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Lawrence Wong attacks netizens for ‘targeting’ PAP members in forum with PM Lee

Posted by temasektimes on September 24, 2012

Minister of State for Education Mr Lawrence Wong has lashed out at netizens for ‘targeting’ PAP members who participated in two recent forums with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hosted by state broadcasting station Channel News Asia.

In a lengthy post on his Facebook, Mr Wong claimed that nobody was invited to the forum based on his or her political affiliation.

“When Mediacorp organized a TV forum with the PM, they invited a group of 50 people from all walks of life….No one was invited because of his or her political affiliation. But it so happens that among the group of 50, a handful were PAP members.”

Despite evidence showing otherwise, Mr Wong is adamant that the PAP members form only a ‘small minority’ of the participants in the forum and expressed his disappointment at the treatment dished out by netizens:

“They were a small minority. But on the internet, there was a campaign targeted against these PAP members, with their names being singled out and attacked, and their phone numbers publicised online.”

Mr Wong then asked netizens to ‘reflect’ on themselves:

“More importantly, when decent people step forward to be part of a genuine national effort to welcome our overseas guests, or volunteer their time to be part of a national TV forum with the PM, and yet get vilified by their fellow citizens, then we really should pause and reflect, and ask ourselves whether this is the kind of society we want.”

Though the ‘conversation’ was supposedly a ‘national’ one to engage all Singaporeans, no opposition members were invited including those from the PAP’s subsidiary party, the Workers Party.



55 Responses to “Lawrence Wong attacks netizens for ‘targeting’ PAP members in forum with PM Lee”

  1. fpc said

    phone numbers listed on facebook that are made public are public info.

  2. fpc said

    even the WP ex MP Yaw got canned… so the internet is fair. when you do wrong, people expose you.

    Mod’s note:

    Yaw was from the PAP’s ‘B’ team.

    • Just a Passerby said

      Mod, are you not tired of your WP-is-PAP’s-B-Team thingy? I am very tired of that… It is annoying.

      You are right that WP has not done enough over the past year, but it doesn’t make sense to say the same thing over and over again. Other than saying that they are PAP’s B Team, do you have anything new to share?

      • "A" Team opposition said

        Yes, something else to share – how do we spike the pap “B” team to improve and to start performing like the opposition “A” team as it was intended to be when the people first voted for them??

      • Just A Passerby II said

        His(mod) job is to damage WP name as much as possible to let the white party rule all the seats on 2016.

        Mod’s note:

        The white party already controls all the seats now together with its ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’. Do you want a repeat of the fiasco in 2016?

      • C Lang ChengHu said

        Mod, are you trying to gather support to condemn WP???..Won’t be susrprise is if you got hidden agenda…Stop attacking WP.Set up your own party and see how it goes.Shame on you,got nothing better to do?

      • mahbok tan said

        Yes …TT do have an agenda against WP from the begining , which bring us to the understanding that what ever news in TT cannot be trusted fully. We have to see through and ponder over it. Do not follow blindly .

        I have long agree that TT have their right to say WP is team B , but I also would like to say that maybe TT are PAP cybertrooper to break those that do not agree with MIW and rule us as they wish….sorry….we are thinking people….!!!

        TT = Paid cyber trooper of the MIWs….so MOD do you agree with us here….!!!???

      • Just a Passerby said

        One more thing for mod, you said in your article:

        “…no opposition members were invited including those from the PAP’s SUBSIDIARY PARTY, the Workers Party.”

        Please prove it Worker’s Party is PAP’s subsidiary party. Are you meant to defame Worker’s Party?

        There are freedom of speech, just don’t go too far and cross the line. Be civilized.

    • Searching For Job said

      How much are you paid to bomb WP? Can I apply?
      I no money to go geylang for happy hours.

    • fpc said

      Sorry I disagree. PAP supports ISA. Yaw was against it. Also I think WP work is commendable.

  3. Adrian said

    5 was identified. So, 5 out of a population of 5,000,000 for the participants. That is 0.001%. 1 in every million. What odds is that? That said, so what if all is PAP members or affiliations? I don’t see anything uncommon in that. Anyway, anything inappropriate will be cut out from airing.

  4. conversation said

    A large majority agrees that Lawrence Wong has a cunt face.

  5. Pink Panty Loong said

    REALLY? Or pushing & blaming everything on the internet again cos it has been a wonderful platform to expose all your dirty lies to daft Singaporeans?

  6. Haha said

    “No one was invited because of his or her political affiliation” — hahaha … another joker. BTW how many pap members out of say 3 million people ?? can still say from ALL walks of life?? How come Mediacorp sooooo accurate??? You should get them to select TOTO numbers… can hit 1st prize many times with such special “random” selection powers. Money can be used to increase GDP growth and pay for any increase in budget.

  7. alamak said

    So Minnister give explain why, OK lah his point can accept.
    But why ‘not three not four’ bring in oversea guest’ what connection got in this topic?Quote him up “More importantly, when decent people step forward to be part of a genuine national effort to welcome our overseas guests”. So they who not got time or willing to ‘step foreward’ or ‘kee chiu’ all ‘not decent’. So got meybe five million no-decent people here, I one, you also one, no?

