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National Conversation is in the right direction

Posted by temasektimes on September 24, 2012

I just wanted to manage expectation of the writer and add a couple of my own points. Conversation created by the establishment is the right move in the right direction and should not be discouraged. I am a believer of positive stroke.

Change from within the establishment will not be swift and we need to understand. We also need to understand that reflective obedience is also a response to positive reinforcement and successes over the years. Thus about two third voted and that is a huge majority by any standard. This means that in general we do not want a total change of personnel.

That is why we need to be pro sungapore and try to work with the leadership despite being skeptic. And being skeptical is also to be expected but we need to encourage change and not pick every bone in a mindless attack. It achieve no result by doing so.

The next 10 years will challenge any leadership in Singapore – be it PAP or opposition. Simply because it is easier to work from poverty to better life. The basic needs is met and what is next becomes a more difficult to pursue. It is part of our nation building. I will always give the PAP the next 4 years to do their tasks. After that, I will review if more drastic change is needed.

The Chinese has a saying that wealth will not cross 3 generations, neither does poverty. Generally, this saying points to a a weaker and richer 3rd generation children. But the reality is that it has got to do with parent and the children. The problem generally is its inability to adapt the values in changing time. These were the values that makes it successful. The difficulty in making these values relevant become challenging by third generation.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


16 Responses to “National Conversation is in the right direction”

  1. CPT said

    i don’t think it a “right direction” as PM Lee only touches on certain issues is that enough to bring Singapore forward and understand what Singaporean wanted?

  2. P Koh said

    I believe that it is good to have National Conversation to move in the right direction but is it so? The Conversation has placed great emphasis on procreation and the actions that should be taken to help Singaporeans find a way in which starting up a family can be a joy rather than a chore. Is the government acting out of focus for the time being? Are they barking up the wrong tree when only a couple of years ago, our population was just about 3.08million and with a stoke of the pen the influx of new citizens has balooned it to over 5million. So is population growth an issue when it can be so easily fixed. What are the more pressing issues that have enraged the true Blue Singaporeans? Jobs are lost to FTs who for the sake of survival are prepared to lower wages expectations. Transportation becomes a serious strain on delivery of good services and the comfortable rides on trains and buses have suddenly turned out to be very unpleasant and at times intolerable. Housing costs now become a nightmare for the poorer Singaporeans. Housing rentals have shot through the roof. Shouldn’t these be looked at with a greater measure of priority than talking about fixing the procreation of more babies. The new citizens would definitely help in the area of procreation as they settle comfortably into our beautiful garden city. Already so much harm have been done to the Singapore culture and identity and to even think about further increasing the population to 6 millions when the crux of our problems have yet to be resolved, is really unthinkable.

  3. sporeoboriginal said

    Seems like the comment posted seemed to come from a certain department. : )
    anyway, my friend (the one who wrote this) do u know how many homeless people we have in spore? If u are unsure i will be more than happy to show u ard in your own country. People who lives in cupboards and voiddecks. Of course they dont show it on tv lar.. Not nice to spoil such a reputation of a so called first world country. Have u ever wondered why the hell in recent years we must pay to pitch tents by the beach? We are the first country in the world that must pay to pitch tent in a fcuking dirty and unclean beach. Yes yes yes.. To “move” the homeless who lives by the beach in tents elsewhere.. Oh ya

    • sporeoboriginal said

      U see.. Foreign talents coming in is whose fault?? Answer this.. Gahmen lar.. Because of our so called stringent and tailored education system we will never have any talents! Those who can think out of the box will be runnin businesses and not contribute. All these scholars can think out of the box u sure? Ask them to work for me for a month i bet they will leave! Your cb post doesnt make sense. U pro pap? U know what is the difference between democracy and dictatorship? Haha if u watch the movie dictator u can see the ending when they change to be a democratic country it was still a dictatorship? Yes.. That is spore. U got go school bo.. Go learn history lar.. Oops i forgot. Our history books here are all tailored. Zzz oh no wonder people who study overseas most of the time dont want to come back singapore, because they prefer “unsafe” countries like how our newspaper and tv like to show most of the time.. Problem for gahmen is what u know.. They must reallize the public is getting smarter. Not like the uncles who sit at chinatown betting $ on chinese chess.. They jus simply tick picture when voting. Eh i thought cannot gamble in public<? Oh ya i forgot.. That one whos grc rite..

      • distant drums said

        Good point there Sporeoboriginal of those most likely uncles and aunties who happens to sit at chinatown betting on chinese chess will very sooner than later fades and dies and a new breed of believers of justice with dispensation of equality fairplay generation will inevitably commute as the voice of one people to stand fast to the idiosyncratic of the pap leadership of government

        Very likely there,between now and 2016 the waves of the change of government will overflow by,unless otherwise,the take over of government

      • compatriot said


  4. Fed up said

    How did the National Conversation mooted. I was under the impression sg ppl are not happy with the performance of the pappy gov in terms of FT, SMRT, flooding, HDB, MOM, MOF,SPF

    Thta’s how the NC started-now it starts to deviate. The ball suppose to be in pappy court now it looks like the ball is in sg ppl court.

  5. Daniel said

    This whole thing seems more like a using our low fertility rate to justify a 6mil population.

  6. Dan said

    The show is NATIONAL COMPOSITION, all questions and answers are scripted as a composition

  7. Copycat Chan said

    Excellent post. First person in the entire site that doesn’t think using his ass

  8. Pink Panty Loong said

    Of course it is in the “right direction” cos it is in the direction that the PAP wanted! LOL!!!

  9. Just A Passerby II said

    Alot of TT posts are posted by themselves, can’t be trusted.

  10. Vote WP Out said

    Unlike the useless WP who did nothing since elected, the PAP had done so much since the last election. PAP is pro-change and pro-Singaporeans. WP is anti-change and anti-Singaporeans.

  11. Pre-mediated National Conversation said

    It is never in the right direction from the onset. The composition of the selected audience is not representative of the general Singaporeans. This conversation is pre-mediated.

  12. A G Young said

    National Conversation is the right direction and should be opened to ALL Singaporeans from ALL WALKS of LIFE!

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