating about the “PAP approved opposition”, you will be losing your credibility very quickly. In case you have overlooked, the WP actually won their seats, apart from their NCMP, through the ballot box. I think it is time you give them a little more respect.

    Mod’s note:

    Do you think these clowns are able to win their seats without tacit support from the PAP and the state media?

    • oh really said

      Are you saying that PAP put George Yeo out to fail?

      What Desmond Choo? TT was fervently supporting. In almost every article during the by-election, TT used a shot of Choo sharing an intimate moment with an Ah Ma while showing Png standing in the shadows of Sylvia and Low.

      Existential question: If Png can survive relentless attack from TT, then does this mean WP is very well-supported or does it mean very few people take TT seriously?

    • afraid to use my name said

      The solid groundwork has been done by the late JBJ.

      • DIY said

        Yes, the groundwork has been done by the late JBJ. I remember the TV program “Today in Parliament” as to what had transpired during a parliamentary debate as an opposition MP. He revealed and declared himself before the Speaker of Parliament that his opposition style was not to act in a manner as of a Devil’s Advocate.

        But there was a complaint from MP S Dhanabalan that during a debate for MHA; that one of the motion was JBJ had a pecuniary interest; and have to face before a Parliamentary Select Committee for breaching his conduct. It was revealed that JBJ was defending four Cisco guards who were sacked on the ground of disciplinary action. The civil trial was still on- going and that constitute prejudicial.

        The Select Committee’s findings were conclusive and JBJ was booted out of parliament.

        The rest is history.

    • Do you think that by your bashing of the Opposition, you have helped the PAP won part of the 60.1%? If you are unable to figure that out, then you are most likely to be a PAP approved noise.

      • DIY said

        My comments are not bashing at the Opposition. I was merely quoting incidents that have happened. Try not to sidestep and dropped into a pitfall. It is all about integrity.

        Parliament is the highest institution of the country and consideration is the order of the day.

        You get my point.

      • apocalypse akan datang said

        “Parliament is the highest institution of the country”….but it has been prostituted by the MIW using all the underhand means to fill up 93% of seats with stooges who essentially are good for one thing……i.e. cocksucking a father and son that lords over everyone on this tiny island.
        Ditto that for the judiciary, msm and any institution you care to name.

  10. Well done said

    Congrats to you, Dr Chee, have bought your book and donated as well. Your book is a good read, voters from 60.1% of GE2011 should read it before casting their votes in 2016.
    All the best to you and looking forward to see you in 2016.

    • DIY said

      No need to read the book. Its all designed as “Devil’s Advocate”. Read my No 3 reply to this posting.

      • Well done said

        Most if not all politicians are devils, who is the biggest devil here? Sorry I dun agree to your posting, I have donated, bought and read his book, it is definitely better than the hard truth.

      • hard truth said

        Who is the biggest devil here?

      • DIY said

        Definitely it is the book. Right.

      • diy for lky said

        Any comments on LKY’s Hard Truth ? Should it be re-packaged as a toilet roll for DIY ?

      • Hard truth said

        Sorry wrong answer. By the way, have you read his book?

      • Hard truth said

        Sorry wrong answer. By the way have you read his book?

      • DIY said

        @ Well Done,
        @ Hard Truth,
        @ Diy for Lky

        There are two ways a book can be published.

        A book can either be written as an autobiography or biography. The content is self-explanatory, that is to immortalize personalities.

        For “Democratically Speaking” written as an autobiography by Dr Chee Soon Juan is to portray himself as being a victim by the system. A D.I.Y. ‘self immortalization’ was designed for goodness sake.

        As a comparison; when Dr Mahatir Mohammed wrote “The Malay Dilemma” in the 70’s he envisaged the short comings of the ‘bumiputras’ was not in competition with other ethnic groups. His work was banned by PM Tungku Abdul Rahman, but was available in Singapore. He took on a political stewardship and turnaround the basics. The rest is history.

        When comparing and contrasting Dr CSJ with Dr MM it was clear cut that the former is struggling to be recognized by whatever means. I have second thought, and would only have sympathy for Dr CSJ views of the Smart Island. It is a democratic socialism that works.

        Books on biographies are plentiful in the market. “Hard Truth” is a book written as a collection of interviews compiled by four senior editors from ST and published as historical fact finding.