  8. Kelvin Kwek said

    Don’t blame the the electorate if your policies comes under scrutiny ! And if you can’t defend it, don’t cry foul. The government is elected by the citizen and is accountable to its people, it’s not applicable the other way round. We try to abide but it’s must be a policy not too mercenary in approach; be it economical, social, political, etc. if it is, transform Singapore from a sovereign into a corporation must as well!

    And don’t ever ask us for alternative view, do you ever listen?? Always rebutting the opposition, civil societies that doesn’t agree with your policies.

    In a nutshell, you are elected to serve the nation! Not to promote party or personal KPI !

    • C Lang ChengHu said

      Not only he was promoting his party’s flaw policies, he was actually apple polishing!…As Kelvin said “DO YOU EVER LISTEN??????’. Happen a 50 handful of participants were pap members….Don’t treat us like fools or just born yesterday!Paid a $$$million salary ,spewing rubbish!!! Is this kind of minister we want???

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, C Lang ChengHu.

        Kong Liaw Teok, Chin Pai See! (correctly said, very naughty).
        For all your scholastic credentials, where’s your wit, Mr Lawrence Wong?
        This is an excellent opportunity to rebut your naysayers/accusers with your oratorical skills, factual information and together with a little humour ……….wallah! …… could have won the day. Now, unfortunately, the peasants are out in numbers to castigate you.

        Never mind. If you do a U turn and then focus on how you can serve and communicate with the people better you still can make good. That way, you’ll gain back some support. Hope to see another version of you, Mr Lawrence Wong.

  9. Nico said

    The Mod needs to learn to encourage and promote his SDP if and onlynifnhe is truly supporting SDP. There is no use condemning WP when SDP itself can’t stand in its feet. WP did not take anything away from SDP. There was no direct competition between WP and SDP. By condemning WP, the Mod is showing only one thing, he is neither for WP nor SDP but for PAP.

    • Just A Passerby II said

      He has nothing more to say except his ‘B Team’, a person who choose to be a running dog than a person with backbone.

    • AY said

      You are right. The Mod seemed to be quite biased. My guess the person is a Pro PAP supporter trying to stir up the online community . Well i suppose if SDP do get elected, they will also be PAP subsidiary party like WP. So to prove us wrong then SDP should not get elected cause by virture of the MOD argument SDP will also be a subsidiary party if they do.

    • mahbok tan said

      People , we already know that MOD = PAP supporter. They are paid cybertrooper , wayang is their motto and break and rule is their prime policy.
      Lets just agree with them, they have their right and we too have our right, AGREE to DISAGREE.
      Its been sometime we have been using their platform to express our anger and dissatisfaction towards the GOVT of the DAY – PAP. We do not really know who they are and definitely they know who we are and where we come from…..!!!!
      Lets just express ourself in here with a pinch of salt and let them say what ever they want and we too do the same….so long we can express our frustration in here.
      Just my opinon. Thanks

  10. Exaggerated said

    Well……….this might just show how comprehensive PAP are when organising events or implementing policies. How would the party not even have think of the reaction from the public when the affiliated people are put on the show? If the party really have not, it only goes to say something. If the party continue to think in only one area, it only shows how good the party is.

    Even a common citizen is bringing this up in a coffeeshop talk, then why is it that the scholars cannot think of the consequences?

    Mr Wong should be disappointed but not at the citizens, at your colleagues instead. Somebody should reflect.

  11. A red dot / Poor Management said

    Dear All fellows Singaporeans…just a thought of my mind..u think this minister message is fruitfuling to us? this message will not add on any benefit to Singaporeans or help us ease our worries / pain / fright for the future.
    As a minister, they should plan for ppl future with brightness / happiness …plan to make us a better country and make us a WORLD CLASS citizen and not rather say or mentions all this not fruitful to us…if want to attract attentions, DO NOT PRODUCTIVE ACTIONS AND not all this stupid / no point-added converstaions….PLEASE MINISTERS ,

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, A Red Dot/Poor Management.

      I could not have put it better than you! Agree with you entirely.

      This government doesn’t understand ‘The Responsibility of Government’.
      However, we’ll be responsible for removing them from office at the first available opportunity.

      Be of good cheer. You’re not alone.

      WE are in it together!

  12. Lim said

    I have a few questions. (1) How did Mediacorp choose it’s participants to chat with PM Lee? (2) How did it `so happen’ quite a number are PAP affiliated people and not a `small number’ according to Lawrence Wong? (3) How come not a single one from the opposition or blogger like Catherine LIm or Mr Brown? Maybe Mediacorp can care to explain its methodology to dispel any allegations of bias? How about using a computer algorithm with random address selection of participants for future Indian, Malay and Eurasian conversations with the PM just like MOM household surveys to avoid accusations of their forums being rigged?

