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Majority of Singaporean men don’t wear condoms when having sex with prostitutes in Batam

Posted by temasektimes on September 24, 2012

The majority of Singaporean men do not wear condoms when they have sex with prostitutes in Batam!

According to a study done by local NGO “Home” (“情义之家”), only one out of four Singaporean men who patronizes prostitutes in Batam uses condom.

The survey polled some 300 commercial sex workers in Batam.

Some of the men interviewed claimed that sex is more ‘pleasurable’ without condoms and most of the prostitutes allow them to do so. There are even some who volunteered not to wear them.

As prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, it is not known how many of these prostitutes go for regular health checks and blood tests.

Though it is not 100 percent fool-proof, condoms provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Singaporean men who have ‘fun’ in Batam should spare a thought for their spouses and children back home. 

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24 Responses to “Majority of Singaporean men don’t wear condoms when having sex with prostitutes in Batam”

  1. P Koh said

    Why is such news posted here?. Haven’t we got enough problems to worry about the future of Singapore than to worry about those who engage in sex with prositutes in Batam.? Why not report about Geylang and can anyone really get the true facts on whether condoms are used or not? .

    • Babuseng said


    • mahbok tan said

      Thank you P Koh for reminding TT …we have had enough problem than to read this kind of news …. TT not only good at pointing fingers about WP as wayang Party but their news are gutter news as well….!!!

    • CPT said

      P Koh, cool down, please concentrate on the national issue as it important for our children rather than those people who want to die of AIDS

    • Singkaypoh said

      All part of the National CONDOMversation lah! 🙂
      Those who pay the prostitutes call the tune, unlike some highly paid “elected prostitutes” who love nothing better than to tell those who pay their astronomical salaries how to suck eggs, while they continuously suck them (those they’re supposed to serve) dry; although in “seeking feedback” they employ plenty of “condomversationalists” to protect themselves from hearing anything nasty.

  2. NaBey said

    TT, ur picture sure or not? Batam got so “white” one meh?

  3. LOL! said

    Wonders where TT gets all these sexy pictures from?

  4. sexyboy said

    Singaporean men are dirty, behave like animals

  5. sweetbean said

    Irresponsible behaviour does not take geography into account – if they are doing without it there, then you can ‘safely’ assume they are doing without it here too.

  6. Robin hood said

    A wise Wife would make husband wear condom to ensure that he keeps the STD to himself.

  7. Realist said

    Men who dare to risk their lives without condoms probably have an unspoken death wish. Their pleasure will be bitter sweet once confirmed HIV-+ve. The victims will be the families whom have to bear the shame and financial burden to keep the perpetrator alive.

  8. nb la said

    well, is like singapore opening floodgate without filter and protection. all the gonorrhoea and syphillis pinoys indians and prc entered and contaminate us. infect all the sperms and eggs and we get blamed for not mutually fertilising more to boost our population.

    see the link?

  9. JG said

    This is all Worker’s Party fault!! How come the WP MPs never raise this issue in Parliament??? Another wayang party!! As a result, Singapore men don’t wear condoms!! — Right, TT ???

  10. king of the world said

    After seeing this picture, more Singaporean guys will go to Batam this weekend !!! No doubt.

  11. Singapore Cock said

    Aids now can be cired liao la…zzz

  12. LoL said

    Whenever I think about going to a prostitute, I think of PM’s wife and that works every time….. 🙂

  13. LOL said

    Need to lower sex drive in order not to go to prostitute ?
    Think of PM’s wife, sure to work…..

  14. It was believed STD could come back to you forty years later. Is there any medical evidence for this? So don’t throw the condoms away yet.

  15. Mister T said

    Go Batam put condoms on hands. Dirty.

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