        Prior to “Hard Truth” other writers like TJS George, Alex Josey and Dennis Bloodworth had written their anecdotal versions of LKY. There is no secret about it and is available in NLB.

        It is good to read books. They revealed much of our history. I quote from Sir Winston Spencer Churchill – “The past is our future”.

  11. CPT said

    I think the most important is fight for what you believe in.
    This courage no one can fault Dr Chee.
    Perhaps his method is extreme but if want to be a politician against the powerful rich rulers.
    How can you be Mr Nice man?

  12. fpc said

    30K is stunning… what a misplaced sense of proportion

  13. Good job said

    In fact this is 2nd time Dr Chee has done it again, previously he collected $20k thru online donation prior to GE2011 so that he would not be jailed for speaking up publicly without a permit in order to physically be with his party during the entire elections campaign.

    • Daft Peasant said


      So you mean CSJ have $50k donated by people already….???

      He cho bo lan and get 50k for free ah……???

      • Good job said

        There is a cause to his $50k, if you believe his cause, just donate and dun talk so much, at least he is not asking you to donate minimum 10% of your monthly salary for some church building fund.

      • prove it said

        How you know he do nothing? If he really do nothing, those who donated $50k must be daft and should repent?

      • Daft Peasant said

        prove it…….how you know CSJ got do things during that time?

        prove it lo……

      • Prove it said

        If you want to donate or buy his book, just do it, if not no need to criticize him for doing nothing. Most people here talk big but do nothing, that is why sgp end up in a sorry state now, hopefully you are not one of them.

    • DIY said

      @Good Job
      @Daft Peasant
      @Prove It

      Dr CSJ is a businessman. He tried online and politically collected $20k donation from sympathizers prior to GE2011. So he accumulated $50k; just like that; with a click on the keyboard.

      Then his conscience felt uneasy after online reader commented at him for doing nothing, contrary to what CHC collected 10% donation from monthly salary deduction for church building fund.

      You see, conscience is the pivotal word and compassion is the crafted action to show concern. Both these words play a part when you launch your perspective views either through politics or religion.

      To get even politically he wrote an autobiography of himself and designed as D.I.Y. ‘self-immortalisation’. On commercial hindsight, the publisher would not accept publication unless it is marketable. Usually 10,000 copies is the unit number to break even. Eventually Dr CSJ got his arithmetic correct; and agreed to sell his book at $34.99 a piece.

      How he design the content of his autobiography, well very easy. His vendetta is always on the system. His perceived anti-establishment strategy is to attack the system.

      How he crafted the action; just show concern through compassion. A politician without compassion is a dud. So he wrote “Democratically Speaking” and at the same time launched You Tube appeal. When viewing the video, his composure was well rehearsed and mild mannered similar to a PM’s speech on the eve of National Day. The tactic is the mother of all propaganda.

      What happens to the donations, Dr CSJ will remit the money to the Official Assignee, whereupon the OA will then annul the bankruptcy order; after the plaintiffs have accepted the formal vote to accept the amount

      His next mission will do battle with the receivers and portray himself as an underdog.

      Anywhere; I was just anticipating on Dr CSJ next motive.
      Anywhere; I was just anticipating on Dr CSJ next motive.

      • Naivety said

        So what is your point & will you cast your vote for Dr. CSJ ultimately then?

      • help for amnesia said

        Likewise I am anticipating on DIY’s next move for MIW.

        Your tactic is also the mother of all propaganda.

        The pittance Dr Chee made from selling books is like a drop in the ocean compared to the Millions and Millions made by the famiLEE thru’ HDB conveyancing. Not a bad effort for a standard paper transaction compared to a click of the mouse.

        Of even greater significance, Dr Chee can never lose billions of tax-payers’ money like a famiLee member.
        GIC and Temasek ring a bell? Any accountability, any transparency ?
        Hence any integrity ?

      • DIY said

        @ Help for the Amnesia

        For LOL, I searched the word propaganda at Wikipedia. The earliest organization to use propaganda effectively was the Catholic Church led by Pope Gregory XV in 1622. Eventually the tactic and techniques was adopted by governments, political parties and commercial companies.

        The phrase ‘mother of all propaganda’ is an adaptation of President Saddam Hussein war speech when he invaded Kuwait in 1990. The dictator had then used the phrase ‘mother of all wars’.

        If you had read my reply at No 3 posting you can understand the insinuations about Dr Chee during his stay at NUS. How he obtained his doctorate and how he politicized his integrity speaks volumes for his personality.