    • Connecting goes beyond words said

      It is obviously rigged by the PAP. We have to remember that the paymaster for Mediacorp n SPH are the ruling party, PAP. On the onset, we know the outcome of this event. It is biased n not representatives of the minority. It is sad that PAP is still so arrogant despite netizens are voicing their unhappiness. PAP is not connecting with Singaporeans. Connection always begins with a commitment to someone else. People will not always remember what you said. They will not always remember what you did. But, they will always remember how you made them feel.

      Lawrence, if you know something without having lived it, your audience experiences a credibility gap. If you have done something but don’t know it well enough to explain it, the audience experiences frustration. When you find yourself, you find your audience. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. If your face is going to “talk” for you anyway, you might as well have it communicate something positive.

    • mahbok tan said

      Friends ,
      Just look at Malaysia politics , all the MSM are govt controlled. same here in SGpore. All those that do not agree with them are enemies No 1 and will have the law waiting for them even for the smallest mistake.
      But for those supporting them , the law are secondary / flexible at times. Its obvious after a few incident here and there.
      So we need to vote for a change , in order to bring SGpore to a better future.

  13. Ah Piah said

    The Singapore CON-versation is just another wayang – in Singapore you choose the audience, the questions and then the chosen Messiah- answers them- with a predictable outcome.

  14. Vote WP Out said

    I see nothing wrong with having PAP members as long as they can voice our concerns. I would say the National Conversation is a success so far.

    • Timothy said

      Exactly.. so what if it was planned out before hand and what not? Instead of being so fixated on the fact that a few (I’m going to stick to a few just because to date I only know of five) people were selected from PAP affiliates, why not take a moment to consider if their points raised are sufficient and if you have anything to add on? All I see so far is blind hate on anything related to the ruling political party. And the comments about his face… really?? What are you, like five years old or something?

    • mahbok tan said

      Its the 60.1% voice in here…..CONthenation is a sucess ONLY to the KINGs people and the KING himself…..!!!
      But not us …. we do not buy your argument….sorry

    • X said

      Try talking to yourself

    • Lim said

      YOu see nothing wrong with having PAP members as long as they can voice our concerns? They can’t. It is as simple as that. Look at the majority of PAP MPs in parliament – have they genuinely, accurately and strongly voiced our common peoples’ concerns to the top? Or is it another rehearsed questions and answers session – once the minister replies, they all appear very satisfied with the brilliant answers and no further questions will be asked. End of wayang for $15k a month cameo part. Has the RC, PA or CC people really voiced our concerns on foreign influx and the social problems they cause, our jobs threatened, high health costs thru `creative’ subsidies or the pathetic expensive but lousy public transport system or why we tax payers got to pay for buses for private profit oriented bus transport companies? How good are our unions in protecting our workers or they seem to fight for the other side’s interests?
      You think the PAP members are truly voicing our concerns or are they pandering to their own self-serving selfish interests? SO of course it is wrong to have the same echoes in National CONversation and if one can’t see anything wrong – I don’t know what to say (quote intended).

  15. Oscar said


  16. CC Chia said

    The PAP is in damage control mode when an uncomfortable truth is exposed once again on the Internet.

    In the first place, shouldn’t we be telling our politicians and civil servants what to do and how to serve us, instead of always the other way around (I.e. “they” telling us what is “right” and what and how to do things).

  17. Are you a connector said

    The first time you say something, it’s heard. The second time, it’s recognized, and the third time, it’s learned. In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand. The greatest thing a human ever does in the world is to see something and tell others what they saw in a plain way. Hundreds can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see.
    Mr Wong, do you have these traits of a MP or a connector with the people. If you do not, you should not be in the National Conversation Committee. Looking at you press release, I do not think you have these qualities to connect with people.

  18. Robin Hood said

    Not sure if the NC is beneficial.

  19. Roy said

    Whats the point of having a conversation if you cannot even tolerate the slightest criticsm. No standard!

  20. Sam Gunner said

    This is the kind of society that we have, so just deal with it.

  21. Wolfglare said

    Another dog barking always….why because his master kana bully by netizens….these PAP are nothing but a bunch of clown putting on a wayang show to fool us Singaporean

  22. Welovesingapore said

    They live in ivory tower,escorted by police in and out. They are putting up this PR show to con ppl who still gualible about the effect of gahman population replacement exercise. Anyway to them we are one eye dragon,less hardworking, want more pay and choosy on job. They have effectively built in classes of people in society. The have all and poor. Their grassroots ppl can get priority housing, EC etc They are the one who do evil acts and now they demand that the netcitizen to reflect. What society do we want. The society without this million dollar salary MP and fair policy for citizen.

  23. MOD
    “…from the PAP’s subsidiary party, the Workers Party…”
    That is pure libel and you know it. Clearly, you are a MIW mole.

  24. Heart said

    Almost all politicians in the WORLD are dumb heads, including the United States with the free-est democratic nation. But then if you compare them all Singapore didn’t do that bad. Malaysia is a million times worst than Singapore.
    USA can’t even balance a simple budget!

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