        Every system has a sub-system. The sub-system is followed with norms, values, standards and so forth. To simplify; means this – the Government is a system and at NUS level is a sub-system followed by SOP, values and norms. Dr Chee’s vendetta is always on the system. His perceived anti-establishment strategy is to attack the system.

        Dr Chee did not have a large follower to form a political party. He ventured into SDP and checkmated the incumbent Sec Gen out from the party. MP CST applied for court’s order to restraint Dr CSJ following an illegal manoeuvre to remove him prior to the party’s AGM. In a way Dr CSJ is lacking in legal integrity and tried to bulldoze his personality. The D.I.Y. ‘self-immortalisation’ is designed as an autobiography.

        The book “Democratically Speaking” is “Devil’s Advocate”. You can search the meaning in Wikipedia.

      • help for amnesia said

        No doubt you read alot, BUT it means little to majority of readers in TT if your intention, motive is on behalf of MIW. And so far you cannot mask it no matter how eloquent you have been. It’s the same with any scholar, no matter how brilliant they can be academically, ultimately it is their intention, motive that counts……for ordinary Singaporeans.

        You talk so much about CSJ’s integrity But failed to mention the integrity of the incumbents and our institutions. You have consistently chosen to circumnavigate from talking about LKY, LHL. Time to show some balls if you are a man!

        Do you actually believe there is integrity in our institutions such as the msm, judiciary, spf, cpib, etc, etc when they have been subservient to one party ?

      • DIY said

        Pick of Wikipedia
        Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs.
        The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete). In this context, integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness” deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.
        A value system’s abstraction depth and range of applicable interaction may also function as significant factors in identifying integrity due to their congruence or lack of congruence with observation. A value system may evolve over time while retaining integrity if those who espouse the values account for and resolve inconsistencies.

        Hypocrisy is the state of promoting or administering virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have or is also guilty of violating. Hypocrisy often involves the deception of others and thus can be considered a kind of lie.

        Amnesia (from Greek Ἀμνησία) is a condition in which one’s memory lost. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost due to the extent of damage that was caused. The causes of amnesia have traditionally been divided into certain categories. Memory appears to be stored in several parts of the limbic system of the brain. Any condition that interferes with the function of this system can cause amnesia. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as mental disorder, post- traumatic stress or, in psychoanalytic terms, defence mechanisms. Amnesia may also appear as spontaneous episodes, in the case of transient global amnesia. Patients with the amnesic syndrome have an unclouded sensorium and appear alert, able to concentrate and are cooperative.
        @ Help for Amnesia

        You are welcomed to review my comments on Dr Chee.

        This is the truth about politics. It is very complex and dynamic. Society is not stagnant, it moves. Living history is all about transition. When you are an avid reader it helps to clear amnesia. It is a powerful antidote for depression. Words can enlighten ones perception on past event and deduce logically that sad events will not be repeated. I quote from Sir W S Churchill – “The past is our future”.

        My intention is not on behalf of MIW, but history as a works of art. The product is a System and is then followed by a Sub-system. The Sub-system evolved and manifest into standards, values and norms. In conclusion, the System is our past history and the Sub-system is a living history with its crafted action to show concern.

        I quote from your remark, ‘You have consistently chosen to circumnavigate from talking about LKY, LHL.’ For your information; you really missed my point. With due respect to these leaders, I would concur that they are mere mortals. Leaders may come and go. They are like batteries and need to be replaced now and then, except that we renew the power with quality brand.

        ‘Help for Amnesia’ can visit our NLB and view the book section on “Policy Studies on South East Asia”. There are tremendous amount of research works being done by academics and historians to review policy standards.

        There are three basics that you should take notice. They are Social, Economics and Politics. The drama triangle is eventful. The three concepts can manifest as combinations of socio-economics, socio-politics and politico-economics. You see, we live in S.E.A. and when comparing standards amongst our neighbours, SG is comparably in a better position.

      • help for amnesia said

        SG is comparably in a better position But can you say the same for Sporeans ? Do the majority of Sporeans think their lives have been better in the past 10 years ?
        Look at the HDB prices, intake of migrants by the millions, deferring full payment of CPF, escalating costs for medical treatment, non transparency of national reserves, increasing defence budget by the billions, wage stagnation coupled with inflation for 10 yrs, etc etc, Can Sporeans say they are better off than those in neighbouring countries ? How about 20,30 years down the road ?

        I do not know which era you come from, but I can see SG going downhill.

        Of course LKY and son are mere mortals, hence more reason to criticise them and to do so more robustly without fear or favour when it is so bloody obvious their agenda is to cling on to power whatever the consequence to ordinary folks. Both father and son should thank their lucky stars they are living in SG and not in Taiwan, HK, S Korea or Japan, otherwise both men would have been spat at before being terminated….

        Why are you obsessed with Dr Chee when he is not even close to being in parliament ? Has any of his action so far put Sporeans at a disadvantage when compared to the damn policies forced down our throats by the PAP ?
        Let me tell you upfront, the PAP buggers and yourself have no fcuking idea how pissed off many Sporeans are right now.

      • Daft Peasant said

        Ha ha ha ha……..very well said……………….

        * clap clap *

      • DIY said

        @ Help for Amnesia

        Relax Bros, I believe your sincerity to participate in this online forum. But after a few roundup of exchange your amnesia relapsed.

        Your posting on 15 Oct 2012 appreciated me for being a bookworm; therefore you presumed that you might be trolling with a scholar. For your information I am not a scholar, but a D.I.Y. ‘scholar’ at internet forum. You also mentioned me being eloquent; well that’s a good point, because I avoid using phrases like “show some balls…, PAP buggers …, no fcuking idea…, pissed off..” and many other expletives.

        Anywhere, I teach you how to interact intellectually. First you must be familiar with MS Words 7.0 program. Click on to Review button at the Menu and off you go for a dialogue. If your sentence is fragmented the computer will prompt with green underline and red for spelling error. If your vocabulary is awful; then click on to Thesaurus. Hey presto you are a D.I.Y ‘scholar’. You get my point. It is as simple as learning the alphabet ABC. For material source you can search at Wikipedia. I highly recommend that you make this effort.

        Now I will comment on your 17 Oct 2012 posting. Your 1st and 2nd paragraphs described the situation as being desperate. I quote “How about 20,30 years down the road?” Is it because of 21 Dec 2012 scare phenomenon. I am sure our scientist and archaeologist will debunk the myth.

        Anywhere the ST article Saturday dated 13.10.2012 revealed that the world would end on 21 Dec 2012 is just a Mayan calendar. You see, Mayan calendar is similar with our car odometer. If you just bought a new car the odometer reading begins with ( 0_0_0_0_0_0 ) km. After driving at 1km, the extreme right 0 will change to 1 and subsequently to 9, after which will be 10 km.
        Similarly Mayan calendar display with such a recording: BAKTUN – KATUN – TUN – WINAL – K’IN. The movement of the day is calculated at every 20 K’in. Just after 19 K’in = 1Winal and so forth. This is what will be shown if I would have live in the Mayan era.
        On Dec 20 2012 Mayan display (12) (19) (19) (17) (19). Dec 21 2012 Mayan display (13) (0) (0) (0) (0) On Dec 22 2012 Mayan display (13) (0) (0) (0) (1).

        Historically speaking the world would not end on 20 Dec 2012. So ‘Help for Amnesia’ don’t panic.

        Answering the question to which era I come, I would say my era starts with the printed books, moved on to computer age and finally IT forum. The digital age had replaced the paper media. Encyclopaedia publisher had closed shop for good. Do you know that the Encyclopaedia is now Wikipedia?

        I just browsed Wikipedia with an update on 6 Oct 2012 and read an article on Chee Soon Juan. I salute Dr Chee with his academic credentials. There are lots of historical misgivings about his personality when not in parliament. It is the combative nature that is questionable. Remember JBJ, it was his shortcomings that broke his integrity. That reminds me of a leaking battery. Eventually we have to throw them out. You get my point.

        Reading your posting on 5 Oct 2012 about Dr Chee can never lose billions of tax-payers’, I believe that’s how the defamation suit case came about. Wikipedia explained and I quote “Where is the $$18 billion that you have lent to (Indonesian President) Suharto” The PAP took Chee to task for this, claiming that any accusation that Parliament had been misled about an alleged loan to Suharto was untrue, and demanding that he either apologise or face a defamation lawsuit. Chee apologised a day later, but later retracted his apology.

        And another piece of information I had leant on Discovery Channel 2011. It was mentioned that the total annual cost to maintain our Smart Island stood at a staggering $180b/year. How about that for a good housekeeping?

        Next you foresee ’but I can see SG going downhill.’ Is it your believe or your envisaging the future? This is debatable and we go for the best political parties to chart our SG destiny.

      • help for amnesia said

        @ DIY,
        You are even more daft than I thought.
        This phrase is universal, even for intellects,
        ” you can stick the DIY up your arse!”

      • DIY said

        @ Help for Amnesia

        Dear friend, I presume ‘This phrase is universal, even for intellects’ is meant for your connotation ‘the PAP buggers and yourself have no fcuking idea how pissed off many Sporeans’. Well said for an amnesia tic patient.

        I ever engaged with friends at a coffee shop sessions on socio-economic and socio-politic discussions, but I finally gave up. When friends spoke on slang, jargon or dialects, I was at a loss to argue. These phrases are a product from a sub-cultural environment. Yes, those are colloquialism word phrases spoken universally. Reference source material in Wikipedia speaks volumes on the subject matter.

        Well, I feel comfortable on internet forum. With the computer at my disposable I can click effortlessly at windows MS Words 7.0 to Wikipedia at Internet Explorer. This is indeed my supportive era.

        Anywhere; with Singapore GE2011 fever still hot in our minds and our northern neighbour (Malaysia) GE still pending, I would like to share about the Mayan calendar.

        It so happen that the history of Mayan civilization and their calendar dated back to AD250 – AD900. The temple high priests had observed and mathematically calculated the coming of the winter solstice very accurately. It was all about politics.

        King Fire Claw having just lost a battle with an enemy nation in Jan 29, AD696; and decided to conduct a royal visit from the capital to assure the city’s denizens that his leadership was tenable. His commemorative entourage to the city was on Mayan calendar stood at (mind you three zero).

        He emphasized that he would eventually win the war, so that his kingdom would last even unto (four zeros), the additional zero added up to 1,316 solar years. This is a universal calculation to describe as Dec 21 2012 (another winter solstice). Therefore, the mention of this Dec 21 2012 was simply a political statement that King Fire Claw had issued to allay the fears of his beleaguered subjects. It was a rhetorical propaganda to project retrospectively from the distant future back into the real here and now for them in AD696. This is a very interesting piece of history to subconsciously let the denizens to believe that you are an immortal.

        We are now in year 2012, and chat rooms forum, internet citizen journalism is actively engage to prepare for Singapore GE 2016. Netizens perceived that their beloved leaders are now available and can do battle with any of the MIW intellects. We have developed to an intelligent and matured Singaporeans. What much can you argue democratically speaking.

  14. corruptpapies said

    Not that I know there is Singapore. Perhaps Chinapore , Indiapore or Philipore

  15. Safe Haven said

    GE2016 awaits YOU and your party….:-)

  16. Naivety said

    Hey TT!
    What for u announced to the whole world that the sum of $30,000 had been fully raised by CSJ already inorder to pay off LKY & GCT so that CSJ could be discharged from bankruptcy & contest in the next GE??

    Does that mean that CSJ could stop selling his books and need not to raise funds anymore?

    Stupid TT Moderator!
    You should let him continue selling his books to raise more & further funds for himself & his party, SDP so that come GE2016, your favourite party, SDP could field much more candidates to contest in every GRCs/Constituencies in Sinkapor…stupid Mod!

    • Daft Peasant said

      ha ha ha ha ha……………….stupid mod stupid mod…………………ha ha ha ha ha…………………..

    • DIY said

      @ Naivety

      Hello sir, I would like to quote “Does that mean that CSJ could stop selling his books and need not to raise funds anymore?”

      There is a downside that needs further commercial acumen.

      The total cost to publish the book is $349,900.00. Assuming he had put a down payment for $50,000.00 then he is left with $299,900.00 in the red. If all the books are sold out by 2016, then he needs to sell his masterpiece at 10,000/4 yrs = 2,500 copies per year. It’s a great way to do business.

      The other way is to campaign during GE for donations and marketing propaganda. This is a political gamble that Dr CSJ has to undertake, otherwise he can go kaput. The last straw is free giveaway for political souvenirs and tokens.

      If any surplus books are unsold then send to paper pulping industry to be recycled as tissue stuff. After all it’s only money well spent for a political purpose.

      Cheerio, and best of luck.

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